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    Hi Guys, I would like to introduce a new way to play NHL ‘94 live that @halifax and I have been working on. Here is the pitch... We are taking NHL ‘94 tournaments to the next level. Imagine playing a whole NHL ‘94 tournament with a team that you built on a real cartridge. This spring we will be hosting a live Draft online. Using your laptop or mobile phone you can draft players and go head to head against other coaches in a race to get the best players. Draft picks (order) will be determined by real world money. We are selling 28 spots all at different price points. This will be the first flexible priced entry fee tourney. Here is where strategy comes in to play. Do you spend the big bucks and get a higher draft pick or do you spend only $10 and take your chances. The prize money doesn’t care what draft pick you got, your skill does. Once we have the teams made, we will be ordering custom NHL ‘94 Saskatoon Draft Carts form a supplier overseas. The winner of the tournament will receive a special gold cartridge just like they had in Nintendo World Series. The runners up will also get to keep their tournament cartridges as a souvenir (who knows they might be worth something some day lol). So please join us in Saskatoon this spring for a tournament like no other! Quick Facts When: May 2019 (date to be determined) Where: Saskatoon Saskatchewan Venue: (most likely the Canadian Brewhouse but subject to change) Players: We are capping it at 28 (full NHL league) Prize Money: 1st $500, 2nd $200, 3rd $100 (Based on a sell out) Games: Guaranteed 10 games!!!!! Screens: Mix between CRT’s and HDTV Consoles: 10 SNES setups Draft Spots: Will be sold on Eventbright at a predetermined time and will be first come first serve. If not all draft spots are sold the draft order will be from highest paid to the lowest ONE Draft Spot per coach. (Basically acts as your registration fee) Draft Spot Prices: 1. $66 2. $64 3. $62 4. $60 5. $58 6. $56 7. $54 8. $52 9. $50 10. $48 11. $46 12. $44 13. $42 14. $40 15. $38 16. $36 17. $34 18. $32 19. $30 20. $28 21. $26 22. $24 23. $22 24. $20 25. $18 26. $16 27. $14 28. $10 The Draft will be hosted online similar to how fantasy football is done. It will be a stand alone draft where each player takes thier turn in order. Auto Draft features will be available. More info on the system will follow. The whole Original NHL ‘94 roster will be available. Teams will be made of 10 players and two goalies. We will be using mostly King of 94 Rules and the tournament structure will be finalized before tickets go on sale. When the Teams are finalized. Brand New Cartridges will be ordered with custom ROM’s for the event. The top ten players get to keep thier carts and the winner will receive a GOLD Cart. More info to follow. (And above info is subject to change). I hope to see you in Toon in May! Cheers, Mikey
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    You can do a hook/hold on defense by pushing B and C together on your gens controller. Also escape is the pause menu.
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    Playing Full Seasons of NHL Hockey (94) DOS In the spirit of what Tecmo Guys do with Full Seasons. No need to sign up, just post your Seasons here. Play as many Seasons as you like. I will award a Retro NHL Bobblehead to the Person who has the best record of Season and Playoffs. Can you go 100-0. 84-0-0 in Season and 16-0 in Playoffs. Rules: -You may choose any team. -5 minute periods -Penalties On, Offsides Off -84 Game Season and 7 Game Playoff Series. -Line Changes OFF, but special rules do apply to your roster. ---Players must play their default postion and with their default line. RW = RW etc... ---You must use Line 1 and Defense Pair 1 and Goalie 1 for the first 21 games. ---The next 21 games Line 1 will rotate back to Line 4, and Line 2, 3, and 4 will all move up 1 slot. ---The defense pairs will rotate in the same fashion. Except with only 3 pairs Pair 1 will play with Line 4. ---Goalie 1 will play with Line 1 and 3, Goalie 2 will play with Line 2 and 4*. Teams with a third Goalie will play him with Line 4. ---Scratched players are scratched for the season. ---Playoff Rosters work similarly. ---Each Forward Line can play in 1 and only 1 playoff series. You choose the order but if Line 2 is playing Line 3 is backup etc.... ---Each Defensive Pairing work just like in the season 1 with 1 and 4, 2 with 2 and 3 with 3. ---Each Goalie plays in 2 Series. If teams have a third goalie he does not have to play in the Playoffs. I have started my first season with Minnesota. I will post some results later tonight.
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    Also, you guys can't possibly let me win back to back SNES titles! Bring it!
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    Count me in. It's Daf from the King of 94 #3.
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    Good point. Maybe we can start it Wednesday.
