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    I use OpenEmu and wanted nice box art so I made this. There's the PSD as well in case anyone wants to edit the year, image, etc, later.. NHL 94 2019.psd
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    This was a big hit on our FB page. So, more memes will be coming in the future:
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    The 32 team rom template will be released soon.
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    LOL, I was thinking about this the other day. What if I just got up and left (or died)? No one would know how the database or website is run. I need to give at least one other person info just in case my wife decides to kill me some day. I should write out some documentation. Also, since I'm an admin, I can just rig this vote so I win by default . Just kidding guys, thanks for the love and support.
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    First 5 coaches(excluding me) to reach 160 games played(or the 5 coaches with most games played at end of season) will receive an EA Sports NHL 94 game card. You can pick from Dino(2), Mogilny, Fedorov, Modano, Messier or Bondra Also, coach with leading individual goal scorer will receive a NHL 94 Jeremy Roenick card Individual leader in PIM will receive a NHL 94 Mike Gartner card Top goal scoring defenseman will get a Mark Messier 94 card Individual leader in Checks made will receive Theo 94 card Team with most wins regular season will receive Brett Hull 94 card And the league CHAMPION! will also receive a Jeremy Roenick card. Good Luck!
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    A few years ago, a few forum members talked about an unreleased hockey video game called Road to the Cup Hockey '94. This inspired me to seek out two of the game's programmers and find out what could have been: http://puckjunk.com/2019/03/28/road-to-the-cup-hockey-94-an-unreleased-hockey-video-game/ The game was being developed by Park Place Productions, who handled development of NHL Hockey and NHLPA Hockey '93, and was even intended to look and feel like the "NHL" game series. Anyway, I hope you find this article about "NHL '94's long-lost cousin" interesting and informative. Sal
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    Just picked up this beauty! Been playing a bit of Jam on the old SNES lately. Like 1 game per week lol.
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    I glanced at the '95 manual once and i have to say it's kind of like a View Master edition of Mein Kampf.
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    STB is the NHL94 of baseball games. The best engine/game play and best graphics. I see people all over the web wanting an editor. Basically just NOSE for this game. Ive tried to open several different STB roms in NOSE but they will not open. If Sports Talk Baseball had a NOSE type editor you could no doubt launch an online community with edits and leagues just like this place. What is involved and exactly how much time and knowledge would be involved in creating such an editor? Just what old school NOSE does is fine. Change player names and attributes and a few minor quirks like the 10 run rule. I found some Genie/Classic Cheat Code patch stuff but thats just kid stuff like "get 10 outs" etc. I'm just shocked this doesnt exist considering how big baseball was/is.
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    I just wanted to echo the sentiments expressed by others that this was a tip-top tournament and a good time. Thanks Evan, John, Raph, and Scott for the work they did on making it a fun day. The raffle prizes were great and I am happy to be going home with at least one prize. The late games were very exciitng and I'm glad I stuck around! Congrats to Raph on winning it all. It was a lot of fun to talk strategy with the different teams with everyone. That's just as much fun as playing the games themselves. Got to get a few practice games in, too, with Robin and Brian. All-in-all, a good day of fun. As for my games, I'm pretty new to playing 94 competitively and haven't played Genesis much outside of the tournaments at the LI Retro Expo, so this was definitely a rude awakening to the level that most guys play. I went 2-3 in the early games, with my two wins coming by forfeit. I lost my first matchup to Paul, a close 4-3 contest (TOR vs NYR), who made me sweat a lot. My next contest was against Brad, who beat me pretty handily 5-1 with WPG (I was CGY) and thankfully he told me he's won a couple of tournies, so I didn't feel too bad about my effort. The last game was against Scott S., who beat me 3-2 