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    Hi All, A rom that I wanted to work on, for a while, is an update to the original/classic. A 1994 post trade deadline roster/playoffs edition, if you will. But, I also wanted it to have some of the look and feel of the original. It's important to note that some other folks have had a run at this concept rom, so I am not a pioneer. However, there are things that I wanted to do differently or, perhaps, be the first to do to the classic version. So, below is what you need to know about this rom. THE ROM * This is was created using WBOY’s 30 team rom. * It has the weight bug fix applied to it. I can also provide a version without it if requested (PM me). * The rom contains the 26 teams from the 1993-94 season plus the 1993 (Campbell & Wales) and 1994 (Eastern and Western) all-star teams. * It has the @clockwise helmet/sprite patch AND the original goalie crease, faceoff circles and no trapezoid. It does have coaches on the bench, officials in the penalty box area and the new red goal light graphics. A little of the old and a little of the new. NOTE: If you apply the helmet/sprite patch to any rom, it automatically assigns that rom the new/modern goalie crease and trapezoid. So, it had to be undone in this case. SPECIAL THANKS GOES TO @Jkline3 WHO HELPED "RESET" THE ROM TO HAVE THE ORIGINAL RINK LAYOUT USING HIS JEDI POWERS! He is a good soul who said he didn't want/need any credit. Well, too bad, you're getting it. You helped me with that particular request so that I could focus on everything else and make this happen. Thanks homie! * Unlike my recent/current season roms, I didn’t use the @smozoma patch for the edit lines rating bug/3 stars fix for this rom. I want to leave that up to folks to do themselves if they want it added in vs leave it like the original. * Unlike the original version, each team now has a structure of 14 forwards, 8 dmen and 2 goalies (with the exception of the all-star teams). THE PLAYERS * Much like my recent/current season roms, I added actual headshots of each NLC player. None have helmets or masks on, in their portraits. You get to see just how ugly these guys are and how bad the hair styles were back then (see Jagr, for example). I went with images circa 1992-1995. This was quite a chore to find these as the online images are mostly low rez scans. I did my best to clean them up. * Player Attributes are based off of end-of-season stats for the 1993-94 season. I edited all 624 players in one way or another. My 0-6 tier structure for attributes is very close to the original rom as far as distribution. I kept a side by side comparison spreadsheet when doing edits. * Like my modern era/current season roms, shot accuracy and pass accuracy are based on “per game” stats, not season % (as there is no season mode). Offensive awareness is based on points per game. Unlike my recent/current season roms, this version is strictly based on 1993-94 stats. I didn’t do a 3 year average as I do with my modern era roms. * Rosters are post-trade deadline. * As Cam Neely and Pat Lafontaine, to name a few, didn’t play in the 1994 playoffs, due to injuries, they are not in the active line-ups if you use line changes. They are, however, in the 5v5 NLC mode. * Several missing players and some rookies have been added. A name like Nathan Lafayette may not mean much to you but to many Ranger fans he made many of our hearts stop, in the third period of game 7 of the Finals, when he “hit the post!” He was not in the original version. THE TEAMS * Teams are ranked by the order of how they finished for 1993-94. Same goes for OFF and DEF team ratings as well as PP, PK, Home and Away. You can review these by using EARE. * Lines and d-pairings are confirmed as having been used, at some point, during the final months of the 1993-94 season and/or playoffs. A lot of research went into this detail which included watching a ton of old game footage. Feel free to change them as you see fit. * While jersey layouts don't mirror the actual versions, in several cases, the colors that I used are pretty close to the official team colors. I used two websites that provide official team RGB colors, per season, so that I could match them up (as much as possible) in NOSE. Helmets, as mentioned earlier, are corrected due to the patch. THE PLAYOFF BRACKETS * I included the playoff brackets for 1993-94. I also created a second set of brackets that include the ten teams that didn’t make it into the playoffs. THE ART * Center ice and team selection logos are the official team logos for the 1993-94 season. Unlike the original, the center ice logos are NOT stretched to add more detail. They are they official sized logos. * New title screen art. Hmmmm... I wonder why I chose this particular image? I hope that you enjoy playing it as much as I enjoyed working on it. It was fun to relive this special season. If you see any mistakes, please let me know. Cheers! NHL94 Playoff Edition.bin NHL94 Team and Player Ratings.zip
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    UPDATE: NHL20 V2 has been added to the BOTTOM OF THIS ORIGINAL POST - (excel sheet in zipped folder). Player rating and roster updates, player card changes (thanks Slapshot!), line change updates, team rating adjustments. I will update the playoff brackets on the trade deadline edition. Be careful, the original ROM is still above the screenshots (new ROM at bottom). Slapshot also added the board sound patch courtesy of Brodeur30. Hello, Here is the NHL94 ROM, updated for the 2019-20 season by me & Slapshot. Special thanks to @slapshot67 for his work on graphics and player cards! Below you'll find the ROM and Excel sheet. Excel is in the zip folder, which shows player ratings, "Skip's ratings", etc. Player rating updates based on last year's performance, roster changes, some new player cards, playoff brackets to reflect actual 2019 Stanley Cup Playoffs. Let me know if you find any errors! Notes: -This is the 32-team ROM (updated teams, logos, player cards and graphics by Slapshot67). -Updated team rosters for 2019-20 season (rosters and player ratings by Skip). The 32nd team is still the NHL'94 Hall of Fame team, with original NHL94 ratings! -Weight bug is fixed (heavy guys are harder to knock down), and this ROM uses weight + checking = hitting ability -1 minute penalties (except for injuries = 2 min penalty). You can do 5, 7, 10 or 20 minute periods. -Hot/Cold is accurate in the pre-game screen and in edit lines. NEW for 2020 ROM: 50th anniversary center ice logos for Buffalo & Vancouver. ROSTER NOTES: 3rd line is usually a mashup of best players on a team's real 3rd & 4th lines. Tried to keep scoring lines as they are in real life, or how they "should be" when players return from injury. Dustin Byfuglien is not included on Winnipeg's roster. KNOWN BUG: The menu screen will freeze if the player cards begin to cycle for team #31 - Winnipeg. There is no known fix for this. TOURNEY ROM has continuous OT. The regular ROM has 5 minute OT. (I'll add this later) Zip folder has excel sheet with all players listed, including the NHL94 HHOF All-Stars roster, and Ratings list for all 32 teams. -Skip NHL20.bin NHL20excel.zip NHL20v2skip.zip NHL20v2.bin
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    How the forgotten man was found: Recently I was perusing NHL Reference and thought I'd go over to take a look at the 92-93 Los Angeles Kings roster . The Kings are one of my favorite teams in the game and I was curious to see how players like Luc Robitaille, Wayne Gretzky, Tomas Sandstrom and Kelly Hrudey performed. As I was scouring my way down the roster, I noticed a name that I recognized but couldn't quite put my finger on. As I thought about it a bit longer a new thought occurred, the fact that this player was not included in NHL '94 despite playing 49 regular season games. With this thought in my mind, I was determined to discover the player who played the most games in 92-93 without making NHL '94. This is the story of John McIntyre. John looks a little surprised to be remembered. Don't worry bud, I got your back. Who is John McIntyre exactly? McIntyre wen't in the 3rd round of the 1987 draft, 49th overall to the Toronto Maple Leafs. Playing as a center in the OHL for the Guelph Plates, it took a bit of time for McIntyre to get his game going as he scored a mere 30 points in 47 games during his draft year. As an over aged player in junior McIntyre scored 30 goals and 56 points and he earned a cup of coffee in the AHL with the Newmarket Saints. The following season McIntyre spent 6 games in the "A" before getting called up to the big show where he would be able to ditch bus rides for the majority of his career. Once in the NHL, John was able to establish himself as a defensive minded 4th line center who loved to get in on the fore check, skate hard, and lay big hits while occasionally dropping the mitts. He would ply his trade in the NHL for 6 with years with 4 different teams (Toronto, LA, Rangers, Vancouver) with 91-92 being his career year (5G-19A-24P-115PIM). 1995-96 would be his last year in pro hockey as McIntyre finally had to gut it out in the AHL with the Syracuse Crunch for 53 games before calling it quits. After all was said and done, McIntyre played 351 games, potting 24 goals and obtaining 54 assists for 78 points and 516 penalty minutes. Why wasn't McIntyre on the Kings NHL '94 roster? McIntyre played 49 games, which placed him 15th on the Kings roster for most games played during the 92-93 season. That is more games than Dave Taylor, Corey Millen, Tim Watters and even Wayne Gretzky! Problem was, McIntyre was traded before the end of the season on March 22, 1993 to the New York Ranger for Mark Hardy and a 5th rounder. Hardy himself played 55 total games that season and made the Kings '94 roster as the 6th highest rated defenseman. With NHL '94 being released after the 92-93 season, it simply would have been no longer accurate to include McIntyre as a member of the Kings. Why wasn't McIntyre on the Rangers '94 roster? This is where things get a bit more involved as McIntyre made it into 11 games with the Rangers before season end, this left him at 31st for most games played as a Ranger during 92-93. On the whole, McIntyre played 60 games, this is more than fellow Ranger forwards such as Phil Bourque (55 games), Jan Erixon (45 games), and Steven King (24 games). All three of the listed players made the '94 cut, seemingly at the expense of McIntyre. Looking further down the list, one will come across the name Mike Hartman, he played a mere 3 games with the Rangers but he as well made the '94 cut. Digging a bit deeper on Hartman, the answer to his inclusion becomes a little less murky as he played 58 games with Tampa before being traded to New York on the same day that McIntyre was acquired. This leaves Hartman with a 61 to 60 games played edge over McIntyre, that appears to be the reason for the choice of Hartman over McIntyre. Could this have been avoided? Forgetting McIntyre could have certainly been avoided, but at what cost? In regards to Bourque and Erixon, I would be inclined to include them as part of the Rangers '94 roster as they were a part of the team the entire year. The amount of defenders could have been reduced by one to allow for an extra forward, but all 8 Ranger players included did play a fairly vital role with Lowe coming in as a mid-season acquisition and Leetch missing a large chunk of the season with injuries. This leaves us with Steven King who scored 12 points in 24 games as a rookie. King, was signed out of college and turned into a decent prospect that was producing in the "A" but he was left unprotected during the 1993 Expansion Draft. King, ended up being selected by the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim thus leaving him unavailable for the Rangers during the upcoming 93-94 season while McIntyre remained property of the Rangers. This is where things get even hazier, the release date of NHL '94 is still a bit of a mystery with release being estimated around September-October of 1993. It is difficult to say when exactly rosters were finalized but McIntyre was claimed by the Vancouver Canucks on October 3, 1993 during the waiver draft. It is possible that rosters were finalized after the draft, thus making McIntyre even more of a mystery man as he was on his 3rd team in 7 months. Despite his vagabond ways and King's emergence with the Rangers, it would appear that there was a clear remedy to the problem. King, in addition to making the Rangers '94 roster also made the Ducks '94 expansion roster. For some reason the '94 powers that be felt it would be deserving to include King twice as opposed to McIntyre once despite McIntyre playing over twice as many games as King during the 92-93 season! Is anyone else forgotten on McIntyre's level? No and it's not even close. The next two players with the most games played to not be included were Vladimir Vujtek and Hubie McDonough with 30 GP each. Vujtek floated around the world for nearly 20 years eventually accumulating 110 NHL games. McDonough on the other hand put together a career with 195 NHL games but none of them came after 92-93. Several players with lesser careers and far fewer games played in 92-93 were included in '94 but that is possibly another story for another day. For now, let us recognize the most forgotten man of NHL '94, John McIntyre. You will be forgotten no longer.
