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    Check SegaVisions, doubleissue (October, November) from 1993, Hot hints. According to that its all about timing.
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    I have been working on a smaller goal mod for NHL 94 on Genesis. I have edited the artwork to work with the code that edits the barrier of the goal posts and of the boards. So this is complete with accurate collision of the goal posts with the puck with updated goal artwork. There are several different sizes of goals. Here are some photos of the smallest goal of the versions I have completed: Playing roms with this goal size produces very low scoring games. One way I have made this goal size more playable is by lowering goalie ratings to create more shots that bounce off the goalie. In the final version of this I have lowered the cross bar of the top goal. Here are some photos of the medium size goal : The medium version's posts are black while the smaller goal's posts are red because below the size editable in the goal artwork tile you have to choose from predetermined artwork by changing a single-byte vale. Here is an alternate version of the medium size goal : This one features some shades of grey pixels mixed in on the top goal and not a curved back of the goal on the bottom. Also the crossbar has been lowered. The lowering of the cross bar seems to fit the barrier code better. Here is the larger version of the goal done from the goal art tiles : This one is slightly smaller than the normal goals in NHL 94. Each version works with a different value for the barriers code and each of these versions provide different challenges with different goal post and board collision values. I have roms for each goal size, and you could start by playing the larger version of the goal then try the smaller versions and see if you can score. You will be blown away by the goal post collisions and when goals miss the goal on shots compared to what you're used to. You can look at this as a way to adjust the accuracy of one-timers and shots. On the smaller goals hitting wide open nets with shots will no longer be automatic. You will now have to place your shots and pay more attention to angles since the goal post barrier code has been tailored to the artwork. If you play on the smallest goal you should expect a lot of 0 - 0 games and if you score it could end up being the winner. Playing on longer periods and real-time clock is essential to this mod since the smaller the goal the longer it will take you to score. Are you interested in testing NHL 94 with smaller goals with all the goal artwork updated? Will it change your strategy on how you score? Playing with smaller goals will make one-timers more realistic because they no longer will be automatic scores. Now they will hit off the post more or miss the goal completely. With different versions of goal sizes you can play on the goal size that you want, if the smallest version of the goal is too small and you are getting frustrated at not being able to score goals you can use the medium one. There really aren't too many other goal sizes that are possible than these due to the artwork limitation. Any smaller than the smallest one it's pretty much impossible to score. But be forewarned, after you experience playing NHL 94 with these smaller goals and adjusted collision you may not be able to go back to playing with regular sized goals again because you may find it too easy to score. Simply put, playing on these roms will make your NHL 94 experience more advanced and strategic since scoring becomes more difficult with a smaller target to score. So much so that I now am looking for a way to slow down the goalie speed as even with the lowest player ratings they will move quickly from side to side. You will see what I mean if you test these roms. Before I release these roms I need to do some more testing and add some more codes to them like the real-time clock code because you'll need that extra time to score on the smaller goals. What goal size do you think you will play on? Do you think playing on the smallest goal will be too hard for you to score and you'll want to play on the medium size or larger size? I think some have tested my barriers code but until you edit the goal artwork you can't really get the full experience. So this is something I'm working on and if there is interest I can release the roms for you to test.
