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    REGISTRATION https://www.nhl94.com/nyctourney/ DATE & TIME Saturday, April 13, 2019. Registration starts at 10:00 a.m. Tournament start at 11:00 am COST: $25 (moves to $30 in April) LOCATION St. Pat's Bar & Grill 22W 46th Street New York, NY, 10036 https://stpatsbar.com RULES & OTHER INFORMATION Sega Genesis Only Original cartridges, systems and CRTs 32 Person Cap 5 Games guaranteed Progressive Group Play Win your game and play against another 1-0 person. Lose and you play against another 0-1. Rounds progress each way such that play against someone with your same record After 5 rounds 16 players will be 3-2 or better, making it to bracket play. 16 eliminated Bracket play - 16 seeds from group play Single elimination, best of 3 each round KO94 style rules Coin flip winner chooses two teams for matchup Coin flip loser selects which team he wants to use No coin flip needed if two people play against each other again, just reverse previous winner/loser choice. PRIZES TBD -- we will be announcing prizes, raffles, and lots of other fun stuff over the coming weeks. STREAMING We will announce when we go live: www.twitch.tv/kingraph PLAYERS 01. Evan E. ( @Evan )(organizer) 02. John G. ( @chaos ) (organizer) 03. Scott S. ( @MikeGartner22 ) (organizer) 04. Raphael F. ( @kingraph ) (organizer) 05. Kevin B. ( @corbettkb ) 06. Eric K. ( @eggink444 ) 07. Scott E. 08. Josh K. 09. Tim S. 10. Brian R. ( @Bad Moon Rison ) 11. Matt P. 12. Dennis H. ( @dhapshow ) 13. Matt M. 14. Paul C. 15. Chris O. 16. John K. ( @kuefner ) 17. Matt H. 18. Brad B. ( @da94wookiee ) 19. John S. 20. Bill M. ( @CoachMac ) 21. Colton Orr 22. Matt A. 23. Aaron R ( @Sdogg ) 24. Kyle W. ( @kylewat / Zeppelin55) 25. Paul L ( @Lupz27 ) 26. Tom E. ( @aepurniet ) 27. Mark M ( @IceStorm70 ) 28. Eric M. 29. Chris B. 30. Carl G. 31. Michael G. 32. Marc C. Waitlist * Rich T.
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    Hey Guys, First time poster At work we have a 12 man NHL94 Hockey League we're coming up to our 3rd season. There's some disgruntlement about team disparity throughout the league and we're playing with the idea of everyone being able to customize their own player stats based on an equal allocation system in the hope to make everything fair but still diverse in how they divvy out their points. I haven't messed around with editing players yet, but does anyone have any recommendations on how to handle this? Is every individual stat point worth the same, or is the difference between 4-5 and 5-6 drastic? Give each team 'X' amount of points and let them do whatever they want? I feel like it should be more like old school RPG games where the more points you have in a stat the more expensive it becomes. Alternatively I could just make 4-5 different styles of teams and just let them choose if they want to be any of the 5 pre-made styles of teams (that are all as equal as I can make it) Any insight? (We also recorded all our playoffs and are making a high-light reel if anyone's interested, lol) Thanks!
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    Hey all, As I've been working on my new ROM hack, I've been focusing on adding my own flair to the game. I want it to look like '94, but I also want to really make it mine and bring out a ton of features that nobody else has really done before. As I was doing that I decided I would play with the in-game banners a little bit. You guys may have already seen my banner work in Skip's International ROM, but I just wanted to share a few of the designs I've done in hopes that some of you guys will like the idea and pick it up, because I'd love to see this in some other hacks, I think it adds a lot of character. Here are some of my designs: A simple slash on each side with inverted colors Double stripes on each ens, as a nod to the team's jerseys in real life. One of my personal favorites, a habs style stripe running through the middle. Not too flashy, but unique and a good way to add more than 2 colors. This one is a little ugly in my opinion, for good reason as these guys are our biggest high school rivals, but it's still a neat design and a reference to this team's jerseys. A simple one just for you buds, with one red pipe separating the black and grey. Pretty cool color scheme and also a "spotlight" pattern as I call it. This one's cool, especially since this team is called the Admirals. Very fitting. Last but not least, a sharp looking checkerboard pattern. Hopefully this is something fresh and new for you guys, as I said it's something I'd love to see more people experiment with in the future!
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    If someone has the answer great, but keep in mind this is site focused on NHL94 and other 16 bit 90's hockey versions, and not the PC versions 2K and beyond. I'm not saying your question can't be answered, or someone here doesn't have the answer, just understand the audience. I hope you can find your answer bud. Peace.
