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  1. Hey all, New to online but have played the game since 97. Played mostly vs computer and a couple friends. Played in the Toronto 2019 King of 94 Tourny and had lots of fun. Looking forward to online leagues and tournaments. I'm the Wiz and Nooobody beats me! (you will most likely beat me)wiz.jfif
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  2. Okay, maybe old news by now, but here's a THIRD NHL 2019 rom for the community. All the usuals: -Updated lineups from opening day (best case scenario lineup, with injured players and holdouts in lineup) -Updated uniforms with sprite hack -Player portraits for all NLC starters -Updated center ice logos per frozenfaceoff -Weight bug fix, reduced speed burst effect, smoz 3 star formula Perhaps what separates this rom from others is that I really try to maintain the player ratings spread from the original rom. That means 3rd line players rated in the 60s, 4th liners in the 50s. Any defensemen that breaks 60 OVR is a solid defenseman (the average dman OVR rating in the original rom is about 50). See for yourself: Comments and corrections are appreciated! EDIT: Quick re-up with some goalie fixes and updates NHL 2019 by naples39.bin NHL 2019 1.1 by naples39.bin
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  3. A while back I was curious as to looking at how players were rated in the original NHL 94, so as to keep my hacks more or less playing like the original ROM. I made these charts but never had a moment and organization to upload them, but here they are now. The zip files contains images for the distribution of each player attribute, skater and goalie. The groups are further separated by offense/defense, and starter/backup for goalies. I won't clutter up the post with all 22 images, but it's crazy seeing how low the overalls are. Nearly every backup goalie is rated between 40-50 overall! About 45% of defensemen are ~48 OVR, and about 30% of forwards are the same. Only about 15% of forwards break 80 OVR. There's lot of little tidbits you can find as well: -Fs and Ds aren't rated all that differently in most categories, but D are better hitters, with WAY worse shooting accuracy -About 80% of D have either a 2 or 3 on speed (FYI, original rating scale was 1 - 6, with 6 being 99 in game, and 3 being 40-60 in game) I can't say I match these distributions in my ROMs, but I think it's interesting to look at. OG ratings.zip
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