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    Being one of the select few individuals to make it to all 5 NHL events that Troy @Edge of '94 Midwest has put together, it is incredible to see how far we have come. Every year the production value, quality of the competition, contributions from the community, and the fun experienced at the event goes up. If for some reason you are on the fence about these events, you need to jump right off that fence and get involved immediately. Win, lose, or draw you can not beat the amount of fun to be had at these events, bring your friends and make a day out of it. We enjoy a good time as much as we do good 94. This time around I had a very pleasurable experience from beginning to end. Moving the location for tournament from Green Bay to Minneapolis allowed for me to have a direct flight, a rare luxury for me to most of these events. No longer do I have to do the Sacramento-Phoenix-Atlanta-Minneapolis-Green Bay red eye flight the evening before a tournament. I felt so good about this trip that I even left the sunglasses at home. Once I arrived at the Moxy, I knew we were in a good place because I saw a few different NHL 94 setups in the lobby that were adjacent to the in house bar. Can't ask for much more than that type of setup. The discounted room rate was a great touch as these rooms really suited my style with their simplistic yet comfortable design. The location was fabulous as we were just a couple blocks from the venue and we were surrounded by a wide array of cuisine and drinks. I played a couple games before heading out with @IAmFleury'sHipCheck and his brother to one of the local spots for some high quality Italian food. By the time we got back to the hotel lobby it was getting a little late, I opted to stay away from the exi and 2 v 2 in an effort to get to bed at a reasonable hour. In retrospect this may have been a mistake as I instead was engaged in a conversation with EA, his brother, and KingRaph. During this conversation two girls from the bar were walking our way, the one girl who was a little less drunk than the other and almost literally dragging her friend out the door made eye contact with us and proceeded to say "My friend really wants to make out tonight but not with any of you!!!" Suffice to say, I was crushed by this revelation and I retreated up to my room shortly there after where I cried the night away thinking about my wasted opportunity. The next morning I got up early, got a coffee and some breakfast before heading over to the venue to help set things up for the tournament. I thought I was arriving pretty early and had a lot of heavy lifting ahead of me but boy was I ever wrong. By the time I arrived, things were already moving along smoothly, Trojan, Leif Eriksson, Darik Aho, Mort, Hank the Tank, and others were already well ahead of schedule at ensuring we would have an amazing tournament that day. There was the massive projector screen that allowed anyone and everyone within the venue to see what we were streaming on youtube. We had plenty of high quality CRTs, consoles, and controllers just ready and waiting for everyone. And oh yeah, there were also holograms and pyrotechnics! This event just continues to impress every year, I can't say enough about the thought and quality that goes into every aspect. The tournament itself was a blast, I had a really competitive group that included @danTML7, TecmoDPs, and @Scribe99. Getting to play with Scribe was a pretty big deal for me as he was one of the OG's from this site as he joined back in 2005. There was a time where Scribe was my main exi partner and it was incredible to see how much he still enjoys playing the game even though he hasn't been online for sometime. The man could still play as I sneaked out a win in group play and played a tight 2 game playoff series with him in bracket play. Mort also had an incredible showing and really impressed me with his play in our semifinal playoff matchup. This was all preamble though as I encountered Raph in the finals yet again. The last 2 GENS finals losses at Green Bay and the overtime loss in our 7 game epoch at Toronto were still fresh in my head. I did a little something different with my training this time around as the weekend before I went to visit @CoachMac up on the Nevada side of the Sierra Nevada mountains. We took advantage of those mountains as he and I literally climbed a couple different mountains, a small highlight real can be found below. Seriously though, we climbed mountains. And that's after we had been descending for a few minutes! My mettle was tested quickly as Raph won game 1 decisively and was up 2-0 early in game 2. I was able to reset mentally after that and the rest is all history. Raph and I hope to have some video breakdowns for everyone to view sooner rather than later as we want to try and share our thought process with the rest of the community. Raph and I are certainly rivals but the time is near where I think some other people will start making finals appearances of their own. For the time being, the frequency at which we face each other in the finals has been incredible and we may not ever see anything quite like it again. The SNES tournament was a rip roaring good time, the happy hour really spiced things up as the drinks were flowing around freely. Raph had my number that go around as I was unable to sweep the day and defend my SNES crown. We certainly had an incredible group of guys all contribute to a weekend that won't soon be forgotten. I want to thank @LeifErikson and Darik Aho for playing a huge role in helping make this tournament happen. Also thank you to The Shield for contributing all sorts of prizes to this event, I don't think I saw anyone walk away empty handed and we have you to thank for that. Major shout outs to the travelling folks @jer_33, @danTML7, @seventieslord, EA, @Votaw, Mort, DPS, Phil from Dmen Tap, @Mitch Kramer, Kevin Cabarello, and @kingraph. It is with your presence and your faith in these events that we are able to grow something from very humble beginnings to what we have here today. And lastly, thank you again to @Edge of '94 Midwest, you put on an absolutely incredible event and I can't wait until next year as I know you will do everything in power to make it another memorable experience.
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    This was my first real live tournament with competitive competition. I had went to one in my city and placed 3rd for Sega, and then joined the online league about 6 months ago, and worked my way up and lost in the finals of B division, and even won a few in A division, so I was feeling pretty confident. We arrived at the Moxy and they effed up my reservation and gave away my room with the 4 twin beds to someone else! I was about to become Canadian enraged, which means passively aggressively saying "eh" a lot, when they offered me a second room at no charge!!! So for $79/night, I got 2 rooms for myself, my bro, my buddy, and 2 kids. It worked out well. That place was happening!! So I put the kids to bed, and came to meet everyone. Played one exi with Toronto against a guy who turned out to really hate Sega so I won 8-1ish (what up Hank!?), but he really loved Dr. Mario. I am the #1 ranked Dr. Mario player in Regina, SK, Canada, so I figured I'd give him a chance at redemption. He won 8 of 9 before I could take no more. Wow. I have a lot to learn there. Immediately jumped into 2v2. Me and @kevincabarello were an amazing team! sniping one timers out of nowhere and defeating @kingraph and his partner twice in a row, along with another group. We were eventually defeated by Raph, but we had our moment. I believe we actually shut them out. Raph hasn't been shut out since 2002 I think! Everyone started clearing out around 1 and I kept trying to keep the night going, but nobody else wanted, so I went back upstairs to get a good night's rest after buying the boys some fireball and Jager! As you can see, Raph loved it a lot!! Woke up refreshed, and had some hotel breakfast and made the short walk to the Pour House Uptown. Played a couple exis on the CRTs to warm up. Things were rocking. I was definitely nervous. Heartrate was up and hands were jittery. I was smiling ear to ear when I heard my national anthem sung by @Edge of '94 Midwest Troy... But I wish I had read the sheet that said "you aren't going to win the first time you attend. You should focus on winning one game" because alas, I did not. My goal coming in was actually to lose to Raph or AJ in the semis. I thought that was very possible based on my previous online play. But I had a very hard draw with @Scribe99 @angryjay93 Eric and TecmoDPS (Daniel Slattery). But I only knew AJ from online play. I chose to play him first to get that loss out of the way. When I went down 5-0 in the first, I was worried, but I managed to stave off the mercy win and lose only 7-2. I thought "hey man, you're still in good shape! He's probably going to win all his other games by 6 goals, so you're technically in 2nd!" Next, I went for the 5th seed Eric so I could build up my ego and get an easy win. Fail. He won 2-0. This is fine, I told myself, as my next opponent was also 0-2. There's no way I'm the worst in this division, after playing over 1000 games in the last 6 months online. We have a very defensive battle between @DPS and myself. We go to OT 1-1. All I gotta do is win, and with my low goal differential, even 1-3 should be enough to make top 16. Nope. He wins it in OT. Time to take a break, do something different. I order a burger and she asks me how much pink I want in it. That s**t's nasty. In Canada, it's illegal! Anyway, I order my WELL DONE cheeseburger and find out they don't have paralyzers in USA, they are called Bulldogs. So I grab one of those, double... Then another double... then when I try to get one more, she tells me it's 2-4-1 time for happy hour. Still undetermined whether or not those were doubles also, but I got another 2 and then another 2. I wasn't drunk for my last game when I lost that also in overtime to Scribe, but as it rolled into my "Joes" division matches, it was starting to hit me. First series against an amateur, and I had to purposely make sure I didn't win by 6 to be polite. Then, match 2 against Eric again who shut me out in group prelims. Game 1 he shut me out until midway through third. that was 5 and a half periods that he shut me out. He's no "JOE" if you ask me! I scored one or two, but he won that I think. I took it to game 3 where he dismantled me. I won something, but didn't remember until I saw the pic. Watching Raph and AJ duke it out for Gens was incredible. I wish we could have had it to go best of 7! I continued those drinks, and played my SNES matches. I don't remember much of that, and then I did colour commentary and don't remember much of that. Then my phone died, so I couldn't google random facts about players anymore. That's when it hit me.... the bulldogs weren't happy with me. I spent the next 90 minutes in the bathroom and definitely did NOT miss the group photo and have to photoshop myself in later... any similarities to the pic above are strictly coincidental. Someone told me that I went 3-1 in SNES and even won a playoff round. I'm shocked, but maybe I have a future in SNES? All told, we drove 2500 km on the trip (y'alls religious billboards are HILARIOUS, call 1-888-83-TRUTH for evidence!), and I went 0-4 in prelims and 3-3 in B division, scoring 23 and allowing 23 in my main system (Genesis), and had a total blast. 100% would do again. The people are some of the purest gems in the world. Would give you the jersey off their back. Talking to Americans about politics was sure interesting. I'm a massive Bernie Sanders supporter. Many Americans I met seemed to love Canada, but hated simultaneously both Sanders and Trump. Sanders' platform is basically to make USA more like Canada. It's only socialism in as much as your school system, roads, garbage collection, fire department, medicare, medicaid, policing, social security, etc....... Every time someone wants to make a change that actually helps the people, the billionaires will brand them as socialist or communist. Don't be fooled! I wish America the best outcome possible in November, and I really hope you all make the right decisions between now and then on the candidate. Hope to see you in NYC! Much love from Canada.
