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    2 v 2 How do we GA? @Mofapes #TheGaAwakens
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    So here it is, the 3rd NHL 20 rom that no one asked for, and delivered quite late! All the usuals from my roms, but to take note: -Updated logos, uniforms, arena names and rosters for all 31 teams (rosters as of Dec. 2) -Player portraits for all NLC starters -Speed burst set to 75% of original rom -Many graphical hacks such as backup goalies and coaches on bench, net cam, better uniforms... -Anniversary center ice logos for teams that are using one this year -Weight bug fix, smoz 3-star formula -known bug with 32-team rom -- GAME WILL CRASH IF CYCLING THROUGH WPG (TEAM 31) PORTRAITS ON MAIN MENU Please let me know if you have any suggestions or bugs to report! NHL 2020 by naples39.zip
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    Anyone who needs some persuasion in who they should vote for, Just want to let you know I have some buddies that “paint houses” and they’d love to come by and pay you a visit.
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    I have been working on a smaller goal mod for NHL 94 on Genesis. I have edited the artwork to work with the code that edits the barrier of the goal posts and of the boards. So this is complete with accurate collision of the goal posts with the puck with updated goal artwork. There are several different sizes of goals. Here are some photos of the smallest goal: (updated 11/16/19) Playing roms with this goal size produces very low scoring games. One way I have made this goal size more playable is by lowering goalie glove ratings to create more shots that bounce off the goalie. In the updated version I have lowered the top goal's crossbar. Here are some photos of the medium size goal : The medium version's posts are black while the smaller goal's posts are red because below the size editable in the goal artwork tile you have to choose from predetermined artwork by changing a single-byte vale. Here is the larger version of the goal done from the goal art tiles : This one is slightly smaller than the normal goals in NHL 94. Each version works with a different value for the barriers code and each of these versions provide different challenges with different goal post and board collision values. I have roms for each goal size, and you could start by playing the larger version of the goal then try the smaller versions and see if you can score. You will be blown away by the goal post collisions and when goals miss the goal on shots compared to what you're used to. You can look at this as a way to adjust the accuracy of one-timers and shots. On the smaller goals hitting wide open nets with shots will no longer be automatic. You will now have to place your shots and pay more attention to angles since the goal post barrier code has been tailored to the artwork. If you play on the smallest goal you should expect a lot of 0 - 0 games and if you score it could end up being the winner. Playing on longer periods and real-time clock is essential to this mod since the smaller the goal the longer it will take you to score. Are you interested in testing NHL 94 with smaller goals with all the goal artwork updated? Will it change your strategy on how you score? Playing with smaller goals will make one-timers more realistic because they no longer will be automatic scores. Now they will hit off the post more or miss the goal completely. With different versions of goal sizes you can play on the goal size that you want, if the smallest version of the goal is too small and you are getting frustrated at not being able to score goals you can use the medium one. There really aren't too many other goal sizes that are possible than these due to the artwork limitation. Any smaller than the smallest one it's pretty much impossible to score. But be forewarned, after you experience playing NHL 94 with these smaller goals and adjusted collision you may not be able to go back to playing with regular sized goals again because you may find it too easy to score. Simply put, playing on these roms will make your NHL 94 experience more advanced and strategic since scoring becomes more difficult with a smaller target to score. So much so that I now am looking for a way to slow down the goalie speed as even with the lowest player ratings they will move quickly from side to side. You will see what I mean if you test these roms. Before I release these roms I need to do some more testing and add some more codes to them like the real-time clock code because you'll need that extra time to score on the smaller goals. What goal size do you think you will play on? Do you think playing on the smallest goal will be too hard for you to score and you'll want to play on the medium size or larger size? I think some have tested my barriers code but until you edit the goal artwork you can't really get the full experience. So this is something I'm working on and if there is interest I can release the roms for you to test.
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    Check SegaVisions, doubleissue (October, November) from 1993, Hot hints. According to that its all about timing.
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    I feel like @chaos @smozoma @kingraph are deserving, but they've won before. @skip, @slapshot67, @naples39 and @The Sauce are deserving for keeping NHL'94 updated. Having 3 different versions of NHL'94 with current rosters is so awesome. But....