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    Team draft selection has begun! We will have a 10 team "A" league and 12 team "B" league. I weighted the draft in B to give new players a better chance at a high draft pick in B. I did the same with "A" , but just slightly. When it is your turn, reply to this thread to choose your team (or hit me up on Discord). You can choose any team that has not already been selected in your league. I honestly don't think there will be a need for deadlines (haven't ever used them before), but if we go 24 hours without your pick, your turn will be skipped and you will be given best available team at the end of the draft based on the default list. You can also post your draft list in this thread, or PM me your list if you don't want to post your team selections. ON THE CLOCK: A: dcicon5148 01 - aqualizard - CHI 02 - AtomicRaven - DET 03 - Schmidt - BUF 04 - LeifErikson - BOS 05 - wallywojo - WPG 06 - MikeGartner22 - MTL 07 - dcicon5148 - 08 - zeppelin55 - 09 - corbettkb - 10 - angryjay93 - B: Ozmataz_Buckshank 01 - seventieslord - DET 02 - Ozmataz_Buckshank 03 - MR.T 04 - Chris O 05 - Boehm23 06 - AdamWoodrow 07 - Dantml7 08 - sonoffett87 09 - Chefstar88 10 - jmj 11 - jer_33 12 - Quetzalcoatlus DEFAULT DRAFT LIST (links are to "Building Lines with AJ" Thread)
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    I guess I should do my intro. I joined because there was an NHL94 tourney in Regina, and upon doing research on the top NHL94 players in the world, I found there were some from Sask, Canada, but none from my city!! So I sought to change that. I would have won the tournament if not for Halifax driving his and his buddy Matt's ass 2.5 hours to scoop the prize. Anyways... after that, I dragged my bro (seventieslord) and my cousin (boehm23) away from their other games of choice. Fun fact: Seventieslord writes for The Hockey news and is a badass hockey historian. The last NHL game we bought as kids was NHL 97. We saved up our own money to do it. Seventieslord was 16. I was 13. Boehmer was 6. He didn't come into the picture until much later lol. Anyways, we had a good crew of NHL 97'ers. I do appreciate a few things from that game. fake shots were integral to getting around seventieslord's over aggressive manual goalie. he liked blocking shots, but I never utilized that much. Season mode was cool and so was Gilmour's "deke and deliver". Also being able to get up using spin-o-rama after being checked was nice. BUT, that all being said, I am getting used to 94 and can see why most consider it the best gameplay overall. Over the past month, I've played about 400 exis over Retroarch and helped ten other new members get set up on static IP and fort forwarding. Once I did it while I was playing an exi and the guy was flabbergasted. Most games have been against Schmidt which was quite a rude awakening. I estimate I'm about 69-321-10 over those first 400 games. While he says my skill is improving, I feel much like a mouse caught by the tail by a cat, while the cat says I'm getting really good at struggling... Either way, I thought I would quit after my local tourney, but I'll stick with it and probably attend any close in-person tourneys and try to improve my skill and ranking and be the first Regina player in the top 30 Sega rankings. Happy to be here. Cheers.
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    I picked this bad boy up, and it's definitely legit. The cable length is 10 feet, all the action is smooth and solid. I also picked up one of the USB offerings, and it too works great. This is available via Amazon, and I recommend it to anyone who attends local tournaments. If you play Genesis games online or via emulator, I recommend the usb variant. https://www.amazon.com/Retro-Bit-Official-Genesis-Controller-6-Button-Arcade/dp/B07P255V8J/ref=sr_1_4?keywords=6%2Bbutton%2Bgenesis%2Bcontroller&qid=1573569925&sr=8-4&th=1 This is not an affiliate link or a sponsored promotion. I just figured if everyone in the community had one, they wouldn't have to worry about what controller they end up with when they attend tournaments, as there are a ton of different options out there.
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    Hi Guys, First off, I'd like to thank everyone for joining the league! We seem to have a ton of new guys playing this season. I know there have been guys having issues with getting set up for direct connect on RetroArch. Thanks for being patient, and for those of you who are still having issues, please post in Discord. A huge shoutout to @danTML7 for helping some guys out with their setup. Luckily, this is really a one and done kind of deal; once you are set up, you should be good, until you change your computer or router. I plan on setting the Team Selection Drafts up for Friday, November 15th and will go into Saturday, November 16th. There will be a separate draft for each sub league. I will announce who is in what league on Thursday, along with the draft order. The way the draft works: - The draft order is randomly selected. All Star teams are not allowed to be selected. Each coach selects 1 team that they will play the 40 game season with from the available teams remaining. - You can post your picks in the Team Selection Draft thread, or the #gens-draft or #snes-draft channels on Discord. - There will be 1 hour deadlines to make your selection. The deadline times are set based on Eastern Time, and are set between the hours of 5PM-12AM. So, the deadline for the 1st pick is Friday, 5PM EST, 2nd pick is Friday, 6PM EST, etc. - You have up to your deadline to make your pick. If you miss your deadline, you team will be assigned to you AT THE END OF THE DRAFT USING BEST TEAM AVAILABLE (based on tier). You will be allowed to change that team and select one of the available teams up to 12PM EST Sunday. - You do not have to wait for your deadline to make your pick. For example, let's say it is 6PM EST, you are pick 5. Your deadline is 9PM EST. But, the 4 coaches ahead of you have already made their selection. You can go ahead and choose your team. Think of your deadline as "up to 9PM EST". The draft tends to go fast, because most guys are around waiting to pick. - If you don't think you will be available to make your pick, you can leave a "pick list". Send me a DM on Discord (or ask on Discord if anyone will be around and can take your pick list). Leave enough teams on the list to guarantee you will get one of them (Example: We are on pick 2, but you are pick 5 (3 picks later), so leave 4 teams on your pick list). - Please keep Discord running on your phone, so you can get notifications when it is time for you to draft. - After the draft, I will generate the league schedule and we will start league play. League play will begin sometime early next week. Stay tuned for more information about that. Ask draft related questions here or in the #gens-draft or #snes-draft channels on Discord. Any league questions can be asked when the time comes for that!
