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    I love my everdrive. It’s caused me to sell most of my game collection. One thing you’d notice playing on real hardware compared to a software emulation box (rPi) is input lag. This is extremely noticeable in platformers. Real hardware just performs much better. Everdrives can add up in price. My new special toy is a MiSTer. It’s $150 for the de10 board, and all the emulators (cores) for it are open source and free. It is an FPGA based solution (like the Analogue products) and instead of emulating with software like the rPi does (or any PC emulator), the cores emulate with hardware. It uses the FPGA and programs it to act like the real hardware. The results are great. There’s a lot of different cores (the usual consoles, and even better, arcade cores!). Check it out. Playing the arcade version of games like SF2 are great. And more cores are still in development. one thing about everdrives, is they don’t have the special chips for some games (like super fx for star fox). So there are some games that are incompatible with it.
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    I'll be streaming games from leagues/tournaments every Thursday. Typically for about 2 hours some time between 7-11PM. Twitch URL: twitch.tv/kingofnhl94 Example stream: annatar vs BobKudelski Summer League Finals To get notifications on your phone that the stream is about to start: Download the Twitch app to your phone - iPhone | Android Make an account (or sign in with your account) Go to twitch.tv/kingofnhl94 Click the 'Follow' button (might need to start playing one of the videos first)
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    @CaseBC we seriously need you guys to sign up for 2on2, RetroArch matches. https://forum.nhl94.com/index.php?/topic/16398-snes-2v2-the-beginning/
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    Season 1 of the Genesisi Line Changes League has been completed! Congrats to @kingraph for winning the title 3 games to 0 over @corbettkb. Raph took over a team that was 6-4 and went on a 16-0 run to capture the number 1 seed. In the playoffs he went the max 5 games vs @danTML7 winning game 5 in OT. He also took out @IceStorm70 in 5 games with Dave Andreychuck scoring the winner with :24 left in 3rd period of deciding game. Highlights of the season: 100% games played! All 4 first round series went the full 5 games League Leaders: Wins - Kingraph (22) Goals for - Corbett (127)(4.88) Goals Against - Corbett (58)(2.22) Team Sh% - Icestorm (44.8%) Team Sv% - Icestorm (.761%) Best PP - Corbett (34.1%) Best PK - Kingraph (91.4%) Most PPG - Corbett (15) Most SH Goals - Icestorm (12) Trophies: Art Ross Trophy: Doug Gilmour (56) Rocket Richard Trophy - Doug Gilmour (35) Norris Trophy - Igor Kravchuck Vezina Trophy - Tommy Soderstrom with a sterling .761 sv% William Jennings Trophy - Bill Ranford sparkling 2.18 GAA Jack Adams Trophy: @Triple A despite being new to GENS and absorbing some decent lumps, he stuck with it and completed his season. He'll get that initial win next season i'm sure! Looking forward to season 2. Will keep everyone posted on when it'll start and also discuss some potential changes. Thank you Everyone for making this season a success!
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    Also, NHL'94 got me to finally find Facebook and Twitch and stuff worthwhile. Proof that NHL'94 changes lives.
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    I second that. Need to stream it too.
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    Hey guys! I’m 2times I love NHL and I’m really excited to be playing online matches. This is my first circuit. Just recently been playing the Genesis version a lot due to quarantine life. I’m a diehard San Jose Sharks fan. I can’t wait to start playing in some leagues with you guys! I’m so thrilled I found NHL94Online!
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    The FXPAK Pro used to be called SD2SNES. You can prob find them on eBay for much cheaper now.
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    Yeah Mario Kart uses the DSP chip. The Super Everdrives had a spot on the board where you can solder one on to. Mario Andretti's racing also has the DSP chip, and goes for like $5 on eBay, so you could take the chip out of there and put it in the Everdrive and can play games like Mario Kart. I don't think theres a spot on the new versions to do that though.
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    @kidswasted My thoughts on the Model 3 from last year, but the post is mostly about the Retro-Bit, USB repros. The Model-3 was made by Tectoy, a company from Brazil. They produced SEGA consoles in Brazil in the 90's and into the early 2000s'.
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    The Model 3 is an official clone console if that makes sense. It was licensed by Sega, but produced by a 3rd party, and even had its own 6 button controller complete with autofire options. It works with the 1st party 3/6 button controllers. It lacks the ability to work with the add on consoles like the Sega CD, but is region free, meaning you play foreign carts with it. It's very light and doesn't take up much space. I have either 2 or 3 of them, and they work great for tournaments. My major complaint is that due to their lack of weight, they are prone to moving. I run the Edge of 94 Midwest annual tournament. We use all 3 models of Genesis, with CRT displays, but use Analogue's Mega SG FPGA console for the main stream setup, which plays in glorious HD with no scaling lag. I'm not aware of any relevant tournaments using emulators for local tournament play, but obviously that's how the community does online leagues and tournaments.