with NYI vs. NJD, a game which we both described as a slog (definitely felt slow after the WPG/CGY game). All three guys were stand-up guys and a blast to play against. I hope to see them at a few more. I needed a play-in game to advance and drew George from LI Retro Expo, who I've known for a few years and lets us host Tecmo at the expo. It was good to finally play against him competitively after all he's done for the NY Retro community. It was all PA matchup and I was happy to have my Pens win against Philly 4-1. Then I got to play Aaron in the Best 2-out-of-3 bracket. Well, that was certainly an eye-opener. He called HFD vs WAS and I took the Capitals. Little did I know he likes to use the Whalers and I got down 4-0 right away. I didn't know there was a mercy rule in the bracket. Tack on a couple of slapshots from the blue line that went in and I lost 9-0. For game 2, I knew I had to get defensive. I called PIT vs. EDM and thankfully using PIT just a couple of games ago, I was able to come away with a 2-1 victory. Game 3, Aaron called HFD/WAS again (!) and knew there was no way that I should give him the Whalers again. Game was tied at 1 late when Geoff Sanderson got his own rebound and lightly flicked it in the net for the go-ahead goal and the game winner. Aaron was a good sport about it (especially about me muttering loudly at the first game) and I knew that either of our roads were likely going to end in the next round vs. Raph. I was able to get about 1.5 periods in for both games before the mercy rule took effect, but I am happy that I got as far as I did given the high level of competition on display yesterday. I hope to be just a little bit better by the next one. See y'all at the LI Retro Expo and hopefully many more!
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    Link to streams - https://www.twitch.tv/tgfnretro YouTube Retro Sports Gamer Stream - https://youtu.be/7d3bqhHb3Io Link to Gens bracket - https://challonge.com/barrymelrosegensbracketd1
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    Hey Guys, First time poster At work we have a 12 man NHL94 Hockey League we're coming up to our 3rd season. There's some disgruntlement about team disparity throughout the league and we're playing with the idea of everyone being able to customize their own player stats based on an equal allocation system in the hope to make everything fair but still diverse in how they divvy out their points. I haven't messed around with editing players yet, but does anyone have any recommendations on how to handle this? Is every individual stat point worth the same, or is the difference between 4-5 and 5-6 drastic? Give each team 'X' amount of points and let them do whatever they want? I feel like it should be more like old school RPG games where the more points you have in a stat the more expensive it becomes. Alternatively I could just make 4-5 different styles of teams and just let them choose if they want to be any of the 5 pre-made styles of teams (that are all as equal as I can make it) Any insight? (We also recorded all our playoffs and are making a high-light reel if anyone's interested, lol) Thanks!
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    We will be having 1 league this season in SNES. Once the draft is over, we will start the new season, with a 40 game schedule. I will be dividing the single league into 2 conferences, essentially an "A" level conference, and a "B" level conference. Schedules will be weighted (Playing more in-conference more games than out of conference) and playoffs will be divided by conference, with the winners of each playing each other for the final (like the NHL Playoffs), with 6 teams in each conference making the playoffs, and the top 2 seeds getting a 1st round bye. The list of coaches playing this season is below: SNES Coaches: 16 coaches: annatar BobKudelski26 schwartz MikeGartner22 c4outlaws koke_45 stheds2000 jer_33 Auggie Acadius hotelcalifornia combustiblecam dethrox kingraph Bad Moon Rison KaBa78 Waiting List: Gimpyclay (needs to be confirmed) JMAU104 (needs to be confirmed) Below is the draft order for the SNES league. The pick order was randomized (using random.org to generate the randomized list). When it is your turn, reply to this thread to choose your team. You can choose any team that has not already been selected. Below the draft order, you will find a list of available teams. The draft starts now! Deadlines are set starting Saturday, 11/24, in 1 hour increments. All deadlines are in EST (Eastern Time). If you miss your deadline, you can choose your team at anytime. If you do not choose a team, you will be given best available