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    I think a combination of option 1 and option 3, Captains with random "b-level" teammate. Boy, 2v2 finals would be awesome with commentary - so much action and crazy play.
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    Good news : I am almost finished with the smallest goal rom, so I will release that one first so you can start testing this. The cross bar has been lowered a pixel from what you see in the first screenshot, I just need to make some final edits to the rom like adding a couple of codes via hex edits. This is a mod where the full rom really needs to be shared since there are a lot of art edits and ratings balanced needed to make this playable. I am making some final edits to this rom tonight so you will be able to test the smallest goal shortly. Stay tuned!
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    I have come to the conclusion that it involves using the hold down B button and press a direction method of passing. The trick is you can't starting holding down the B button too early. I think a lot of people get stuck on this part. If you start holding down B too early then wait for the ref to drop it before pressing a direction with B held down chances are you will lose the face-off. When you are holding down B too long you give your opponent the opportunity to press the B button themselves hold it down and press a direction and gain the advantage. The CPU team mimics this button sequence as well and it's random. The key is to wait until the last possible second before the ref starts his drop puck animation to start holding B down. It's holding down B and pressing a direction in a fluid motion right before the ref drops the puck. This takes a lot of practice to get used to it, but I've determined that it's the best way to win face-offs and the most fun. This was a mystery to me and a source of frustration at not getting how you're supposed to win face-offs. I encourage you to try this method and see if you find success winning face-offs. I sure have.
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    Check out @CoachMac's historical ROMs, he is our resident historian and ROM creator! https://forum.nhl94.com/index.php?/topic/18009-coach-macs-historic-roms/ As far as making your own ROMs, the NOSE tool allows you to make roster edits very quickly and easily. Graphic hacks take a little more time and effort with Tile Molester, but once you get the hang of it, it's not that bad. Ultimately any ROM will take many hours to complete, without considering the amount of time it would take to rate players. Check out the hacking and editing section of the forums to get a better sense of what is involved, there is plenty of information and a bunch of modders who will be happy to answer questions/help (including me)!
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    There is mail address at tru's profile. About adding teams, editing, knowledge and so on: Adding teams is just too difficult, forget about trying to figure it out without coding knowledge. With it its *maybe* even not possible. If it is, no one tells you without proper investigation and if there hasnt been anyone interested so far, there will hardly be any hackers-newcomers. Take it as it is and work with original 26+2 teams, dont waste your time and dont wait for 30 teams rom to come, you can wait forerver ;-) All the knowledge about erasing center ice logos, altering jerseys colors and everything else needed for editing and updating the game can be found in SNES subforum, I always explained everything in detail so even people without hacking knowledge should know what to do when they want to change something, usually its step-by-step tutorial and you cant go wrong. SNES editor for editing players, numbers skills etc. exists, but... So keep it on your mind when editing rosters.
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    Will be creating a custom ROM with equalized ratings, containing all of the attendees for both consoles. Plan is to have at least 2 consoles going, so, 8 players being able to play at once, minimum, to help speed up the tournament. undecided on the # of games each team should play to qualify for the playoffs, but I feel like the championship should be first-to-4, best-of-7. I will be providing the awards for all 4 coaches. @corbettkb suggested having the SNES tournament on Genesis day and the Genesis tournament on the SNES day so it doesn't interfere with the KO94 bracket play. Which is a great idea and hopefully we can have more guys stay for both days as a result. Never to early to start planning. I already have my bags by the door.
