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    This is the last version my ROM edit from pixelpuck.com (RIP) around 2013. There is an NHL91.com ROM on the master list, however, I believe this may be from the Season 2 draft, when @angryjay93 beat @Freydey in 5 games. Here are some way-back pics of the blog from season 2: Okay, as to the new update from around 2013, here are the biggest changes: FEATURES: Scanned media guide photos from 90-91 for every player card. Remastered sprite fields two colors for helmets and one for sleeve piping for the most accurate uniforms possible [HUDB]. Meticulously rated, NHL players from after the 90-91 trade deadline, completely overhauled from the original ROM edit. 26 man rosters: 15 forwards, 8 defensemen, and 3 goalies. Team ratings based on team performance (home PTS %), road warrior rating (away PTS %), special teams (PP% – PPGF, and PK% – PKGAA), offensive prowess (GF/G and GF), defensive stoutness (GAA) [EARE]. New control read method. Goalie control is now mapped to the (Y) button. Controls must be calibrated to the 6 button configuration to use this feature. [SpritesMind] Refined system that narrows attribute increments for more accurate player ratings. NHL91 splash screens. NHL91 logo for the Zamboni and team selection. NHL91 timer logo. 90-91 crease and improved nets. New font. Checking – speed burst multiplier adjustment. Adjusted fatigue meters. Hot – cold ratings fix. Weight bug fix. Assist bug fix. Puck-drop organ tunes have been matched to the correct teams A longer, louder, different sounding goal horn that more closely resembles the ones used in current NHL arenas [YT]. NHL 90-91 Recap Penguins Win 8-0 in Game 6 @ Minnesota to win their first Stanley Cup Brett Hull scores 86 goals 4 players score more than 50 goals Guy Lafleur plays his last NHL game with Quebec Several future, and potential future, HOFers played their first NHL games Fedorov Recchi Hasek Jagr Bondra Sundin All-Star Game is held in Chicago. Super Series took place between three Soviet teams (CSKA Moscow, Dynamo Moscow, Khimik Voskresensk) and the NHL. The Soviets won the series 12-6-3 Chicago wins The Presidents Trophy and is bounced in the division semis by Minnesota in 6 games Art Ross goes to Gretzky Norris goes to Bourque Vezina goes to Belfour Conn Smythe goes to Lemieux who missed more than 50 games Hartford Whalers don't even know that they're moving to Carolina in a few seasons and are too busy enjoying one of the best logos of all-time to notice No one in the hockey world knows who Gary Bettman is and everyone is thankful Also, a bunch of other stuff happened and it was all pretty cool since it was the 90s' Notes Speed burst is cut in 1/2. You really have to line up your checks and breakaways are harder to chase down if you get caught pinching Ratings are more akin to EA's current games, and as a result the game plays better with line changes Endurance is greatly reduced as well, one or two scoring chances and you'll need to go for a change or your line will be out of gas, which forces you to roll lines NHL91pixelpuck.bin 2 MB · 0 downloads
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    I'm glad that Raph agrees that the weight bug is worse. I voted that the weight bug is worse as well. And I applied this to a real world situation becuase this game is 100% reflective of real life. The other day I was at the hockey rink taking my daughter skating when I noticed this 10-year old kid racing around the rink. He came right at me and I tried to side step because I thought "If he hits me, hes going be in a world of pain", but sure enough we collide and I go down hard. He looked at me and said "weight bug, b***h". I wanted to get up right away and throw his ass over the glass, but I left my snes controller at home. That 'Y' button sure would've came in handy that day. Side note: I noticed that on the sleeve of his hockey jacket it said "FPB".
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    Just wanted to post a quick vid of this move, which to my knowledge, was figured out by @HABS. It can get you up the ice much faster than checking or just speed bursting by itself. Basically, you cancel the speed burst a few frames into the animation with the poke check, then you speed burst again, and cancel that burst again with the poke check. Rinse repeat, all the way up the ice. Easiest way to pull this off, for me, is to have your thumb on (B) & (C) at the same time. This way it's easy to press one part of your thumb on (B) to poke check and cancel the animation, then, the other part of your thumb can burst again with (C). Made the video, like, 10 minutes ago in a hurry. I could have done a better demonstration of how to get up the ice faster if you do it more smoothly, but I just wanted to get the video up for now
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    I glanced at the '95 manual once and i have to say it's kind of like a View Master edition of Mein Kampf.
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    I was reading the NHL'94 Sega Genesis manual (I have a goal to read books this summer), and came across a few "clues" that can help us understand parts of the game we don't fully grasp yet. I found these to be of particular interest: During use (p.2) "Rest for at least 10 minutes per hour while playing a video game" Ummmm, this was before the 2v2 ROM was created, so they didn't know resting 10 minutes per hour was going to be impossible. The Face Off (p.18) "As you learn the game you will find that certain centers are tougher than others, and that some are more skillful with the stick. You will want to be aware of your center's particular strengths and weaknesses if you want to make full use of him on face offs" I feel like this suggests a players attributes (stick handling, awareness?) will lead to more faceoff wins. I think we generally believe button smashing is not key to winning and it's random, but perhaps not! The manual also doesn't say smash B to win. It says when the puck hits the ice it's live and you can "Hold the D-Pad in the directions you want to pass, then press B". Passing (p.20) "The best passing method is to press the B button, then press down on the D-Pad, then release the B button. The pass is launched when the D-Pad is pressed while the B button is down." What? I THINK I press the direction before a pass, not after. However, I did learn from @PlabaxV2 that if you hold the b button the player just holds the puck in a frozen motion until you release the button. Change/Remove Goalies (p.35) "In NHL Hockey '94, the goalie is chosen randomly for computer controlled teams in regular season games, when line changes are ON. Otherwise, the first string goalie starts" ORLY? Didn't know that. Hot and Cold Streaks (p.39) "The player ratings will vary hot and cold (+/- 10-30% in each category) depending on what kind of streaks the players happen to be on" We know this, but I like that the manual puts in a percentage range for us to verify Goalies / Def. Awareness (p.47) "Goalie's sense of what's going on around his net." Interesting, I think this attribute may help auto goalies position themselves better....just a hunch. Line Players (p.48) "Off. Awareness Player's offensive instinct Def. Awareness Player's defensive instinct Pass Accuracy Player's accuracy in passing the puck Stick Handling Player's overall skill with the stick Aggressiveness Player's likelihood of being penalized" Passing (what is called in-game) is categorized as pass accuracy. That's always been somewhat of a mystery. I also think the language around Stick Handling is related to the faceoff notes from earlier as well (skill with the stick). Crowd Meter (p.49-50) "The Crowd Analysis screen displays the statistics on decibels recorded from the crowd's cheering. These include the current decibel level, the average decibel level recorded over teh course of the game, and the highest, or "peak", decibel since the opening face off. Analysis of the crowd is based on readings of the Crowd Meter throughout a game. Don't just blow the Crowd Meter off - the higher the reading, the BETTER the teams play! If you break the Arena record, gameplay for both teams speeds up (about 10%)." Ok, clearly this Crowd Meter has some effect on players given the BOLD statement made at the end of the manual! I have done initial investigations on what moves the crowd meter, I have to check my notes, but I know winning a faceoff at home is an instant boost vs losing, etc. Now, we just have to figure out how it affects the teams. According to the manual, "gameplay" speeds up 10%. Timeout (p.50) "When playing with line changes off, the players do not lose vitality, and so the timeout has no real function." Still...momentum man. I will call timeout damn it.
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    Just want to talk real quick about the self pass, and to a lesser extent, the flip pass. The former is somewhat misunderstood, the latter is something from the occult, black magic book of NHL'94. I wanted to make a video to narrate and demonstrate exactly what I'm referring to, but I don't have a decent mic so I'll just post a few videos and try to explain. Flip pass origins The Fins, namely @swos and @Mahavishnu, were the first to use the flip pass or "keg toss," that I'm aware of. A keg toss being Nordic strongman-parlance for an event when a keg is hurled backwards over a bar. The puck is flipped with the (A) button behind the net in an attempt to get an odd bounce or setup a forward for an easy goal. Seeing videos of the Fins scoring these goals with frequency led me to experiment with how the puck behaves when it's 'flipped' or rolling. One thing I noticed is that it's easier to score goals in some respects when the puck is like this and you can get some wild bounces in your favor that make it a dangerous play. Here's an old video with some self passes and two flip pass goals: The play is more of a parlor trick but does have a place in a 5on5 game, even in match-play once you learn that you can 'poke-stab' a rolling puck out of mid-air with your skater and shoot it in one motion. E.G. flip to self poke-stab rolling puck to gain possession flick a wrister with the rolling puck half-slap the rolling puck flick a pass for a one-timer while the puck is rolling @HABS doesn't demonstrate the poke-stab here, but he does show a good example of a flip pass goal: It's also, basically, a giant neon middle finger to your opponent who would love nothing more than to bury you into the boards and shove that puck back into your net for showboating. Self pass usefulness It actually does have a place in 5on5 for a few reasons, but first for anyone who doesn't understand how to do it: Get close to the boards pass the puck by holding the d-pad directly left or right right side is more effective going 'up' ice, or home. left side is more effective gong 'down' ice, or away. Try to angle your skater to retrieve the puck in stride. You can also do it at a standstill in the attacking zone. As a general rule, never ever do this in your own zone, unless you want to get burned badly or light a fire under your opponents ass. Disregarding the goal, here's a quick example of how to do it in stride. When the pass is made the skaters stick is pointing directly, to the right, at the boards. This is the most consistent way to pass the puck to yourself while moving up ice: So what, right? How is this anything more than hot-dogging, and what would ever be the point of trying this type of stunt when you can just try to capitalize on quality scoring chances? Well, it has a bit to do with how the CPU AI behaves in the game. I'll try my best to explain without a video or commentary. Computer controlled skaters behave as if offsides are enabled even if they're not. When you enter the attacking zone, if you have to drop the pass back to your D because you have no options or are about to get nailed, and the puck goes out to the neutral zone, then the rest of your team that is setup in the offensive zone will leave the zone to get onsides again. Once your team is setup in the attacking zone, and all 10 skaters are on that side of the ice, the computer controlled skaters, yours and the oppositions, will get into their "spots," for lack of a better term. They will basically stay here unless the puck comes near them by the puck carrier, whereby their attributes will basically determine how they will behave. If you want to try it out, play keep away in the attacking zone with a skater and just skate around and observe the behavior of the computer controlled skaters. Passing the puck to yourself plays a roll because when you release it for half a second to yourself, the computer controlled skaters behave as if there's a loose puck, and will get out of position by beginning to move. They "reset," so to speak. This may be all the space you need to generate a chance if your opponent had you locked down and has taken away the primary passing lane, or that one-timer lane that is most likely to result in a goal. This fraction-of-a-second, personal-pan-pizza-pass can open up clogged lanes. It can also let you sacrifice your forward by doing this quickly and then getting rid of a hot potato before getting crunched that can result in a fast goal. I plan to make a detailed video later, at some point, but I hope some of that made sense.
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    I promised myself I'd never do another ROM project, but I have an idea and would like some feedback from the community. Many of the purists may be thinking that I'm messing with the Mona Lisa of hockey games, but I think an updated version of the game could be a good thing. Before I get started: no I don't think this will replace the original NHL'94 with all it's beautiful flaws. That's not the big idea. This would just be a twist on the original that could freshen up the game and be a lot of fun to play. Some of the adjustments / corrections to be considered: Player ratings predicated on member feedback. This would make this ROM edit more of a community project. Correct, expanded, post-trade-deadline rosters, including players who were not in the original game but should have been. Correct the uniforms with the help of my sprite patch: ECA/WCA, SJS, PHI, MTL, CHI & FLA, just as an example, are way off. This might not bother some people, but I'd like the uniforms to be as accurate as possible. My sprite patch makes this possible. Improved center ice logos Improved team-menu logos Improved splash screens, maybe. I feel it may be best to leave these alone, unless I can find the original splash screen photo and remake it for TM. Player card photo for every forward, defenseman and goalie. Updated net. Weight bug fix(?) Assist bug fix Separate (Y) button for goalie control patch (holding B still works, for those who've never played a ROM with this patch) Swap goal siren and end-of-period horn. I also feel like the banners and font can be improved but shouldn't be messed with. That's all for now. The reason why I haven't added a poll is because I like some feedback as to whether the brain trust, here, thinks this is a good idea, and if I were to start this, what exactly would everyone like changed. Really want to here from the established members of the community as well if it seems like a worthwhile endeavor, because ultimately the community will be playing the game.
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    My way of ranking the best teams was to play against the All-Stars East and tally up how many goals I won by for each game. I did 5 min. periods & played 6 games in a row as each team. It's an imperfect metric but I did learn a lot. I'd say Chicago is the best if you know them inside & out. One thing about Roenick: as phenomenal as he is with one-timers, he's actually pretty bad at scoring solo with a deke in front of the goal. Oh and it should be noted, I never scored by crossing over in front of the net. It was always forbidden among my friends. We labeled it, "the b***h move", haha. Anyway, these are the results: CHI: 6 5 4 4 1 7=27 DET: 5 4 4 3 5 4=25 VAN: 3 4 7 4 3 4=25 BOS: 3 4 3 4 4 6=24 CAL: 6 4 5 5 -1 4=23 LA: 4 2 3 3 4 5=21 MTL: 4 4 3 2 3 4=20 BUF: 2 8 4 3 1 2=20 PIT: 1 7 1 4 2 5=20 TOR: 3 4 3 5 1 1=17 QUE: 1 1 6 1 5 3=17 WPG: 3 2 3 1 1 3=13 NY: 1 4 1 3 -1 3=11 DAL: 3 1 1 3 1 1=10 Did it twice more: QUE: 9 1 2 6 6 6=30 BOS: 7 4 3 5 6 3=28 CHI: 4 1 4 6 3 6=24 MTL: 4 1 5 4 4 6=24 CAL: 3 3 4 6 2 5=23 DET: 5 4 -1 6 2 4=20 VAN: 6 4 1 3 4 1=19 TOR: 1 -1 3 6 4 3=16 LA: -2 5 3 3 3 3=15 PIT: 3 3 4 1 -1 3=13 BUF: -1 4 3 1 3 1=11 BOS: 6 4 4 4 6 10=34 LA: 6 1 5 5 -1 9=25 CHI: 4 5 4 1 2 8=24 MTL: 3 4 4 4 3 5=23 TOR: 6 3 5 3 1 5=23 VAN: -1 3 5 4 4 8=23 DET: 4 5 4 3 2 4=22 BUF: 8 1 5 3 3 1=21 QUE: 4 3 3 3 4 2=19 CAL: -1 3 3 4 -2 3=10
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    Not thread-worthy so I'll leave it here: Was curious to see what the 3 Stars of The Game would be if there were no goals, assists or shots and the game ends in a 0-0 draw. The address error thingy comes up and then the game crashes as soon as the game ends. Kinda-sorta-cool. Just thought I'd let you know. I'll go, now. Bye.
