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    I'll play in A this season
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    A74EC - CHANGE 4801 TO 6801 A74FC - CHANGE 4801 TO 6801 A750C - CHANGE 4801 TO 6801
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    How are they still available? Pitt! EDIT: Oh, now I see...
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    I love my everdrive. It’s caused me to sell most of my game collection. One thing you’d notice playing on real hardware compared to a software emulation box (rPi) is input lag. This is extremely noticeable in platformers. Real hardware just performs much better. Everdrives can add up in price. My new special toy is a MiSTer. It’s $150 for the de10 board, and all the emulators (cores) for it are open source and free. It is an FPGA based solution (like the Analogue products) and instead of emulating with software like the rPi does (or any PC emulator), the cores emulate with hardware. It uses the FPGA and programs it to act like the real hardware. The results are great. There’s a lot of different cores (the usual consoles, and even better, arcade cores!). Check it out. Playing the arcade version of games like SF2 are great. And more cores are still in development. one thing about everdrives, is they don’t have the special chips for some games (like super fx for star fox). So there are some games that are incompatible with it.
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    Awesome job all around! Congrats to @Mikail and @angryjay93 for reminding us all who runs this ****. To @halifax, @smozoma, @kingraph, @chaos and everyone who had a part in putting this together: Thank you for setting up the best online, NHL94 tournament, ever! I'm very proud to be a part of this and to raise this kind of money for the best hockey game ever is incredible. If you'd have told 10-year-old-me that this was possible I'd have said no way! I will happily donate $1,000 if it would help make this thing happen again, next year, as an annual event. ggs
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    I'll be streaming games from leagues/tournaments every Thursday. Typically for about 2 hours some time between 7-11PM. Twitch URL: twitch.tv/kingofnhl94 Example stream: annatar vs BobKudelski Summer League Finals To get notifications on your phone that the stream is about to start: Download the Twitch app to your phone - iPhone | Android Make an account (or sign in with your account) Go to twitch.tv/kingofnhl94 Click the 'Follow' button (might need to start playing one of the videos first)
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    Sorry for taking so long on this, ran into some technical issues... Came across a glitch while play testing that took forever to find. If you have any issues please let me know. 2020 Frozen Four.bin
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    DM sent, but in case they didn't work, here ya go bud!
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    Hi there, My name is Laith Toma, username TokenToma. Longtime player of this fabulous game (SNES version), but just started online play last week. This is amazing. Happy to be hear and just registered for summer league. I just relocated to Austin, TX from Portland, OR last year. I'm currently waiting on a test game. Thanks!
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    Hey everyone, I grew up with genesis nhl94 and would play it before going to school and as soon as I got home. My friend had 95 for SNES so I'm only recently getting into SNES 94. Bigvalboski and I go way back with retro games, so he roped me in to get involved in the pre league tourney. It's been really fun and the community seems awesome. I'm excited to try the league, meet everyone here, and hopefully get in some competitive games. Cheers!
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    I bet I'll get the #1 pick in nhl95!
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    @segathong there's open skate, free hot chocolate and air hockey for '95 players after the games.
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    Played some games with @seamor. Great one timer with 5 seconds to go in the 2nd game and lots of great plays in the first game, too. Lots of fun to be had with this rom. @clockwise Penn State 6 - UNH 2 @seamor @clockwise Minnesota 3 - New Hampshire 2
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    To customize Raph's Google doc: * for an online copy, use the File -> Make a Copy option to make your own copy which you can edit * for a downloaded copy, use the File -> Download and select the Excel format
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    Joe h takes chi
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    @kidswasted hey bud I’ve had a forwards ranking in draft form for the last 3 years. Never finalized it. I’ll dust it off soon, and release it to the world. But remember, these are really just my own personal rankings, for fun and to for debate. Fatties in SNES are generally slower, but I think more valuable given how much better they can give and take hits.
