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  1. well from the baseball league I was in, there was progression and a entry draft at the end of the year, the draft class being, the people who were actually in the draft that year (aka rookies) with the standings showing who would go where, like in the real drafts. I don't know if people can be created and if someone would actually take the time to do progression and stuff like that, but the way to contemplate for having a bad team would be to eventually build the team into what you want.
  2. That's why the people running the league would moderate trades, making sure they are fair before they can be completed.
  3. So I was thinking, it seems the leagues here are either, just a regular default roster league with no trades, or full team draft leagues with trades. Now I have been in more than a few franchise leagues for baseball and football, and I feel that this concept for a league might be able to work. Basically it is a franchise league. Teams start off with their default rosters but are able to trade players as they choose. So for example, if you wanted to trade Gretzky for Yzerman, Yzerman would be on the Wings to start, and so on. Just an idea that I shared with someone in a conversation over AIM and I feel like it could possibly work if someone wanted to start one like this. If you have any more questions if I didn't explain it well enough let me know.
  4. I wouldn't see why this wouldn't work. Look who's coming back from the dead. If I was allowed, would like to be able to grab a spot.
  5. jackets were too much for him haha
  6. ive got 09 for 360 too playing on a team with my friends is really fun
  7. this guy made one of those table hockey games and added the mcfarlane hockey figures to the table. So you could have the columbus blue jackets take on the devils on y our table with all the starting players... works really well too watch his videos to see how cool it really is... even though when he makes it it will be 1k to buy it is really worth it with that scoreboard too. Amazing hockey table man hes good
  8. for some reason after playing one game with someone using hamachi it seems to keep making me update everytime i want to open it, i do then it keeps doing it to no end...
  9. I am suprised Shea Weber is barely on leading defenseman... also that Nash isnt even on the forward list.. i think hes better than some of the guys over there... i mean really Toews is doing pretty bad this year
  10. i like gens but man SNES is so much better...
  11. yeah its meant to be slow but not that slow
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