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    With the empty net, Kevin Dineen gets denied by the post, and then his next shot stops right on the goal line. LOL.
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    2018 recap, aged only 8 months this time. http://www.segathon.com/ryder-cup-2018/
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    The random goalie starter thing is also a bit odd and surprising.
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    This version of the ROM should work in RetroArch (along with ZSNES). EDIT: Download this new one, I fixed the checksum. NHL94-2on2-xstioph-fix2.smc
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    When the boys say, "got 3 need need 1 more."
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    Remember the game is actually based on the 1992-93 Season. This sounds more like a rom based on the 1993-94 Season. Which is a cool idea. I actually think the ratings from NHL 95 are better than the ratings for 94. They were done by Neil Smith of the Rangers as opposed to Igor Kuperman. They would be a good place to start as 95 has all of the tweaks you mentioned and more. I am also glad that at least you, me, and @kingraph care about the player cards. I watch them every single time. One thing about my roms is that I left the ratings and game play untouched so that it plays exactly like the Original , but it looks tons better. I can barely look at the Original rom with the improvements made to Logos, player cards, and splash screens.
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    @CoachMac thanks, Coach. I'll take a look at that ROM later on. How did you do all of those? Amazing! @Edge of 94' WI good point and I'm well aware. The original ROM will always be the ROM. Even with all the ROM's I've done, I doubt anyone plays them besides 2on2. @kingraph I definitely take full responsibility for the project, but if members can chip in two cents here or there, if I create a topic about a team and am overhauling ratings, that would be appreciated. This is what I was going to do with pixelpuck.com but it became too time consuming. I don't expect or need anyone to have to open my edit in TM or NOSE and make adjustments. And I know that no one really cares about player cards and such, but they are a nice finishing touch. As an example Brodeur isn't even in the game, yet he won the Calder. I believe Hasek won the Veznia as well but is only rated 50-something. A team like San Jose would get a big bump in forward depth with the additions of Makarov, Larionov and Whitney. Irbe deserves a better rating as well. There are a lot of small adjustments that could shift the tiers to make the game more fun to play. Perhaps it could make for a deeper draft league if anyone had interest in doing something like that.
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    I have done my versions of this. Not everything you posted, but it does have some of it. I have some other versions I have made for guys as well, such as my Mike Modano special. More info can be found here. NHL'93classic.bin NHL'94classic.bin
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    I've been playing a bunch of 93. I forgot how great a game it is! Super rewarding to pull off the one-timer. Dave Reid feeds Vlad Ruzicka who one times it past Tim Cheveldae, in the Stanley Cup Final vs Boston. DSCF1152.mov
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    Updated May 10, 2012: Updates: Updated results through Spring'12 Classic New charts showing team ranks by each classic season New Overall Team Ratings Individual Player Ratings (top 200) Appendix Reformatted using forum code (no MS Word) NHL'94 Rankings - A Statistical Look A little while back I was reading this thread about an ongoing ladder league and I was intrigued by the idea of including the team rank in determining how much a win was “worth”. Meaning, a win using Edmonton vs. Detroit would mean more than a win using Chicago vs. Ottawa. I wanted to come up with some empirical evidence to support the "what is the best team" discussions that come up from time to time. Chicago and Detroit are always mentioned as the best teams, but could I measure that, or support that notion quantitatively? Below I go through my methods and findings in four sections: Initial Team Rankings Individual Player Rankings Tying Players to Teams Conclusions (Spoiler shows the ranking of teams) SECTION I – Initial Team Ranks The first thing I did was take the ratings from the Building Lines with AJ series to come up with an initial ranking of teams. The ratings come from a respected A-level player (Angryjay93) and it is very thorough/detailed. I highly recommend reading it for all skill levels. I weighted the forwards, defense, and goalies, 3-2-1 respectively, because that represents the number of players on the ice. I thought it was a good starting point in generating a team ranking. The results were as follows: Well, that looked right, but was there anything I can do to support this ranking? I decided to take the results from the classic league regular seasons (Spring'08 - Spring'12), for all divisions, and ranked the teams based on winning percentage. I figured individual skill would be factored out due to the volume of games and the general grouping of players (A,B,C, etc). I decided that the minimum was 100 games played (over 2 seasons). This eliminated anomalies such as IceStorm's season with the NYI (29-11, .745 win percentage, making them the #1 ranked team). The results: The results were pretty amazing when compared to the weighted AJ rankings. Grouping the teams into 6 different tiers, the results matched closely with a few exceptions: The colored tiers make comparisons easier. I decided that TIER I would be the top 5 teams, TIER II would be teams with an AJ rank above 7, TIER III above 6, TIER IV above 5, etc. There were only 2 major discrepancies, and the rest of the teams fell nicely into place. The first discrepancy is CAL, who finished 10th in classic results, as compared to 5th in AJ's ranking and the other is LA, who finished 6th in classic compared to AJ's 12th. What is interesting here is that both teams are defined by very strong forwards, and poor goalies. CAL has a better ranked defense, giving them the higher AJ rank. Theoretically, CAL should do better than LA, however we can't completely eliminate things like user skill and team chemistry. This also does not appear to be an anomoly. The chart below shows the ranks of the team win% for each of the 7 classic seasons included in this analysis. You'll notice that CAL doesn't finish better than 8th in ANY season, while LA finishes in the top 5 in 4 out of 7 seasons! You may notice two other teams that didn't quite fall into place. VAN ranks 4th in classic, while AJ has them 6th. This is obviously very close and only shows up as a discrepancy because of the TIER system. The other is TOR finishing 13th, into TIER III vs AJ 10th (bottom of TIER II). Despite those discrepancies, I felt comfortable with the general team rankings, both from a qualitative (AJ) and quantitative (Classic results) standpoint. SECTION II – Individual Players My next goal was to take this down to the individual player level – what players made these teams so good? More specifically, what player attributes made them so good? I knew the player ratings in the original ROM didn't mean much as one major attribute – weight (the sole determinant of checking ability) -- was not even factored in, so I wanted to create a new player ranking based on attributes that mattered. I used two different methods to figure out player rankings as described below: METHOD 1 - New Player Rankings Using Smozoma's Blitz Player Spreadsheet as a starting point, I modified the formulas to value lower weight (essentially keep the weight bug) and asked YOU, the community, how we should value the different player attributes. The results of the survey can be seen here - GENS Player Attribute Survey Based on those attributes, I created a new player ranking. A quick glance at the top 5 forwards and defense made me feel I was on the right track: METHOD 2 - GDL Average Draft Positions I took the draft results from seasons 5 through 8 of the GDL GENS Draft League and came up with an average draft position (ADP) for all the players. GDL allows owners to draft '94 players using a snake style draft and doesn't alter the original gameplay aside from team rosters. The ADP basically ranks all the players in '94 based indirectly on attributes that we ("we"= GDL team owners) value. Again, a quick glance at the top 5 forwards and defense showed I was on the right track: The next step was to see if the new calculated rankings for the players I came up with correlated to the ADP. The results? Let's start with Defensemen. DEFENSEMEN Weight reigns supreme with D! Out of the top 50 defensemen ranked by the GDL ADP compared to the calculated ratings, there were only 3 notable exceptions that stood out. I classified an exception as a difference of 15 or more spots between ADP and the calculated rank. Patrice Brisebois (ADP 17, Calc 43) and Gord Hynes (ADP 19, Calc 60) were drafted considerably higher on average than their calculated indicated. The reason? Their weights are 5,4 respectively, and the rest of their attributes are pretty weak. Obviously weight is SUPER valued here. Of the top 16, the biggest difference was Petr Svoboda, whose ADP is 4, calc 10. Again, probably a weight bonus as Svoboda is a 5 weight. The only other large variance was James Patrick, who was UNDERvalued at ADP 40, Calc 20. He is a 9 weight, but has other very respectable attributes such as 4 speed, 4 agility, 4 def awareness, 4 shot power, 4 stick handling, and 4 passing. Other than those 3 mentioned, the top 50 defensemen were valued correctly from the survey attribute weights and GDL ADP. FORWARDS After the initial survey results, the following players were drafted higher than their rating indicated: Petr Klima, Russ Courtnall, Cliff Ronning, Tomas Sandstrom, Geoff Sanderson, and Brett Hull Even though Speed and Shot Power were valued the highest in my attribute survey, they were apparently not valued high enough! Meanwhile, other players such as Adam Oates, Gary Roberts, and Steve Larmer were undervalued. The comment element there is they all have strong awareness ratings, but were heavier. Based on that initial result, I tinkered with the attributes values, increasing speed and shot power, and decreasing awareness, etc. and settled on this result: These attribute ratings yielded just 1 variance in the top 50 forwards! That player? Tomas Sandstrom (ADP 25, Calc 41). Obviously Thomas' incredible shot (5/5) was valued over his 9 weight for GDL. (Side note: Increasing the shot power and accuracy attributes also yielded just one outlier, Cliff Ronning, as his speed and pass accuracy were valued over his weaker shot.) My feeling is that we inherently value attributes in a more dynamic way than a static number. Certain combinations of attributes are valued greater (i.e. a player that has 5 shot and 5 accuracy is valued more than the calculation would indicate) and extreme ratings (6 speed, 6 shot power, 3 weight) also command greater value. I'll leave that for a future analysis. Anyway, I was happy that this weighting criterion for forwards provided a good estimate of player ratings as 49 of the top 50 calculated players correlated well with their ADP in GDL. GOALIES Goalies? The GDL and the normal goalie rankings were nearly identical, suggesting that the goalie ratings in the original ROM are accurate, or we just don't know. Either way, this was straightforward. SECTION III – Players to Teams Now that I had a good ranking of teams (SECTION I) and a good ranking of players (SECTION II). The question now was how do I marry the two? This becomes a little tricky as each team has a unique identity that defines how you can use them to win games. This is part of what makes '94 so great! But of course I'll try. =) The goal was to see if there was a way to come up with team rankings based on the player ratings that matched the classic results/AJ rankings. At first I ranked the teams based on the best 5 players (3F, 2D) and goalie, however this didn't make sense as the value of a team is more than the best 5 guys on the ice. I decided that it's important to weigh the #1 forward more than #2 and #3, and the #1 D more than #2. Chicago is the best example -- the reason the team is great on offense is because of Roenick, the #1F, helped by a decent support cast. Take Roenick out and the offense is vastly different. So, after some tinkering, I weighed the positions as follows: 1F (9), 2F (5), 3F (3), 1D (5), 2D (3), G (6) to come up with a total team score. I ended up with these weights because it generated a team rank that came close to the classic/AJ rankings, with the exceptions below. The exceptions make sense when analyzed: Winnipeg - The biggest exception is that Winnipeg vaults into Tier 1, instead of the expected Tier 3. Housley actually ranks as the #1 Defenseman and Selanne the #6 Forward, and weighing those guys 6 and 3 times more is what drives up WPG's ranking. However, they don't have depth, and they are also known to have chemistry issues. From AJ’s analysis, "Although front loaded with superstars such as Phil Housley and Teemu Selanne, the Jets are not a premier team in the league. Their lack of depth and chemistry, chiefly at the forward position, allow opponents to key in on the speedy duo in an attempt to limit their damage. In the hands of a one on one specialist though, Housley and Selanne are as potent as any duo in the league." Dallas also drops, mainly due to their abysmal Defense and Goalie ratings. My opinion here is that people do well with Dallas using the "best defense is offense" strategy, mainly utilizing Modano and Courtnall's great speed together. Manual goalie in human play can also help alleviate some of that rating noise. Lastly, Edmonton falls to Tier 4, given the lack of skill outside of Klima. "The main issue with the Oilers forward unit is that every player aside from Klima has a weakness that keeps them from being an upper echelon player". But the dynamic of Klima with Todd (low weight bruiser) and Simpson (big shot wing) do much better than the raw calculations suggest. NYR & PHI also hover around the fringes of their tiers, each calculating to move up one tier -- the NYR being calculated as TIER II and PHI Tier III. Again, these are close enough and will probably continue to shift around as more classic results are added into this analysis. SECTION IV– Results Based on all this data, this is how I break down the NHL'94 teams. The tiers are arbitrary, and open for debate (particularly Tiers II & III), but overall I think this is a solid representation of team ranks: TIER I (the strongest) CHI DET BUF MTL CGY (Classic Results in Tier II) TIER II (strong) VAN (Classic Results in Tier I) BOS DAL WPG TOR (Classic Results in Tier III) TIER III (good teams, competitive) QUE LA (Classic Results in Tier II) EDM NYR TIER IV (flawed, weak teams) PHI HFD PIT STL WSH TIER V (poor teams) NJ NYI SJ TB TIER VI (The worst) FLA OTW ANH Below is the calculated team rankings (they differ from team strength) Appendix - Individual Player Ratings
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    Always fun scoring 1-timers in '93. There are a ton in this video that I made over a decade ago: We had a league back then, '06 or thereabouts - I'd have to search for the thread. I know a lot of people love the fighting in 93 but, to me, it really doesn't add anything. There's no way to strategically setup fights. Also, in hockey video games, I like it when the losing fighters team gets a penalty and the winners' team doesn't.