team at the end of the draft. Once you have selected, please pass along the message to the next person up via PM, Discord, email, etc to let them know they are up. I'll try to do my best to stay on top of it. You can also post your draft list in this thread, or PM/Discord message me (chaos) the list if you don't want to post your team selections. ON THE CLOCK: DONE League Draft Order (Deadlines in Parenthesis): jer_33 - PIT BobKudelski26 - BOS schwartz - CHI koke_45 - VAN Auggie - DEADLINE PASSED - PHI c4outlaws - QUE MikeGartner22 - DET Acadius - CGY dethrox - DEADLINE PASSED - STL hotelcalifornia - BUF combustiblecam - MTL annatar - LA kingraph - NYR stheds2000 - WSH Bad Moon Rison - TOR KaBa78 - WPG Available teams: ANH XXX XXX XXX XXX EDM DAL XXX FLA HFD XX XXX NJ XXX NYI OTT XXX XXX XXX SJ XXX TB XXX XXX XXX XXX Screenshot of Random.org:
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    i did a hacked version long long time ago... right when the english translation patch came out... NorthtownHockey.nes
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    ALSO, as a fair warning to all my fellow buds out here, if you are over 40, approaching 40, get checked out. They used to recommend 50, but now are moving it to 45. You'd be STUNNED at the stories I heard after I told mine around work/friends/circles, etc. And, my gastrologist specialist I went to said 100% I'd have developed cancer if I hadn't gone in when I did. Like, I'm never sick, don't have grey hair, all my hair, decent shape, sitting with good genes, no allergies, no history of nothing, and I'd have been in a bad way fast if I hadn't been listening to the radio and Eddy O was crying, dealing with his battle with cancer and talked about getting yourself checked out. Scary stuff, not knowing what you can't see. Don't have anything without your health for real.
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    If you're not familiar with the WHA, Wikipedia does a far better job of explaining than I ever could. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_Hockey_Association Long story short, if you're in need of your Whalers or Nords fix this is where it all began. Rosters have all major players included but lines are built similar to Deadline ROMs with playoff rosters and/or late-season trades in mind. However, if you feel the need to see Alton White in a NY Raiders sweater or Michel Rouleau as a Blazer they're all there and just a line edit away... Player photos are updated with some really, REALLY big hair. A lot of the graphics and player rating for later seasons are already done so hope to keep these coming relatively regularly. Comments, suggestions and (constructive) criticism always welcomed. 1973 WHA.bin
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    Hello from the grave! Jk I am alive. Just have a full time job along with grad school now, so busy busy. But, I will be there tonight!
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    Hello everybody, Here is a rom created by @Jkline3 and myself, made in USA and Switzerland. It's based upon the Calgary 88 Olympic tournament. @Jkline3 cared about the title's screen, the banners, the broadcaster, TV logo, etc. I was responsible for the rosters and the player cards. Every starter has a picture (I took some from clockwise's NHL 1991). Hope you'll enjoy this version! 1988 Olympics - Calgary.bin
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    West coast is always going to be tough. When the tournament was in Vegas, my employer tempted me by having our annual conference in Palm Springs - but still couldn't commit to the travel. This year, Vancouver - and wouldn't you know it, the annual conference is being held in Vancouver Oct 22--25. Amazing.
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    I updated league structure. 3 DIVISIONS is strictly for scheduling (home/away will be determined by coin flip sent to Chaos) In division is 3 games per guy in division, or 12 games. That leaves 10 teams from other 2 divisions to play x 2, or 20 games. Same total of 32 games. Top 10 coaches make the A playoffs. B playoffs will be determined by invite from the bottom 8.
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    Skip Wins! The fact: Jágr is known for his patriotism. So he had worn a uniform with the Czech Republic's ensign on the Vancouver Winter Olympics Games in 2010. Also Jágr always wears the number 68. The sportsman has worn it through his entire ice hockey career. He did it in honour of the Prague Revolution, occurred in Czechoslovakia in 1968. In this year his grandfather died in prison, where he was put for political views.