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    We are working on finalizing the date and rules now. The tricky part will be having enough time to sell the tickets (Draft spots), doing the draft and ordering the custom carts and having it all ready before May. But I'm excited about this new process as it is something new. I would like to have the tickets go on sale sooner than later. I think our break-even point will be around 20 players (depending on Draft spots sold). I'll cover the difference as a guarantee. I'm working with the overseas supplier now testing ROMS. If this works out and people enjoy their time, we can do the same for Genesis next year.
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    I don't know if these have been discussed at all, but I'm curious to know what everyone else likes about NHL '94 that is kinda quirky! One that comes to mind is when you check someone into the boards just right and it sends the opponent flying off into the middle of the ice. Another one is when you have offsides on and you pass to a skater who is offside but still score a goal with a one timer; doesn't happen often but it's funny when it works! Anyone have some good quirks they want to share?
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    Oh, I forgot this hidden goody. Push the tab button and all the players will have the jersey number displayed. Push tab again to turn it off.
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    Okay, so I'm an idiot. I actually own an original copy of this game! So I read through the instruction manual and there is no "A" button, just shoot & pass. You can also do the pull goalie thing (F9 team 1, F10 team 2), and "R" isn't pause, it's replay.
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    I'm also a fan of the checks sending players all the way back across the ice. If they make it nearly all the way across to the other side, that's cause for an instant replay to verify if they did in fact hit the far boards or not. Another checking quirk is that sometimes you'll check the player and then continue your speed boost check really far, like from the goal line up until almost centre ice. If you aim for the top corner from in close and off to the side of the net, but miss the net, the puck will fly off into the sky at a billion miles per hour. You can one-time the puck out of mid-air. Sometimes the player will automatically one-time their own rebound (regular slapshot on goal, bounces off the goalie, player automatically makes a huge wind-up and slapshots it again, usually for a goal). It is possible for two players to check one player at the same time (with the crosscheck animation, into the boards) Sometimes the goalie spontaneously morphs into a skater and lays a huge crosscheck on an opponent who got too close. If you check a player and he's relatively near the boards, but another player is between him and the boards, he will still fly into the boards, but from farther than usual. If you slapshot a puck and hit a player in the head when he's near the boards, he'll fly into the boards violently. Most of these appear in my old highlights videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7bMFquzwdFw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RyYwEXRUYE8
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    Always love reliving NHL Hockey as when I was growing up it seemed like such a big deal to play a *CD-Rom* version of a game. Knowing that there was a version of a game I already loved with better graphics and more features was a pretty big deal to me. I remember as a kid being so intimidated about running a game in DOS--Mounting the C Drive? I was so used to my beloved SNES on/off switch. Anyway, again, always love seeing posts and screen shots about this version of the game. As mentioned prior it had a lot of little details that the SNES and Gens versions lacked: Being able to run 4 lines comes to mind along with the Season mode with active stats. Has anyone played through or simmed a season recently? I am curious how the stats play out (Team and Player). I seem to remember my seasons always had a lot of high goals and low assist players. I feel like I played through a season with my Flames and Nieuwendyk ended up with like 95 goals and 15 assists, or something like that. Co-sign also on the Jersey templates in this version of the game. I always felt each team was represented 10x better than the SNES and Gens version (SNES jersey colors are much better than Gens version, FWIW). Also more little details like the Center Ice Logos being unique for each team (Kings and Penguins I know had their Logo closer to the Blue line than Center Ice--really cool touch that is overlooked). Did you know if you check the ref you would get a game misconduct penalty? I remember trying to rack up PIMS and tried doing that and it doesn't even reflect in your stats--just tosses you out for the game. Last thing... Would love to see a list of the rosters in this game versus the SNES and Gens version as I know they were different. I remember CGY had Andrei Trefilov as their third-string goalie (personal favorite player of mine as a 7 year old).
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    Yeah, it's similar to how if I got pokechecked on a penalty shot (which sometimes doesn't invoke a whistle), I wouldn't go pick up the puck and try to score again.
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    Hi, everyone. New SNES player here and new to the scene. I played in the King of 94 tournament in Richmond and got destroyed. Just registered for the fall league, hoping to improve my game. Looking forward to seeing you on the virtual ice.
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    I know I've signed up for GENS, can you also mark me down for SNES (preferrably in a 'B' league, unless you are running it as one league).
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    I am planning to do this, but bit differently. I will get 16 forwards, 9 defencemen and 3 goalies to my roster from all players and goalies in game, but those will be worst on overall. Then I use line changes, but if my player will have a injury I will randomize how many games that player is out from play. Also, if someone got 5min or 10min penalty, I will do same thing. I have to play each goalie as startup goalie on minimum 12 games. If my goalie got below 90% save percentage, that goalie have to rest next game. Maybe I even stream this in twitch... ;)
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    People have been waiting a long time. Don't see the harm in doing a "soft" start sooner, and if it gets stalled, no biggie. (Besides, some of us have *more* time during Thanksgiving.) (Just a thought. Not trying to complicate stuff.)