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    Andrew is just getting dunked on.
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    This is an Original rom with only the Dallas Stars converted back to the Minnesota North Stars and the Playoff settings changed back to when they were Divisional. NHL'94northstars.smc
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    Washington Capitals Team Overview: Aside from maligned superstar Peter Bondra, the Caps are a slow, heavy, and inadequately skilled squad that will wreak havoc on making effective line combos. In draft league formats, the Capitals do have some useful players to keep in mind to round out your squad, so don’t completely ignore this roster. Forwards: Creativity will be needed here to construct an effective line. Bondra is easily the best forward available, but his play style is so vastly different from the rest of the roster, that it will make it very hard to incorporate players such as Ridley, Khristich, or anyone else plugged in. Mish-Mash: Khristich-Bondra-Ridley Dimitri Khristich: 7 weight, 3/3 skating, 4/6 shot, 4/4 sth, 4/3 aware, Shoots: R Despite being wonderfully skilled, especially in shooting, Khristich is sort of a boat anchor that drags around the ice. On a regular team, Khristich’s average skating wouldn’t be such a big issue, but with Bondra flying around with reckless abandon, it’s going to be tough to keep Khristich involved. A one-on-one game isn’t ideal for Khristich either as he is a prime target for lightweight forwards to abuse on an aggressive back check. With that said, there aren’t too many better options available to put in over Khristich, when he gets his chances, he should be able to deposit them with consistency as he is a great one-time shooter and is money from inside the face off circles. Peter Bondra: 6 weight, 4/6 skating, 3/ 4 shot, 4 sth, 3 pass, 4/3 aware, Shoots: L As far as players with 6 speed go, Bondra is at the bottom of the food chain due to his lack of agility and subpar skillset when compared to guys like Selanne, Bure, and Mogilny. Bondra is the best chance at instant offence though, he is very tough to bring down in open ice and his speed should do more than enough damage to most defenses on its own. Bondra is a bit of a mixed bag on defense, fast enough to get involved in almost any defensive play, but not agile or light enough to be used as a true human wrecking ball or tactical defensive player. Mike Ridley: 9 weight, 4/4 skating, 3/4 shot, 4 sth & pass, 4/3 aware, Shoots: L A bona fide heavy weight, Ridley is a little under skilled to be consistent force on the ice, but he should be able to assert himself well enough in most instances. A pass first player, Ridley should be on the lookout for a streaking Bondra or for Khristich parking himself in a one-timer spot since his own shooting and skating abilities aren’t tailor made for goal scoring. Typically I don’t suggest that heavyweights be an option for puck handling, but Ridley really does have the best combination of skating skill and playmaking acumen to facilitate a more patient style of offense. Even if he does get knocked off the puck, he is the least able of the Capital forwards on defense, his loss won’t be greatly missed. This line is a clusterfuck, the skills of these players don’t necessarily complement each other well but it does the best job of putting these players in their most natural positions. Bondra can work the one on one game, it just takes a bit more skill and know how to do so then with a typical super speedster. Khristich can snipe and Ridley can distribute. It’s just a matter of getting all these guys on the same page that is the real bugaboo. Bondra-Khristich-Carpenter Bob Carpenter: 7 weight, 4/4 skating, 3/2 shot, 3 sth, 4 pass, 3/3 aware, Shoots: L While not a special player by any means, Carpenter does have some of the more important skills to be a decent assist man, skating and passing ability. Carpenter can dangle a bit more than Ridley and this should be put to use in order to give Khristich the time to lumber up ice and become available for a one timer. The shooting stats are not inspiring though, defenses will likely sag a bit more to the other options since Carpenter doesn’t need to be respected from range. While this line may not have as much high end potential as the first one, it should be a bit more consistent. Khristich can really rip the one-timers, if he gets his chances, he will produce. As for Bondra, putting him on his natural wing still allows him to be a dangerous player as he can use his wide array of dekes and float shots to assault opposing goalies. Also, when the need arises, he will now be on his forehand, which should help him pass the puck with more velocity and accuracy when the defenses converge on him. Other Options: There isn’t a lot of speed or skill on the bench for Washington, most of these guys are fringe GDL draft options. Kelly Miller: 8 weight, 4/4 skating, 3/3 shot, 4 sth & pass, 3/3 aware, Shoots: L Sort of the in between option of Carpenter and Ridley, Miller is more of a plugger than anything else. The plus skills and skating get balanced out by the near heavyweight status, the definition of a fringe player. Pat Elynuik: 6 weight, 3/3 skating, 3/5 shot, 3 sth, 2 pass, 3/3 aware, Shoots: R A one trick pony, Elynuik can snipe the biscuit, not a bad guy to stash in the 6th forward spot and hope never sees the light of day. Michal Pivonka: 8 weight, 3/3 skating, 3/3 shot, 4 sth & pass, 4/3 aware, Shoots: L Another statue with a slightly above average skill set. It’s good to know that if the Caps lose 3 of these guys in a game that there is still another one floating around. Forwards: 6/10 Defense: To further compound the frustrations of the Capitals roster, the two highest rated defenseman are nearly impossible to ice. Luckily, there is still a serviceable pairing to be found. Johansson-Cote Calle Johansson: 9 weight, 4/3 skating, 4/1 shot, 4 sth & pass, 3/ 4 aware, Shoots: L For whatever reason, Johansson seems to get much better reviews then another fellow heavyweight, Igor Kravchuk. Go back and look at Kravchuk’s ratings, I’ll wait. You back now? Pretty damn similar aren’t they? Johansson may not be fleet of foot, but he’s got it where it counts, he can move the puck, he can skate, and he’s a cerebral player that uses the poke check and holding to survive against on rushing forwards. He fits in nicely on his natural side and by not sticking him behind Ridley, it evens out the fatties on the ice by not isolating them together. Sylvain Cote: 6 weight, 3/3 skating, 3/2 shot, 3 sth & pass, 3/ 4 aware, Shoots: R The lone option on the blue line that isn’t at the mercy of the weight bug, Cote is a serviceable defenseman and a perfectly fine #2 option, but he’s stretched a little thin on the Caps. There isn’t a whole lot to say about Cote because of how unremarkable he is. He isn’t slow, but he’s liable to get ditched by speedsters. He isn’t fat, but he can’t exactly dominate the game physically. He won’t kill the team offensively, but he isn’t about to kick start an onslaught either. Cote is just a man, appreciate what he does, you could be a lot worse off. A perfectly capable duo, they just aren’t going to carry this underwhelming team to the promise land. They will need to be on their “A” game though as the goaltending situation isn’t something to be relied upon. Cote-Iafrate Al Iafrate: 11 weight, 4/4 skating, 6/2 shot, 4 sth & pass, 4/4 aware, Shoots: L Who doesn’t love 6 shot power? I know I sure as hell love it, I just wish Iafrate came in a package that made it a bit easier to unleash it on a regular basis. Alas, with his super heavyweight status, Iafrate’s total skill package is very difficult to use as most any forward in the league can dump him on his keyster with a simple body check. As long as he stays on his skates though, Iafrate is easily Washington’s most skilled and dangerous defenseman. This setup leaves Ridley and Iafrate isolated together on the right, but putting Iafrate on his natural side doesn’t make any sense either since he can’t easily unleash his howler of a slapper. Other Options: Kevin Hatcher: 12 weight, 3/3 skating, 5/2 shot, 4 sth & pass, 4/4 aware, Shoots: R Despite owning a well above average skill set for a defenseman, Hatcher is nearly impossible to ice due to his weight and sluggish skating. It’s a real shame, two 5+ slap shot power shooters on the blueline could really cause some problems for opposing goalies. Defense: 5/10 Goalie Zone: In dire need of a rock in net, the Caps have themselves the 2nd worst starting goalie among non-expansion teams. Don Beaupre: 4 weight, 3/ 4 skating, 3 puck control, 3/3/3/3 save, Catches: L A perfectly cromulent goalie, Beaupre is usually passable for a manual control goalie extraordinaire as he is lightweight and fairly mobile. In auto goalie mode though, Beaupre is a prime target for all types of offense and he won’t put up much objection. Goalies: 3.5/10 Bottom Line: Washington is amongst the most frustrating teams to use among the established franchises. A lack of chemistry, plus talent, and goaltending leaves Washington on the sidelines of almost every classic league. Want a challenge, win it all with Washington.
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    "I won't name names" 10 seconds later "Jim" (Schoenfeld)
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    Don't make me fire up my account at tecmoworld again....
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    Hey everyone, I've been working behind the scenes the last month or so to get an NHL '94 Youtube channel and live stream going. On this channel I hope to provide content on the following items: -Live Game Analysis -Team Breakdowns -How to Videos -Challenges vs. Computer -Various other items that may arise While my Youtube channel may not quite be ready to start producing regular content, I have been working on some test footage which I have just posted this morning. This test footage consists chiefly of some games with MikeGartner that I played at CoachMac's house last night. What make this footage different from regular game recordings is that this footage also has Coach and I on camera analyzing the game as it plays out. While we have had commentators at our live events, I don't think we've ever had the game broken down by the person playing it as it goes on. I'm hoping this unique angle of live analysis gives other people better insight of the action. I just uploaded a couple videos; one contains myself and Mike Gartner playing 5 summer league games with the 2nd containing an exhibition game between Coach Mac & Mike Gartner, you can use the links below to view it on Youtube. A lot of this is a work in progress and will improve over time but I think it's a good first step. One thing I would really appreciate in all of this is the input and support of the community. In the end I want this content to be an extension of us and our community so it is vital that you guys get involved. How you can get involved can take various forms. The first thing that can be done is so subscribe to the channel and if you want to go a little further by commenting on my videos or giving a thumbs up (or thumbs down) then that would be really helpful. Also, please feel free to send me a PM, e-mail, or post on the forums requesting a video on a specific subject. I'm open to helping anyone with anything because I want to help the level of play here continue to rise. I also want to help anyone who is either getting back into the game after a long break or who is a total noob. Oh and before I forget, don't fret my SNES buds, I plan on having SNES specific content as well. You will not be forgotten in all of this. So again, things are a work in progress here and it will get better moving forward. If you get the chance, please check out the videos, I would appreciate any support I get from the community here to help this project grow. And oh, one last thing before I go. Coach and I also tested out the live stream by playing our 10 summer league games. Please feel free to check it out and leave a comment! https://youtu.be/02Z3Agp7aHk
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    try this nose, it should work nose1.2b-2018.zip
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    So I’m on a conference call at home when my wife shows me this note: So i put put my phone on mute and say “Baby, you get an icestorm everyday of the week”