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    During the Sega Genesis half of the tournament, things got interesting. Coach Mac defeated KingRaph in the round robin portion, but then they met again in the quarterfinals. “Imagine the U.S. Men’s Olympic team beating Russia in 1980, but then playing Russia immediately after again in the gold medal game,” was the way he described it. Raph recovered pretty fast and sailed to the next round. He even chose the Devils, and put Dano on the ice, to seal the deal against Coach. Still on shock on this one! I actually asked Raph afterwords if he was trying! Washington 5 NY Islanders 4. The gods of 94 were working against him for sure, BUT I was actually able to capitalize on the opportunity and win, that would have never happened previously.
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    #2 Winnipeg (Aqualizard) vs #7 Montreal (Coach) First for some background, November 5, 2017 Winnipeg (Aqualizard) took 4 of 5 games against Montreal (Coach) during the Classic Regular Season. December 6, 2017 In the Premium Retro League Season 3 Teddy Bear Cup Finals. Los Angeles (Aqualizard) won an epic 7 game series over Minnesota (Coach). You can read about it here: http://forum.nhl94.com/index.php?/topic/18227-premium-retro-league-3/&page=3 December 19, 2017 In preseaon trading for the Plablegs 2 League Aqualizard is insulted by Coach rejecting a trade with him and instead trading with Brutus. After the dust has cleared Aqualizard says: aqualizard - 12/19/2017 ok. u control ur tm. I was just shocked. (but now I REALLY want to beat u) December 20, 2017 Coach drops from Plablegs 2. December 26, 2017 Classic League Playoff Matchups pit Aqualizard against Coach. December 30, 2017 Game 1 in Winnipeg Aqualizard and the Jets win a wide open back and forth game 6-5 by scoring 2 goals in the final minute of play. Teemu Selanne had 4 goals. Winnipeg leads 1-0. Game 2 in Winnipeg Coach and the Canadiens win 3-2 despite 8 minutes in penalties and only 4 shots on goal. Patrick Roy stood on his head stopping 16 of 18 shots. The Jets also had almost 4 minutes of 5 on 3 hockey that they could not score. Series tied 1-1. Game 3 in Montreal Bob Essensa gets back on his game and pitches a 3-0 shutout on the road in the Forum. Winnipeg is back in control and leads 2-1. Game 4 in Montreal A Vinny Damphousse Hat Trick gets the Canadiens right back in the series with a 3-2 win. Series tied 2-2 Game 5 in Winnipeg Teemu Selanne scores 5 goals for the Jets on their way to dominating 7-2 victory and seemingly control of the Series. Patrick Roy is pulled late in the third period after stopping just 3 of 10 shots. Jets lead 3-2. Game 6 in Montreal Denis Savard and Vinny Damphousse score 2 goals each to lead the Canadiens to a 4-2 victory and force Game 7. After one of Savard's goals Aqualizard stopped the Music (by pausing the game) in the Forum and seemed to really put a bee in the Canadiens bonnet. Despite Coachmac's threats of nuclear retalition if he was ever subjected to these tactics again...... Todd Ewen, Mario Roberge, and Lyle Odelien were able to restrain Coachmac from going over the glass to get to Aqualizard. Series tied 3-3 GAME SEVEN in Winnipeg After a 0-0 First Period, Phil Housley found the twine 23 seconds into the second to give the Jets a 1-0 lead. However in the final minute of the second just 12 seconds apart Stephan LeBeau and JJ Daigneault scored to give the Canadiens a 2-1 lead. Davydov tied it at 2 in the first minute of the third. Incredible back and forth action ensued as the teams battled. Then with under a minute to play Matt Schneider took a pass from Denis Savard and beat Essensa high glove to give the Canadiens a 3-2 victory. and the SERIES. Canadiens win 4 games to 3. Statgasm Montreal was 2-1 at Home and 2-2 on the Road Winnipeg outscored the Canadiens 24-20. Winnipeg outshot the Canadiens 88-65. (Game 3 was 18-4) Montreal's shooting % was 31, Winnipeg's was 27. Winnipeg's PP was 3 for 10, 30%, Montreal was 2 for 9, 22% Winnipeg had 2 shorties. Montreal out checked the Jets 24-20 per game. Montreal won 53% of faceoffs. Winnipeg had 5:50 AZ time avg, Montreal had 4:53 Teemu Selanne lead all scorers with 12-4-16, but 9 of his 12 goals came in 2 games. Davydov had 5-6-11, Housley had 5-4-9, Bautin had 0-8-8. Montreal was lead by Savard 6-3-9 and Damphousse 6-1-7 JJ Daigneault lead the way defensively for the Canadiens with 2-3-5 and a series best 47 checks and 8 PIM. Bob Essensa 2.87 