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  1. Yeah, this is why I like people trying the move. As the opposing guy moves in his entire team tends to pinch down, and it's a very straightforward play with manual goalie to knock him down, take the puck, then feed an odd-man rush going the other way.
  2. Ha, yeah it's been a while since I posted that. Never done the rom/emulator thing, and never got into any of the mods/hacks etc. Buddy mentioned in that post just got back from oz and we just had a best of 13 series (or something like that, we weren't really keeping track), reminded me of these boards. I'm a little rusty....
  3. SNES is so much different than Genesis. Carson is the stud of this team on SNES, Gretzky will never make a lineup. Granato's blazing fast, but his hands are weak.
  4. I thought I'd give this the old four year bump. How has the game evolved, do "cheap" goals still exist, are they disallowed? What's the deal with these?
  5. Is there a member list on these forums? I realized I registered three days after Evan, and I must be one of the first. Time does fly. Edit: I see the member number pops up under the name. #10, I'm proud.
  6. So, can someone explain to me how Reese lets in 6 goals on 4 shots, and ends up with a save percentage of 486%? I'm no math whiz, but my flash card division skills tell me this is problematic. I can't for the life of me even figure out how the numbers 6 and 4 can be divided/multiplied to produce 486?
  7. Thanks for doing that Cam. Unfortunately we're hardcore SNES players, and the jersey colours are quite different. That's just not Joel Otto to us. I know, I know - looking a gift horse in the mouth. I REALLY appreciate that being posted, but I should clarify that I'm looking for an SNES one, where the jerseys are the same colour (roughly) as the guy in the picture.
  8. Hi there, Long time no lurk for me on these forums, I've been working in the bush and hardly able to get AM, let alone NHL. I don't have an emulator (and can't really download it on my buddy's computer). Is there anyone out there who would be so kind as to take a SS of Joel Otto facing forward with the puck for me, and post it here? I'm essentially looking for the image below, but with the star and the number in the picture. If someone could help me out it'd be mucho appreciated. It's for a custom cell phone case. Thanks, Nate P.S. If you don't know that Joel Otto is a third period monster, you don't know Calgary!
  9. wow, if you could send those to me or put that up it'd be amazing!
  10. I didn't think there was, but someone I know swears they have NHL 94 for the PC, and on the NHL 94 wikipedia site (which someone migth want to update as a project), it says: "NHL Hockey 94 was also released for the PC with similar, but not exactly the same gameplay versus the console versions. It also added full season and transactions, as well as the full set NHL awards. Despite these additions, the PC versions never reached the popularity of the 16-bit cartridges." Is this true? Can someone tell me if they have it and I can buy it off them/download it? P.S. - I'm talking about a PC specific game release, not emulators. Aparantly you can get a penlaty for running into the referee or something? lol?
  11. This is to address a couple of threads, and all the whining I've encountered, about the supposed "cheap goals" in NHL 94. This only pertains to the SNES version, as without defence control and manual goalie in the Genesis version I'm on the fence about the issue. For SNES, with defence control and manual goalie, there is NO goal that cannot be defended against. My roomate and I (who were best friends playing the game back in 94 when it came out) abolished the "cheap" wraparound goal from the start because we thought it was unfair and stupid, and kept it abolished for over 10 years. As our game evolved over time, reaching a climax in first year university, we then abolished the triple deke goal as we could score it 99/100 times without effort, leaving one timers and slapshots as the only acceptable way of scoring. While we became pretty sick at scoring 4way give-and-go's for highlight reel goals, when we played against a mediocre player we were killed by the triple deke because we'd adjusted our defences to allow for it. We then reintroduced the triple deke into our games, and after about a year figured out a defensive system that severly dropped scoring into our games (essentialy a neutral zone trap with a d-man planted in the slot). Because we still had wrap-arounds banned, we could leave our defenceman planted in front of the net facing away from our goalie and stop nearly every rush, and with manual goalie, scoring on breakaways became increasingly difficult. The game had begun to lose its luster until one day we decided to reintroduce the wraparound. It kept us honest, as we couldn't plant our d-men in front of the net, and now had to keep them offset a bit to protect against behind the net walk-outs, which freed up slot-area passing lanes and mobility for the oppositon. Now, because anything goes, we're forced to defend against every possible attack (and believe me, my roomate and I know every possible way to score in this game), and the wraparound is only used to keep the d-men from leaving the side of the net unattended (we probably score a wraparound goal once every five or six games because now that we play with it it's so easy to defend against). Now the game has regained its stature, and games can range from a 2-1 goaltending duel to a 9-8 thriller. If you're constantly letting the wraparound in on the SNES platform it means you're keeping your d-men in front of your goalie way too often, or you haven't mastered the manual goalie in combination with defence control. There's really no excuse for calling it a cheap goal, it can only really be called an "obvious" goal. If you're still not convinced, I'm willing to put money on the fact that nobody can score a wraparound goal on me in SNES. Hopefully this helps to stop a lot of whining and a bit of controversy.