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    MIAA Women's Hockey 20I5: The Mass Tour (MIAA 女子 ホッケー 20I5 in Japan) is a ROM hack of NHL Hockey '94 that is currently in progress by the people of Royameadow and Co., with the major work being done on it by the team's creator and Top Head Administrator, Roya Rockwood (me). This ROM hack had undergone development at the very beginning of March of 20I5, and will be an ongoing project for a good amount of years, probably even decades; it is notable on The NHL '94 Forum as being the utmost complex and thorough of ROM hacks of NHL '94 that are available as of October 02 of 20I5, and also bears critical acclaim by members who have played and/or tested it from March to October, especially for its quick development time and strong presentation quality. This is the first ROM hack of NHL '94 to feature the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association (or MIAA, for short) being put into a video game of any form, and also the first Generation IV gaming title to introduce an All~Women's Hockey League. It was inspired to be created thanks to the likes of famed Tewksbury/Methuen Red Rangers player Amanda Conway (Number 02, Forward), who has dominated astoundingly well in the league, having scored 0204 goals and over 0220 points in her three years with the Red Rangers since the team's debut in the 20I2~20I3 season; this ROM hack would have never been created without her influence, so even though Roya is the one who had originally created this project and has been working on it, the lot of the credit for its creation truly deserves to go to her, that is meant entirely. Features and information of the current version of the ROM will include the following that are listed below. ~ The game will be released in 05 parts, or Volumes, as the ROM will say. There are 086 teams in the MIAA, and only 026 Mainstream Teams can be held in the main ROM image, as well as the addition of four Major Bonus Teams, so the first four Volumes divide the teams into groups, and Volume 05 will be a Best of the 20I4~20I5 League installment. There will be four Promoted Teams that will be in all four original Volumes, and these include the Winthrop/Lynn Bulldogs, Saint Mary's (Lynn) Spartans, Beverly/Danvers Panthers, and the Tewksbury/Methuen Red Rangers. This is more or less because the team intends on keeping all of the teams intact, for they do not wish to delete teams from the Thirty Team ROM, and it would be rather lovely to see what little extras that could put into an Assembly Hack; the Promoted Teams are also the ones that make up each of the installments' Title Screen and Boxart (Beverly/Danvers for Volume 0I, Winthrop/Lynn for Volume 02, Saint Mary's (Lynn) for Volume 03, and Tewksbury/Methuen for Volume 04), they are the opening attractions for each Volume and represent the series in full, and are the ones who are recommended to have a go at first to get used to the way that the franchise presents itself. ~ A major graphical overhaul, primarily what may be dealt with at the current time. Most sprites from the Thirty Team ROM remain completely intact, but have been modified for each team so that they match their official palette, based on Genesis and Megadrive standards; The Zana GX Font, originally created by ZanaGB of the Sonic Hacking scene, is being used, in place of the original NHL Hockey font; the Main Menu now scores a slightly more stylish palette and design, Ron Barr scores a new 08 colour look, based on a photo from a more recent time; each player now has a unique Hockey Stick colour for Home and Visitor palettes (rather than every team sharing the same sticks anymore), and the arena sure looks more Blue and Purple, based on what you will view; it's not perfect, but could be improved upon in later revisions. ~ Partially, a Japanese Translation. Given that NHL '94 (Sega GS/Megadrive version) never had reached the hands of the Japanese audience, contrary to the fact that the unmodified original ROM image is indeed Region Free, this is a way of giving the game to them in its own special way. All banners of the MIAA teams and even the Instant Replay Menu are in Japanese now; the Instant Replay Menu is known to partially glitch up the arena if you are playing with Player Records on, so do not play with User Records enabled, no matter how much you might actually want to do so. ~ Anamorphic Widescreen capabilities, of some major sort. Now, naturally, NHL Hockey '92 to NHL '98 were not at all capable of doing this because of the way that the art direction was during their original Genesis/Megadrive versions' development. However, with some slight tweaks to certain graphics, this is indeed possible to come to be, and although this primarily only applies to the Splash Screens, Title Screen, and parts of the arena (you might notice that each Arena Logo is a bit more narrow during gameplay, rather than how NHL '94 had badly stretched the logo images) at this current time, it looks decent for what it be, so hook your PC or console up to a Widescreen Monitor and stretch it out for a fun time! ~ There are two new Time Modes for this ROM hack. Along with the Short Game and Original Game time settings (05 and 020 minutes, respectively), there are now the Blitz Game and Full Game settings. Please note that the Time Estimates provided are based on my knowledge of how the timer works in Realtime. The first estimate is how long a period will go without the whistle blown at all, and the latter of the two estimates is assuming that the whistle is blown and penalties are delivered ample liberally throughout gameplay. ~ Blitz Games are one in~game minute per period, or about 022 seconds in Realtime, if the whistle is not blown. With an Overtime of 05 minutes (0II0 seconds in Realtime), these games are at least 04 to 07 minutes long, on average; this setting is perfect for those who wish to play the game and do not have much time to do so, at certain points, it also serves well for MIAA Women's Hockey Blitz Tournaments, in the event that any are created; it's all up to skill with this setting. ~ Full Games are intended to feel more like an official MIAA Women's Hockey game, of which is usually about 060 to 090 minutes, according to the games that the development team have viewed over the past matter of years. Exclusive to the Volume 0I Demo, Rise of the North Shore, the periods were 050 in~game minutes (0I8 muntues and 020 seconds to 025 minutes), so completing one would take about 055 to 065 minutes, on average. All other releases of this hack have the Full Game setting set to the length of 099 minutes per period (036 minutes and 0I8 seconds to 050 minutes of gameplay per period). Given such a massive length of gameplay for this setting, this means that Full Games would take about 0I08 minutes and 054 seconds to as long as 03 hours, feeling more like the length of an official NHL game, including all of the time that commercial breaks and the Halftime Commentary Show use up, of course. ~ Extra Bugfixes and Features. Bugfixes and structural changes created by SWOS, Clockwise, Kaneda, and Smozoma, among plentiful others, will be noticeable. These fixes and features include Smozoma's Randomized Stats fix for the players who get either a Hot or Cold at the Matchups screen, Six Button Support provided by Clockwise and Kaneda's Goalie Button Patch is now present, SWOS and Smozoma's Music Hacking Guide has now been used to change the sound and mood of the music, and the newer Sprite Patch is also here to modify the sprites of the players and the arena even further, making this title ever more complete in the process of it; these changes are significant to the overall experience of this title, and they truly will be noticeable while taking it on, the players of the game will be able to play with ever more ease and stability, not having as many troubles as one might have in revisions prior. Screenshots of all Volumes may be viewed below. They will more than likely be switched if newer builds produce significant visual changes than what is currently being presented. Volume 0I: Volume 02: Well, for those of you who love a good yet corny I99X style commercial to go with a video game, here be the Launch Trailer that I had made for it. More Launch Trailers will become available as the other Demos and Volumes are released. ~ Launch Trailer (Rise of the North Shore Demo): ~ Launch Trailer (Volume 0I plus Tournament Edition): Preview footage of certain changes to gameplay will be available below. This is for those that would like to take a look at some of the things that this hack has to offer. ~ Blitz Mode: 06 on 06 Battle Demonstration: ~ Palette Modification, "Hot" and "Cold" Japanese Translation, Remixed Music, and Extended Commentary at the Matchups Screen: Known issues (All Volumes): ~ Roster Crash (Main Menu) The game will crash if left at the Main Menu with select teams (Methuen, especially) for long enough that the Player Names and their photos show up. Please switch through the MIAA teams as fast as possible for now; if a bugfix is ever made for dealing with this problem, then this issue will be deleted from the list. ~ Player Card Crash (Post~Game): On very rare occasion, playing a game with certain teams will trigger a glitch in the way that the Player Cards register after the Third Period or Overtime is over, causing a crash on random cards. Please avoid this if possible; if a bugfix for this is ever made, then I will delete this from the list accordingly. ~ The Sweet Rave Party at Home (Main Menu Logo Colouring): I intentionally did this. Certain teams have the "Hyper Sonic" effect, in which their Home Logo palette will match the Visitors' Banner palette. If that is requested to be modified, then I will do so accordingly for Revision 00. ~ Blood is Back! (In~game experience): Blood has been (somewhat) implemented into the game for the first time since that NHL '94 Blood Hack that was released over a decade ago. The blood is only triggered during a Periodical Injury and not a Full Game Injury, making this kind of reminiscent of what NHLPA Hockey '93 had at the time. The blood is not perfect though, its colour will vary based on each individual team's palette. The Waltham Hawks in Volume 0I are the best team to experiment with the Red Blood, while teams such as the Matignon Warriors and Duxbury Dragons (Part 0I) will probably use either Green or Black, for example. Downloads will be available below. Because there will be multiple releases, there will be multiple links; each link will become available upon the release of the next build. Feel more than free to make mirror links from these, if you desire to, anything to help preserve the hack in any form possible. Volume 0I: The Mass Tour ~ Rise of the North Shore Demo (Alpha Release) (Finalization Date: March 025 of 20I5): http://www.mediafire.com/download/innj3dx79icn5w7/MIAA_Women's_Hockey_20I5_~__Volume_0I;_The_Mass_Tour_(Beta)_(UEJ)_[!]_(May_0I0_of_20I5).rar ~ Second Beta Release (Finalization Date: May 030 of 20I5): http://www.mediafire.com/download/6rvscbncfoiff6d/MIAA_Women's_Hockey_20I5_~_Volume_0I;_The_Mass_Tour_(JUE)_[!]_(Revision_00).rar ~ Revision 00a (Finalization Date: July 04 of 20I5): http://www.mediafire.com/download/yeby7v37nw6awnw/MIAA_Women%27s_Hockey_20I5_%7E_Volume_0I%3B_The_Mass_Tour_%28JUE%29_%5B%21%5D_%28Revision_00a%29.rar Revision 00a repairs the logo for the Waltham Hawks and Falmouth Clippers, and fixes any typos that are either in menus or Player Names, as well as upgrades the arena graphics to adapt more towards the modern NHL arenas, give or take a few details that still need to be put in. Any other graphical kinks in text and the arena palette~wise have also been dealt with in this revision, thus delivering a somewhat more desirable view of the game in certain areas. ~ Revision 00b (Finalization Date: July 025 of 20I5): http://www.mediafire.com/download/yp6qinsiht040nz/MIAA_Women%27s_Hockey_20I5_%7E_Volume_0I%3B_The_Mass_Tour_%28JUE%29_%5B%21%5D_%28Revision_00b%29.rar Revision 00b repairs some rough edges in the menus' palettes and also fixes unmodified statistics. The St. Mary's (Lynn) Spartans are also completely fixed, now having all of its players and newly accurate jersey numbers. ~ Revision 00c (Finalization Date: September 027 of 20I5): http://www.mediafire.com/download/stma9dkdbwkv0dg/MIAA+Women%27s+Hockey+20I5+~+Volume+0I%3B+The+Mass+Tour+%28JUE%29+%5B%21%5D+%28Revision+00c%29.rar Revision 00c is the current template for subequent builds of the series, as well as for future projects by the team. This version of Volume 0I overhauls a lot of things: The 20II~20I2 Wilmington Wildcats now have a complete roster, the Sprite Patch has been officially implemented, Six Button Controller Support by Clockwise and Kaneda is now present, information on player lines has been extended for those who will be playing Six on Six Battle games, and the game now has remixed music and organ tracks; all versions of the series beyond this release will be using this template, so now your gameplay will feel a little more optimized in feel and structure. Promoted Player on the Boxart: Kristen McCarthy, Number 05 of the Beverly Danvers Panthers, and the team's Alternate Captain for the 20I4~20I5 season. Volume 02: Skaters of the East West ~ Battle of the Bay State Demo (Finalization Date: July 025 of 20I5): http://www.mediafire.com/download/ac87zapiy61qse7/MIAA_Women's_Hockey_20I5%3B_Battle_of_the_Bay_State_Demo_(JUE)_[!].rar ~ Revision 00 (Finalization Date: October 0I of 20I5): http://www.mediafire.com/download/o51g1f6hmotvgcn/MIAA+Women%27s+Hockey+20I5+~+Volume+02%3B+Skaters+of+the+East+West+%28JUE%29+%5B%21%5D+%28Revision+00%29.rar ~ Special Caroline Brewer Edition: Promoted Players on the Boxart: Annie Mahoney and Caroline McKinnon, Number 0I0 and 0II of the Winthrop/Lynn Bulldogs. Volume 03: Hockey Pilgrims ~ Revision 00: Link will become present upon release. ~ In~House Nas Edition: Link will become available upon release. Promoted Players on the Boxart: Lauren Skinnion, Number 030 of the Saint Mary's (Lynn) Spartans from 20II to 20I4, Brittany McPherson, Number 035 of the Spartans from 20I2 to 20I7, and Emily Stephenson, formerly Number 03 (now Number 0I) of the Spartans from 20I3 to 20I7 (exclusive to Volume 03's alternate boxart). Volume 04: Lady Hockey Heroes ~ Revision 00: Link will become present upon release. Promoted Player on the Boxart: Amanda Conway, Number 02 of the Tewksbury/Methuen Red Rangers from 20I2 to 20I5. Volume 05: Bay State All~Stars (Best of the 20I4~20I5 League) ~ Revision 00: Link will become present upon release. Given that I do intend to extend this game far beyond the normal standards of the original 05 Volumes, you will also be obtaining the following installments later on. You might view these coming towards your emulator a few months following SHC (not including the latter two installments, those might take a matter of years, depending on how things go from Late August in the NHL scene), so do stay tuned for these to come at some point in Future~Time. MIAA Women's Hockey 20I5: Tournament Edition Note: The Tournament Edition of MIAA 20I5 is a series of ROM Hacks of NHLPA Hockey '93, delivering to you the same experience as the original game but using '93's mechanics and structure. This version of the game has slightly modified stats for each team, as it uses the 0I5 Statistic Number system rather than the original's 06 Number system; it is also a way for those who would rather play '93, as opposed to '94, to have such an opportunity, so that way, players have the best of both worlds in this series. ~ Volume 0I (Revision 00) (Original Finalization Date: September 0I4 of 20I5): http://www.mediafire.com/download/ownpp1gs8qrfvbv/MIAA+Women%27s+Hockey+20I5%3B+Tournament+Edition+~+Volume+0I+%28JUE%29+%5B%21%5D+%28Revision+00%29.rar ~ Volume 0I (SHC Build) (Finalization Date: September 027 of 20I5): http://www.mediafire.com/download/h7jddb6w3hxkkab/MIAA+Women%27s+Hockey+20I5%3B+Tournament+Edition+~+Volume+0I+%28JUE%29+%5B%21%5D+%28Revision+00%29+%28SHC+Build%29.rar ~ Volume 0I (Revision 00a): Link will become