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  1. Joined December 22, 2007 - Last visited November 26, 2016 Ask not what NHL'94 can do for you, but what you can do for NHL'94. All gave some, but Freydey gave all.
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  4. THIS PLACE IS ABSURD AND IS OVERFLOWING WITH SPITEFUL, VINDICTIVE, UNFAIR STAFF MEMBERS. I can no longer post in ninety-four percent of this message board, including threads I started. this is cruel and misguidedly reactionary. no transgressions have been submitted -- it is awful and the person affecting my account should not only be removed from that position of power, but they should suffer each one of the restrictions imposed on me. I insist that I am a fair-minded and considerate contributor and that nothing I have done warrants the punishments doled out exponentially and rolled back o
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  5. I'll come back if you come back. YEEEEEEEEE
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  6. Hi, I am just reading your post from 2008 on sega-16.com forum about NBA Action 95 which I consider as the best basketball retro game of all time (reminds me of TV Sports Basketball which I played heavily in early 90s), glad someone likes this game too! :-)
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