  12. Alright, a couple of people have broken the century mark (supposedly), but because they did things like use an all-star team or pull their goalie (for the entire game lol) I don't really qualify those, so here's the challenge I'm throwing out there: By November 30th (two months), I want to see who can post the most goals under the following conditions: Gameplay - SNES or GENESIS (this is such a huge advantage to the Genesis players because scoring is about 30% easier on Genesis) - 20 Minute Periods - You must use a regular team, and must NOT pull your goalie for any part of the game. - Your opponent must be either Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, or Montreal. - Offsides can be off, and you may not use line changes. - YOU MUST KEEP THE SAME FIVE PLAYERS ON THE ICE (refer to injury section for the exception). Screenshots Required - One of the final score after the game has concluded, and, if possible, the last faceoff you have in the third period while all your players are on the ice. - All parts of the game stats. (i.e. Take a picture of the top part, then scroll down and photograph the bottom part) - All parts of the player stats. (same procedure as game stats) - Any injury that occurs during the game. Injuries To prevent people from pulling their goalies, keeping all five players on the ice for the entire game and taking screenshots of player stats will allow everyone to see that an extra player was not on the ice (it'd be damn near impossible to have the extra man on and make sure he didn't get an assist on any of the goals). If a player becomes injured, however, you must take a screenshot of them being injured, and then replace them with any player other than your team's designated "extra man" (i.e. the guy who comes on when you pull your goalie). That way, when we we look at the player stats at the end of the game there will be an extra player with points beside his name, but he will not be the guy who comes on when the goalie is pulled so we know the points did not come from that (plus you'll have the injury screenshot). Prize I'll try and think of something decent that isn't too expensive, but for now I'll send both the SNES and Genesis versions of the game to the winner (it's always good to have backups). You don't have to post if you're planning on entering or anything, just post your screenshots on here.
  13. I had always thought SNES AI was much more difficult than Genesis, but after scoring 95 goals in 60 mins, and comparing it to the Sega record (ballpark 40 in 30 minutes), I'm no longer so sure. Can anyone who plays both systems regularly comment?
  14. It's NHL 94, twenty minute periods on the SNES version. I guess this post should be sufficient for the "records" submission to Evan?
  15. After putting together 75 goals through the first two periods, I broke down in the face of unheard of AI dominance and managed to score only 20 goals in the remaining frame to leave me a heartbreakingly 5 goals shy of the century mark. Everything possible occured to prevent me from reaching 100 goals - at least 5 times I shot it over the net from point-blank range on what appeared to be sure goals, the d-man would miraculously get a stick on the puck after the goalie was beat and the shot was taken, I hit a half dozen posts, the tampa bay d-men turned into hitting monsters with my guys flying into the boards at the mere whiff of a black jersey. Very frustrating end to a night which I was on pace to score 115 goals in... ah well, next time. While I'm happy with Muller's 63 point night, I expected more from Damphousse who contributed a paltry 19 points. Who here is a member of the century club?
  16. nate

    Question for Evan

    This company is $65/year for hosting plus domain registration, and has tons of options and a good web interface that allows you to do a bunch of stuff. They're renewable at $35/year and any other domain you purchase is also $35/year for hosting+domain name. I'm an affiliate for this company so if this qualifies as spam I'll remove the post.... but he asked about hosting so I assumed it'd be alright.