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    Team draft selection has begun! We will have a 10 team "A" league and 12 team "B" league. I weighted the draft in B to give new players a better chance at a high draft pick in B. I did the same with "A" , but just slightly. When it is your turn, reply to this thread to choose your team (or hit me up on Discord). You can choose any team that has not already been selected in your league. I honestly don't think there will be a need for deadlines (haven't ever used them before), but if we go 24 hours without your pick, your turn will be skipped and you will be given best available team at the end of the draft based on the default list. You can also post your draft list in this thread, or PM me your list if you don't want to post your team selections. ON THE CLOCK: A: DONE! 01 - aqualizard - CHI 02 - AtomicRaven - DET 03 - Schmidt - BUF 04 - LeifErikson - BOS 05 - wallywojo - WPG 06 - MikeGartner22 - MTL 07 - dcicon5148 - VAN 08 - zeppelin55 - LAK 09 - corbettkb - DAL 10 - angryjay93 - HFD B: DONE! 01 - seventieslord - DET 02 - Ozmataz_Buckshank - QUE 03 - MR.T - CHI 04 - Chris O - MTL 05 - Boehm23 - VAN 06 - AdamWoodrow - CGY 07 - Dantml7 - BUF 08 - sonoffett87 - BOS 09 - Chefstar88 - WPG 10 - jmj - STL 11 - jer_33 - TOR 12 - Quetzalcoatlus - DAL DEFAULT DRAFT LIST (links are to "Building Lines with AJ" Thread)
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    I guess I should do my intro. I joined because there was an NHL94 tourney in Regina, and upon doing research on the top NHL94 players in the world, I found there were some from Sask, Canada, but none from my city!! So I sought to change that. I would have won the tournament if not for Halifax driving his and his buddy Matt's ass 2.5 hours to scoop the prize. Anyways... after that, I dragged my bro (seventieslord) and my cousin (boehm23) away from their other games of choice. Fun fact: Seventieslord writes for The Hockey news and is a badass hockey historian. The last NHL game we bought as kids was NHL 97. We saved up our own money to do it. Seventieslord was 16. I was 13. Boehmer was 6. He didn't come into the picture until much later lol. Anyways, we had a good crew of NHL 97'ers. I do appreciate a few things from that game. fake shots were integral to getting around seventieslord's over aggressive manual goalie. he liked blocking shots, but I never utilized that much. Season mode was cool and so was Gilmour's "deke and deliver". Also being able to get up using spin-o-rama after being checked was nice. BUT, that all being said, I am getting used to 94 and can see why most consider it the best gameplay overall. Over the past month, I've played about 400 exis over Retroarch and helped ten other new members get set up on static IP and fort forwarding. Once I did it while I was playing an exi and the guy was flabbergasted. Most games have been against Schmidt which was quite a rude awakening. I estimate I'm about 69-321-10 over those first 400 games. While he says my skill is improving, I feel much like a mouse caught by the tail by a cat, while the cat says I'm getting really good at struggling... Either way, I thought I would quit after my local tourney, but I'll stick with it and probably attend any close in-person tourneys and try to improve my skill and ranking and be the first Regina player in the top 30 Sega rankings. Happy to be here. Cheers.
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    Thanks for sharing bud. @Bob Kudelski sent me a text yesterday showing me that. I then proceeded to call him from to talk about it and everything else nhl’94.