available upon release. ~ Volume 02: Link will become available upon release. ~ Volume 03: Link will become available upon release. ~ Volume 04: Link will become available upon release. ~ Volume 05: Link will become available upon release. MIAA Women's Hockey 20I5 ~ 02 on 02: Hardcore and Personal Note: This installment will have each team in 02 on 02 form, with each player line set with the players and goalies who have the highest statistics. Now, the difficulty level might be ample high due to this, especially with players such as Amanda Conway and Jane Farrell having a Player Rating of 0I20, but if you know what you are doing against Max Rating players, then please do not be alarmed by this by any probable means. All 05 Volumes of Hardcore and Personal will not have new teams, they will instead be created from Volumes 0I to 05, respectively. in the event that difficulty balances need to be made to assure that no team is too weak, then I will have done so accordingly. ~ Volume 0I: Link will become available upon release. ~ Volume 02: Link will become available upon release. ~ Volume 03: Link will become available upon release. ~ Volume 04: Link will become available upon release. ~ Volume 05: Link will become available upon release. MIAA Women's Hockey 20I5 ~ 06 on 06: The Blitz Tour Note: This installment will be dedicated towards exactly what the ROM states: Pure and speedy 06 on 06 gameplay with only a short amount of time to endure the odds of lacking a goalie to defend your net. All teams will not have their goalies in play, thus bringing out the Extra Attacker for the 06 on 06 battles; the timer will also not go any shorter than 030 in~game seconds (0II seconds without the whistle blown) and no longer than 02 in~game minutes (044 seconds without the whistle), thus resulting in faster gameplay and the utmost powerful of outcomes, especially against teams with a higher difficulty. ~ Volume 0I: Link will become available upon release. ~ Volume 02: Link will become available upon release. ~ Volume 03: Link will become available upon release. ~ Volume 04: Link will become available upon release. ~ Volume 05: Link will become available upon release. MIAA Women's Hockey 20I5: The Super 08 at TD Banknorth Garden (020 Team Tournament ROM) Note: This installment will deliver to you the top 0I6 teams of the MIAA that would compete for their spot in The Super 08 Tournament. Originally, Division 0I and Division 02 had done their respective tournaments separately, with Division 0I having 022 teams, and Division 02 having 025; Single Elimination Preliminary Matches were done with the bottom 0I2 teams of Division 0I and the bottom 0I8 teams of Division 02 to assure that there were only a Top 0I6 going into the main playoffs, of which would be Single Elimination games up to the finals at their respective arenas, and the final game would be a Best of 03 series that would take place at TD Banknorth Garden, home of the Boston Bruins. Of course, however, NHL '94 is not made with Preliminary Matches or teams having multiple arenas in mind, so instead, The Super 08 at TD Banknorth Garden will only deliver to you the Top 0I6 of Division 0I and the Top 0I6 of Division 02 for Volumes 0I and 02, respectively; Volume 03 will be a ROM that delivers to you the teams that made it to the Quarterfinals in both playoffs, even though this never actually happened in the official MIAA tournament series, this is just so that those that wonder what could have come from this tournament with this What If? Scenario may obtain some closure on that topic; Volume 04 will be based on the Player Ratings for the Top 0I6 of Volume 05, consider this to be a Bonus ROM of sorts from me. The four Bonus Teams from Revision 00 of Volume 05 will be playable outside of the Playoff Mode, and since my sprite editing skills are currently unable to replicate the MIAA Women's Hockey Trophy properly, the teams will instead be aiming to get Lord Stanley's Cup; the Original Game time setting will instead be referred to as the Tournament Game time setting, and that will be 0I5 in~game minutes (0330 to 0500 seconds) per period, which is the MIAA standard for all of their actual games, that is being done for accuracy purposes. In the event that you are legitimately curious about who had won the actual MIAA Women's Hockey Tournaments on March 0I5 of 20I5 at TD Banknorth Garden, then I will gladly tell you that the Reading Rockets had gone to win it all against the Acton~Boxborough Colonials with a 03 to 00 final score in the Division 0I finals, and the Falmouth Clippers had obtained their trophy defeating the Wellesley Raiders with a score of 03 to 02 in Overtime for Division 02. I will gladly re~enact those games whenever I get the opportunity, those truly were games to witness on screen or in person, if possible. ~ Volume 0I: Link will become available upon release. ~ Volume 02: Link will become available upon release. ~ Volume 03: Link will become available upon release. ~ Volume 04: Link will become available upon release. MIAA Women's Hockey 20I5: The Complete Experience Note: This installment will only be created if a 0I00 (or more) Team ROM is to ever be created and available to work from. The Complete Experience will be the ROM to combine all of the teams from Volumes 0I to 05 of the original release, so that those installments may become obsoleted; this ROM would also include the Bonus Teams from Volume 04 and 05, as well as an extra team to fill in for Team Slot 0I00, of which might be a Maximum Difficulty Challenge for the casual players; in the event that I am able to implement things from Hardcore and Personal or The Super 08 at TD Banknorth Garden, then do expect those to be in the game as well, although I would probably have to know how to extend the ROM for that first, but I digress. Given that a 0I00 Team ROM does not exist, please do not expect this installment to be worked on anytime soon, especially not following the Revision 00 releases, I will work on this if it ever becomes a reality though. In the event that this is ever created and finalized, then the below installment will be created as well. MIAA Women's Hockey 20I5 HD: The Definitive Experience (Sega CD and Super 032X) Note: As mentioned above, MIAA Women's Hockey 20I5 HD: The Definitive Experience will only become a reality if MIAA Women's Hockey 20I5: The Complete Experience is ever possible to create and complete. This will be the Definitive Edition of the game, scoring all 099 teams from Volumes 0I to 05, and if possible, probably a few extras to the mix of things as well. There are plentiful major features and changes that I will gladly add into this version of the game, such as adding in features from NHL Hockey '92 to NHL '98, as well as true Anamorphic Widescreen capabilities and even Play~by~Play Commentary by means of the then free DAC channel and the Sega CD's Mode 0I capabilities, in the event that it is ever created, but I do not want to get far too ahead of myself right now, so I will just say to please hold your applause for the project until the creation and release of what would become the true final version of MIAA 20I5. Once this gem is finalized and released, I feel that this title will be as complete as it will probably ever have to be, I do not feel as if anything else will have to be done to this title beyond that point aside from making sequels from it; this final version will more than likely be the optimal quality hockey title that the Generation IV consoles will ever view, and wishfully, many people will continue to play it for many decades to come, The Definitive Experience will be my masterpiece at that respective time, in the event that it be ever created, the only thing that will top it will be a sequel or update. MIAA Women's Hockey 20I5: The Bulk Set This is a compressed file that delivers to you the recent builds of every installment (including Special Editions) available, this file will be updated whenever a new installment is released. This will allow for those that want to get every title together, rather than alone, so that way, they are not missing anything from the series one single bit; as of May of 20I7, this bulk set will be expanded upon to have all major and/or publicly released prototype builds and promotional media present for the sake of keeping all the ROM images in one place, please refer to this link at around that time and beyond if this is your first time downloading from here to assure that you have virtually every copy that you must. ~ Download Link (ZIP): http://www.mediafire.com/download/psj1du99hti2oo7/MIAA+Women%27s+Hockey+20I5%3B+The+Bulk+Set.zip Credits (Original Series): ~ Roya Rockwood (me): Project Creator, Sprite Editor, Text Editor, Technical Direction, Japanese Translation, Roster Editor, Player Ratings, Gameplay Testing, Researcher, and Executive in Charge of Production. ~ Hailey Martin: Alpha Version Testing. ~ Amanda Conway: Influence for the ROM hack's creation. ~ Wboy: Sprite Editor and Player Cards. ~ Smozoma: Hacking Assistance, Advice, and Bugfixes. ~ SWOS: Music Hacking Guidance. ~ Clockwise: Production of Gameplay and Graphical Patches. ~ Kaneda: Production of Six Button Support. ~ Ana Gallardo (ZanaGB): Creator of The Zana GX Font: Volume 0I & II. ~ Nikki Lizotte: Concept Direction and Behind the Scenes Assistance. ~ The MIAA: Team Logos. ~ MyHockey LIVE: Providing of the Player Rosters. Special Thanks to: ~ NHLPA93EASN: Technical Advice. ~ Wboy: Creation of NHL '94: The Thirty Team ROM. ~ Smozoma: Creation of select utilities used for this project. ~ Luna Marie: Extra motivation to work on the project. ~ Hailey Martin: Personal review of the Volume 0I Demo. ~ Kingraph: Technical Advice. ~ Destiny White: Top recommender for the return of blood caused from injuries, this was well desired by her. ~ The Players of the Hack: Of course, those that play the hack deserve my thanks. After all, it is a ROM hack for an audience. (: ~ NHL94.com and its beloved forum: Pretty much for everything that I have learned here in almost a month of being here on the forum. ~ The Players of the MIAA: I might not know the lot of them personally, but hey, this hack is for them as well. I am forever glad to be working on this in dedication to them. ~ Amanda Conway: Once more, this ROM hack would not exist without her influence. She is truly the primary reason for this project's creation, she deserves all of the possible praise for this and her merit. ~ And you!: Both for having a view of this topic and/or playing the hack. Any attention to this is well appreciated. Credits (Tournament Edition): ~ Roya Rockwood (me): Project Creator, Sprite Editor, Text Editor, Technical Direction, Japanese Translation, Roster Editor, Player Ratings, Gameplay Testing, Researcher, and Executive in Charge of Production. ~ Hailey Martin: Alpha Version Testing. ~ Amanda Conway: Influence for the ROM hack's creation. ~ Wboy: Creator of NHLPA Hockey '93: Thirty Team ROM. ~ Smozoma: Hacking Assistance, Advice, and Bugfixes. ~ Slapshot67: Expansion of the editing liberties for NHLPA Hockey '93: Thirty Team ROM. ~ Ana Gallardo (ZanaGB): Creator of The Zana GX Font: Volume 0I & II. ~ Nikki Lizotte: Concept Direction and Behind the Scenes Assistance. ~ The MIAA: Brand Concept. ~ MyHockey LIVE and MassHS Hockey: Providing of the Player Rosters. Special Thanks to: ~ NHLPA93EASN: Technical Advice. ~ Wboy: Creation of NHLPA Hockey '93: The Thirty Team ROM. ~ Smozoma: Creation of select utilities used for this project. ~ Luna Marie: Extra motivation to work on the project. ~ Hailey Martin: Personal review of the Volume 0I Demo. ~ Kingraph: Technical Advice. ~ The Players of the Hack from the Forum: Of course, those that play the hack deserve the thanks. After all, it is a ROM hack for an audience, it would not be here without them. (: ~ NHL94.com and its beloved forum: Pretty much for everything that was learned there in almost a month of being here on the forum. ~ The Players of the MIAA: Those here in Royameadow and Co. might not know the lot of them personally, but hey, this hack is for them as well. We are forever glad to be working on this in dedication to them, they truly do deserve it. ~ Amanda Conway: Once more, this ROM hack would not exist without her influence. She is truly the primary reason for this project's creation, she deserves all of the possible praise for this and her merit. ~ And you!: Both for having a view of this topic and/or playing the hack. Any attention to this is well appreciated at all points in time. Wishfully, I hope that you folks will follow this ROM hack, as I work more on it. MIAA Women's Hockey 20I5 will be a lovely title to play in wherever your computer or console is, once this project is entirely completed; I truly will be glad once it is all ready for you to play, it be all for you in the long run. Stay tuned to this project's thread for further updates, as I work more on the project. There will be much to view, as the months and years go by, it's Women's Hockey at its finest! (:
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    https://krikzz.com/store/ Get an Everdrive. I may need to start making a commission from these guys.
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    Hey guys, It seems not that many people know about the "internet archive way back machine" where you can see really old versions of websites. This link is a version of the nhl94.com website from Aug 27th, 2004: https://web.archive.org/web/20040827194209/http://nhl94.com:80/ And here's nhl94online.com from Dec 24th, 2005 (that includes the first season standings): https://web.archive.org/web/20051224193612/http://www.nhl94online.com:80/ I'm not sure how much of the sites are functional but at least you can see what it looked like back then. I tested clicking a team logo which brought up the team ratings and also the screenshots of nhl94.com and both worked. Enjoy! -Evan
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    I played NHL 98 to NHL 2006 on PC. My favourite was 2003 (with Iginla on the front). That game was so much fun. I used to do fantasy drafts all the time. I loved the player icons (target icon for shot accuracy, hammer icon for big hitter, stick for hard shot). I think you could redirect shots and bat in rebounds out of the air. Good times.