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    NHL 95 enthusiasts I'd like to thank @wboy, @slapshot67, @kingraphand @smozoma up front, as Ive learned so much from these gentlemen. As 90% of the hard work was found by these guys. I've completed a NHL95 2020 update that includes the following: Updated rosters of all teams as of August 2nd, 2020 (https://www.capfriendly.com/depth-charts) Updated logos, center ice and banners for all team including "Seattle Kraken" (2020 Top Prospects), "All-Stars" (The top players from 2020) and the "Legends" (Top all-time players from NHL.com) If there is anything that can be added please let me know. NHL95 2020.bin
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    some good news, I found out how to limit teams showing up on the "EA Hockey Night" animation and the "Other Scores" screen, one issue is you can't go below 18 teams or it will crash. the first example I took my NHL 78 rom and went to location 00018032 and changed 701A to 7012, now only those 18 teams will be shown, no N/A the second example I took NHL20 and changed 701A to 7020, now all teams will be shown.
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    the 90's are finally here NHL 90.binNHL 91.binNHL 92.binNHL 93.binNHL 94.binNHL 95.binNHL 96.binNHL 97.binNHL 98.binNHL 99.bin Next updates will be other scores N/A fix proper ice layouts proper arena music convert 94 to 93 and add fight ratings
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    2020 QMJHL.bin In addition to the 18 league teams I included the All Star Team and Team QMJHL from the CIBC Canada/Russia Series. As a special bonus, I created a "French" version for fun. Much of the text cannot be translated due to byte limitations but I changed up a few things to give a bit of a different flavor: 2020 LHJMQ .bin Enjoy!
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    UPDATE: Post-trade deadline version uploaded below! So here it is, the 3rd NHL 20 rom that no one asked for, and delivered quite late! All the usuals from my roms, but to take note: -Updated logos, uniforms, arena names and rosters for all 31 teams (rosters as of Dec. 2) -Player portraits for all NLC starters -Speed burst set to 75% of original rom -Many graphical hacks such as backup goalies and coaches on bench, net cam, better uniforms... -Anniversary center ice logos for teams that are using one this year -Weight bug fix, smoz 3-star formula -known bug with 32-team rom -- GAME WILL CRASH IF CYCLING THROUGH WPG (TEAM 31) PORTRAITS ON MAIN MENU Please let me know if you have any suggestions or bugs to report! NHL 2020 by naples39.zip NHL 2020 1.1 by naples39.zip
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    Quick and dirty, simple update to the original ROM that anyone can use to sharpen some of their skills. I created this to help me prepare for KO94. Nothing spectacular, but it is fun to play around with. If you want to get a bit better at dekes, you can try the 1 skater VS 5. Maybe you want to work on getting better at defensive positioning? Try playing with 1 D-man VS 5. For 1-timer practice there's the classic, two-forward, 2on2-style line. Lastly, there is a, "no skater," team. You can use this to practice your goalie control skills. This can be very challenging. However, the CPU goalie will have to make a save before you can go into the goalie control mode. This is because there's no skater to switch from No Skaters is Washington 1 D-man is Winnipeg 1 Forward is Wales All-Stars 2 Forwards is Campbell All- Stars If someone wants to do the rest of the teams with only a LW skater for 1 team, or something like that, I'll replace this one. NHL94training.bin
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    I did not make any quotes that made the teaser, BUT! I just re-watched it and noticed that my Sega and NHL94 cartdrige -- which has a #2 on it and a strawberry sticker (so I would know it was mine when it came time to collect) -- is showcased for over 2 seconds, halfway through, in a closeup. NAILED IT!!! Just showed the wife and my kid and they had no reaction.
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    Don't mean to take any thunder away from @skip & @slapshot67 NHL20 rom (seriously, go download it), but I'm going through my old files and forgot about some of this stuff. All the skaters from the league on the site had their own stat pages with their ratings, which can't be displayed here, but I can share the hockey card scans. I cut out every skater and stylized them in the theme of the site. Some samples below: Anderson Whitmore Roy Hextall Sakic Olcyzk Roenick Yzerman Bure (Super Series - Moscow Central Red Army) Each team had it's own stylized login screen as well. The blog would rotate background images, too. North Stars login Blues login One of the random blog backgrounds that would rotate (half of Hulls' missing foot would have been covered by content) Also made a jacket insert for a Genesis box, and cart sticker for the game Have a bunch of stuff that I want to post, like the sprite patch so that this stuff is on the forums. As an aside, I just noticed that Wboys' hexaddicts.com was available for registration so I picked it up. Should be able to get the old pages back from archive.orgs' Wayback machine.
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    Wanted to wait for the dust to settle a bit and give myself a little time to reflect on the event before I offered my thoughts. First and foremost, to the man, the myth. the legend, @halifax: I tried my best to arrive a little early on Saturday to help out in the event that you needed any of the CRTs' I brought, or the consoles and controllers. But when I arrived, everything was already well in hand. That's a testament to how well everything was laid out and planned for. Even with all the moving parts you had to deal with, it never seemed stressful. I know I thanked you profusely for setting everything up and hosting a great event and I meant it. Everyone here really appreciates you and the amount of effort and dedication it took to pull everything together. The fact that we couldn't drink and the food truck didn't come through is unfortunate, but that's just life. Can't expect everything to be perfect. Really enjoyed our series as well, though it's tough to lose on a penalty shot like that. I felt like the '94 gods were smiling on me after you had 3 penalty shots in game 2. I think I spent all my beginners luck on our series as @Fed tuned me up pretty good in the next round. I can't say I'd do nearly as well if saddled with the same task of running this tournament. We are all fortunate to have you as a leader of this community. Great job; you have a lot to be proud of. To the current belt holder and Genesis NHL'94 champion, @kingraph, congrats on your first of what will probably be many titles! I know there's a lot of pressure and expectations coming in with you being one of the most feared and revered players and you rose to the occasion big time. It was a treat to watch you play on the big screen in the greatest NHL'94 series I've ever had the pleasure of watching. You're a great guy and I enjoyed chatting with you as well. @angryjay93 getting that 3-peat would have been epic, but you're a legendary player nonetheless and it was great to watch you in the finals and pick your brain a bit on the game. I've had a chance to see the final game 7 a few times from the stream as well. Bit of a bad break in OT with the mass of humanity that was right inside the blue line above the left face-off circle. Looked like you were going to get a break out of the zone but the puck squirted free and Sakic got that one-timer off from the high in the slot; it's a 50/50 chance of being a goal. Didn't want to see either of you lose but we could't ask for anything more than a game 7 in OT with you two. The 2on2 marathon session till 5am was a blast and I was in stitches. I probably would have needed a doctor had I laughed any harder. Great to finally meet you as well. Great guy. @smozoma it was great to play against you in our series and finally meet you after all of the help you've given me over the years. I don't think we've played in a playoff-type scenario since 2009 in the NHL91.com playoffs. Really felt like I had you dead to rights after our first game, but you battled back and overcame a two goal deficit to send me to the losers bracket. Yuuuuge upset against Raph as well. I know all of us were pulling for you to go deep and maybe even into the finals. It felt like it was your day at one point in the tournament and you were gonna be the cinderella story of KO94-4. Great job with the brackets and taking care of all the hardware related issues, too. You're a pillar in the community and I can't imagine what it would be like without you here and all that you've contributed to this game. @IAmFleury'sHipCheck one of the big highlights of KO94-4 was finally meeting you and being able to hang out. It's easy to see why you're so well liked. The, 'EA special' was in full effect in our series and I didn't have an answer for it! At least I got a pass shot by you from center ice, which is somewhat redeeming. I never play well with Calgary for some strange reason. Have to think that having all of those exis with AJ played some part in that. Awesome personality, awesome guy. Can't wait to see you in the next one. @Coffey excellent job with the stream. Hiccups always happen during these type of events but it turned out great and it really added to the atmosphere. Helping you get that big CRT in your car it really hit me how much you had to do for this. Thanks so much. Seeing you rotate jerseys throughout the event was really cool, too. Would love to have the chance to do a little color commentary on the stream next time around. @jer_33 @aqualizard @AtomicRaven @stantanator great to meet you guys and chat a bit. Everyone was really laid back and easy to talk to. Hope to see you in the next one! Also, Stanton better have his legal name change to Stantonator complete by KO94-5. @Mikail, whose forum handle I can't remember. What a stone cold killer! I remember talking to some of the SNES buds and how everyone was saying that the field was pretty wide open during the tournament. Apparently not! Watching him chilln-like-a-villain leading up to the finals with @DAF he was on his own, eerily silent. I just gave him a wide berth so he could focus on getting ready. And even with his hand cramping up he still swept a great player like DAF. I chatted with him for about 10 mins after the final since I really don't know the guy at all and was curious as to how he picked up the game and got so good at it. He told me, growing up, he played his brother and his brothers friend every time he played. So, it was actually two-on-one every game! He said that, "they would just screen the goalie and I had to find a way to win." If that isn't a proving ground for getting great at NHL'94, I don't know what is. He also said on