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    NHL97 V. 2 changed player ratings. instead of stars of East and West added teams of Russia and Sweden. In the hidden menu, instead of EA Sports and Renegades teams, the Czech and Finnish national teams are added. Edited rosters teams Canada USA and Europe. There was a problem when editing the ice of the national teams of Russia, Finland and the Czech Republic. Preferably the ice teams to make all teams EA Sports. Added star player Todd Bertuzzi to the new York islanders, who played 76 games in the 1995-96 season. NHL_97_v.2_[!].bin
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    Is there a reason Halifax is not in consideration? if that’s not the case, not that any of them aren’t worthy of the prestigious title but I would have to say the man behind the scenes on our kof94 days... the one... the only... The Smoz
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    Something a little different. For those not familiar, the USHL is the only Tier I junior league in the US. Last season 52 players were selected in the NHL entry draft including 17 from the US National Team Development Program. Teams are based upon current(ish) USHL rosters and line combinations. Player ratings are based on a combination of scouting reports and actual performance through the first 20% of the 2019-20 season. USHL 2020.bin
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    As we are now a little more than a quarter of the way through the season, I just uploaded V2 of my rom. As always, special thanks to Slapshot67 for making this 32 team rom and all of his assistance in the past. I did try to work on the "pulling the goalie only after a two goal lead" thing (see my other post regarding goalie pull logic) but, wasn't able to figure it out. RAM tracing and codes just ain't my jam. If someone else wishes to collaborate on it, PM me and we can see how I can be of help. For now, that "glitch" will remain as it is not that big a deal. In the meantime, what's new for V2: * Updated headshots and combos for NLC - ARZ, CHI, COL, LA, NJ, NYR and OTT * As seen above, I updated the Kenny Albert image * Updates to several players as well as some new ones added (like Morgan Frost) * Added/removed some prospects to the 2020 NHL Prospects team * Removed Dustin Byfuglien as it doesn't appear that he will play this season. Lines & D-pairings are not 100% accurate for each team. However, they are lines/D-pairings that were (or maybe currently) used at one point. Feel free to change as you see fit. For additional details on the ROM's setup, please review the original post above. Cheers!
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    I have come to the conclusion that it involves using the hold down B button and press a direction method of passing. The trick is you can't starting holding down the B button too early. I think a lot of people get stuck on this part. If you start holding down B too early then wait for the ref to drop it before pressing a direction with B held down chances are you will lose the face-off. When you are holding down B too long you give your opponent the opportunity to press the B button themselves hold it down and press a direction and gain the advantage. The CPU team mimics this button sequence as well and it's random. The key is to wait until the last possible second before the ref starts his drop puck animation to start holding B down. It's holding down B and pressing a direction in a fluid motion right before the ref drops the puck. This takes a lot of practice to get used to it, but I've determined that it's the best way to win face-offs and the most fun. This was a mystery to me and a source of frustration at not getting how you're supposed to win face-offs. I encourage you to try this method and see if you find success winning face-offs. I sure have.
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    In the latest Hockey News, they did an article on the evolution of hockey video games. It's a fun, nostalgic read (7-8 pages) starting from Ice Hockey & Blades of Steel all they way to the current NHL 20.
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    All 3 nominees deserve it, but I'm going with @chaos (don't want my house painted)
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    Ola buds, This year has three excellent choices for Bud of the Year. The bud of the year for me is a good ambassador for the community and has done something extra special for the community in the past 12 months or so. 1. @chaos - He's been the online league guru, helping set up leagues and assisting many members with RetroArch. 2. @Puck Junk - Wrote the greatest article ever written about NHL94 (https://thehockeynews.com/all-access/article/the-making-of-nhl-94-an-oral-history) and won an award for this in 2019 from the Society of Professional Journalist for "Best Sports Story in a Magazine". 3. @smozoma - Created and has maintained the NHL'94 World Rankings and was a key part in the success of the King of 94 tournament. Voting closes January 1st! Previous Winners 2009 - @smozoma 2010 - @smozoma 2011 - @smozomaand @dan_lizhot 2012 - @smozoma and @dan_lizhot 2013 - @kingraph 2014 - @chaos 2015 - @McMikey 2016 - @angryjay93 2017 - @slapshot67 2018 - @chaos
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    If the game had a fresh coat of paint. Let's say the gameplay was kept intact, but sliders were added so that every element of the game could be adjusted: physics to difficulty to AI. What would you add to the game that would enhance it? And I'm not purely talking gameplay mechanics, but visuals and everything in-between To get the juices flowing... custom arenas 4K player sprites (no sharp pixels) with more frames per animation kit builder (like SWOS) team creation custom organ-tunes generator custom leagues online stat tracking spectator mode be a player-type mode career mode different eras (fans are dressed differently & rules & players wear vintage gear / no lids) outdoor hockey & shinny modes mini-games I'd like a comprehensive list and I'm curious as to all the ideas we could come up with.