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    http://www.segathon.com/nhl-95-genesis-strategy/ NHL 95 Strategy Want to be the Greatest NHL 95 Genesis Player of All Time? Here are all the Scoring Tips, Tricks and Cheats against top players. We play the wide open style of “Offsides Off” and “no line changes” Players don’t get tired and the game is much smoother without Drones going offside every 10 seconds. Note this is been updated numerous times, so it’s worth a reread, although it’s getting longer than the Unibombers Manifesto The Line UP: Normally you have a guy on your bench that is better than a starter, sometimes there are a few. Teams can change drastically with the right guys in. See NHL 95 team rating for player ratings and line ups if the below isn’t nerdy enough for you. Hot & Cold – Your players attributes can vary 10% up are down each game. So if Pixelated Dino Ciccarelli is COLD because he may of drank too many pixelated beers and showed his pixilated privates to the neighbor, let him ride the pine. The Big 5: These are the attributes that actually matter in NHL 95: Speed, Agility, Stickhandling, Shot Power, Shot Accuracy Speed Kills – NHL 95 is the fastest NHL game on the Genesis by far, scoring windows open and close quickly. When in doubt go with fastest guys, especially Defensemen where that is at a premium. Speed should be called Top Speed, how fast the player Accelerates is figured from Agility & Weight. He won’t go down! – Speed kills but Agility and Stick Handling are the best when you are getting checked. Dale Hawercheck, Gretzky, Lemieux are examples of slower but steady scorers. FUN FACT: If the players Agility rating is in 90s, that player always goes at their top speed. Center Skillz – Shot Power/Shot Accuracy are important because the Center gets 95% of one-timer attempts. If both ratings are in 90’s, you got a monster and can score anywhere in front of the net. When it dips into the 70’s it is still a threat in most spots. Even the worst rated players get a onetime shot boost and can score in the sweet spot, but just at a lower success rate. The lower the rating the puck is not on target or goalie catches up to shot. Wings – “Handedness” Backhand shots are the easiest to score on cross crease cheese so put Rightys on Right Wing and Lefties on Left Wing Defensive Pairing – Your Left Defender is the roamer, he will chase after the puck when opponent is in your zone. Right Defense just stays put in front of goalie guarding the net (normally not that well). So you probably want your quicker defender at the Left spot. Inflation: Offensive & Defensive Awareness inflate the Players Overall Rating a little too much. Some say McSorley’s Psycho D Awareness outweighs his overall shitty stats but I’ll take a raw scorer like Alexei Zhitnik every time. Also Endurance (we play line changes off), Passing, Checking, Aggressiveness are pretty suspect if they really add any value. Watch subs on penalties – Right Wing always goes off ice when on penalty kill, then Left Wing on 2nd penalty. Even if your Defender gets called and serves the penalty your Right Wing goes off ice as well. For example: Ray Bourque gets a penalty for Boston, he serves penalty but now Cam Neely is also off ice. If your Center gets a penalty, a sub comes in instead of the Left Wing moving over. Its good to manual sub at that point if your bench player is mediocre. Just remember to put him back it original spot after penalty. Offense: This game is tilted Offensively and there are many way to scores in NHL 95. Attack of the Drones – How computer AI controls the players on Offense Defensemen – Left Defender stays near Blue Line on Left side, and Right Defender does the same on Right Side. Not really in position to score Wings – They set up low in a great position to do a cross crease or pass to Center for One-timer. This position has a drawback as they have no chance of scoring on a one-timer themselves Center – Always in the center ready to blast a onetimer, sometimes they will set up in a sweet spot other times they go in a spot that’s not so sweet. Chickens come home to roost – After switching control of a player, that player will always go back to the “their spot” The Cross Crease Cheese – If you played any version of NHL for EA 16 bit, the “Cut Across” is a go to move. Sometimes called the “Cheater Move” or “Drive By” as Auto Goalie gives up the goal easily. The Player starts at one of the circles in opponents zone and skates across in front of goalie and shoot a backhander after passing goalie. Can be shot as a wrister too but is tough to pull off. One Timer – The “correct” way to score since NHL 94. 95% is normally a Wing passing to Center but it sometimes a Winger or D can score. Also if you pull your goalie the extra attacker will set up in the sweet spot for a one timer. If playing doubles, the one timers are a thing of beauty. Like Pamela Anderson pre Hep C. The Deke – Just like in Mighty Ducks, Skating right at goalie, go one side than to other and shoot. This is a tougher shot in 95 because of the speed. Works well against Manual Goalie. Down & B – Sometimes called the Pass Shot, player passes it to opposing Goalie around center ice and will go right through the Goalie’s 5- hole. Most common way for opposing Goalie to score. Down & B is deadly, but Up & B barely works because pressing up gives the puck some lift and it hits the Goalie in the breadbasket instead of the 5 hole. Rebound – shoot it off the Goalie and if puck bounces right you have an open net on 2nd shot. Also another great move against a Manual Goalie. Wrap Around : 3 versions Skate around goal and turn it into a cross crease cheese If the Player is much quicker than Goalie you can just score on an open net. Drone Obstruction: Defensive drones will go after you, but end up ramming own goalie in process Crash the Net – Just run into Goalie and hope the puck drips in and no interference call. Button Mashers preferred way to score. Dead Man – Coined by rival NHL 95 Hockey League. If Player has puck in his own zone and is laid out by a check. That Player can’t switch to another Player until they stand up. Works great against Manual Goalie when Player can’t cycle back to Goalie. Manual Goalie Surprise – Manual Goalie can be pretty tough to beat in right hands. One timers and cross crease are pretty much nerfed when controlling Goalie. A weak slapper or pass shot to the pipes can catch the Goalie by surprise. Big D Slapper – Button hook curl at between blue line and top of face-off circle and shoot a big slapper. Big slap shot guys like Macinnis can send a shot that goes true. Seldom done in game. Penalty Shot Pass Trick – On a shoot out with Manual Goalie defending, Player will pass puck and bounce off pads, Goalie will think play is over but puck is still live and can be shot again Score after Whistle on Dead Puck Penalty – in rare occasions right after play is called dead on a penalty you can shoot puck and score, if Goalie is Auto Goalie, they wont defend shot. Sometimes opposing team still get a Player in the box after score. Hail Mary Over Goalies Head – sometimes an errant clearing of puck will be on net and go right over Goalies head into net. Pretty rare and I believe can only happen when shooting up Doubles Obstruction – when playing doubles other Player will screen Goalie. You run risk of interference penalty, but sometimes refs swallow their whistles. Weak Ass Moves Drop Shot – Hit A and Dpad in opponents zone and it will leave the puck to player behind. Looks pretty but can see it coming from a mile away and does not trick Drones. Directional Passing – Passing takes a step back from NHL 94, normally hitting B pass it passes to closest player, but if you do not hold D pad, then hold down B and then press direction of D pad and then let go of B it will do a directional pass. Again it looks better but takes to long. Fake Shot – if you hit A in your opponents zone you can do a fake shot. It works good against a Drone as they may drop to ice. But does not work against a human. Deep Slapshots that aren’t One Timers – Unless you are going for a rebound almost all slappers from Blue Line are not going in. Defense – NHL HITZ Attack of the Drones – How computer AI controls the players on Defense Right Defense – He just stays in front of net, sometimes he will break up the cross crease, but mostly just watches the opponent score. Left Defense – He does all the work chasing and attacking when the opponent gets close in Take these Broken Wings – your wings on D are your best defenders as Drones, if you can push your opponent to the corners. They will be there to lay them out. Center – basically does the same thing as Left Defender but higher up Speed Killz on D too – Joel Otto’s a tank but the little speedy Theo Fleury lays out more people. When big slow guys like Otto can’t get a running start, their checks are weak like Busch Light. Check Anything that Moves – You won’t get called for blowing up guys without puck. Do it! Even Gretzky can lay out Lindros easily in this game. But if the Penalties Pile Up…- You need to lay off the C a bit. Don’t go total Hanson Brothers on the Ice. C Speed Burst – With line changes off mash the C. Your guy’s legs won’t turn to rubber. Clog the Middle with Defender – There are is about a 5 foot pixel radius of scoring on Cross Crease /Dekes. If it’s not a onetimer variety, slap shots won’t go in, let them shoot. Don’t Take the Bait – goes with clogging the middle. You chase the puck handler to the corners, you may get burned, or even worse get the puck and then “Dead Manned” Check the Center even without puck -that’s the one-timer guy, if he’s laying on ice he can’t shoot the one timer Down & B – The Down and B pass shot is deadly from center ice, don’t fall asleep on that. Fun Fact: Up & B works about 10% of the time, compared to a 50% chance when doing Down & B on South end of ice. Which means the visiting team really has an advantage. (Going down in 1st & 3rd Period) Knock the net off – if you are beat you can sometimes knock the net off to get a whistle blown B poke check – You can poke check with B button if you are closest to skater with puck, which works great in 94, not so much in 95. Just blow them up with a C check Don’t use A Button; just leave it alone Hold Opponent – You can grab opponent and hold for a half a second. Don’t do it, just don’t, most likely get called for penalty and does not work that well even when it doesn’t get called Laydown to Block Puck – Looks cool, if someone is shooting you can hit A and your player will drop to try to block puck, Drones do it well sometimes, but never seen it used successfully by a human. Ice Puck – You can hit A to ice the puck when in your zone, but C works just as well and sometimes you can score with a hail mary shot with C. Manual Goalie– Some purist think Auto Goalie should be the only way to play. Choosing Manual Goalie is the best way to keep the puck out of your net. The Delay – It takes an extra second to get Goalie control by holding B, make sure to hold B before offense gets into a scoring position. You Don’t Have Press Buttons – Don’t have to press C button to make saves, puck will bounce right off Goalie. Pressing C will make a Save Motion that riles up the crowd and sometimes you can catch the puck but that Save Motion also slows down the Goalie. The A Button – Again the A button can get you into trouble. Hitting A with the puck clears it, but you are better off using B to pass to teammate. Hitting A and D pad without Puck you can Dive and Take out Skater, but this puts you in a bad position if you miss. Too Much Manual Goalie is Bad –If you stay too long in Manual Goalie, your Drones will get called for a Penalty. Auto Goalie work fine with great D Incredible Hulk: If your grab puck a bit outside the crease, you can skate with puck up ice for a couple seconds before the play is whistled dead. Your Goalie is an uncheckable wrecking ball but you are really out of position if you pass puck to wrong guy. Hold the Puck – A large percentage of goals are scored on sloppy puck passing from Goalie. If you feel the heat hold the puck and take the face-off instead. Defending Moves win Manual Goalie Cross Crease Cheese – Basically follow skater to shut down, you can also bump skater if they get too close One Timer – stay in middle, almost all one timers hit the middle or miss net completely Deke – a litter tougher to stop. Need to pick a side to defend at end. Try to bump if they get too close or if you are really risky Dive for puck by hitting A Weak Shots are Deadly – Pay Attention! Little soft shots or passes on pipes that Computer Goalie would stop are now the easiest way to score Dead Man – if you get caught with a Dead Man you better hope they choke on shot Don’t be that guy: Not many rules of what you can’t do but these are frowned upon Pausing – Don’t pause the game during action. Do it on dead pucks or faceoffs. If you pause during an opponents scoring attempt you probably will get fucked with when you pass out. Skating with the Puck to Kill Time – if you are up, you still always have to try to score. No skating around your zone for minutes to kill time Line Up Lingerers – You can change your line up but don’t audit every stat line by line. Pull Goalie of Opposing Player: We all did it as kids, your opponents goes to piss and you pull their Goalie, in 1995 there was no higher form of comedy. But now you get booted “its a league game Smokey” You’re not drinking enough! – when we were 22 it was fun to say, but now we are middle aged, you can have as many pops as you want. Just no Gatorade, that has electrolytes that plants crave. The UNKNOWN – Ratings and bugs in game we may never understand. The Weight – No not the great song by The Band. Weight has certain effects on players. The heavier the guy, the slower they accelerate, but more importantly it could determine how well they check. No solid evidence in 95, but in NHL 91-94, SNES players with heavier weight check with more power and are can withstand being checked. But it is reversed in NHL 94. Making Roenick and Fleury Monsters. Other Attributes Offensive Awareness – Smart people like kingraph say it is thought to give AI better positioning for one-timers. High awareness means players are more likely to stay outside of defensive zone, positioned for breakaways. I have not found much difference between high and low awareness players on Offense. Defensive Awareness– Again from kingraph, Believed to cause AI players close down to their own net, play closer in the defensive zone. The likelihood of Checking is thought to be determined from the Checking Rating. I’ve seen 30 rated D Aware / Checking still knock the crap out of people. Passing – Passing speed and direction seem the same between players, thought it may be if player passes as drone. Higher passing rating the more likely they will pass. Checking – Thought How often AI checks. The higher the check rating, the more frequently your AI person will attempt a check. Faster Players are better checkers when man controlled. Aggressiveness – This is a leftover attribute from ’93. Determines how likely a player is to fight. No clue if it has anything to do in NHL 95 Hidden Stat Roughness – There is a hidden attribute in the code that is not displayed in the game. It’s believed to be passing bias for the AI — the higher the stat, the more passing the AI will attempt. NOSE calls this stat “Roughness”. All those Goalie Attributes – No Clue what specific attribute makes a good Goalie, but Great Goalies are rated high in everything. Some swear going stick side instead of glove side you will score more goals Hot / Cold Ratings – Your players attributes can vary 10% up are down each game, but there is talk that this is just fluff and they stay the same. Can’t confirm. But I feel a Cold player seems to play worse
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    A post dedicated to the lost souls of 94. We understand if you are no longer playing 94 you are likely in jail, homeless, Tomkabs, on meth, or a drunk male prostitute. We hope and pray for your return to the land of GA. Today's featured lost soul: (1) Donnybrook (2009-2015) A long time staple in the 94 community among the pot heads and 2on2 junkies, donnybrook was always down for a game between the hours of 11pm-4am. We miss you and love you DB, please come home. Disclaimer: This post is satire. All of which is fiction, and presumably fake. Any resemblance to the truth is purely coincidental.
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    Cmon already ,houly smokes ,we need people who are in love with 94 to keep this site going for 50 more years or til whenever the apocalypse comes hehe. Free Drp1zza you lovely buncha kissable care bears LETS HAVE A VOTE !! POST IT HERE !! 1. The guy will play all of this games whether it's GENS, SNES or Both.. 2. He is good enough to play in A in Gens, SNES or Both... Not too many people that play '94 meet this criteria.. Should let him in. If you don't know who DrP1zza is, then you're probably a post 2010 guy. Consider this: he was commissioner of an NHL94 2010 league he was in GDL or classic i think too. Maybe. he used to do commentary on games and he did commentary on sungod's dynasty or some ex-mod's horrible abortion of a league but then the aforementioned mod banned him for swearing too much during his games which got him super mad he then decided to play habs or kgman or some a**hole AngryJay who promptly beat the piss out of him and then rubbed his nose in it. P1zza got mad. Then whoever it was just started ripping on him which made him post all this disgusting crap on the forums and delete the 2010 league (which i was like 19-1 or something with the LA Kings) and become BANNED FOR LIFE! Not to mention he's famous! https://encyclopediadramatica.se/Drp1zza Think about the kind of fame this will bring us having the internet's version of AIDS back among us! I mean come on... you post some of the most vile and disgusting things ever including pain olympics, tubgirl, goatse, gary leeman party aka lemon party, and probably other things just one time and everybody bans you? What happened to the American way! 3 Strikes and you're out! P1zza deserves his 2nd and then a 3rd chance. Because come on, we're all American here. Unless you're Canadian. Or Mexican. Or Swiss. Or Finnish. Or Jamaican. Or Quebecian. Or somewhere else. Either way he deserves more chances.