stage that he, "has the bug and wants to play online." If there's anyway I can talk you into partaking in the Genesis side, I'd be happy to . Super nice guy, well deserved win on your second title. Congrats. @Bob Kudelski @Fed @annatar really enjoyed chatting and playing with the SNES buds. I have a lot to learn but I did enjoy the games I played. I will work on my game in hopes of being more than cannon fodder for top level players on Super next time around. @Slapshotsean @Mort @DPS great to hang with you guys. Congrats on winning the Jam title. You guys are absolute gamers, balls to the wall. The 2on2 session till 5am was worth the trip alone for me. You guys have to be there next time. @CamKneely always a brides maid never a bride no more. Congrats on being the inaugural and reigning Duke of 94 champ! Even if it did feel kinda like I was watching you play quarterback for playground kids on both teams. Sorry I could't get some 2on2 games in with the two time 2on2 champs. We didn't get going until after midnight and you had to be at work the next day. Great to finally meet you and we gotta have you back at the next one. @segathon it's not too late to join us. There is still good in you. I can feel it. As far as the venue goes, I thought the stage and broadcast/stream booth really added to the gravitas of the games, and being able to sit back and watch the tournament unfold on the big screen was awesome. It really felt like a legit eSporting event. I'm not sure where the next one will be held but it will be tough to top that aspect after playing on a big stage. Big props to Waves, they were very accommodating and I hope they have big success with their facility into the future. I'd really like to help out more next time around. If it's more hardware, or whatever, you can count on me. I'm great with design and can design t-shirts, promo vids, logos or whatever need be. I just want to make sure this keeps rolling along. Will definitely contribute more to the raffle next time as well. Would have liked to get some 2on2 going for Genesis and SNES during KO94-4, though there really wasn't any time for it. Please delegate the task to me for managing a 2on2 tournament if it's too much to handle in addition to the classic tournament. It could be interspersed during classic games in bracket play if we want to add it. I'll bring all necessary hardware so that 8 players can play at a time. To all the great guys I've played and chatted with over the years that I didn't get to meet: @donnybrook @HABS @Freydey @Zalex @IceStorm70 @CoachMac @Evan @Brutus @Uncle Seth @kgman @chaos @McMikey @The Russian Rocket @hokkeefan @skip @slapshot67 @mack and others that I haven't mentioned because this post is entirely too long.You guys are sorely missed and I really hope you can make it out to the next one. Also, I will spare no blood or treasure to get @wboy to one of these. I'll wrap up by mentioning that some of the community members said they were eager to finally meet me and have me as a part of KO94-4. It was a bit humbling and overwhelming for sure. I hope I didn't disappoint anyone. All I can really say is, I'm just a big kid who hasn't outgrown his love for this game and I hope I never do. ggs
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    COMPLETED!!! A huge thank you to @Jkline3 for the Banner options and roster details (MAAAAASSSIVE help), @wboy for NOSE, @kingraph for the mapping, @smozoma for Ditherer program. This game has provided an appreciation for each one of you and the impact you had on this game. KHL 21' is now living in NHL95!!! Let me know what you think regardless. KHL'21(95).bin
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    Hey Everyone, Hooray, the new NHL season is here!!! Just like last year, I am posting my "2020 Season Edition" for NHL94 2020. It's an upgrade/update on my preseason version. Here's what you need to know about the rom: *Link for the ROM is below the in-game images. *The "Winnipeg Freeze Bug" exists on this rom as it affects all 32 team roms in this forum. *Includes the weight bug/helmet sprite patch/Smozoma 3 Stars of the Game hack. *Each team has 3 goalies, 14 forwards and 8 defensemen for you to choose from prior to a game. *This ROM is a “healthy/best case scenario” ROM. That means, most injured players are in the line-ups and the lines/d-pairings may not be 100% what you see on opening night. If you are not happy with a line combo or D pairing, feel free to change it. *Ratings based on a 3-year average. *Shooting accuracy based on goals per game, not season shooting % (as there is no season mode). Points, assists, hits and PM also based on per game averages. *NHL Rookies/newbies are rated on the lower side, to start, as they must prove themselves. I've made that mistake before and over-estimated. If the rookie/newbies get better, throughout the season, it will be reflected on future roms. *Line combinations are structured as two scoring lines plus one "checking" or "shutdown" line. *OT is 60 minutes in length. May the best team win!*In v1 of the rom, the 32nd team is an 2020 NHL Prospects team (includes Alexis Lafrenière). In the PO (Playoff) version of the rom, there are 32 NHL teams including the new Seattle Kraken.*Kenny Albert serves the new “Ron Barr” in this rom. Any and all feedback is welcome and appreciated! Cheers! The Sauce NHL94 2020 V1 - Season kick-off version (see rom details above) NHL94 2020 v1.bin NHL94 2020 Post-trade deadline/Playoff Version with the stamina decrease hack to reduce player stamina quicker for more frequent line changes. NHL94 2020 vPO.bin NHL94 2020 Post-trade deadline/Playoff Version with no stamina decrease hack NHL94 2020 vPO no SH.bin
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    We (NHL94.com) have partnered with the Mario Lemieux Foundation to put together an online NHL'94 tournament! All proceeds will benefit the Mario Lemieux Foundation for cancer research. Entry Fee: $19.94 donation to the Mario Lemieux Foundation Prizes: The champions for both Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis will receive an NHL'94 plaque signed by Mario Lemieux! There will be other prizes that will be given away as well as part of the tournament. Registration (starts Friday at 12 EST): https://www.nhl94.com/sochel94 When: Registration ends May 30th. Opening rounds start June 6th. Rules: 5 Min Periods, Penalties Off, Offsides Off, Manual Goalie Tournament Style format - Best of 3 series each round Pick one team to use entire tournament Full rules here: https://www.nhl94.com/sochel94/rules.html Entrants: 64 player cap on each system (Genesis & SNES) Can I Play Both?: Yes, with a separate donation for each entry. So if you enter both, donate $19.94 x 2 = $39.88! I hope all of you online veterans play, and set good examples for any new players that play as part of this tournament! Links: SEGA GENESIS BRACKET: https://challonge.com/Sega_Genesis_SoChel SUPER NINTENDO BRACKET: https://challonge.com/Super_Nintendo_Sochel TWITCH STREAM: https://twitch.tv/kingofnhl94 FACEBOOK STREAM: https://facebook.com/nhl94dotcom/live DONATE TO MARIO LEMIEUX FOUNDATION (for SoChel): Donation link Mario Lemieux Foundation Website: https://mariolemieux.org/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MarioLemieuxFdn/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/MarioLemieuxFdn NHL94.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nhl94dotcom/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/MarioLemieuxFdn
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    through NHL 71.bin NHL 72.bin NHL 73.bin NHL 74.bin NHL 75.bin NHL 76.bin NHL 77.bin NHL 78.bin NHL 79.bin NHL 80.bin NHL 81.bin NHL 82.bin NHL 83.bin NHL 84.bin NHL 85.bin NHL 86.bin NHL 87.bin NHL 88.bin NHL 89.bin NHL 90.bin NHL 91.bin NHL 92.bin NHL 93.bin NHL 94.bin NHL 95.bin NHL 96.bin NHL 97.bin NHL 98.bin NHL 99.bin
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    I have been working on a smaller goal mod for NHL 94 on Genesis. I have edited the artwork to work with the code that edits the barrier of the goal posts and of the boards. So this is complete with accurate collision of the goal posts with the puck with updated goal artwork. There are several different sizes of goals. Here are some photos of the smallest goal: (updated 11/16/19) Playing roms with this goal size produces very low scoring games. One way I have made this goal size more playable is by lowering goalie glove ratings to create more shots that bounce off the goalie. Smallest Goal v1.1 ROM : (released 12/28/19) smallestgoalFBFF0000v11.bin Version 1.1 Notes: -Disabled the Auto Goalie Diving Save Angles code used in v1.0 due to it causing all players to be Lefties in-game. In version v1.1 the new Goalie Diving Save Angles are Off by default, though they can be enabled in this version without it causing all players to be Lefties by running 2 RAM codes during gameplay. (see ROM for details) -Increased all Goalies Weight ratings by 4 in an effort to reduce cheap goals -Made some minor corrections and graphical improvements Smallest Goal v1.0 ROM : smallestgoalFBFF0000v1.bin Here are some photos of the medium size goal : The medium version's posts are black while the smaller goal's posts are red because below the size editable in the goal artwork tile you have to choose from predetermined artwork by changing a single-byte vale. Here is the larger version of the goal done from the goal art tiles : This one is slightly smaller than the normal goals in NHL 94. Each version works with a different value for the barriers code and each of these versions provide different challenges with different goal post and board collision values. I have roms for each goal size, and you could start by playing the larger version of the goal then try the smaller versions and see if you can score. You will be blown away by the goal post collisions and when goals miss the goal on shots compared to what you're used to. You can look at this as a way to adjust the accuracy of one-timers and shots. On the smaller goals hitting wide open nets with shots will no longer be automatic. You will now have to place your shots and pay more attention to angles since the goal post barrier code has been tailored to the artwork. If you play on the smallest goal you should expect a lot of 0 - 0 games and if you score it could end up being the winner. Playing on longer periods and real-time clock is essential to this mod since the smaller the goal the longer it will take you to score. Are you interested in testing NHL 94 with smaller goals with all the goal artwork updated? Will it change your strategy on how you score? Playing with smaller goals will make one-timers more realistic because they no longer will be automatic scores. Now they will hit off the post more or miss the goal completely. With different versions of goal sizes you can play on the goal size that you want, if the smallest version of the goal is too small and you are getting frustrated