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    I just discovered this thread, although I've often had similar thoughts about a groundup re-make. It was more in the line of "if I win the lottery and have several hundred thousand or more dollars to play around with" for a pet project. My thoughts on such a re-make would be start with re-creating the game as closely as possible, then add: -Robust team/player editor making it easy to share teams/players/logos/goal horns-songs... (would be amazing to start a game by choosing team, then choose roster year, then choose uniform....) -Online play, maybe leagues -Enhanced sprites -Enhanced gameplay options/sliders (bigger rink, lane filling on offense so Ws and Cs switch when appropriate and wingers will go to slot for one-timers like NHL 96+, options to boost/nerf hit power...passing...etc...) -More gameplay modes like 4v4, 3v3...
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    i got the usb version today for my PS classic with autobleem/retroarch. Solid controller I need to remap/configure it for sega gameplay, the c and a buttons are reversed, still was able to get a 1 timer in almost imediately so much better than playing with the ps 1 controllers. The Sega Genesis mini is on sale for 59 bucks, they are doing a bunch of interesting hacks on that system as well, I may grab it and have it as my dedicated hockey 94 game system. That system comes with 2 , 3 button controllers, almost pays for itself.
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    I recently posted a meme on social media that was negative in nature against NHL95. So I’m being investigated by the international retro gaming community for video game racism . Not eligible for the bud of the year award.
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    We stayed at the AC Hotel on our way to Green Bay a couple of years back - we had an excellent rate. The rooms were very modern, and everything appeared to be pretty new. The restaurant and bar were high-end (as were the prices). Back then I think I paid $80-90/night, the price has gone up significantly since. PS. Just bought my early-bird ticket.
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    @Koppe is always updating his rosters.. find it at this link:
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    GENS/Hamachi @CoachMac 1951 Rom (Each week will progress through the 1950's and 1960's) Classic Style 5 Minute Periods Line Changes OFF Penalties OFF/Offsides OFF (B-check enabled) Best of 7 Playoffs Only HARDCORE ORIGINAL 6 PLAY STYLE No editing lines, changing goalies, or calling timeouts. No in game pausing or delays during the series allowed. (Take a piss, get your beer, change the kids diapers, please your woman before or after your series...Be a Man!) DEFAULT everything plug and play. Set Schedule Day and Time Do not commit if you cannot show up, and be on time, both nights. You do not have to commit to every week. You can sign up week by week. I will select the players each week if we have more than 4 sign up. The selection committee (me) will consider your skill level, overall dedication to the hardcore league, and general awesomeness for who gets in each week. TEAM DRAFT 4 players and order to be determined below. Sunday 12/1/2019 Semi-Finals 10 PM Eastern Series A #1 Detroit vs #3 Montreal Series B #2 Toronto vs #4 Boston Monday 12/2/2019 Stanley Cup Final and Consolation Series 10 PM Eastern Winner A vs Winner B Loser A vs Loser B Awesome Retro Awards Antique Tin Hockey Guys to weekly winner. Gordie Howe and other Original 6 Bobbleheads to Decade Winners. INTERESTED IN THE LEAGUE AS A WHOLE. IN @angryjay93 @jer_33 @AtomicRaven @corbettkb @JSchmidt @danTML7 IN THE LOOP @LeifErikson @kingraph @jackandjose SOMEDAY @Brutus I don't like computers or being online, but I miss playing NHL 94. Anyone including those listed above who would like to be in for 1951 (12/1 and 12/2 at 10 PM) sign up below. Deadline to sign up is Monday at Midnight Eastern. I will select the 4 players Tuesday if we have more than 4 and post the rom. TEAM DRAFT will be Wednesday. EXI's Thursday, Friday, Saturday SIGN UP FOR 1951 Below. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1950–51_NHL_season
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    Well @everyone following #edgeof94-midwest, we've accelerated this process, and I'm proud to say that we're officially live on signups! Between now and December 7th, get signed up and be entered to win this amazing signed Neal Broten Gophers jersey. Broten is a local and national hero to the State of Hockey, part of the Miracle on Ice on the 1980 Olympic Men's Hockey team. To be eligible, be signed up before the deadline, and show up the day of the tournament! To signup, please visit our Paypal link : www.paypal.me/trojan1979 send in your $40 for each adult entry, and $20 for any family entries. We'll announce the winner Sunday night December 8th during a special live stream! Edit : We've extended the signup deadline to the end of 2019 due to the new signup process!
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    So if there are more than 4 coaches available for a given week, how does the draft work? Random, or if the coach played previously, etc? I'll also make it for Dec 1st.