GAA, .692 SV %, and 1 shutout. Patrick Roy 3.49 GAA and .727 SV %. The Jets stats were skewed by 2 games the blowout win and then penalty filled game were Montreal had just 4 shots. Jets Line-up Housley and Bautin were paired together on D every game. Selanne at Center and Davydov on LW. Borsato started on RW in Games 1,2,5, and 6 (Jets went 2-2) Zhamnov started on RW in Games 3,4, and 7 (Jets went 1-2) Canadiens Line-up Schneider and Daigneault were paired together on D every game. Damphousse LW, Muller C, Savard RW games 1,2,3 (Habs went 1-2) Savard LW, Damphousse C, Muller RW games 4,5,6 (Habs went 2-1) Savard LW, Damphousse C, LeBeau RW game 7 (Habs went 1-0) GGS Aqualizard!
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    First update for the season, here you are. I´ll post nex one with more rookies before christmas, As always, if you find ratings that are not what they should be, please let me know. 17_4.rar.rar
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    For the team banners, I ran into the same problem on the SNES 93 ROM. I used the tiling and made a bunch of available letters, so you could just look up the letters in a table then update the tile map in the ROM. Some teams needed custom banners because their names were longer. It's explained here (2nd post): http://forum.nhl94.com/index.php?/topic/11734-nhlpa-hockey-93-64-team-rom/ However just shrinking the graphics so 34 fit is much simpler for modders to make ROMs with.
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    53 who RSVP'd to a FB event page. Attendance is well over 100 at this point. I stopped counting at 100 because once past the century mark it gets nerve wrecking.
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    I am looking for more Coach profiles! The better we know one another, the stronger the community. Please PM me yours, or just post your answers right here in this thread.
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    Smoz included a link to the equipment I use in his OP, but I'll repeat it here for the benefit of this guide, along with the all the files I use for my layout. Software: OBS Studio - https://obsproject.com/. There is a TON of tutorials and documentation online on how to use this software. It's FREE and works very well. You'll be surprised how quickly you can get set up and started. Streaming Site: Twitch! https://www.twitch.tv/kingraph is my channel. Again, lots of information out there on how to get yourself set up and have Twitch/OBS connected. Video Capture Device: I-o Data GV-USB2 (amazon link). You need something to convert the Sega Genesis (or Super Nintendo) video and audio into a digital signal that you can feed to your computer. This was the device I used, and it works fine. A/V Splitter: RadioShack 1500320 1 to 4 splitter (Amazon link). You need this device to split your Sega Genesis signal so that you can output to more than one display. This device can output to 4 different displays, but in my case I use one to go to my capture device (above) and one that goes to the TV for the players to use. This is also a powered device, meaning it has it's own power supply so the signal doesn't get degraded with splitting. So the Sega Genesis audio/video plugs into this splitter, and then two separate feeds get outputted, one to the video capture for the computer and one to the TV. Webcam: Logitech C920 (amazon link) I used this webcam to capture the players faces. It's a great webcam, probably overkill for this project, but something you can rest assured will last a while. Microphone: Blue Snowball iCE Condenser Microphone (amazon link). Again, there are other options out there, but I went with one of the more popular USB condenser microphones. Computer: Lenovo Ideapad Z580. Intel Core i5 3210M | Windows 10 | 8GB DDR3 RAM | Intel HD Graphics 4000 | 5400 RPM HD | 4 USB. Just wanted to share that you don't need a powerful laptop to run this. I got this laptop in about 2012, so it's 6+ years old. Anything recent will do just fine, just make sure you have enough USB ports for what you want to use (1 for camera, 1 for video capture, 1 for microphone, etc). WiFi: While not ideal, I have used my mobile phone (4G LTE) as a hotspot the last few tournaments. Point is, the streams worked fine, so you don't need anything extra fast for this to stream properly, just steady signal. Layout: Graphics Package, including NHL'94 Font (thanks @clockwise - original post here): kingraph_twitch.zip In OBS, the order