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    Over an unspecified amount of time, I was able to run through the playoffs with each NHL94 team. I took the time to track the team scores and the individual goal scorers from each 4 game tournament (I won the Cup with all of them, so no losses). https://www.dropbox.com/s/f1vwf1w33ettnry/FullSeason-AllTeams.xlsx?dl=0 Overview: -Each team's goal scoring is tracked on a separate tab with the top goal scorer (and secondary double digit goal scorer) listed on the Summary tab. I highlighted games where a player scored >4 goals. -No assists were tracked, although in hindsight I wish I had. -The Summary tab lists each team's 4 game GoalsFor, GoalsAgainst, and GoalDifferential. There's a section for most goals by a player in a single game, plus most total goals by a player and their percentage of their team's goals. -I did not play favorites. Every team I played with I created the best lineup that matched my playing style with the mission to score as many goals as I could. Points of Interest: -Klima/Simpson played out of their minds. I never have much success with EDM. I knew Klima was great, but Simpson scored a ton. -Gilmour had to carry the Leafs. No one else could get the offense going. -The disappointment that were the Red Wings and the Rangers. Yzerman's 7 total goals were downright pedestrian, while Gartner's 2 was unforgivable. -VAN giving up only 1 goal in 4 games! -Not counting Teppo, the Jets were a well-balanced offense. QBC was too, but I expected that. However QBC gave up a bunch of goals for a higher tier team. -LaFontaine's 8 goal Finals performance skewed the stats in a big way. (Same for Semenov for ANA in their game2) -Overachievers: TBL, Semenov, LaFontaine, Simpson, Ekland, Mullen, Kontos, Davydov -Disappointments: BOS, DET, CHI/Roenick, NYR/Gartner, Non-Gilmour Leafs
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    I have mentally grappled with this for a while. I definitely think certain attributes like shot power , agility, and stick handling matter more and I'd argue that the jump from 4-5 is huge. Not just mathematical numerical ratings, but the effect it has on the game. It's why 5 and 6 ratings are rare. I'd suggest doing a draft league instead of custom players. It's wildly addictive and you don't have to create a formula for all the attribute values.
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    Not yet, this is my fault. I am helping out but haven't had a chance to add my rosters from the '94 update. It takes some time because NHLPA did the ratings differently, have to go into each player. I hope to have it out with the trade deadline '94 ROM. Been tough to find time lately.
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    Live NHL 94 tournament every Monday night in Chicago. https://m.facebook.com/groups/1278008522339478?view=group 6pm Dmen Tap 2849 W Belmont Ave, Chicago, IL 60618 Mon Jan 21, 28, Feb 4,11,18 Entry $8 5 to daily prize and 3 to a season final tournament. Prize will probably be 80 percent for 1st 20 percent for 2nd. 3rd if a lot of players. Contact me at fbuennagel@gmail.com Current standings and results. https://tecmo101.files.wordpress.com/2019/01/dmennhl94s1w2-2.pdf No min or max of participants. Format. The less people the more games will be in the format. Most of the time it will be a round robin followed by a double elimination. System: Sega Genesis Rules: Hardcore 5 min periods, no line changes, manual goalie and penalties except offsides. About. Every Monday we have retro gaming at dmen tap in Chicago. After the success of our local tecmo league that had 18 owners we are trying to do something similar with NHL 94. Each week until the Edge of 94 tournament we will have a Monday tournament at the bar. Prizes will be given out each Monday. While we will also collect money for a season final tournament. The only rule right now is teams are chosen each week based on skill. The better you are based on the nhl 94 ratings, past performance in the league and reputation the lower tier your team will be. A similar rule made our tecmo league very successful. Once you play once you get a free entry to the finals. Which will be a larger tournament on a weekend later this year. We will probably have a buy in to play in that event for those that have not been able to make a Monday event. Also later on we will hopefully at least once bust out the SNES version. Stream RetroSportsgamer www.retrosportsgamer.net Video of our 1st week below. Hockey action begins around 3:30 of the below video.
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    Yeah the bench reaction is what stuck out to me. I've never seen that before. The only time I see the bench moving (on the Genesis version) is before the face-off. Once the face-off is dropped they stay frozen, which was probably done by the developers to ensure a smooth frame rate. Now you did that on the SNES version, could the bench reacting like that to the hit into the bench be an SNES version only feature? I guess that reaction happened because the player was hit into his own team's bench. The player who got checked over the boards kind of slowly disappeared when the bench reaction animation started.
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    I just checked that ROM out, never actually thought about changing the team name design! What an awesome concept, I love seeing that kind of originality and it looks really nice
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    I have progressed through the first game in the playoffs and I have observed the problem. The Continue Playoffs mode locks you out of the Players menu that switches to the other options (One or Two Teammates) and you are stuck playing Two Head to Head. I will try to find a code that can change it to Two Teammates.