at not being able to score goals you can use the medium one. There really aren't too many other goal sizes that are possible than these due to the artwork limitation. Any smaller than the smallest one it's pretty much impossible to score. But be forewarned, after you experience playing NHL 94 with these smaller goals and adjusted collision you may not be able to go back to playing with regular sized goals again because you may find it too easy to score. Playing on these roms will make your NHL 94 experience more advanced and strategic since scoring becomes more difficult with a smaller target to score. Note : Some of you may want to know more about the Goalie Diving Saves codes that I have put into this mod. I have included this screenshot to illustrate what these codes do. I attempted to put this code into the rom as a ROM code in v1.0 but as you seen, it had the affect of making all players lefties regardless of their handedness rating. So in v1.1 I had to remove it from the rom and offer it as a RAM code that you have the option to use. I want to explain why it was so important that I included this in the rom one way or another, because of what it does. And to better understand what these codes do, I have provided this screenshot : You see how the goalie is doing a feet first diving save attempt? These kinds of goalie diving saves don't occur too often if at all unless you have the two codes that I provided in the rom on. One code affects the human/p1 team's goalie the other code affects the cpu/p2 team's goalie. These codes don't seem to affect the goalie when manually controlled by a player, only when the goalie is under Auto-control. So this is in regards to C-button Goalie diving save attempts, but specifically when triggered by the CPU / Auto Goalie. That's what these codes affect and improve. As you can see from the screenshot, I was controlling the Devils skating right to left then attempted a shot. Normally this action would cause the CPU/Auto goalie to dive left or make the wrong decision and dive right which caused a glitch when the shot is taken : the shot would hit off an invisible wall where the game thinks the goalie is, but the goalie is seen diving to the opposite side. Instead of this situation, with the codes on, in situations like this, the goalie will often dive feet first instead of left or right. And unlike before, the puck now won't hit off an invisible wall when you take a shot, to the open net, or the side that the game thinks that the goalie has dived to, when the goalie is seen diving to the other side. With the codes on, sometimes goalies will still do C-button diving saves to the left or right in situations like this, but in those instances they'll be to the correct side more often and won't have this glitch. It's not that I've 100% solved the glitch from happening, it's that in general through the two codes, I've made auto goalie diving saves look cooler with these new angles and I've increased the accuracy of auto goalies diving to the correct side when they dive left or right which avoids the wrong sided goalie diving save glitch.
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    MWW I show up at gaming night at my best-bro-from-works-new house and all my squadmates are there and I'm still super sauced from the quarterly-company-event from earlier. But I leave the bag with my controllers in the car. But I probably don't need em because most of these dudes are younger than me so I'll look ridiculous with my old-man-gamer-gear. Then I remember Steve said he got like 50 Genesis games for 20 bucks or something last month and the best one was Revenge of Shinobi. But I'd be trying too hard and no one is expecting me to bring them anyway. Then I remember that no one wears a suit to hang out and I could probably just stop home and put on a t shirt and jeans. But someone notices me and I've been waking back and forth from my car to the house for 5 minutes. The controllers though, they might think it's cool if I bring em. But my boy Mitch is approaching and he's drunker than I am. Then I see all the women are in the front of the house and my anxiety kicks in. I'm not attracted to any of them anyway. There's still a chance I'll have to make eye contact as drunk as I am. If I just walk with Mitch no one will notice how drunk I am because he's so wrecked. He wants us to get more beer before we go downstairs and I can probably just bolt and no one will even know I was here. Then we get down there and Kris and Gus are playing PS4 and Steve is actually playing Pigskin Footbrawl on a god damn Sega Genesis with Chad. But I haven't checked the forum for almost 3 hours and it's my turn to pick. Then I remember I haven't been in a league for like 8 years and I can post tomorrow when I sober up.
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    I re-purposed The Sauce's 2020 ROM with Winter Classic graphics to give my kids something to do for the last couple days of break... Please note that it's really only meant for Nashville at Dallas as changes I made to the ROM have effects on other teams that don't translate. If there's any interest I could update to make the other teams with outdoor-style uniforms, NHL94 2020 Winter Classic.bin
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    I was able to get most of the exhibition stuff done. Still need to figure out what I didn't log when it comes to loading the nameplates on the US Map. Right now it is loading SF and SEA for the AFC and NFC. I got the team text set up and need to tweak the US map highlighter but progress is progress. Will hopefully get a huge portion done in the next couple of days and then start the Season coding. I have the Helmet shells and logos almost figured out. Fingers crossed but looks like it will be doable in the next 2-3 weeks barring some major hurdle I haven't thought about.
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    So today I started hacking the original TSB 3 rom and hopefully in a couple weeks I can release it. This will have only hacks that are needed to add 2 teams to the original rom. The biggest 3 hurdles will be the Big Helmets, end zones and the Team Select Menu. I hacked the Big helmets for my face hack and I hacked the Team select to be one team at a time. I will revisit that code and see if I can just add another page like the original has and make it 8 teams per page. I don't think I tried to do that on TSB4 as I already knew what I wanted to do with that menu. Endzones are just a pain to draw and map out because of the way the field is skewed. Not sure how I want to handle it right now, may end up adding the midfield logos and field mapping from TSB4 as It would make future edits way easier for people wanting to do their own roms. I really don't want to do much graphical hacking if I don't need to. The mini helmets and name plates are already done. Working on the menu highlight cursor that highlights the helmet of the team you are currently on. I am doing all the graphics first before adding the coding to make it 32 teams/8 divisions. When I release this I will release it in a new thread and post the link here.
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    I just found this site yesterday and spent a good amount of time trying to understand what was going on which led me here. As someone less than 24 hours into this foray, I'd like to give my perspective as an outsider. Documenting it now is better than waiting a few months and forgetting what it was like to be an outside. First, I just want to say the only reason I'm taking the time to give this feedback is because I appreciate what you have all done so far, I hope to be a part of the community, and I give this feedback with good intentions so that the community might be better off for it. I'm in no way a troll just spewing criticisms from a dark corner of the internet because it makes me feel better. I simply don't have the inclination or time. To start, I'll preface that I'll parallel this little diatribe to that of a business trying to obtain and retain customers. If you all want to increase the number of people in the community and thus the amount of people playing this game, ask yourself what you would do as a business if you were trying to charge people for this experience. Simplifying that approach for the benefit of this post, a business should: Sell the experience, Reduce the friction for the prospect to be a customer, Provide great customer support. So, the specifics... A. The homepage is busy. Actually, both are. After a couple of hours of bouncing around and reading everything I'm still not sure why there are two homepages. It's all too much information for someone new. A business would create one homepage, sell the experience, and make it very clear what the visitor to the site was supposed to do next (the "call to action")...which is download the software to play. Everything else is a distraction for a new user. If you need all that other information later, great...bury it out of sight in the menu and funnel the new users there once they're up and running. B. I downloaded the software for my mac to install it and was a little confused. I know what an emulator and ROM is which gives me a bit of a leg up on other newbies, but I'm in no way up to date on what all the technologies are -- I haven't used an emulator in 10 years. So, there were some little nuances like the unusual interface and getting past Apple's security that made it a bit confusing. The site's instructions helped a bit, a simple Youtube tutorial would have been much more helpful. Those two roadblocks are probably enough to keep most people away. I kept going because my brother and I used to play this game for hours a day as kids and we're looking to recreate the experience remotely so we're a little extra motivated. We ordered controllers and will be able to figure out how to start playing against one another, but I'm honestly not even sure what to do to get into some pickup games or register for upcoming leagues/tournaments. C. I'm sure you're all busy and being a full-time customer service rep is not on your bucket list. That being said, it'd be nice if I knew that to go for help I should consult this message board, go to the Discord channel, go to the facebook group, or click one of the email links to ask for help. Again, too many options, too much friction. Funnel everyone to the most active place and consider killing the rest. Again, I don't want to sound like an angry, ungrateful person who showed up to spit vile. That's not my intention. It seems like this community has been active for a long time and everything has been piecemealed together as technology has progressed, with no major revamp to refresh the groundwork. I'm sure I'll figure it out eventually and hope to see you all in some games at some point in the future.
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    Adding the first few teams. Helsinki Jokerit is the to dawn NHL95!!!!