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    Dear SNES Buds, For quite some time, the GENS folks have been playing a 2v2 version of '94 in which 4 players join and play a modified ROM that has 2 players on each team plus the goalie. It's incredibly fun, and addictive as DRUGS. Anyway, the time has come for SNES folks to do the same. I don't know if the 2v2 game will merit the same addictiveness and fun as the GENS version, but it's time we try! You need to use the SNES9k emulator and this modified ROM: NHL94_2v2.smc SNES 2v2 ROM: 2 players on ice and goalie. All players attributes set to 85. All players weight set to 196. Teams strengths (home/away, pp/pk, and offense/defense) all set to moderate. ROM header title changed to {{{NHL'94 2v2}}} The SNES9k Emulator: Download here: http://www.remz.ca/main/retro-games/snes-netplay-tutorial/ Once you download and set up the emulator, make sure to enable Multitap 5. Not having this set by ALL players resulted in a crash when starting the game. Next, go to File --> Play Kaillera Game Set: Change Mode: 2.Client Connection Setting: Excellent (30packets/s) Nick: Your forum name (or whatever) Then click the "Master Server List" to find a server close to you (lowest ping), or equal distances from all 4 players. Once you find a room, let the other 3 buds know the IP. They can click "Custom IP" and type the IP in to join. In the server room, right click on the bottom and you'll be able to start a game. This will be called {{{NHL'94 2v2}}}. The other 3 guys should join and then you click start game. Many thanks to Northway Native and Clockwise for helping to figure this out last night! I encourage you all to try this and report back and issues, bugs, revelry, chaos, etc.
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    How many tabs of acid do I have to drop to understand these? Or maybe it's like one of those Magic Eye posters that you have to stare at until you're crosseyed.
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    lol je suis idiot. @chaos can you swap out the other 2v2 rom for this one in the retro arch package? This one is way better with all player stats boosted.
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    If that is the case, I wonder if something like this could be used to get a better 5on5 game https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2019/08/blast-processing-in-2019-how-an-snes-emulator-solved-overclocking/
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    Couple of differences I've noticed in 2on2 between SNES and Gens: Framerate seems higher in SNES 2on2, as compared to SNES 5on5. I've noticed this on an actual SNES with my Super Everdrive as well. You can speed burst out of control quickly by just spamming it. In Gens, you have to get checked really hard into the boards to lose control of your skater so that they can speed burst super fast. Floater goals are very rare to come by. Flying burrito saves don't work well at all, unless they're done across the goal line. Penalty shots happen even with penalties off. Not sure how I feel about it, but I wish we could toggle it on / off. Having a lot of fun with SNES 2on2 so far.
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    Just another Covid-19 public service announcement: Alcohol, NHL94, and Tattoos Don't Mix. Spring...1994. Deep-into-the-night-NHL 94-tourney with the boys. End of the 2nd period, game 7, for the cup, down 10 goals... All your friends watching: You're gonna lose by 18 You: channel your inner Herb Brooks and pull of the biggest miracle on ice. ------------------many years later-------------- Present day NHL 94 tourney...: Someone's chirpin' you 'bout how you can't play manual goalie good anymore. You: Smile and remember that magical night back in the Spring of 94. Drink your 12th beer and make plans to get a tattoo on your a$$ of Herb Brooks yelling and NHL 94 Jeremy Roenick taking the winning slapper where the goal is on your a$$hole to commemorate your miracle on ice. Tattoo artist after hearing your request: (crickets)
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    Hey everyone. I'm brand new to this community after hearing about it through the Mario Lemieux Foundation's sponsorship of the SoChel distancing tourney. I'd like to be involved in the classic season starting up soon. I'm waiting on a test game for SNES. Looking forward to getting started!
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    I have a few roms in my collection that are not in the master list. I did 2 of them as multi-season combined roms where each team is boiled down to 9F and 6D of their most prominent players over the period of a few years. Kinda weird I know. There's also a "10th anniversary rom" (2004), which was one of the first rom hacks I ever got from this site. It seems primitive now because the makers didn't have all the tricks and software people figured out a few years later. There's a 2006 hack from Mack, a guy who used to have his own site for 94 hacks, and I have 08 rom and I'm not even sure who made it! They're all in the zip file here. NHL94.zip
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    Playoffs will be divided by vets and rookies for those who play the minimum 50 games.
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    Thanks guys! UPDATE - definitely works. Only had to sit through 3 x 5:00 periods, a 10:00 overtime and almost 2 more 5:00 periods before a visitor penalty was called to check it out
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    A74EC - CHANGE 4801 TO 6801 A74FC - CHANGE 4801 TO 6801 A750C - CHANGE 4801 TO 6801
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    @smozoma Do you know if it works with Dosbox?
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    Great rom by the way. I actually tried playing this from a MegaSD Flash cart and Nomad. The 32 team freeze bug also happens when I am in the menu cycling through Washington's team portraits and in the matchups' screen whenever the Capitals are involved (attached pic below frozen only showing half of Doc Emrick's face). Oddly enough, it doesn't freeze when I do this on the Kega Fusion emulator on PC. Not a big deal but just an observation.
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    lol that guy is an all time turd. LA robbie have a look at all of turdatmans posts, he is either hating on gens or something or another trying hard to entice ppl to argue with him. He is what is called a TROLL. hence the reactions your seeing when he posts, i like to just skip right over his posts when i see it, basically doesnt exist because there is usually never any real content or contribution in anything that he says. Sad but true.
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    FPB is the worst 1 of anyone that i have played that pauses at every bad thing that happens to him, but in the middle of a pass is total BS...p.s ICEGUY CALL YOUR PROVIDER AND UPGRADE!
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    Yeah they do. It's like, $200 bucks, though.
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    Yeah. Was pretty disappointed to learn that I couldn't play Super Mario Kart. Not that big of a deal since there aren't that many games that use the DSP and Super FX chips.