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    EDIT: You can now sign up at http://www.nhl94online.com/html/registration.php?lg=79 Hi everyone, @chaos is working on some things and will get registration up as soon as he can. For the time being, I'll open up this thread. If you interested, simply just post below and let us know what league you'd like to play in. A league - You are an elite player. Your style is impetuous. Your defense is impregnable. And you're just ferocious and want to play against the best. B league - Your mom said you were good and you believed it, and you practiced hard and turned out okay. Thanks Mom! C league - You're just an all around good bud, we're happy to have you and you don't fit in the other categories. Just know that's all based on actually numbers for how many leagues we can have. Sometimes we go A,B,C....sometimes we have One A leagues and Two B leagues. Lots of factors go into it. It's a 40 game season plus playoffs. You're generally expected to play about 8 games per week and we leave it up to you to schedule games with opponents on discord. A 1.angryjay93 2. danTML7 3. Scribe99 4 .corbettkb 5.CamKneely2/Vocally Caged 6. MikeGartner22 7. Brutus 8. KyleWat (pending registration) 9. Schmidt (pending registration) 10. Pistolpete 11. Thrillhouse (pending registration) 12. Mitch Kramer/Chris O B-West 1. Labs_66 2. LeifErikson 3. seventieslord 4. dcicon5148 5. asuclay 6. Geevers 7. nhl94OG 8. Niuhuskie224 9. Raidercanuck1329 10. tvotaw9 11.flatcrusher 12.hokkeefan 13.jer_33 B - EAST 1.KentuckyWindage 2.aqualizard 3. sonoffett87 4.McMarkis 5.jcariello 6. aepurniet 7. Mr. T 8. AtomicRaven 9. Wolf of New York 10. TDubs 11. bvish 12. Charlesworth 13. tickenest 14.Tess C 1.BigValboski 2.Triple A 3.seamor (withdrawing) 4.Recchinballz 5.DoubleDown 6.koke_45 7.JotaC007 8. dmm1000 9. Boehm23 10.thatdrizzle 11. onceaguru 12. Kidswasted 13. Hot_sauce/Slapshot 14. Joe H 15. Slime - (pending confirmation) 16. two times (pending confirmation)
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    @CaseBC we seriously need you guys to sign up for 2on2, RetroArch matches. https://forum.nhl94.com/index.php?/topic/16398-snes-2v2-the-beginning/
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    Season 1 of the Genesisi Line Changes League has been completed! Congrats to @kingraph for winning the title 3 games to 0 over @corbettkb. Raph took over a team that was 6-4 and went on a 16-0 run to capture the number 1 seed. In the playoffs he went the max 5 games vs @danTML7 winning game 5 in OT. He also took out @IceStorm70 in 5 games with Dave Andreychuck scoring the winner with :24 left in 3rd period of deciding game. Highlights of the season: 100% games played! All 4 first round series went the full 5 games League Leaders: Wins - Kingraph (22) Goals for - Corbett (127)(4.88) Goals Against - Corbett (58)(2.22) Team Sh% - Icestorm (44.8%) Team Sv% - Icestorm (.761%) Best PP - Corbett (34.1%) Best PK - Kingraph (91.4%) Most PPG - Corbett (15) Most SH Goals - Icestorm (12) Trophies: Art Ross Trophy: Doug Gilmour (56) Rocket Richard Trophy - Doug Gilmour (35) Norris Trophy - Igor Kravchuck Vezina Trophy - Tommy Soderstrom with a sterling .761 sv% William Jennings Trophy - Bill Ranford sparkling 2.18 GAA Jack Adams Trophy: @Triple A despite being new to GENS and absorbing some decent lumps, he stuck with it and completed his season. He'll get that initial win next season i'm sure! Looking forward to season 2. Will keep everyone posted on when it'll start and also discuss some potential changes. Thank you Everyone for making this season a success!
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    Hey everyone. I'm brand new to this community after hearing about it through the Mario Lemieux Foundation's sponsorship of the SoChel distancing tourney. I'd like to be involved in the classic season starting up soon. I'm waiting on a test game for SNES. Looking forward to getting started!
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    New coach, waiting a tester
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    Playoffs will be divided by vets and rookies for those who play the minimum 50 games.
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    Believe me, I get it. I did the roster updates here for years, and humbly say that my logos were the best ever. I'd agonize over a pixel here or there like a repressed perfectionist. This is coming from a guy that bought 20+ media guides from the 90-91 NHL season just so he could scan them to make player cards. Just try to keep in mind people play these edits to have fun and we all appreciate the hard work that goes into your edits.
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    Yes. It’s been great! All these players are from sochel.
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    I am a career B leaguer, and I am in. How do we have all these new recruits? From the SoChel tourney or what? (It is awesome to see.)
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    Pistol spoke the truth. I'm in for the B-League this summer!
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    IN, tho I relate better to the C league description.
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    C, please. ...alright, fine, I guess I'm good enough for A.
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    I'll C myself down to the bottom division.
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    Sign me up for the eh league please
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    Using the Shell57 Gens Mod, there is a VDP Sprites tool that gives me a lot of information. First, I was off a few place on my initial sprite location. Second, it does show that the sprites are using two difference palettes (3 and 2) AND it gives me the tile numbers! Continuing on...
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    If you really want to know the truth: he refused to accept my bribe, even though I told him, "I'll leave it on the ground if you don't take it, now, take it!" -- like an old Italian mother --- "It's your money, here, take it." That's just the kind of guy @seamor is.
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    the title for this sounds like something not only mutant league hockey but from Jeff Martin hockey comic book called Hockeypocalypse, where it takes place in a nuclear winter post-apocalyptic Canada and the traditional sport of hockey is now a form of ritual warfare in which communities gamble their resources on the hockey squads that battle for the puck on the ice.