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    To Genesis Sports Enthusiasts!!! I'm aware that NHL94' website is mainly for the NHL series, but with the recent news that Tecmobowl.org is no more (RIP). This is one of the last places people, gamers, modders, and anyone for a debate can go and tickle that itch. This post / project is to get some help on some of the games that are long over do for a refresh/overhaul. Triple Play Baseball (I've managed to get it cleaned, and rosters updated, especially without the dreaded "Ghetto City" or Jim's, or Frank's TEAM.) World Series Baseball (I've updated all the rosters (attributes as well), found the logos. But needing help on main screen, and some other aspects) NBA Live 98' (I've updated the rosters last year (all manually), but 96' has an editor which makes things a lot easier, I'm working with the guy who created it to see if we can get one for 98') Tecmo Super Bowl 3 (I've updated the rosters (attributes), speed up the game, able to find the logos. but need help on the screens.) I know this probably is a waste of time, since @Drunken_1, the master of SNES TSB3 is overhauling that game to be more of original game TSB4!!! PrimeTime Football / NFL 98 (I've done some modding there, but need some help to get the rosters completed and an overhaul of the helmets) Madden 98 (I've played with the rosters, but TSB is far better) PM or share as this is more to reach out to fellow enthusiasts and try bringing up closer with games we love....and updated features and rosters. Below are the games I've started and would love input or suggestions (I.e. NCAA alternatives). Also, at the very bottom, is the NCAA TSB that I found, can't remember where. But Ill give to @MT Remix and @JstoutLogic as they were the ones I found in the game. Bill Walsh College Football '95.bin Madden NFL 98.bin NFL 2020.gen Triple Play Gold 2020.bin Tecmo Super Bowl 3 '20.bin World Series Baseball '20 (98).smd NCAA-TSB 2019.zip
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    There are 2 major forms of latency (or lag, whichever you'd like to call it): Input Latency - The delay from pressing a button, to the display of that button action on the screen. Network Latency - The delay in communication from one computer to another. In our case, the amount of time it takes to for one player's button press to show up on the other player's screen. Latency is usually displayed in ms (milliseconds). An emulator displays video by frames. Most emulators use an ~60Hz refresh rate (similar to the consoles they emulate), which means it displays 60 video frames per second. The video on the screen refreshes every 16.7ms (1 second / 60 frames = 16.7ms). So, the fastest an emulator can show a change on the screen is 16.7ms. This may seem like very little time, but in regards to computer processing, this is a ton of time. A lot of things happen within those 16.7ms, one of which is preparing for the next video frame. Input Latency The emulator checks for controller input during a specific time during a frame. If the input arrives before that time, it will update the video on the screen. How soon you see a reaction to your input is called the input latency. Many things can factor into this: Controller - Your USB/Bluetooth/wireless controller polls the button inputs every couple of ms. Some poll quicker than others (2-4 ms), some take longer than others (11-16ms). This contributes to input lag. On top of that, the PC will poll the controller, which also contributes to input lag (though this is usually 1-2 ms). So, when you press the button, the controller polls the buttons to see what was pressed, and then the PC polls the controller to get the input. This is not instant. Emulator - Depending on how well the emulator is coded, some of them can contribute to input lag. It can receive the input from the PC, but it may take a frame or 2 before it updates the video to show the input. Display - Depending on your monitor or TV, there could be a delay added. HDTVs especially, since there is some upscaling of the video involved in order to display it (this can add a few frames). Computer monitors are usually lag-free. Regardless of all the latency added above, the emulator still checks for input every 16.7ms. So if you press the button, if it gets to the emulator in time, it will display it. The problem is this: It only checks every 16.7ms. So, if you press the button mid-frame (8ms), and your input latency adds up to 10ms, the total is 18ms (10ms latency, 8ms to press the button), and you will miss the frame. Your input has to wait for the next frame to show up. The best way to think of the above is this way: Imagine you need to get on the bus. A bus comes by every 16.7ms to pick people up. It takes 10ms for you to get to the bus stop from your house (your latency). Depending on the time you leave your house (press a button), will depend on what bus (frame) you make. If you are curious as to the input lag of your controller (the first part of above), you can look it up on the internet. A lot of people have done tests of controllers. For example, the wired retro-bit controllers come in around 10ms, where as a wired 8bitdo M30 2.4g has about 3-4ms. Network Latency Network latency is the amount of time it takes for communication between 2 PCs. This comes into effect during Netplay, when 2 PCs are sending inputs back and forth. Latency increases with distance (the further the signal has to travel, the more latency there most likely will be), but there are many other factors that can cause latency: Wifi - A wireless signal from a PC to a router can be affected by many things. Walls, interference from microwaves (microwaves use the same frequency as most Wifi routers), interference from wireless landline phones (same frequency), distance from PC to router, devices on Wifi, etc. You can have the fastest internet and Wifi router in the world, but it will not make a difference. Wifi adds lag, and since it isn't consistent lag, it makes it even worse. Jitter - Your internet speed is not important when it comes to gaming. You can have 1GBit download and upload speeds, but what matters most is jitter, or stability. Input lag is usually consistent, in other words, stable. Your eye can easily adjust to it after a minute or so. Network jitter causes instability, where the network lag constantly changes. There are many things that can cause this, though most are out of your hands. You can check your network jitter using online tests such as speedtest.net. Note, this will change (you will get different results every time you run it), but the goal is to have jitter that is less than 8ms or so. One of the only ways you can control jitter is by using a wired connection for internet, between your PC and router. Other than that, you are at the mercy of your Internet Service Provider (ISP). Local Network Load - This is a problem again you may have some control over. The amount of devices using internet on your local network can cause a load on the router, where the router has to decide what devices to let through at a given time. Sometimes, your PC will be at the top of the list, sometimes on the bottom. The router decides what is most important. Sometimes, some routers have settings that give priority to gaming. Usually, this isn't much of a problem, but it could be. ISP Network Load - You have no control over this. This depends on how many people are using the internet at a given time. In a case when a pandemic is going on, internet usage goes up, causes a network load, and everything slows down. Peak times (after work hours) will also cause issues with network traffic. Some people just have crappy internet service providers, and it might be their only option. In these cases, you just have to limit what you can. Again, speed doesn't matter, this game could be played using a 1200 baud modem no problems. The amount of data passed between PCs is just inputs, and occasionally save states. The most important thing is stability. If the Network Latency is constant, it can be dealt with easier than if it is constantly changing. Both Input Latency and Network Latency are added together when it comes to Netplay. So if we use our bus analogy: Imagine you need to get on the bus. A bus comes by every 16.7ms to pick people up. It takes 10ms for you to get to the bus stop from your house (your input latency). But now, there's traffic along the way (your network latency). Depending on the time you leave your house (press a button), and depending on how bad the traffic is at that time (network latency), will determine what bus you get on (what frame). RetroArch Netplay Like I said above, your Input Latency (which is local to you) and Network Latency (between you and your opponent) affect your Netplay experience. RetroArch netplay, the way it works in a nutshell, is it checks frame by frame to see if it receives an input from the opponent. It also keeps track of what frame you and your opponent are on, and compares. When you connect to each other, it starts frame counting. So, when you press the B button on Frame 123, it sends that information to your opponent. When your opponent is on Frame 123, it receives your B button press, and shows it on the screen on the next frame (124), just when it would show on yours as well. In a perfect world, every button press on a frame would be registered on the same frame for your opponent, without problems. But, what happens when you press your B button and it's showing your pass on Frame 123, but it doesn't get to your opponent until Frame 125? This is the effect of latency. What RA does in this case, is rewind to Frame 123, show your B button press, and continue. Now in this case, there is 2 frames of lag (which is ~33ms). The rewind may go unnoticed in this case. But, lets say the frame difference was 10 frames. That's 166.7ms. That may be noticeable to the player. In this case, what they see is a skip, or "rubber-banding" where the skaters rewind back 10 frames, then continue. (Note: more goes on than just rewind, just keeping it simple here) The short frame rewinds make it seem like input lag. Many players complaining about input lag are probably experiencing this. The larger frame rewinds are more noticeable and look like skips. In other emulators, what would happen in this case, is the game would stutter and hang until one side caught up to the other. If the frame difference was large, the game would de-sync. Input Latency Frames and Run-Ahead RetroArch can deal with latency in 2 ways - Input Latency Frames (used to help with network latency) and Run-Ahead (used to help with input latency). Remember, Netplay expect the input from each player to arrive on the same frame. This is unrealistic. In some cases, when people playing against each other are very close geographically, this is possible (as long as all latency equals to less than a frame - 16.7ms, this works). In cases when playing across North America, expect network latency to be in the 20-80ms range. Adding Input Latency Frames allows some time for Netplay to expect the input. If we add 2 Input Latency Frames, for example, when we press B on Frame 123, it sends the press on Frame 123, but delays showing it until Frame 126 (pressed on 123, would originally show on 124. 124 +2 frames = 126). This way, the opponent's PC can wait for the input on Frame 125, showing it on 126, giving it 3 frames total of travel (Frame 123, 124, 125). Gens Kaillera Netplay and ZSNES both add 2 input latency frames automatically. Gens adjusts by adding more if needed (depends on ping). By default, Input Latency Frames is set to 0 in RA. Run-Ahead works locally, by removing input latency frames. By turning Run-Ahead on, you remove at least 1 frame of input latency (you can set it higher if you'd like). It's one of best features of RA. By default, it's turned off. TL;DR: So how can we use these to help improve Netplay experience? We can add Input Latency Frames, and remove some of them locally using Run-Ahead, to give us a near lag-free (in most cases) experience. Example: If we set Input Latency Frames to 2, and set Run-Ahead to 1, we essentially add 1 frame of input latency locally (2 input frames - 1 run-ahead frame = 1 total). This gives the network 2 frames to play with as far as receiving data, but we only see a difference of 1 frame while playing. This is not noticeable. Even 2 frames is hard to notice. NOTE: Adding Run-Ahead frames becomes CPU intensive. You can experiment with it, but 1 or 2 frames should be more than enough. NOTE: When it comes to adding Input Latency Frames, both players have to have this set to the same value. Confer with your opponent beforehand as to how many you will set. Run-Ahead is local only, so this doesn't matter if the values are different between players. Setting Input Latency Frames Start RetroArch Discuss with your opponent how many latency frames you'll be using (I recommend starting with 1 or 2, that should be enough in most cases). Once decided, go to Netplay->Network. Set Input Latency Frames to the value decided (2 as shown below). NOTE: Leave "Input Latency Frames Range" to 0. Only set the Input Latency Frames. Also, the Input Latency Frames setting is saved when exiting RA. So make sure you check it before playing, if you'd like to change it again. Enabling Run-Ahead Start RA. Go to Settings-Latency Turn "Run-Ahead to Reduce Latency" to ON. I recommend using 2 Input Latency Frames, and 1 Run-Ahead Frame as a starting point. Switch to 1 Input Latency Frame when playing someone who is closer to you. Again, confer with your opponent, as it's important that your Input Latency Frames are the same value!
