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    I was playing against AJ and Brutus about a month ago in Chicago and we were talking about how we were hoping you would be there. Anything we can do to persuade you to make the trip? I'm telling you from my experience, hanging out with the guys you've played with online for years is priceless. After the first Ko94 in Toronto, I couldn't imagine myself missing another one. The double bonus is @halifax runs a mean tourney! I know work is tough right now but I can remember the 2015 Toronto tourney vividly to this day and everyone I finally got to meet in person... since then, I've worked a lot of 80 hour weeks and you know, I don't remember any of those. Whatever happens, I think you're one that everyone would love to see at one of these events!
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    Next tourney will be out east. We'll do whatever we can to get clockwise there. Laws may be broken.
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    Can't say I actually found the code in the ROM, I can just see what the problem is because it's a common thing to need to deal with in old-school programming . Might even be a fixable bug.
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    That's funny. The cause is that a "signed byte" can store numbers from -128 to 127. If you try to add to a number greater than 127, it'll wrap around to -128, -127 etc. If the game displayed 0, I guess they had some code to protect against displaying negative numbers. I don't know why they didn't use an unsigned byte (0-255)!
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    This one really makes me think about my life choices. I could of learned an instrument or a language but I chose retro video game roster knowledge....
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    If you can make it to Vancouver, I guarantee you make top 3
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    I just had another nightmare the tournament had technical difficulties so we had to play an NHL 2000 tournament on Playstation it was horrible! u owe me 49.94$ halifax