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    Coach I will sign up for 12/1 & 12/2.
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    I play enough exhibition games, I'd rather play games that matter. This sounds fun and Schmidt can vouch for me. I only beat him 1/5 times, but I'm rather new also.
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    These are the version I use. Super easy to setup and use.
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    Hello, sure, I will sign up for 12/1 & 12/2 and also will vouch for @JSchmidt (Schmidt on Discord) as he is always on playing exis.
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    FALL CLASSIC 2019 This season, we are having 2 Genesis leagues (GENS-A and GENS-B) and 1 SNES league. SNES admin - chaos GENS admin - kingraph To see your schedule, head over to the nhl94online.com site. On the front page, use the league drop down on the nav-bar and make sure "Classic '94-2018 Fall" is selected. On the left had side of the page will show the list of coaches in the selected league and league level. This section will be available on most of the pages on the site. Here, you will choose the league level (GENS-A, GENS-B, SNES) and the list of coaches and teams will change. Once you've selected your league level, click on your team's name. This will open the Coach Page. On the coach page, you will see your schedule. This schedule is just a list of all your games, and does not need to be played in any specific order. You will be able to see how many games you have Away and at Home against a specific team. Once you have played the game and made the save (more on this later), you will use this page to upload the game ("Log a Game" link). Once a game is uploaded, you can also use this page to look at the game's box score. At the top of the page, is an area that shows some basic team stats. Also, there is a link to see your Roster Stats. On the right side, there is an area that has coach information and the standings for your division (along with a link for the full standings). You can click on any team on the left side of the page and see their stats, box scores, etc. You are not limited to just your Coach Page (but you need to use your page to log games). Here are some helpful links for navigating around the site: HOW TO: Netplay over RetroArch HOW TO: Create a Save State in RetroArch RetroArch Save State Uploading HOW TO: Log a Game with a Save State on NHL94Online.com NHL94Online.com Stat Pages - how to navigate to and display the different Season stat pages. The stats are collected from the save states that are uploaded. Teams and Schedules Page - displays the coach names and Discord usernames (update yours if you have not yet) for the coaches in your division. Again, if you have not joined Discord, you need to - Discord Invite Some important links for new coaches: League Website - http://www.nhl94online.com Getting Started - Getting Started Rules - http://www.nhl94online.com/html/rules.php Registration (for coaches who missed initial registration, and wish to be replacements) - Registration Waiting List - http://www.nhl94online.com/html/waiting-list.php Edit User Profile (if you wish to change any of your information) - http://www.nhl94online.com/html/updateuser.php (Use to update your Discord Username, change your password, etc) All of the above links can be found from navigating the NHL94online.com navigation bar. For those of you who have forgotten how the site works, or for the new coaches in the league, a game is played and logged as follows: 1. Contact the coach you would like to play on Discord. You can find their Discord Username by going to the nhl94online.com site. Choose the Classic '94-Fall 2019 league from the drop-down "League Selection" menu on the navigation bar. Choose the "League Level" you were assigned (all new coaches are in GENS-B or SNES league levels) in the left-hand column and click on your Team. Your "Coach Page" should come up, and you can see which teams you have games remaining against. Click on that opposing team's name in the left-hand column, which should load that team's coach page. On the right hand side of the page, there is an area which contains the coach's Discord Username. You can contact them via the #classic-gens or #classic-snes channels on the Discord server, or via direct message. You can also choose the "Teams & Schedules" page from the menu bar and this will list all the coaches in the league and their Discord Usernames. 2. Play the game. Play the game against the selected coach. When playing a game against a coach, the decide beforehand who will be hosting and uploading the games. In Genesis, the hosting coach is usually Player 1 (Home), and the coach connecting is Player 2 (Away). This can be switched in game by using the "i" key - (look at this post). SNES it doesn't matter, as this can be switched in game after selecting teams. Once the game is complete, and you get to the "Three Stars" screen or the Final screen, a save state must be taken and uploaded to the site (either coach can do this, please decide who will perform the upload beforehand). Please check out the threads on creating a Save State linked at the top of this thread post. Once the Save State has been made, the game can be uploaded to the site. This is done on the "Coach Page" that displays your schedule. By clicking on your team's name in the left-hand column, you access your "Coach Page". Games that need to be played will have a "Log a