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    For those of you who don’t want to read my latest novel... I mean post above... the short story is, version 3 of my season rom was posted at the top of this thread. Cheers!
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    I should be available most nights after about 10PM EST. NHL 94 league games take priority of course!
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    Move to Chicago, convince @angryjay93 to do the same, and I may be forced to move my annual tournament there. It wouldn't suck.
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    This post has been very unsuccessful.
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    He's coming back! Yes Ahman Green the Packers all time leading rusher will be there to play and commentate with us all weekend long!
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    I Will be there this time To make my score in all of time sheet better !! Good news !
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    King of 94 Buffalo! we could airbnb a hostel for a week for same price as 1 night in nyc...but nothing to do in Buffalo lol......I always wanted to see a fight at msg
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    I made some updates and changes to my roms over the Christmas Holidays. --1 Original 6 rom with each teams best squad from 1952-1962. --1 1970's/1980's rom with every team that played in that era. Some best teams and some worst teams. The year is noted in the rom with the team nicknames. All of the players are meticulously and individually rated. --1 Classic 94 rom with all of the awesome updates (players cards, sponsor logo, etc...) --1 Original 6 2v2 rom. --1 Slapshot 2v2 rom that includes 4 teams. The Chiefs (The 3 Hanson Brothers and Dennis Lemieux) The Bulldogs (Ogie Oglethorpe, Tim McCracken, Clarence Swamptown, and Tommy Hanrahan) NHL '94 All-Stars (Gretzky, Lemieux, Bourque, Roy) (99,66,77,33) NHL '94 Enforcers (Probert, McSorley, Domi, and Hextall) ---Plus I included all of my other roms that I still have on the first page of this post. More details on each rom is posted above.
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    Trying to clean up and finish some of the random projects that I started and never got around to completing... 1952 was the last Canadian gold medal before a 50-year drought and was also the last Olympic games before the appearance of the USSR on ice in '56. Represented by the Edmonton Mercurys, a team sponsored by a local car dealership, the Canadians dominated the tournament. The US and Canadian teams were lambasted by the international media for their physical style of play with local newspapers predicting that relations between the US and the Europeans would suffer due to a fight between American defenseman Joe Czarnota and Swiss forward Gian Bazzi. The Norwegian crowds littered the ice with orange peels and labeled the US team "Chicago gangsters". After securing the gold medal the Canadian team was accused of colluding with their North American brethren in order to earn the silver medal for the US squad. Norway's Dagbladet newspaper described the game as a "friendly" and accused the Canadians of "making such mistakes that even the Norwegian hockey players would not have made". The biggest controversy of the Games was the award of the bronze medal. Czechoslovakia defeated Sweden 4-0 on the final day of the tournament, both teams finishing with identical 6-2 records and equal goal differentials. The Czechoslavaks believed that they had won the bronze based on their shutout of the Swedes, however it was determined that the two teams should play again the following day in order to break the tie. Tre Kronor overcame a 3-0 deficit and won the impromptu "playoff" by a score of 5-3 and sent Czechoslovakia home empty handed. Take mercy on the quality of the player photos - in a lot of cases it's the only known picture of a player... 1952 Olympics.bin
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    Looked like an awesome tourney as always, was fun watching some on stream. Good job aj tex and smoz representing the gens online community. Arda seems like a cool fn bud
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    Great job as usual @halifax, @smozoma, @McMikey, Arda and anyone else I may have forgotten! Looked like a great tournament! Congrats to @angryjay93 for defending his title. Very well deserved, those were some awesome games we got to witness. @corbettkb played his ass off and really gave AJ a run for his money! Someone needs to give @smozoma a raise btw...it's so hard to participate in a tourney, manage the stream and manage the challonge brackets. My one recommendation is to get some non-player help to simply manage computers/streams/brackets. I am sure I can find 2-3 friends to help out for the next tourney. I love the switch aspect going from Genesis feed to SNES feed. With some additional help, this could really keep the stream super-exciting all the time. Help with technical parts of stream, help Arda (or whoever is announcing) to keep going, etc. One idea is to schedule various participants to fill in the broadcast for 30 minutes at a time to give updates on what is happening, announce games, add color, respond to twitch comments, etc. Dead air is tough to keep viewers engaged.
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    The first 6 numbers: Offense - Good 7 ... 0 Bad Defense - Good 0 ... 7 Bad PP - Good 2 ... 0 Bad PK - Good 0 ... 2 Bad Home - Good 2 ... 0 Bad Away - Good 0 ... 2 Bad (3 Really bad (OTT, FLA, ANH))