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    I'll play in A this season
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    A74EC - CHANGE 4801 TO 6801 A74FC - CHANGE 4801 TO 6801 A750C - CHANGE 4801 TO 6801
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    Gentlemen, As we continue to hold more and see and more live tournaments (KO94, Edge of 94, NYC, LI Retro, Montreal, etc), I want to come up with some bullet points to share with folks who are considering attending, but are on the fence. I have a feeling that the "tournament" aspect gets overplayed when we promote these events, and we forget that it's actually fun to just attend. At least that has been my experience when talking to everyone at these events. I am also trying to be self-aware as I have always placed in the top 2 at these things, so I don't want to be ignorant/arrogant in my view. So, please help by responding to this thread with any bullet points that you think would be good to share for people considering attending an NHL'94 live tournament. I'll keep a running list on this OP: Going to a live NHL'94 "Tournament" The goal is to have fun and be a kid again for a few hours! Players of all skill levels are welcomed Don't think you have to be the best competitive player to attend Some people have played consistently for the last 20+ years Some people haven't played for 20+ years! There will be competitive games with people of similar skill level Bring a friend and claim your bragging rights Reminisce about the players and games of the 90's Meet up with friends you haven't seen in a while Consolation brackets, giveaways, prizes, and raffles are found in most events
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    Gonna go with this one before I make a biggie... Just a mock-up.
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    This has been asked a bunch, so here it is. This Google Sheet has all of the NHL'94 players, duplicates removed, and their ratings. This is useful for draft leagues or anyone interested in the player attributes. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Vr9sVwLbLhpp3baIKDvk-VaA2aom2IonjEB84u5wgqc/edit?usp=sharing I added the ability to customize the player overall scores as compared to the original version. For reference, here is how the overall calculation works in NHL'94 (thanks @smozoma! - original reference) OVERALL CALCULATION Wayne Gretzky is 87 overall! But what does that mean? The default overall calculation that the game uses for Forwards and Defensemen is as follows. Take the attributes values (0-6) and multiply them by the following factors: Agility x 2 Speed x 3 Offensive Awareness x 3 Defensive Awareness x 2 Shot Power x 1 Checking x 2 Stickhandling x 3 Shot Accuracy x 2 Endurance x 1 Passing x 1 Add all of those numbers together to get the “overall” number. There are two caveats: If the total is less than 50, divide the total number by 2 and add 25. the total is above 99, the overall will display 99. So for Wayne Gretzky, his calculation would be as follows. Agility: 6 x 2 = 12 Speed: 4 x 3 = 12 Offensive Awareness: 5 x 3 = 15 Defensive Awareness 4 x 2 = 8 Shot Power: 2 x 1 = 2 Checking: 2 x 2 = 4 Stickhandling: 6 x 3 = 18 Shot Accuracy: 2 x 2 = 4 Endurance: 6 x 1 = 6 Passing: 6 x 1 = 6 12+12+15+8+2+4+18+6+6 = 87! For Goalies Agility x 4.5 (round down) Defensive Awareness x 4.5 (round down) Puck Control x 4.5 (round down) Stick Right x 1 Stick Left x 1 Glove Right x 1 Glove Left x 1 The same two caveats apply. Note that the game has given the most importance to speed, offensive awareness and stickhandling for both forwards and defensemen by weighing those attributes by 3, but this is not likely what you value most in a player. The sheet that I provided allows you to value the attributes to your OWN preference to come up with new calculated ratings: On this page you can change the values in the "custom" ratings and the sheet that says "new ratings" will update automatically. The automatic scale will make sure the top rated F/D/G are the same as the original game so the data makes sense. The sheet is defaulting to be equal to the original. I'll show you an example for forwards. Let's say I value Speed, Shot Power, Stick Handling and Agility a bunch, while I don't really care about Endurance, or the Awareness. And so I put in my new custom attributes as follows: When I go to my Forwards on the "New Ratings" sheet, you can see the updated overall calculations as compared to the original: Mario isn't the top rated player anymore, but Mogilny, Yzerman, Bure, etc. If you want lighter players, put a negative value on weight. Really, you can customize your ratings however you prefer. This is very helpful for draft leagues, or in general. Note that the automatic scale won't work in Excel unless you have the Excel 365 version because it uses the function MAXIFS. If you have an older version of Excel, you'll need to manually adjust the scale.
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    hey! i've been lurking for a while and finally decided to sign up. i'm phil, i'm from quebec city, and you'll get to know me better later on! will try and set up for a test game asap. see y'all around!
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    I'd been meaning to do this for a while and just point out some differences between the SNES and SEGA rosters. I referenced the NHL'94 roster link which is based on the Sega version. https://nhl94.com/html/teamprofile.php?team=ANA I'd perhaps request that @Evan look at providing an update to reflect both consoles from my notes below . It's been noted that in Sega the expansion players appear twice in the game. Once on their original team and again on the team that drafted them. The duplicated players situation doesn't occur in SNES. I've always thought that ALL players on the Florida and Anaheim expansion teams were duplicated but have found this not to be the case. Here's what I've learned. ANAHEIM 1. Both Console rosters are the same. 2. Bill Houlder, Bobby Dollas, Dennis Vial and Tim Sweeney played in 1992-1993 season but were not in NHL'94 on their previous teams. BOSTON 1. Gord Murphy (expansion draft) is on the SEGA roster and not in SNES. 2. When Line changes are off, Don Sweeney is starting in SNES. In Sega, it's Glen Wesley. BUFFALO 1. Bob Corkum (expansion draft) is on the SEGA roster and not in SNES. CALGARY 1. Brian Skrudland and Alexander Godynyuk (expansion draft) are on the SEGA roster and not in SNES. CHICAGO 1. Stu Grimson (expansion draft) is on the SEGA roster and not in SNES. 2. When Line changes are off, Michel Goulet is starting in SNES. In Sega, it's Christian Ruutuu. DALLAS 1. Both Console rosters are the same. DETROIT 1. Both Console rosters are the same. EDMONTON 1. Ron Tugnutt and Scott Mellanby (expansion draft) are on the SEGA roster and not in SNES. FLORIDA 1. Both Console rosters are the same. 2. Jesse Belanger played in 1992-1993 season but was not in NHL'94 on the previous team. HARTFORD 1. Randy Ladouceur and Terry Yake (expansion draft) are on the SEGA roster and not in SNES. LOS ANGELES 1. Lonnie Loach (expansion draft) is on the SEGA roster and not in SNES. MONTREAL 1. Sean Hill (expansion draft) is on the SEGA roster and not in SNES. NEW JERSEY 1. Alexei Kasatonov (expansion draft) is on the SEGA roster and not in SNES. NY ISLANDERS 1. Mark Fitzpatrick and Tom Fitzgerald (expansion draft) are on the SEGA roster and not in SNES. 2. Daniel Marois appeared in the SEGA version and not in the SNES version. He was not part of the expansion draft. NY RANGERS 1. John Vanbiesbrouck, Steven King and Joe Cirella (expansion draft) are on the SEGA roster and not in SNES. 2. Mike Richter is starting in SNES since there is no back up. In Sega, it's John Vanbiesbrouck. OTTAWA 1. Tomas Jelinek is listed as a forward in SEGA (Correct), but for some strange reason, he's a defenceman in SNES (incorrect). PHILADELPHIA 1. Gord Hynes and Andrei Lomakin (expansion draft) are on the SEGA roster and not in SNES. PITTSBURGH 1. Troy Loney (expansion draft) is on the SEGA roster and not in SNES. QUEBEC 1. Bill Lindsay and Mike Hough (expansion draft) are on the SEGA roster and not in SNES. SAN JOSE 1. David Williams and Robin Bawa (expansion draft) are on the SEGA roster and not in SNES. 2. When Line changes are off, Johan Garpenlov is starting in SNES. In Sega, it's Rob Gaudreau. ST. LOUIS 1. Guy Hebert and Dave Lowry (expansion draft) are on the SEGA roster and not in SNES. TAMPA BAY 1. Randy Gilhen (expansion draft) is on the SEGA roster and not in SNES. TORONTO 1. Both Console rosters are the same. VANCOUVER 1. Anatoli Semenov (expansion draft) is on the SEGA roster and not in SNES. WASHINGTON 1. Both Console rosters are the same. WINNIPEG 1. Both Console rosters are the same.