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    Vancouver Canucks Team Overview: I have good news and I have bad news. First, the bad news, Vancouver’s defensemen are among the worst collective unit in the entire game. Now, for the good news, the forwards might be the best unit in the league on both sides of the puck. The forwards are so good in fact, that they can easily overwhelm any team in the league and be an unstoppable force. Forwards: Even the most insatiable thirst for speed can be quenched by the Vancouver forwards as they are the only team in the league that can ice 3 skaters with 5+ speed. While they aren’t the most skilled unit in the league, there is still plenty of talent to fill the back of the net with great ease. Slash and Burn: Ronning-Bure-Courtnall Cliff Ronning: 5 weight, 5/5 skating, 2/3 shot, 4 sth & pass, 4/3 aware, Shoots: L A plucky winger, Ronning is a pain in any opponents behind because of his ability to check, carry the puck, and skate like the wind. Sure, his shot ratings are pretty lackluster, he’ll never blow a slapper by a legitimate goalie, but he’s got just enough accuracy to be a useful one timer option from inside the face-off dots. Ronning is really the ideal support player for a superstar such as Pavel Bure. He can support Bure on offense with solid passing skills and is easily able to keep up with Bure’s frantic pace. Also, if Bure goes solo, Ronning is very capable of manning the fort on a counter attack and laying waste to the attackers. Pavel Bure: 5 weight, 5/6 skating, 4/4 shot, 5 sth, 4 pass, 5/4 aware, Shoots: L Speed, kills. That attribute alone may make Bure the single most dominant one-on-one force in the league...yes, perhaps even more so than JR. Give me a chance to explain myself here. Only two players in the league can consistently C check Bure, Andrei Kovalenko and Theo Fleury. Aside from that, the best way to stop Bure is with the poke check. It is a lot harder to stop Bure’s 6 speed than Roenick’s 5 speed with a poke, that and that alone is why I think Bure is tougher to stop with the puck on his stick. Bure is much more than just a deker though, he is a very complete player. He has the tools to snipe one timers and slappers from distance as well as play a dominating defensive game, especially against heavier teams. No doubt, Bure is a top 3 player. Geoff Courtnall: 7 weight, 5/5 skating, 3/3 shot, 4 sth & pass, 4/3 aware, Shoots: L The final burner of the line, Courtnall is the least effective of the three, but that isn’t to say he is ineffective. Courtnall can tend to get lost in the grand scheme of things due to Bure’s offensive acumen and Ronnings two-way dominance. He is yet another dangerous option with the puck on his stick due to his superb skating and playmaking abilities. While not the most gifted of goal scorers, he is plenty able to slice through an unsuspecting defense and light the lamp consistently if the opponent focuses too much on Bure and Ronning. Defensively Courtnall isn’t the best defender by any means, but he is plenty able to stay involved in a play or run down breakaways by C checking a heavier player or obstructing a lighter player with a poke check or hold. While some people may see all the speed on this line as a bit redundant, it really isn’t. There is a good reason why every 5 speed player not named Kevin Dineen or Randy Wood get drafted in the first 2-3 rounds of the GDL draft. It’s because speed is a rare commodity in the game, a commodity that can flat out dominate. Having three light, skilled players with 5+ speed can spell doom for the opponent if used competently. Three Pronged Attack: Ronning-Linden-Bure Trevor Linden: 9 weight, 4/4 skating, 4/4 shot, 4 sth & pass, 4/4 aware, Shoots: R Here we have our resident slug for the one-timing crowd out there. Linden isn’t the most adept player in the league in finding the slot, but he does it plenty well enough to give the Canucks a very solid scoring option down the middle while he is flanked by some speedy wingers. You couldn’t really ask for a more ideal situation to put Linden in if Bure and Ronning are used in a playmaking capacity because the defense will have to respect the speed on the wing which should give Linden all the chances he needs to unleash his respectable one-timer. A bit of a black hole on defense, he does at least have decent skating in which to try to keep up and stay involved defensively on the fore check or a C check into the boards. This is a really fun line to use because Bure can now use his slapper to offset his net crash and floating tactics. Also if Bure gets clamped down he can now feed a dangerous shooter, an option the previous line didn’t have before. Ronning plays the same role as before except for maybe focusing a bit more on the defensive side of the puck now due to losing a small weight and speed advantage that was previously had with Courtnall’s presence. Other Options: Vancouver actually has some nice depth here, while these guys may never come into duty during a classic game, they usually come into play in GDL leagues to provide a solid first option off the bench. Murray Craven: 6 weight, 3/3 Skating, 3/4 shot, 3 sth & pass, 4/3 aware, Shoots: L If Craven is starting in the GDL, he is probably being asked to do a little too much, but he just might yet prove useful still due to his ability to set up shop nicely in the offensive zone and use his slightly above average shot. Craven is more ideal as a first option off the bench because he is a little on the slow side and not a super light weight that can throw his body around too aggressively. What makes him even harder to use on Vancouver is that he just does not keep up with the flow of the game at all and will easily be forgotten. Greg Adams: 7 weight, 3/3 skating, 3/5 shot, 3 sth & pass, 4/4 aware, Shoots: L This looks a little familiar to Craven, but this is more of a Chris Kontos wannabe. An able sniper when given the chance, but Adams chances are limited due to his porous skating and non-genius level awareness. He could fill in for Linden if he gets injured, but he might be a little too slow for Bure and Ronning to feed effectively. Again, another useful option off the bench, but some obvious warts keep him out of the starting lineup. Anatoli Semenov: 7 weight, 3/3 skating, 3/3 shot, 3 sth & pass, 3/4 aware, Shoots: L Could there be a more ho-hum player than Semenov? Semenov provides nothing attention grabbing, but he won’t sabotage a team with his play either. He could be a solid penalty killer and depth off the bench in the GDL. Petr Nedved: 5 weight, 2/2 skating, 2/6 shot, 3 sth & pass, 4/3 aware, Shoots: L Likely one of the most uniquely rated players in the entire game, Nedved is the complete all or nothing package. His weight and shot accuracy would give the indication that he could be an extremely useful player, especially in the middle where he could torture opposing goalies. Things really start to fall apart soon though once his speed and shot power are taken into account. Man that shot power is bad, it limits him to being a dead eye from inside the face-off dots, but at that point, who isn’t a dead eye from there? Could be a solid 5th Forward for a GDL team if his wretched skating can be overcome. Dixon Ward: 9 weight, 2/3 skating, 3/5 shot, 2 sth & pass, 3/3 aware, Shoots: R Looking for a non toxic waste sniper to fill the 6th forward slot on your GDL roster? Ward just might be the answer...but let’s not get carried away. Ward’s weight, lack of skating and awareness make him a very mediocre option down the middle, but if your top sniper goes down and you need a 3/5 shot in the middle, Ward could possibly do his best Stephen Lebeau impression for a period. If I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. Vancouver really has a dynamic front line, this is where the Canucks bread will be buttered if it is to make a championship run. Forwards: 9.5/10 Defense: How about them Canucks forwards huh? Is it ok if I just keep rambling on about them? What’s that you say? Seriously? Fine, I’ll talk about their defense. It isn’t catastrophically bad like say the Isles defense is, but let’s face facts, the Canucks defenders just barely pass the smell test. Lumme-Lidster Jyrki Lumme: 7 weight, 4/3 skating, 2/1 shot, 4 sth & pass, 3/4 aware, Shoots: L Hey!? What's this? All right, this isn’t so bad, a borderline #1 D-man option with some pretty nifty passing ability which will come in handy for those long homerun passes to the speedy forwards. While not a major physical presence, Lumme is fairly positionally sound and is still able to abuse heavyweights with a C check and hopefully hound some of the lighter/faster forwards with his decent agility. Just don’t get too brash with him when he has the puck on his stick. Lumme is a bit on the heavy and slow side for an attacking defenseman. Also, his shot is just plain laughable, Guy Hebert does not fear it. Doug Lidster: 9 weight, 3/3 skating, 3/1 shot, 4 sth & pass, 2/3 aware, Shoots: R Nothing too alluring here, Lidster is a fairly standard heavyweight defenseman minus the booming shot of an Al Iafrate or Dave Manson. Lidster is mainly starting because there just isn't anything that worthwhile behind him to push him out of the lineup. All that can be said here is to try and keep Lidster in a defensive position, he doesn’t have the tools to lead a rush nor should he considering the talent on the rest of the roster. All we ask for is a D-man who treads water and uses his plus passing to start some offense from the back. Ok, so maybe the Canuck defense isn't THAT bad, but you can't help but be a little disappointed that it at least isn't a little closer to the talent of the forwards. If it were, the Canucks would easily be the best team in the game. Lumme-Plavsic Adrien Plavsic: 7 weight, 2/2 skating, 2/2 shot, 2 sth & pass, 3/3 aware, Shoots: L When lined up against a fat goal scoring slug in the middle, Plavsic is a capable defender because of his light weight and propensity to sit back in his own zone. When asked to mark the likes of a Selanne, Roenick, or Mogilny though, Plavsic quickly becomes a turn-style due to his lack of skating and checking power. With the puck, Plavsic is going to have major issues kick starting the offense with his skating or a homerun pass down the ice, he only gets mentioned because he is the lightest option on the Canuck D-corps. While this isn't a heavy hitting duo, they can throw some weight around if the likes of a Turgeon, Sandstrom, or Hull is iced in the middle. Lumme though is the only legitimate option with the puck on his stick and this might slow down the frantic Canuck attack a little more than desirable. Other Options: A couple of average skating, puck pounding fatties round out the useable portion of the Canucks defensive depth chart. Dana Murzyn: 9 weight, 2/3 skating, 4/1 shot, 2 sth & pass, 2/3 aware, Shoots: L The lighter of the two options, Murzyn is a pretty sub-standard option skill wise aside from that powerful shot. If shot power is a major concern, then he may be a very slight upgrade over Doug Lidster in that regard. Gerald Diduck: 10 weight, 3/3 skating, 4/1 shot, 3 sth & pass, 2/3 aware, Shoots: R Despite being the heaviest D-man mentioned, he may prove useful due to his shot and upgraded passing and stick handling ratings over Murzyn. Overall though, Diduck is a major stretch as a starting defenseman and will have to be sheltered by his teammates to cover up his glaring weaknesses. Defense: 5/10 Goalie Zone: The epitome of average, the goaltending situation in Vancouver lies somewhere between the greatness of the forwards and the mediocrity of the defense. Kirk McLean: 8 weight, 4/4 skating, 4/4 aware, 4 puck control, 4/4/3/3 save, Catches: L McLean is a standard goalie, he will occasionally make a quality save and then follow it up with a solid muff dive on a routine shot. There is no reason to make a stretch pick in the GDL for McLean, there are a handful of other goalies that are just like him. Goalie Rating: 6/10 Bottom Line: The Canucks win and lose with their speed. If they can dominate the puck possession and create useful chances on offense, they are an incredibly dangerous team that can become unstoppable. The flipside of that though, is that if the speed isn’t productive, this quickly becomes one of the most disjointed teams in the league and can easily get throttled.
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    San Jose Sharks Team Overview: One of the more beloved expansion franchises, the Sharks enjoy the benefit of having a couple decent skaters and some solid defensive options. Despite this fact though, the Sharks have a legitimate lack of skill, especially up front. Couple a lack of skill with subpar goaltending and the Sharks strengths don’t quite have enough gusto to carry them much beyond a mediocre team. Forwards: One of the typical issues encountered with an expansion team is finding a way to make the offense dangerous enough to be respected. Since San Jose doesn’t quite have the puck skills to be respected, their skating strengths must be utilized to an even greater degree. With that in mind, Kelly Kisio, the most skilled player, will now become a spectator on the bench due to his woeful 2/2 skating. Crash the Net: Gaudreau-Falloon-Berezan Or Berezan-Gaudreau-Falloon Or Falloon-Gaudreau-Berezan Why 3 combos you ask? Depends on your style of play, the first combo is designed for users who are deke masters and slashers. The second combo is more for one timer specialists who like to use speed on the wings to generate offense. Lastly, the third line is much like the second, but puts the bigger slap shot on the off wing with Falloon. Pat Falloon: 7 weight, 4/4 skating, 3/2 shot, 4 sth, 3 pass, 3/2 aware, Shoots: R The most dangerous of these 3 forwards is Pat Falloon, he has the speed, 4/4 skating to attack the opposing defense and hopefully create some space for himself and his teammates. While not the most hearty player coming in at 7 weight, Falloon is still able enough to either be used as a sniper in the middle or a playmaker in the wing. The issue with either of these strategies though is Falloons porous skills. With only a 3/2 shot he really has to come up with some nifty moves to score consistently, thankfully he has the 4 stick handling to aid him. Conversely, Falloon has a merely average 3 pass rating, he can use his superior handling skills to dance around on the outside and hopefully he can make a nice tape to tape pass to feed the open man. Perry Berezan: 7 weight, 4/4 skating, 2/2 shot, 2 sth, 3 pass, 2/2 aware, Shoots: R Perry Berezan is much the same as Falloon, in respect to being right handed, 7 weight, and 4/4 speed. Berezan though, is even less skilled than Falloon, with a 2/2 shot, 2 o aware, 2 stick handle, and 3 passing. On most teams Perry wouldn’t warrant any consideration at all, but San Jose doesn’t have another skater of the same caliber as him and no other player aside from Kisio has substantially better skills. What Berezan brings to the table though is a second guy who can lead the offensive push with respectable speed. Rob Gaudreau: 6 weight, 3/3 skating, 3/3 shot, 2 sth, 3 pass, 3/3 aware, Shoots: R A 3rd right handed shot on this line, Rob Gaudreau supplies steady 3/3 skating and 3/3 shot at 6 weight. Due to his lack of skating and deke skills, Gaudreau is best used on the off wing for in close slap shots and slam dunk one timers. For one timing specialists though, he has the most consistent shot on the ice and may be best utilized in the middle where most of the premium one timing opportunities pop up. Defensively, these three aren’t much to talk about. Falloon and Berezan will typically be the ones carrying the puck up the ice, if one of them gets rubbed out and the puck is turned over, there is only one other player who might be able to run down the opposition from behind. Gaudreau, while light, isn’t much of a skater and that will limit his effectiveness. Other Options: Kelly Kisio: 6 weight, 2/2 skating, 3/4 shot, 3 sth, 3 pass, 4/4 aware, Shoots: R Despite being painfully slow, Kisio can still be worth icing because he does possess some good puck and mental skills on a team that is bereft of both. Try to avoid the one on one game though, Kisio isn't about to break anybodies ankles out there. Johan Garpenlov: 7 weight, 3/3 skating, 2/3 shot, 3 sth, 2 pass, 4/2 aware, Shoots: L Garpenlov may be the best of a shoddy selection of 3 speed subs on the Sharks, but that doesn't mean hes useful. Hopefully he sets up on the back post often enough to slam home some easy one-timer, otherwise Garpenlov's skill set isn't tailor made for any other sort of game plan. Mike Sullivan: 6 weight, 2/3 skating, 2/1 shot, 2 sth & pass, 2/3 aware, Shoots: L 6 weight, 3 speed, expansion team sub, has a pulse, could be worse. John Carter: 4 weight, 2/2 speed, 2/1 shot, 2 sth & pass, 2/2 aware, Shoots: L I found something worse, moving right along... Forwrad Rating: 3/10 Defense: While not star studded, Doug Wilson, Sandis Ozolinsh, Neil Wilkinson, and Tom Pederson give the user a plethora of options to choose from and construct a defense to suit their style. Balanced Defense: Wilkinson-Wilson Doug Wilson: 7 weight, 4/3 skating, 6/1 shot, 4 sth & pass, 3/3 aware, Shoots: L Wilson’s biggest strength is his 6/1 shot, it’s a weapon that must be used on this team due to the forwards lack of shooting acumen. Thus, it is paramount to have Wilson on the right side of the ice so he can unleash his left handed laser beam. With 4/3 skating and 4 passing, Wilson is an excellent offensive weapon on a team in desperate need of one. While not a big hitter with his 7 weight, Wilson can be a fine defenseman in his own zone as well when he isn’t focusing on rushing the play up the ice. Neil Wilkinson: 7 weight, 3/3 skating, 2/0 shot, 3 sth, 4 pass, 1/3 aware, Shoots: R Although right handed and playing left defense, Wilkinson is the most balanced option to be Wilson’s counterpart. Wilkinson’s main strengths are his solid 3/3 skating, 1/3 awareness, and 4 passing. That 4 passing helps make up for him being on his off side and allows him to still dish the puck effectively for breakout passes. Another 7 weight option, Wilkinson doesn’t bring big hitting to the table, but he is typically in fairly decent position to break up passes and apply the poke check. Rush the puck: Ozolinsh-Wilson Sandis Ozolinsh: 7 weight, 3/3 skating, 3/2 shot, 3 sth & pass, 3/3 aware, Shoots: R Ozolinsh is much more offensive minded than Wilkinson, but that doesn’t mean Ozolinsh is a major offensive weapon. Ozolinsh has the same skating and weight as Wilkinson, but Ozolinsh isn’t as attentive on defense as his 3 o aware will keep him in the offensive mindset more often. Ozolinsh also only posses 3 passing and a 3/2 shot, neither are big enough weapons to make an average skating defenseman a true offensive weapon. Smash Brothers: Pederson-Wilson Tom Pederson: 4 weight, 1/2 skating, 2/2 shot, 2 sth, 3 pass, 3/2 aware, Shoots: R One smashes the puck, the other smashes skulls. Pederson is a flyweight option at 4 for the biggest weight bug whores of us all. That’s all the good news about Pederson though, the bad news is that Pederson has pathetic 1/2 skating, 2/2 shot, and 2 defensive awareness. But if you cant get enough of the weight buggers, this is your guy. Other Options: Jay More: 7 weight, 3/2 skating, 4/1 shot, 3 sth & pass, 1/3 aware, Shoots: R A bit of a lead foot, but a secondary puck pounder on the back line could come in handy for a forward unit that is incapable of such feats. Defense Rating: 5/10 Goalie Zone: Arturs Irbe: 5 weight, 2/4 skating, 3 puck control, 3/3/2/2 save, Catches: L Being the 23-25th best rated goalie in the game, Irbe always seems to be a starting option on the most goalie inept teams in the GDL. Ultimately, users find his 2/4 skating to be too hard to handle in the goal crease as Irbe tends to move around like a semi-truck. Irbe doesn’t really have a saving grace, so typically he loses his starting job and becomes a platoon guy at best. On the Sharks though he is by far the best option, just don’t expect too many game saving stops from him. Goalie Rating: 2.5/10 Bottom Line: The Sharks are vastly under skilled, but they do posses decent skating, decent weight, and a puck pounding defenseman that all opponents must respect. If the user can maximize their assets, the Sharks can be a somewhat dangerous team and steal some wins from some of the better teams in the league.