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    I'm not sure why the front page says Nov.12 as end of registration, it should say yesterday, Nov. 18. Information about the draft will be posted within the next day. I might wait to start the draft until Friday or Saturday because of the Thanksgiving holiday.
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    You mean the shot where the puck teeters on the corner, where the crossbar meets the side? Literally the puck hangs there for like 200 milleseconds, like the game is crunching some serious numbers to decide "in or out". (Though when this happens, it is always in.)
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    (Not quite sure where to put this, I went with the Player Ratings area since it is (or rather will be) mainly about how home/away advantages affect the players. Home/Away Advantages Analysis Plabax's Plea for making the home/away advantages equal in future seasons of (Genesis) Classic League made me wonder, what does the data say about these advantages, and how do they actually work? I'm ignoring PP/PK as that wasn't part of the discussion, but that would an interesting thing to check out as well, using a similar technique. What are the Home/Away Advantages*? *Not the proper name, as we shall learn shortly. Each team has a pair of attributes that modifies their behaviour at home and on the road. These are shown in the game manual (PDF) for each team, starting on page 55. They are referred to as "Home Ice Advantage" and "Road Ice Disadvantage." In the game's code, these values are represented by numbers, typically 0 ("Weak"), 1 ("Average"), and 2 ("Strong"). Additionally, some expansion teams have a value of 3 for their Away Ice Disadvantage; the manual mistakenly calls this "Low", but I named it "Brutal" a few years ago when developing EARE. To make the name of these attributes shorter, I'll call them the "Home/Away Modifiers". Or the HAMs for short. What the Home/Away Modifiers Do I looked at these in the code many years ago, and took some notes, but the notes were not very clear, so I can't say specifically how the modifiers work. I intend to investigate this again soon and will do a Part II of this post. Since this post does not explain what exactly the home/away modifiers do, there can be no real conclusion with regard to Plabax's Plea. However, I do believe / vaguely recall that the values tend to favour the home team more than the away team, which is what makes most teams perform better at home than on the road. Classic League Data I took the Home/Away records of all A or A/B leagues available on nhl94online.com, as well as 4 more seasons from 2006-2008 that Halifax somehow had stashed away (which chaos hunted down for me), plunked it into excel, did some excel-y stuff and came up with the following. Team Results The meanings of Columns 1-14 are pretty obvious. The "results" are columns 15 (H-A) and 16 (H/A). These columns both quantify how much better at home a team has performed than on the road. "H-A" is "Home W% minus Away W%" (column 10 minus column 14). "H/A" is "Home W% divided by Away W%" (column 10 divided by column 14) Things to note (about interpreting the data): I ignored ties completely in calculating Win Percentages I only counted data from seasons where that team had a Pts% greater than .200 or less than .800, because, #1 I felt that you couldn't tell too much from really dominant or outclassed players and, #2 it smoothed out the data a bit (which encourages me that #1 is correct). In column 5 (Total W+L), I have highlighted in red the teams that don't have a large number of games played, which means their results are less reliable than the other teams. These teams tend to be outliers with their groups (i.e., teams with the same HAMs), so tend to be at the top or bottom of the group (Leafs and Capitals in the 1/1 group, Lighting in the 0/0 group, Penguins and Blues in the 2/1 group). The teams with more games played are likely more representative of the true effects of the particular HAM values. I split out the teams with fewer than 100 total W+L because there is not enough data to trust their values. The table is sorted first by Total Advantage (column 4), then Home Advantage (column 2), then by H/A (column 16) Probably a better way to look at the H/A values are to think of them as in the following table, as the home and away win percentages for an average team, or what their home and away records would be in a 40-game Classic season: ​ So for a team like the Flyers, who have a 135% H/A, it basically amounts to winning 1.5 more games at home than if there were no such thing as home ice advantage in the game. As the HAMs may actually make some teams better on average than others, maybe the values should be shifted a bit more towards higher HW% and higher AW%. But that's for the followup post... Observations & Conclusions The HAMs do in fact have an effect on how much teams win at home or on the road: There is a very high correlation between H/A and Total HAMs (column 4). The correlation function value is 0.736, which is very high/conclusive. The correlation between H-A and Total HAMs is also very high (0.687) However, because of the missing information about how the HAMs are actually used by the game, we can not say if teams are given large home boosts, or receive smaller boosts to their abilities at home and de-buffs to their abilities on the road. 0/0 This means a team has Weak home advantage and Weak away disadvantage. HAMs of 0/0 appear to pretty much neutralize home ice advantage, although the Stars' 113.2% is still quite high. 1/1 This means a team has Average home advantage and Average away disadvantage. These are the HAMs that GDL uses. It also appears to neutralize home ice advantage, although not to the extent of 0/0. Considering the high effects of 2/1 and 1/2 HAMs we'll look at next, I'm surprised there isn't a more noticeable separation between 0/0 and 1/1. //(Maybe when I look into what the HAMs do in the code, the reason for this will become clearer)// 1/2 This means a team has Average home advantage and Strong road disadvantage. There are only 2 teams in this group, and neither has many games played, so the H/A values are not very reliable, but do suggest the value is around 120%, quite significant. 