Game" link next to it. Choose the game that has been played, and upload the file. It is common that you can upload the games one at a time after playing your series. Type in your password (that you used when you registered for the nhl94online.com site) to log the game. Once this is done, the game is uploaded and the stats on the site will update. NOTE: If an incorrect save state was uploaded and has already been processed by the site (both coaches didn't realize the score was wrong and it was confirmed), please PM Kingraph or me. We will need to correct it. EXTRA NOTE: Do not upload a save state that was taken during display of "Highlights from the game". It will take data from that game that is being displayed. Best place to take a save is when the Three Stars screen pops up. Also, the schedule does not need to be played in order. It is encouraged to get all your games in with an opponent at the same time. Checkpoints There will be WEEKLY CHECKPOINTS. 8 GP / week. 8 GP - end of Monday, December 2nd 16 GP - end of Monday, December 9th 24 GP - end of Monday, December 16th 32 GP - end of Monday, December 23rd 40 GP - end of Monday, December 30th If you miss a checkpoint, you will risk the chance of being replaced. Coaches who are confirmed on the Waiting List will be used for replacement. If you cannot find a coach and would like to try to schedule a time to play, please use the "Schedule a Game" forum on this site, send them a message on Discord (preferred), or use the forum PM. Please make an effort to reach your checkpoints! Also, the 8 games a week is a minimum . Feel free to play more games than that. For example, if you play 16 games in the first week, then you already satisfy the first 2 checkpoints. It's easy to get to this 8 game point, since most coaches you play multiple games against, and everyone likes getting all the games against a single coach in at the same time. It normally amounts to playing 2-3 coaches a week. If there are issues making these checkpoints, please let an admin know. We are accommodating, as long as you let us know. Regular Season The regular season consists of 40 games. Playoffs Playoff series will be best-of-7. Also, NP (negative points) will be applied to missed games at the end of the season. This could hurt your playoff seeding! If you weren't able to play certain games vs. your opponent you will be given NPs. You will lose two points for every unplayed game. So play early if you can and play often! GENS-A Playoff Format: 8 teams make the playoffs. The conference winners will be the top 2 seeds. The next 6 (by pts.) will be seeded by Win %, There will be no re-seeding in the playoffs. GENS-B Playoff Format: Conference winners are top 2 seeds, next 6 best teams (by pts.) make the playoffs, seeded by Win %. There will be no re-seeding in the playoffs. SNES Playoff Format: Conference winners are top 2 seeds, next 6 best teams (by pts.) make the playoffs, seeded by Win %. There will be no re-seeding in the playoffs. That's about all. Good luck to everyone and lets hope for another successful season! If there are any website problems or questions about the site, or the league in general, please PM me (chaos), email me (chaos@nhl94.com), or Discord (chaos).
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    Shots miss the net to the outside a lot more, including more shots that go over the goal and over the goalie hitting the boards higher up on the boards behind the goal. It seems that the aiming of shots is greatly affected by lowering the barriers, making shots go wider and more off-target.
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    Updates after Halifax's prairies tour! Also a new Quebec tournament
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    More download links if you need them: https://www.oldgames.sk/en/download.php?filedownload=2876 NHL HOCKEY https://www.oldgames.sk/en/download.php?filedownload=8637 NHL HOCKEY 95 They are preinstalled versions, no need to struggle with DOSBox settings. STIAHNUT = DOWNLOAD
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    This would be interesting for 2v2.
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    Good news : I am almost finished with the smallest goal rom, so I will release that one first so you can start testing this. The cross bar has been lowered a pixel from what you see in the first screenshot, I just need to make some final edits to the rom like adding a couple of codes via hex edits. This is a mod where the full rom really needs to be shared since there are a lot of art edits and ratings balanced needed to make this playable. I am making some final edits to this rom tonight so you will be able to test the smallest goal shortly. Stay tuned!
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    Check out @CoachMac's historical ROMs, he is our resident historian and ROM creator! https://forum.nhl94.com/index.php?/topic/18009-coach-macs-historic-roms/ As far as making your own ROMs, the NOSE tool allows you to make roster edits very quickly and easily. Graphic hacks take a little more time and effort with Tile Molester, but once you get the hang of it, it's not that bad. Ultimately any ROM will take many hours to complete, without considering the amount of time it would take to rate players. Check out the hacking and editing section of the forums to get a better sense of what is involved, there is plenty of information and a bunch of modders who will be happy to answer questions/help (including me)!