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    First I'd like to thank @clockwise for volunteering to look after this. He's the 2v2 guru imo. Just some thoughts from comments made already 1. I'd say for the first one, we leave money out of it. 2. I'm kinda torn on how teams are picked. I like the idea of just picking a buddy and playing. But I'd voted for captains not being able to pick other captains. Pairs would likely be more even and produce closer games, which is always more fun than blow outs. 3. I'd recommend keeping it on the same day(instead of seperate days). Most people that play on their favourite systems are there for two nights. They'd now have to stay three nights just to play 2 v 2. There's King players and there's Duke players. I think everyone should have a chance to play 2v2, the same day. This also means I need to re-visit scheduling for King of 94. I've been looking at some ways of reducing time and games. ex. Having 4 RR wins (instead of 3) to move on the final bracket and putting the rest in the single elim wild card bracket to qualify. Also, going back to a best of 1 on the loser bracket side until the final 4 perhaps.
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    Former champs approve too. Playing until 5 am with the Chicago crew was probably some of the most fun I've ever had. Im sorry I missed out on the leagues from years ago. That was my bad.
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    I AM GOOD FOR WHATEVER. Live 2on2 is the apex of NHL'94 for me. I assume this would be for exhibition, and not a paid separate entry? If it's paid, I think you have to allow people to choose their teammates ( @Freydey, I'll pay your fee bud). If it's exhibition, then I would suggest "A" guys, or known 2v2 players to be split up. It's such a different game than traditional '94 and, quite frankly, 2 veteran players will absolutely dominate and not make it fun for anyone else.
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    Going through this thread, seeing some of the guys who have come and gone... Time flies. Damn.
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    Welcome my good dude. We've had a few brothers, here; most notably @Carse & @Bo Knows NHL94.
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    Hello...i am back again...this time to offer you my entire collection for custom teams for NHL 2002...please follow instructions in my previous post for using these jerseys as 'Custom Teams' inside NHL 2002...these jerseys have been made for the last 12 years more or less...so this collection is massive ...DO NOT LOAD this entire file in the game as the overload will make the game crash...pick about 30-40 teams max and remove and use at will...I am happy to finally share this collection....one note: I made quite a few jerseys but a lot have been adapted from various files in the internet . Just thought I let you know. Hope you will enjoy. Any Questions? feel free to write to me. Cheers link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/15K3t24nk3rOCrRQwy-GOylI3L_pyE_2S/view?usp=sharing
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    Amazing Game! The AI is excellent. Playing the computer is actually fun and somewhat challenging. The lack of manual goalie is made up for with amazing Defensive AI. They really clog the middle and while the deke is still a very good move it is not money or cheesy. They will often level you or force a bad shot. So much more of a Hockey simulation than any other version. Really has all the best parts of 92, 93, 94, and 95! Other awesome stuff, Full Season Mode, Ron Barr including speech, plus an awesome rink announcer, Anthems (no kneeling), USA and Canadian Flags, Back up Goalies Play, Varied and accurate center ice logos, Sound of the boards, goalie pads, sticks, pucks, etc...., better music, more dynamic and accurate crowd, guy blowing a single horn at times, Jumbotron including Fan Meter and other cool stuff, Ref retrieves puck and goes to box and signals penaties, calendar, 4 actual accurate lines, scratches and deeper rosters, 1993 season celebrated, Stars in Minnesota, No Ducks or Panthers, 3 Stars, skate out after being announced EA Sponsor, Shows total goals when a player scores for season or playoff not just that game, more accurate goalie pulls like when down 1 or 2, not just when down 2, visual line changes when players go on and off, dynamic crowd, announcement of 1 minute left in the period, so much more amazing game, an actual Stanley Cup presentation and skate with the Cup, Long Live DosBox!