2/1 This means a team has Strong home advantage and Strong road disadvantage. These are the HAMs I used in Blitz. We expect these teams to have a high disparity in home and away records, and this is backed up by the data, with these teams having around a 120+% H/A (or 130% for the teams with fewer games played). 1/3 This means a team has Average home advantage and Brutal road disadvantage. These are bad expansion teams, so there is not much data for them, although they do seem to be around 130% H/A 2/2 This means a team has Strong home advantage and Strong road disadvantage. Only the Flyers have this HAM. Their real-life home/away records in the 92-93 season were 23-14-5 / 13-23-6. They have a huge 135.8% H/A, but with only 294 games played, there's a chance this value is a bit of an outlier, although seeing the pattern in the table it looks like it should be fairly accurate. What is unclear at the moment is, if you have two identical teams, but with different HAMs, do certain HAMS make one of the teams actually better than the other? And how powerful is this effect? Combined Results To deal with the issue of teams with low amounts of games played, we can group the data, not by teams, but by HAMs: This grouping also includes the data from the teams with under 100 GP. The data is pretty clean-looking now. 2/1, 1/1, and 0/0 each have over 2600 games played and I think should be considered accurate. 2/2, 1/3, and 1/2 still don't have a lot of games, but at least they fit the pattern well. 0/0 and 1/1 teams have a slight home advantage of around 106%. This is equivalent to home records of around 10.3-9.7 for a .500 player. 1/2 and 2/1 teams have a significant home advantage of around 120%. This is equivalent to home records of around 10.9-9.1 for a .500 player. In other words, for every 20 games played, they win one game that they would otherwise have lost. Next Steps I will investigate how the game actually uses the HAMs by doing code and RAM traces with the hacking emulator http://forum.nhl94.com/index.php/topic/16742-tool-gens-rerecording-emulator-for-hacking/?p=147027. Something that is not covered in this post is how teams with different HAMs fare against each other. This could be analyzed in a similar manner but using schedule results (for example by going through all the pages like this http://nhl94online.com/html/coachpage.php?lg=31&sublg=GENS-A&team_ID=1165. Chaos gave me a copy of the database recently and I may some time try this.) Images uploaded to the forum for safekeeping incase they disappear off imgur:
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    I'm just picturing a mutant league hack with this very theme!
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    Hello all, I would think this question has come up enough times over the years. Can someone please point out an FAQ or guide to running NHL 94 on Sega CD? I am jammed up on a few things? What bin does it run off? Where do the bios files go? I'm trying to run it on the MD.EMU app from the Google store on my tablet. While I have had no problems emulating other cartridge based genesis games or PSX games, I'm hung up on this. Any help would be appreciated.
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    So I hope you like hockey as much as I like hockey! Because I like hockey.There hasn't been a good PC hockey game for a real long time so we've been having to make do with roster updates and mods and such to NHL 08... but there's still some old life left in some of these old games. I'd like to tell you about some of the video work I've been doing to breathe some new life into these old games. If you're a fan of 90s hockey than I'm sure you'd get a kick out of this!The first is a forgotten game from Strategy First called Solid Ice for the PC, the gameplay isn't quite that great but it more than makes up for it in its endless customization. It was one of the first games that let you make custom logos (they even show up on the ice!) as well as custom jerseys and all the editable playerness. It's a really great thing but the gameplay is a bit lacking. Still I do my best to give it that real authentic hockey arena feel. Check out my playlist for it at Solid Ice - A Season (In a Coma) - YouTube it takes until game 3 to really get going but I think you'll like it! The second is a series I started in good old NHL '95 for the PC, which already has a fantastic TV-style presentation to it. I spruce it up a bit and make it look real shiny and polished, and I also added a spin to it by letting my fans in the audience create players and such, even custom goal songs. It's pretty rad and I think you'll like it. Check it out at YouTube/playlist?list=PLrc3MjIGCRMVUxO8zA6aSx6ttiAyTkaPr you'll love it I know. Here's the first game!Thank you for your time and keep your stick on the ice!
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    Trust me, if your wife wakes up because your kid is crying/talking before you get there, the "I was waiting for a whistle in my '94 game to get them" excuse could be the end of your '94 career.