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    Complete with the feel of Royameadow: Generation 0I, Revision 00 has been made available for Volume 0I. Originally, I was intending to release it first at the first annual Sega Homebrew Competition, but given that I had to deal with specific details in Volume 0I before getting to Volume 02 to 05, I had felt that this was necessary to finish up and get out before releasing a later Volume with such changes, so this will not be a trouble in the long run for the project, I am positive. Volume 0I (Revision 00) introduces five minor and major modifications. ~ Palette corrections for Volume 0I have been defined now. The Main Menu and all team logos do not have any improper colours anymore. ~ The Medway/Ashland Mustangs and Duxbury Dragons now have their entire rosters implemented. Originally, I had only had half of each team in Volume 0I (Second Beta) because of my prior lack of knowledge on the Arrange Free Bytes feature that editors may use in NOSE to add in more players based on the amount of free bytes left. Medway, however, has 027 players, one more than the game engine allows you to insert into any roster. Due to this flaw in the game, Caroline Smith of the Mustangs had to be drafted to the Martha's Vineyard Vineyarders; do bear this in mind, while you are playing this, Caroline is a worthy player indeed, it just be a shame that she had to be drafted to another team in this ROM due to data restraints. The Complete Experience and MIAA Women's Hockey 20I5 HD: The Definitive Experience will expand the game to store more than 026 players per team, in order to assure that Caroline Smith is on the correct team, I promise that this will be dealt with at that point in time. ~ Player Ratings have been properly fixed. I had apparently gotten the improper mean values for each team in Volume 0I (Second Beta), so I had to fix that; all numbers are where they are supposed to be now, and will only be modified for the Post~Season installments, which will include Volume 05 and The Super 08 at TD Banknorth Garden. ~ Player Card orders have also been fixed. You will not crash right away at the Main Menu this time around; teams that will still crash the game at the Main Menu are those who do not have 020 or more players in their roster, do bear that in mind. Lastly, there are four major Bonus Teams that will be in all of the ROM images beyond this point. Those four teams are all ranked at 099, and they happen to have rosters based on those that I have known over the years; you may read up a little bit on them and their playing setup below. ~ Team Name: Royameadow Royans (Generation 0I). ~ Arena: Home Base (2008). ~ Gameplay Difficulty (Human): Balanced. ~ Gameplay Difficulty (Computer): Balanced. ~ Starting Lineup: The Top Head and Co~Heads of Royameadow: Generation 0I (as of May of 20I7). The Generation 0I Royameadow Royans are what had started it all. This is a set of 026 of the best to have existed within Royameadow and Co. during the Generation 0I phase of the team, myself included, and are considerably some of the group's most notable; they are also some of my utmost major influences and closest friends of the generation, and given their positive sense of prosperity and merit around me, I had felt that it be only proper to pay tribute to them in one of the ways that I happen to know of best: implementing them into a ROM hack of my own creation. Royameadow: Generation 0I is considered a Balanced team, when compared to the other 029. As a Level 099 team, the Royans are utmost powerful in coordination; they have some of the best Pass and Shot Accuracy, and are not overly aggressive or defensive; basically, we make a decent flow of gameplay for Legend and Master level players. ~ Team Name: BrainScratch Commies. ~ Arena: Skype Call. ~ Gameplay Difficulty (Human): Advanced. ~ Gameplay Difficulty (Computer): Moderately Hard. ~ Starting Lineup: The creators and top folk in BrainScratch Comms. The BrainScratch Commies are the people who made the scene of BrainScratch Commentaries what it happens to be today. Now, do not let the name fool you, as BSC is, in no particular way, a group of communists; these gaming commentators (commies, for short) have been going at it since April 04 of 2009, recording games and talking over them (as well as talking over shows and movies, occasionally), as well as developing artwork for their respective channel on YouTube; I have been a part of the BrainScratch scene since as early as May of 2009, so I am considered one of the legends of the scene as a result, they are the reason that my gaming life had excelled tenfold from 20I0 to now, and they are debatably some of the best folks that I have known up to now; give them a view, whenever you are more than able to, they will be more than glad to have your reception and support. (: BrainScratch Comms is considered the heaviest team in the game, and that is what will serve as your highest level of difficulty when playing against them. With at least 06 players rocking the 0200+ pound mark, they are ultimately and completely capable of wiping the floor with the regular teams, and they are also able to give your team the beatdown; their Roughness levels are some of the highest, especially for the heavier players, so do tread carefully, if you are playing against them; they will especially give you a hard time in Blitz Mode, I kid you not, do play strongly if you have to duke out with them in Playoff Mode under such a situation, you will require it. ~ Team Name: Sonic Retro Hackers. ~ Arena: Retro Channel. ~ Gameplay Difficulty (Human): Advanced. ~ Gameplay Difficulty (Computer): Balanced. ~ Starting Lineup: The more notable folks of all generations of the Sonic Hacking scene. The Sonic Retro Hackers are a group of famed ROM hackers from all generations of the Sonic Hacking scene, spanning from folks such as Cyan Helkaraxe and Esrael to modern revolutionizers such as Stealth and Markey Jester. These folks have been working on ROM hacks, ports, PC mods, and Disassemblies, among other things, since the Late I99X decade, and they are the reason why I had undergone ROM hacking of Genesis and Megadrive titles as early as August of 2006; they truly do present their skill and ability at all times, and if you have yet to know about what they do, then go to Sonic Retro, Sonic Games Dimension, SSRG, and plentiful other sites where they thrive strongly upon. Sonic Retro is a team that is primarily based on Sonic the Hedgehog's setup: They are a team that is filled to the rim with purely strong and unadulterated agility and speed. Because of this truth, it is best for an Advanced player to give them a go, especially if you folks intend on using them for any tournaments and/or leagues that you make out of this title; for a fun time, put them up against the slowest teams, you will score ridiculously with them that way. ~ Team Name: NHL94.com Forum ~ Arena: NHL Forums League Arena. ~ Gameplay Difficulty (Human): Easy. ~ Gameplay Difficulty (Computer): Critically Hard. ~ Starting Lineup: You will have to play to find out! The NHL '94 Forum is a forum that is dedicated to the entire NHL scene as a whole, primarily with NHL Hockey '94 being their basis for the forum and main area of discussion. Having been around for a rather lengthy amount of time, the forum has delivered lovely discussion on the NHL Hockey series as a whole; they have delivered to us plentiful utilities and ROM hacks to entertain us where EA Sports just could not do so; without their influence and their knowledge, this ROM hack would have never been created, so I feel that it only feels completely mandatory and proper to have them be a bonus team as a result; players will include those that are either notable or have a massively high post count on here, I truly hope that you folks enjoy this Bonus Team due to that. The NHL94.com Forum is considered to be a mixture of Royameadow, BrainScratch, and Sonic Retro's gameplay types, so they have the easiest time learning how to play as. They also rock that lovely Jaws Theme organ cue to give them far more intensity against their opponents, you are rarely ever able to lose a game whenever you are playing as them; unlike the other major Bonus Teams, the Forum is the team that will rack up the penalties far faster than any other team in the game, and you will notice this expressively in Full Game Mode, where you could get tens to hundreds of penalties as them per game, truly is a sight and experience to view; either way, they are completely well worth your time, you will always have a fun time playing as the NHL '94 Forum in this title at all times, no matter how you play your game. And that is about it for Volume 0I, I could get into Volumes 02 to 04 right away. Wishfully, the addition of the game revisions and major Bonus Teams will be able to allow you to feel entertained while you wait for the later installments to come out; I have a lot of work to do to get the other four Volumes ready for SHC, so do expect me to take my time with this for as long as probable. For those who are wondering how Demos in Volumes 02 to 04 will be, those will basically just have the Division 0I teams for that Volume, but have the remaining teams from the prior Volume so that Playoff Mode and team diversity still remain to be completely functional without error. Given that I will be able to work on this faster, since we are now approaching what I love to refer to as Summer Madness, do expect these demos to be released faster than how I had handled Volume 0I, you will get them in far quicker succession from here, I guarantee that entirely. With that said, enjoy the now complete Volume 0I, I truly hope that you will enjoy it. As always, you may get it from the link in the Downloads section in the first post above; in the event that you have any questions about the game or even the major Bonus Teams, then by all means, please do pose your questions below, I am more than glad to respond to you and answer any questions that you have. Anywho, enjoy!
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    Yay! I was mentioned! On that note, here are the final standings of the NHL '94 Cup Chase, closed March 26, 2006: Ranking Player AIM G W L Pct. GF GA GD Streak GP Titles Ben in54time 24 17 7 0.682 69 48 21 - 37 2 TC Tickenest Tickenest 30 21 9 0.7 98 55 43 - 35 0 3 tk11 canadiensfan66 22 16 6 0.727 77 46 31 -2 39 3 4 Carse snoboarder3211 9 6 3 0.667 27 17 10 3 13 0 5 Nick nickk222222 11 7 4 0.636 20 19 -1 -1 14 0 6 Ken kbermangv 18 10 8 0.556 54 47 7 -3 21 0 7 clockwise jesusplaysnhl94 12 6 6 0.5 25 27 -2 4 16 0 8 McMarkis mcmarkis 12 6 6 0.5 30 33 -3 -1 17 0 9 bobeto42 bobeto42 19 9 10 0.474 52 55 -3 2 26 0 10 aepurniet aepurniet 11 5 6 0.455 31 36 -5 -2 18 0 11 thegr8199 thegr8199kings 24 10 14 0.417 53 69 -16 1 24 0 12 cr0ssbar cr0ssbar 15 6 9 0.4 40 42 -2 3 18 0 13 James Vocally Caged 12 4 8 0.333 32 34 -2 -3 15 0 14 Girabbit girabbitwastaken 12 4 8 0.333 17 30 -13 -3 15 0 15 Matt Hurray matthurray 10 3 7 0.3 22 30 -9 -3 16 0 16 Michaelsroka1981 Michaelsroka1981 9 0 9 0 15 47 -32 -5 12 0 17 roccopan NHL94Nostalgia 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 5 0
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    Thanks to one of the members to NHL94.com, Clockwise, Wboy and others hacked perhaps the best nhl94 gens hack in history of all games. The Gens Version Of NHL 11 there is a player photo on all of the team cards, the overall ratings are through the roof, and teams like montreal, philadelphia, san jose and others have their original helmet colors. I just finished playing an intense playoff mode using my habs, and let me tell all of you people because of the player ratings that are so high i find the game pretty difficult to play. so as a token of my respect to the great men who hacked this game to perfection i decided that other people should try this game out, trust me it'll be worth it! enjoy it and please comment to Clockwise And Wboy NHL 11 by clockwise.bin
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    what are you waiting for? go get it.. LOL.. http://pixelpuck.com/?p=2157
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    This ROM is a modified version of NHL '94 with only 3 players on each side of the ice (not counting keepers). To make it work, you have to set penalties and line changes to ON, and I think you have to set 5-minute periods. Teams shouldn't matter. It's good for practicing faceoffs and one-timers, and also for 4-player online play. Enjoy. 2v2.zip