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    NHL97 V. 2 changed player ratings. instead of stars of East and West added teams of Russia and Sweden. In the hidden menu, instead of EA Sports and Renegades teams, the Czech and Finnish national teams are added. Edited rosters teams Canada USA and Europe. There was a problem when editing the ice of the national teams of Russia, Finland and the Czech Republic. Preferably the ice teams to make all teams EA Sports. Added star player Todd Bertuzzi to the new York islanders, who played 76 games in the 1995-96 season. NHL_97_v.2_[!].bin
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    First things first, Troy and Leif deserve a huge credit and thank you for making Edge of ’94 Midwest an amazing experience. Like many of us, I have loved ’94 since the days of playing friends over and over again on the console. To see the growth of the game through this website, leagues and online play, and now tournament competition is incredible. As someone who joined this website in 2005 and had the privilege of playing against many of the long-timers like AngryJay93, IceStorm70, EA, and Smozoma, thank you all for keeping the flame alive. Edge of ’94 Midwest was my first live tournament. Leading up to Saturday, I hadn’t touched the game in maybe four years, online or off. Upon signing up, I made a commitment to myself that I would dust off my controller and devote some time to attempt to knock off the rust. There was a lot of rust. On the day of the tournament, I met up with a friend with whom I have logged more ’94 console hours than anyone. Both of us are local. We grabbed breakfast in St. Paul and went over the teams and tournament tiers. It was starting to come back. We arrived at the Pourhouse at around 11:00 a.m. Walking up to the Pourhouse was surreal. Juxtaposed against the Uptown hipsters going about their Saturday rituals were the nostalgic sounds of ’94 – the checks, shots, goal horn, and organ music— all blaring out into the streets. I stepped into the bar and was blown away. Multiple CRT TVs in a ring at the center of the bar with consoles and controllers aplenty. On stage was a huge projection screen with Troy and the sound console close by. In the back, my friend and I discovered an arcade version of NHL ’94 that I had never seen. The bar TVs were even live streaming ’94. Once the tournament got underway, I was placed into a group with @AngryJay93, @DanTML7, DPS, and Eric. Of the four, I had only ever played AngryJay93 online, and years ago at that, so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Feeling that I didn’t want to take any chances in my first game, I selected my most used team and went with Winnipeg against Eric. That paid off with a much needed confidence boost and a 7-1 victory. My second game against DPS played out similarly and I won 4-1. My third game in group play was against AngryJay93. I kept my delusions of grandeur at bay for the most part, until we made it fairly deep into the game tied at 2-2. Despite my best efforts, AngryJay then put up 2 more goals to seal the victory, 4-2, L.A. over Montreal. Playing AngryJay relatively competively after such a long layoff was the highlight of the tournament for me. Rounding out group play, I faced DanTML7. It felt like Dan controlled most of the game, and I was pretty sure that I would lose. Somehow I managed a last-minute goal to send it to OT, and then capitalized on a one-timer early on in the extra time. With that, I turned in my sheet to Troy having gone 3-1 in group play with a plus 8 goal margin. In bracket play, I was seeded against Tyler Votaw. @Votaw took the first game 3-2, but I rallied and notched shutouts in each of the next two games to take the series. That left me to face AngryJay93 in the final 8. He put up 5 goals on me with both Edmonton and Quebec, and I lost successive games 5-2 and 5-3 to end my run in the Genesis tournament. Troy’s comment to me at the tourney serves as a fitting endcap here: “Not bad for a guy off the street.” All in all, I had an absolute blast at Edge of ’94 Midwest. It was great to meet so many of you guys in person for the first time. Of course, I now have that unquenchable thirst to play NHL ’94 every waking second of the day again, and I have all of you guys to thank. So I will be seeing you on RetroArch and at future tournaments, from now until they take our controllers away.
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    • Friday night exis/2v2 is the most fun part of the weekend.
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    The Saskatoon Tournament Finished up yesterday. Here was a breakdown of the tournament format and results. 1. It was a Round Robin Swiss Tournament. So each round players were playing against someone with the exact same record. 2. 16 players, 4 games played per player. We had 8 setups so there was no wait time. 3. Those that won 3 or more games played in the A playoffs, those who 2 games played in the B, those who won one game or less played in the C. 4. Players had the option to move up one level if they chose to. Ex. A "C" player could choose to move up to the "B" playoffs or a "B "player could choose to move up to the "A" playoffs. No one could move down a playoffs (one player did ask me that though) :D. In the end, no one exercised this option. 5. There were 5 prizes. $150 cash, $80 Cash, $50 gift certificate from the brewhouse and a couple of NHL jerseys. *Teemu Selanne (Jets) and Ryan Nugent Hopkins (Oilers) 6.The top three players in A got their first picks of the prizes, The B champion got the 4th pick and the C champion got what was left. 7. @stheds2000 (1st place "A") took the $150, @The90Jacket (2nd place "A") to the $80 Cash, I (3rd place "A") told Jared (before we played the third place game) that he would get to pick his prize as I wasn't going to take anything. He took the Selanne Jersey. Steve ("B" Champion) took the $50 Gift Certificate and Jonn ("C" Champion) took the Nugent-Hopkins jersey, which he later sold to my buddy Matt (who's a big oilers fan). 8. The champion for each playoffs got a trophy. Round Robin - > https://challonge.com/SNES_FEB_2020_Round_Robin "A" PLayoffs - > https://challonge.com/SNES_FEB_2020_A_Playoffs "B" PLayoffs - > https://challonge.com/SNES_FEB_2020_B_Playoffs "C" PLayoffs - > https://challonge.com/SNES_FEB_2020_C_Playoffs I think it ended up being a good format. Guys liked that they were playing guys of similar skill in the playoffs and there were a lot of close playoff games. The guy who didn't win any games played 6 games and lost 5 of them by one goal. I think everyone enjoyed it. I'll post pictures soon. I was interviewed by CTV Saskatoon. I haven't seen the video yet but I'll post when I get it. Here's the story. https://saskatoon.ctvnews.ca/sports-and-video-game-enthusiast-face-off-at-nhl-94-tournament-1.4814607 SASKATOON -- The Canadian Brewhouse in Stonebridge was host to a nostalgic video game tournament on Sunday, playing the classic hockey video game NHL ‘94. Event organizer Darrell Sampson has hosted the event in multiple cities around North America in the past, such as Las Vegas, New York, and Toronto. "The nostalgia from it has grown over many years," Sampson said. "Guys in their 30s and 40s that played as a kid are still playing today." The tournament in Toronto was the first attempt at hosting the video game competition, and Sampson said 128 people were in attendance. But why play a video game that’s more than 25 years old? "It was the first time they had NHL teams and players in the same game. They introduced the one-timer that game, and manual goalie control. It was probably the first time it felt like a real video game for NHL," Samspon said. Several rules were in place to keep the tournament fair. Players had to manual control their goalies, teams were picked after a coin toss and there was a six goal mercy rule in case anyone got carried away with the score. 16 competitors were signed up to face-off against each other in Saskatoon at The Canadian Brewhouse for a cash prize and bragging rights.
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    Here is the TSN final piece! https://www.tsn.ca/tsn-originals/video/tsn-original-the-goat-of-hockey-games~1883180
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    The date was Saturday September 12, 2015. I was still reeling from the pain of losing 2-1 to AJ a few games earlier, after making the mistake of picking Anaheim and giving him Florida. I had clawed my way back to him again after 3 hard fought wins against 3 skilled online players of whose names I shall withhold. I didn't think I'd get another crack at him. A revenge opportunity in the same day, perfect! But why was I even at this point? 2 losses?? This was not how it was supposed to go down. It was all going according to plan until I met kgman earlier, and was shocked to get bested 6-4. And then the next game was my previously mentioned ANH-FLA game with AJ. This all didn't compute. It wasn't supposed to be this difficult. But that's okay! I earned another shot. And this time, I had the opportunity to choose the matchup. This felt like a wonderful example of justice. I was extremely overwhelmed with pressure and commotion and my brain was in a foggy haze. But I still had enough brainpower to know, no way in hell I'm letting this be another bottom-tier grind match. I'm going to hit him with the hardest-hitting matchup I can think of! (that I hadn't picked in a previous game). And so... I gave AJ Chicago at home. And the rest is history. That was my last game of nhl 94 against another human. And my life has been slowly spiraling even more out of control ever since
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    Vancouver, Genesis and SNES Players! Hope to see you all at The Battle of Vancouver ! Registration Link - https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/the-battle-of-vancouver-nhl-94-tournament-tickets-86470823561 Start off the New Year by playing in the first NHL 94 Tournament of The Decade! It's the first annual "Battle of Vancouver" where we'll crown the very best NHL 94 player on the Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo! Join us at The Charles Bar in the heart of Downtown Vancouver for a day of competive retro video game hockey action and good times. There'll be cash prizes and a trophy for the winner! Additional prizes for participants and spectators! $25 (plus fees) to register before Friday January 10th! $30 (plus fees) to register after Friday January 10th! FREE to spectate! Players that register before Friday January 10th get a FREE Breakfast Sandwich. ***Tournament Format:*** Note: Unfortunately, due to time constraints you will not be able to compete in both tournaments at the same time. It's sixteen players, eight players in two divisions. Each division does a round robin to guarentee that everyone plays seven games! All playoff games are best of three. The top player in each division gets a "bye" into the second round of their division's playoffs with the player with the worst record being eliminated. Players ranked 2nd to 7th will be seeded in the playoff tree (2nd vs 7th, 3rd vs 6th etc). Rankings are based on the record from the round robin. After the divisional playoffs have been completed, the two finalists from each division face off in the finals to determine the champion! ***Code of Conduct:*** -Please be respectful of our host venue and of each other. Friendly trash talk is encouraged, but there is absolutely ZERO tolerance for violence, destruction of property etc. Basically in short, behave the way you would at a family member or close friend's house. If it gets to that point, you would automatically be disqualified and respectfully be asked to leave. Now that we've gotten that out of the way.... -We will provide controllers for this event, however we encourage you to bring whatever Genesis / SNES compatible controller or joystick you choose. The only requirement is that there is NO turbo function or external power needed for the input device. -For anyone that brings their own equipment, please clearly mark your equipment so that it doesn't get misplaced. ***Rules:*** The Battle of Vancouver will use the official King of 94 World Championship rules. Please refer to the game Rules at the link below: http://www.kingof94.ca/rules.html ***What is the VCRGC - Vancouver Community Retro Gaming Club?*** There's nothing quite like competitive gaming, but when it comes to the world of eSports there isn't enough options for people like us who prefer games of the retro variety. We want to change that and help grow a community scene with a series of monthly casual play meetups and money tournaments to make the stakes higher and more fun. From NHL 94 to NBA Jam, NFL Blitz, Street Fighter II etc, your favourite game from the greatest era of gaming matters! Let's rekindle that fire you remember as a kid together! Join the group on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/groups/vcrgc Follow us on Instagram: @vancomrgc
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    Extremely humbled to receive this in the mail today as a surprise gift.
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    2 v 2 How do we GA? @Mofapes #TheGaAwakens
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    Check SegaVisions, doubleissue (October, November) from 1993, Hot hints. According to that its all about timing.
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    Looks like I might be getting last crack here but that's what I get for being in Canada an extra week. I think I might do a video recap instead of a written one to alleviate the wall of text I feel coming on from my pen. Maybe it will get me going on the whole video creation thing again...