in which you list your items determines what is in front and what is in the back. I'll list the elements I use from back to front (picture laying each on top of the next): 01. Image - EA_Background (that's the blue EA background) 02. Video Capture Device - Sega Genesis (via video capture device) 03. Image - Game Border (size it around the Genesis feed to make it look neat. It goes over the video, you can make the center transparent in OBS) 04. Video Capture Device - Webcam 05. Image - Video Border (size it around the webcam video to make it look neater, again over the video, make the center color transparent in OBS) 06. Text (Player 1)(kingraph in my example, using NHL'94 font, light blue color) 07. Text (Player 2) (Colton Orr , '94 font, light blue color) 08. Image (Team 01) - Montreal Canadiens (I have all the logos in my package...simply change the image on new game) 09. Image (Team 02) - Vancouver Canucks, same as above 10. Image - Matchup 11. Text (Info) - Exhibition / Round Robin / Semi-Finals, etc. in Yellow 12. Text (Date) - Same as above, date/location 13/14 - Images of LI Retro and NHL'94.com (not included). Those are just extra images I used here. Happy to answer anything I may have missed. Setting up shouldn't take long. Take some test video to play with the audio/video levels. You want to be able to hear the Genesis game, but not overpowering the microphones if you have announcers. Also, I recommend setting OBS to save a recording of your stream right on your laptop and to continue recording if the stream goes down. That way, in case anything happens to your wifi signal, you always have the direct backup on your computer. Hope that helps, happy streaming!
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    Too far for me from Pennsylvania to Vancouver, and I'm working 80 hours a week, right now, but I'll be there in spirit. Can't wait to see all of the content from KO94III.
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    Chaos and I played a game for SNES9X. Worked fine. I was on a mac and he was on a PC. No lag. worked well. It took me an hour to get it set up the retro arch. But this is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY better than before. It will bring me back in the fold for sure. Thanks again Chaos....this is great!
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    Hahha. Awesome! High school nickname finally paying off!
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    A few things: 1- I won't know if I can make it for a another couple months. I wouldn't expect to make the finals again, but I guess anything can happen on any given day. 2- I love JeffBC's jacket. 3- I love table hockey and will pretty much guarantee a table hockey victory if I make it to BC. Got that one timer figured out.
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    live Youtube chat with Trojan, KingRaph, AJ, Arda, on The Retro Sports Gamer (sunday Jan 21)
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    So I've been working on a new 34-team ROM build from scratch and I finally understand what slapshot's issue is on the home/visitor banners. In both '94 and '95, there is a separate graphic for the banners on the start menu screen and the in-game banners used in the rest of the game. What @wboy did with the '94 30-team ROM is he shortened the start menu banners to a generic "Home" and "Visitor" for every team. He also gave them a separate palette to make updating much easier: So now when you update any 30-team ROM, you don't have to create another menu banner for each team, just change the palettes because they are all "Home" and "Visitor". He was able to do this by changing two separate pointers (located at @F84D4 and @F84E4 for '94), that was for the home banner graphic, and one visitor graphic (pointed to the same location in the original ROM). Now, in '95, there is only ONE pointer for the menu banner (@86F6C) , which is probably a more efficient code, but now requires a bit more work to replicate what wboy did in '94, if at all possible. At worst, we can expand the menu banners just the same as the in-game banners, which requires more work for updating, but it's not a major deal. While I'm at it, '95 also has a different graphic for the scoreboard team names that will have get updated: As well as these little ones for the season calendar: Now, I know I'm getting ahead of myself, especially with the season stuff, but just wanted to post some of my notes/progress. Still at it!
