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    I glanced at the '95 manual once and i have to say it's kind of like a View Master edition of Mein Kampf.
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    The random goalie starter thing is also a bit odd and surprising.
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    I'm a big fan of the PC DOS version of 94, named just NHL Hockey. It had its quirks, but the presentation was phenomenal if you had a sound blaster(gotta hear Ron Bar and all the sound effects), the game play decent for its time, and the ability to do full seasons was very appealing. I never became proficient at it, but it was enough to keep me interested in a sport I couldn't watch on TV till many years later.
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    I played NHL 98 to NHL 2006 on PC. My favourite was 2003 (with Iginla on the front). That game was so much fun. I used to do fantasy drafts all the time. I loved the player icons (target icon for shot accuracy, hammer icon for big hitter, stick for hard shot). I think you could redirect shots and bat in rebounds out of the air. Good times.
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    For those interested, I was able to find a page with some of the most useful editors for the NHL PC games. http://www.dsgambelluri.ignitiondomain.com/nhlrostertutorial.html A shame that running an archive search on some of the classic add-on sites turns up no results.