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    This is the last version my ROM edit from pixelpuck.com (RIP) around 2013. There is an NHL91.com ROM on the master list, however, I believe this may be from the Season 2 draft, when @angryjay93 beat @Freydey in 5 games. Here are some way-back pics of the blog from season 2: Okay, as to the new update from around 2013, here are the biggest changes: FEATURES: Scanned media guide photos from 90-91 for every player card. Remastered sprite fields two colors for helmets and one for sleeve piping for the most accurate uniforms possible [HUDB]. Meticulously rated, NHL players from after the 90-91 trade deadline, completely overhauled from the original ROM edit. 26 man rosters: 15 forwards, 8 defensemen, and 3 goalies. Team ratings based on team performance (home PTS %), road warrior rating (away PTS %), special teams (PP% – PPGF, and PK% – PKGAA), offensive prowess (GF/G and GF), defensive stoutness (GAA) [EARE]. New control read method. Goalie control is now mapped to the (Y) button. Controls must be calibrated to the 6 button configuration to use this feature. [SpritesMind] Refined system that narrows attribute increments for more accurate player ratings. NHL91 splash screens. NHL91 logo for the Zamboni and team selection. NHL91 timer logo. 90-91 crease and improved nets. New font. Checking – speed burst multiplier adjustment. Adjusted fatigue meters. Hot – cold ratings fix. Weight bug fix. Assist bug fix. Puck-drop organ tunes have been matched to the correct teams A longer, louder, different sounding goal horn that more closely resembles the ones used in current NHL arenas [YT]. NHL 90-91 Recap Penguins Win 8-0 in Game 6 @ Minnesota to win their first Stanley Cup Brett Hull scores 86 goals 4 players score more than 50 goals Guy Lafleur plays his last NHL game with Quebec Several future, and potential future, HOFers played their first NHL games Fedorov Recchi Hasek Jagr Bondra Sundin All-Star Game is held in Chicago. Super Series took place between three Soviet teams (CSKA Moscow, Dynamo Moscow, Khimik Voskresensk) and the NHL. The Soviets won the series 12-6-3 Chicago wins The Presidents Trophy and is bounced in the division semis by Minnesota in 6 games Art Ross goes to Gretzky Norris goes to Bourque Vezina goes to Belfour Conn Smythe goes to Lemieux who missed more than 50 games Hartford Whalers don't even know that they're moving to Carolina in a few seasons and are too busy enjoying one of the best logos of all-time to notice No one in the hockey world knows who Gary Bettman is and everyone is thankful Also, a bunch of other stuff happened and it was all pretty cool since it was the 90s' Notes Speed burst is cut in 1/2. You really have to line up your checks and breakaways are harder to chase down if you get caught pinching Ratings are more akin to EA's current games, and as a result the game plays better with line changes Endurance is greatly reduced as well, one or two scoring chances and you'll need to go for a change or your line will be out of gas, which forces you to roll lines NHL91pixelpuck.bin 2 MB · 0 downloads
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    New to all of this. I'm a new coach waiting for a test game.
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    hey im new coach here. First time signing up for a tourney like this Playing with GENS AIM (new) burnedouthabs
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    Newwwb! Looking to play some games and join in on some tourneys. cheers, AIM: OffsideNHL94
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    Hey, TubaHero here, just signed up for the spring league, can't wait to get some action. Just wondering though, what has to happen test game-wise? Do i have to sign up for an official game, or do i just have to have played someone online before? PS aim is MeatSkid1 and msn is mf_67@live.ca, contact either if you want to get an online game going, but for gens only
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    Hi my name is Matt the Cat. My profile name is Comeback_King on this website and my new AIM name is Comeback King94. Looking for a test game with someone who won't wax my ass. I have tourny's at my house with around 8 buddies from the chicagoland area where I win most games.... but I have a funny feeling there are some great players on here. I want to thank Clockwise for helping me with playing on-line, I had no idea what I was doing.
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    Hi im the Karl Aka the russian rocket same for the aim and im waiting for a test game ^^
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    Hi Alll, I'm new around here and I need to play a test game to complete my registration. My AIM sn is Rage93. I have the game set up for SNES and I would like to see if my settings are correct. Can't wait to start the season!!
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    my first comparison to KGman, ill take that as a huge compliment, thank you Deer, feel free to message me anytime for more games.