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    There is mail address at tru's profile. About adding teams, editing, knowledge and so on: Adding teams is just too difficult, forget about trying to figure it out without coding knowledge. With it its *maybe* even not possible. If it is, no one tells you without proper investigation and if there hasnt been anyone interested so far, there will hardly be any hackers-newcomers. Take it as it is and work with original 26+2 teams, dont waste your time and dont wait for 30 teams rom to come, you can wait forerver ;-) All the knowledge about erasing center ice logos, altering jerseys colors and everything else needed for editing and updating the game can be found in SNES subforum, I always explained everything in detail so even people without hacking knowledge should know what to do when they want to change something, usually its step-by-step tutorial and you cant go wrong. SNES editor for editing players, numbers skills etc. exists, but... So keep it on your mind when editing rosters.
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    Tried to get off the give-and-go one-timer but the input didn't register so I tried to cheese-it before the horn sounded. Was rewarded with this bug I've never seen before:
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    Nice Clockwise! Here is my similar video from a few years ago at the end of the period.
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    Hello, Here is the NHL94 ROM, updated for the 2019-20 season by me & Slapshot. Special thanks to @slapshot67 for his work on graphics and player cards! Below you'll find the ROM and Excel sheet. Excel is in the zip folder, which shows player ratings, "Skip's ratings", etc. Player rating updates based on last year's performance, roster changes, some new player cards, playoff brackets to reflect actual 2019 Stanley Cup Playoffs. Let me know if you find any errors! Notes: -This is the 32-team ROM (updated teams, logos, player cards and graphics by Slapshot67). -Updated team rosters for 2019-20 season (rosters and player ratings by Skip). The 32nd team is still the NHL'94 Hall of Fame team, with original NHL94 ratings! -Weight bug is fixed (heavy guys are harder to knock down), and this ROM uses weight + checking = hitting ability -1 minute penalties (except for injuries = 2 min penalty). You can do 5, 7, 10 or 20 minute periods. -Hot/Cold is accurate in the pre-game screen and in edit lines. NEW for 2020 ROM: 50th anniversary center ice logos for Buffalo & Vancouver. ROSTER NOTES: 3rd line is usually a mashup of best players on a team's real 3rd & 4th lines. Tried to keep scoring lines as they are in real life, or how they "should be" when players return from injury. Dustin Byfuglien is included on Winnipeg's roster. KNOWN BUG: The menu screen will freeze if the player cards begin to cycle for team #31 - Winnipeg. There is no known fix for this. TOURNEY ROM has continuous OT. The regular ROM has 5 minute OT. (I'll add this later) Zip folder has excel sheet with all players listed, including the NHL94 HHOF All-Stars roster, and Ratings list for all 32 teams. -Skip NHL20.bin NHL20excel.zip
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    I assume this is for Sega, since I'd recommend some small fixes for SNES. - Fighting and blood back in. - Round robin/double or triple elimination tournament - 4 on 4, 3 on 3 options for game play or OT only.
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    Does anyone know how to edit the overall rating for the teams? I can't find it in NOSE. Does anyone know the addresses of the ratings in the ROM? Thanks
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    It was a good chat, but I still can't believe all that awful stuff you said about @chaos jk
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    Hello - Just checking in if anyone has considered travel options for this yet? See a flight for me from LGA to arrive Friday Feb 28th at 5:22PM and depart Sunday Mar 1 at 9:30AM, but interested to hear others schedule. See two hotel options that look to be just about right on top of the venue and at reasonable prices of $110 a night (pre-taxes). The AC Hotel Minneapolis Downtown (#7 of 56 ranked on tripadvisor) and the Embassy Suites by Hilton Minneapolis Downtown, saw a mention of possible hotel deals as well but hadn't seen details. Anyways, would like to find out what others are considering/doing before booking any travel, which I hope to do fairly soon if attending. THX. (After all that, I may have a prior commitment I didn't realize was that weekend and my percentage has decreased significantly ugh)