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  1. Joined December 22, 2007 - Last visited November 26, 2016 Ask not what NHL'94 can do for you, but what you can do for NHL'94. All gave some, but Freydey gave all.
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  4. THIS PLACE IS ABSURD AND IS OVERFLOWING WITH SPITEFUL, VINDICTIVE, UNFAIR STAFF MEMBERS. I can no longer post in ninety-four percent of this message board, including threads I started. this is cruel and misguidedly reactionary. no transgressions have been submitted -- it is awful and the person affecting my account should not only be removed from that position of power, but they should suffer each one of the restrictions imposed on me. I insist that I am a fair-minded and considerate contributor and that nothing I have done warrants the punishments doled out exponentially and rolled back only when caught by less active (but more levelheaded and intelligent) staff. what is next? is this fair statement of facts and gentle opinions going to incite further nasty action taken against me? am I to be indefinitely banned from all corners of our community except the SNES hacking area because I dared to compare the perpetuation of the cool-kids club to the constant cycle of marginalized newcomers failing to crack the glass ceiling and quitting in frustration? IS THIS FAIR TO THE COMMUNITY AS A WHOLE OR IS IT JUST A SLOPPY ATTEMPT TO MAINTAIN POWER IN THE FACE OF INQUIRIES, TO CENSOR, TO STIFLE DISSENT AND QUESTS FOR IMPROVING THIS PLACE BY MAKING IT EQUITABLE BY SIMPLY TYPING TRUTH TO POWER?
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  5. I'll come back if you come back. YEEEEEEEEE
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  6. Hi, I am just reading your post from 2008 on sega-16.com forum about NBA Action 95 which I consider as the best basketball retro game of all time (reminds me of TV Sports Basketball which I played heavily in early 90s), glad someone likes this game too! :-)
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