  17. I've tried to figure out whether the teams and players Ron Barr announces are hot makes any difference in the actually game?
  18. SNES... I know nothing of Genesis. And yes McSorly is slow, but it doesn't matter when he doesn't go down and he can hit like a monster.
  19. You're upset they keep on pulling the same move? If your opponent is that predictable and does such an EASILY preventable goal with great frequency it's a reflection on you, not him (no offence, but it's true). If my roomate keeps on planting himself in the middle of the slot to prevent the pass I'm going to walk right in and score over and over until he starts protecting it. Again, I'm talking SNES, Genesis is a different story. Also, let me note: In REAL LIFE giving a player unobstructed access to the front of the net (i.e. being able to skate in front, and across the crease) without being hit would result in a goal the majority of the time as well. Think about it. Take an average player, let's say a Chad Kilger (on the maple leafs). You put him at the side of the net and allow him to walk out and skate in the crease without any obstruction, and I'd say he'd score 50+ times out of 100.
  20. If you're playing on Genesis (which if I recall has no manual goalie control) there's an argument to be had for the no cheap goals, but I'd still be in favour of allowing them. On SNES there's no excuse for not allowing them.
  21. My roomate has played with LA for ten years (we play about 3 games a day still), and I have to say LA is the best team in the game. 1. Marty McSorly is one of the best hitters in the game and is BY FAR the hardest player to take down. 2. Tony Granato is the fastest player in the game, and has great pass accuracy, although he has terrible hands receiving passing on some days and so he's only playable about 40% of the time. 3. As mentioned, Sandstrom has the best shot in the game, is great on the faceoff (when played at centre), all around solid player. 4. Rob Blake is one of the best blends of offence and defence in the game. He has good hands, is very mobile, decent speed, good checking ability, and is one of the best at intercepting passes. SO many times my passes are intercepted by that guy when he has no business grabbing them. 5. All around, I think Jimmy Carson is one of the best players in the game. Not exceptional at anything, but just very good in every single category. 6. As a backup if LA's down a lot, Alexi Zhitnik is a weak defensive d-man but is one of the best offensive d-men in the game. 7. Wayne Gretzky and Kurri are way overrated, but it doesn't matter as there's lots of depth. 8. Luc Robataille, while not at Carson's level, is another extremely solid player that has no real weaknesses. Playing Sandstrom at Centre, Jimmy on the wing, and then Granato on the wing (subbing Robataille if Granato's off his game) with Marty and Rob at D is probably the best lineup in the game in my opinion. That said, I love my Detroit line of Ysebart at centre, with yzerman and fedorov on the wings, but I don't think they're as good.
  22. some people grip the controller over the top, so they're perpetually pushing L and R.
  23. I get into arguments over this with other players. We used to have the no cheap goal rule, but recently my roomate and I have moved to allowing it, while some of the people we play with on an irregular basis refuse to. Here are my reasons why: 1. With goalie control on, it's incredibly easy to stop. If you can't control your goalie, that's your own fault. 2. It allows opponents to plant a defenceman in front of the net, cutting off all one time lanes, so you're forced to essentialy cycle to the point or bring your player out of the corner/behind the net, and your opponent knows exactly what you're going to do. 3. There can be so many arguments over if it really was "cheap" (i.e. what angle you came at etc. etc.) it's not worth the hassle. 4. If you are disallowing the goal because the computer can't save it pretty much every time, you should also disallow the triple deke, as I can score the triple deke goal probably 98 times out of 100. In fact, I think scoring with the triple deke is easier than cutting out across the crease. In the end, if you're playing with manual goaltending, everything should go. Anyone who disallows the goal is simply admitting they aren't good enough to stop it, and therefore want to give themselves an advantage over a more skilled player.
  24. Defence control is a critical element to the game. I always want to know where my defencemen are at all time and make sure I can get the one I want as quick as possible. Not utilizing defence control is a huge hole in your game lol.