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    Jesusplaysnhl94 is proud to select, with-the number-whatever-people-picked-before-me-but-it-doesn't-even-matter-because-I-picked-a-different-team, overall pick...
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    I'd be down to organize this, I am not too experienced with doing it here, but usually I'm the guy in charge of keeping standings/brackets when my friends and I play. @-ing everyone who expressed interest just to keep everyone on same page so we can try to figure out how to go about this. @clockwise, @BigValboski, @kidswasted, @lego
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    @seamor floated having a Frozen Four Tournament. I'd def be in for that if line changes are on.
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    Hope I rated him high enough. No pressure...
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    Thanks @jesusplaysnhl94! That was definitely the most insane thing I've seen. You score late. He rushes to get an icing with 7 seconds(doesn't pull his goalie), scores with no time left, he dekes your goalie, the puck is trickling in for the winner, he knocks the net off to prevent his own goal from going in, then you win it. just crazy ness. and so much fun to be a part of.
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    nice work, good to see a 93 update. the location for each teams ratings are just above each teams goalie, you can't change the power play and home team adv. the random goalie starting can be changed by watching the players on the menu screen, if you don't want that goalie to start, just switch teams and come back and see which goalie is playing.
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    This has been asked a bunch, so here it is. This Google Sheet has all of the NHL'94 players, duplicates removed, and their ratings. This is useful for draft leagues or anyone interested in the player attributes. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Vr9sVwLbLhpp3baIKDvk-VaA2aom2IonjEB84u5wgqc/edit?usp=sharing I added the ability to customize the player overall scores as compared to the original version. For reference, here is how the overall calculation works in NHL'94 (thanks @smozoma! - original reference) OVERALL CALCULATION Wayne Gretzky is 87 overall! But what does that mean? The default overall calculation that the game uses for Forwards and Defensemen is as follows. Take the attributes values (0-6) and multiply them by the following factors: Agility x 2 Speed x 3 Offensive Awareness x 3 Defensive Awareness x 2 Shot Power x 1 Checking x 2 Stickhandling x 3 Shot Accuracy x 2 Endurance x 1 Passing x 1 Add all of those numbers together to get the “overall” number. There are two caveats: If the total is less than 50, divide the total number by 2 and add 25. the total is above 99, the overall will display 99. So for Wayne Gretzky, his calculation would be as follows. Agility: 6 x 2 = 12 Speed: 4 x 3 = 12 Offensive Awareness: 5 x 3 = 15 Defensive Awareness 4 x 2 = 8 Shot Power: 2 x 1 = 2 Checking: 2 x 2 = 4 Stickhandling: 6 x 3 = 18 Shot Accuracy: 2 x 2 = 4 Endurance: 6 x 1 = 6 Passing: 6 x 1 = 6 12+12+15+8+2+4+18+6+6 = 87! For Goalies Agility x 4.5 (round down) Defensive Awareness x 4.5 (round down) Puck Control x 4.5 (round down) Stick Right x 1 Stick Left x 1 Glove Right x 1 Glove Left x 1 The same two caveats apply. Note that the game has given the most importance to speed, offensive awareness and stickhandling for both forwards and defensemen by weighing those attributes by 3, but this is not likely what you value most in a player. The sheet that I provided allows you to value the attributes to your OWN preference to come up with new calculated ratings: On this page you can change the values in the "custom" ratings and the sheet that says "new ratings" will update automatically. The automatic scale will make sure the top rated F/D/G are the same as the original game so the data makes sense. The sheet is defaulting to be equal to the original. I'll show you an example for forwards. Let's say I value Speed, Shot Power, Stick Handling and Agility a bunch, while I don't really care about Endurance, or the Awareness. And so I put in my new custom attributes as follows: When I go to my Forwards on the "New Ratings" sheet, you can see the updated overall calculations as compared to the original: Mario isn't the top rated player anymore, but Mogilny, Yzerman, Bure, etc. If you want lighter players, put a negative value on weight. Really, you can customize your ratings however you prefer. This is very helpful for draft leagues, or in general. Note that the automatic scale won't work in Excel unless you have the Excel 365 version because it uses the function MAXIFS. If you have an older version of Excel, you'll need to manually adjust the scale.
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    I’m taking the Edmonton Oilers
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    Nice job buddy! The artwork looks great! Nice touch on the trophy (brackets page). Strong in the force, you are.
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    Just forwarded this to a buddy I have who plays on Maine. This is one of the best done roms I've played in such a long time, amazing work.
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    first we need to buy Hokkee a plane ticket to Pittsburgh so he can kick Voc in the ball sack. From there... get Halifax a new computer so he can start SNES Dynasty