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    Here is how I would figure this out: (since you will be doing stuff in the game menu, which is currently crashing for you, you can either use an un-expanded ROM, or just pause/unpause the game as necessary to avoid it crashing) Load the game. Go to the menu. If necessary, pause the emulator with ESC. Use the RAM Search feature in the emulator. Set it for "1 byte," "unsigned." Click the "Reset" button in the RAM search. Unpause the game (if necessary), and change the home team right/up one team, then pause again. This probably increases a variable in the game. So in the RAM search, set it to "Greater Than" and "Previous Value", and then click the "Search" button. That will clear a lot of the values in the list, the ones that didn't increase. In the game again, change to the team right/up by 1 again. Click search again. Do this process several times, and there will probably only be one or several values left in the list. Then, (without using the "Search" button), try changing the team both left and right, and loop around the end of the team list... one of the values should stick out as the 'correct' value, or maybe there will be a couple values that are always the same. Then you use that address (hopefully there is just one) for the "Hook RAM" trace. Also do a "Trace" at the same time. The RAM trace will tell you which line of code was modifying that address in the RAM. And then you look it up in the code trace, and each time it tries to increment the value, it will do a comparison against some value (probably 001C) to see if it needs to loop back to the 0th team. Then you find that line of code in the ROM and change the value. Try changing it to a lower value to verify that it works, that the game now ignores a team. After that's done, then you also need to try all that for the Away team, and then you also need to do it in playoffs mode and perhaps season mode, as it might (or might not) use a different value/address for the comparison. Note: the address listed in the code trace may be 2 lower than in the RAM trace. For example, it might be 01:A248 in the RAM trace, but 01:A246 in the code trace.
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    He could walk right past me and I'd never recognize him. Time is a cruel b***h.
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    "Given the dates, my guess is that that was a game for Sony since Park Place was out of the EA fold by then and had been signed by Sony for a bunch of titles for the early PlayStation. A disaster, that's another story." From Michael Brooks
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    Your talking about the guy who has beat you in the last 2 playoff series you guys played in? When was the last time you went through Raph to win a title? Blitz? He went through you to win GDL 14. Your doing an awful lot of bashing against a guy who has beaten you in classic playoffs, and for a GDL championship the last 2 times you guys tangled in meaningful games (insert Plabs CB excuse here).
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    Thanks for all the kind words, guys. If I do another, I would probably do a YouTube series as the build went along. To answer the questions... I went with Sanwa JLF Joysticks for a few reasons. I had already done Bat Top Happ Joysticks in my previous build so I wanted some variety. Also, I thought they would work well for the occasional game of Street Fighter. The keyboard encoder is an Ultimarc iPAC2, simple and effective The artwork is custom, my design with art lovingly borrowed from NHL 94. The side art is a super high res scan from the front of the Geneis box and I added the logos on the bottom. The artwork on the CP and the zamboni on the front panel were high res screenshots pulled from Fusion. The bezel was the most time consuming part. I loaded up Fusion, selected the first 2 teams, captured that screen, opened the capture in photoshop and cut out just the logo and placed it on my Bezel image. Took a little time but the result is fantastic. All of the logos have that classic feel. I wouldn't sell this particular one, but if anyone really wants one, I can put together pricing for all the components so that you can assemble one: The cabinet, keyboard encoder, buttons, joysticks, marquee, bezel, artwork, basically everything except the PC and monitor. I could even apply all the artwork for you and then ship it to you. Hit me up if you are curious about pricing. As far as getting this thing to Vegas for KO94 2, all that would take is a plane ticket for me and my friend here
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    Yeah, I like to make up little stories about why they're hot/cold "Zelepukin cold again…. He ought to stop doing blow"