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  1. I did a bit of excel work, and arrived at a specific rating for each player. how I arrived at these numbers can be found in the Top 25 forwards thread. once I did that, I set it up to create optimal lines for each team. from those lines, Each team received and overall score. Final, I adjusted the overall scores out of 100. whereas an optimal team consisting of Detroit's Forwards, Bostons Defense, and Patrick Roy would score 100. listed below are the scores for each team.. DET 93.08 CHI 90.13 CGY 85.47 BUF 85.19 BOS 84.95 WPG 82.95 MTL 82.08 QUE 81.64 LA 80.40 NYR 78.31 TOR 78.05
  2. Ha! I remember that movie! It was quite terrible.
  3. ok, attached is the spreadsheet. I'll work a little more on the values tomorrow. but, I think this is a nice little tool. If you click on the team at the top, it will recommend lines for each team, along with 3 backup forwards, 2 backup D, and a backup G. all teams are ranked based on the ratings of the starting lineup. NHL 94
  4. OK, so given the feedback.. here are some things I'll look into. 1) a little more attention on the "intangibles" most notably, stick-handling deserving a bit more weight. 2) possibly giving a bit more weight to ratings that are "5" and over. unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a way for me to upload the excel file for me to share. but, I added a sheet that gives a suggested lineup for each team and then ranks all of the teams, based on the total score of those suggested lineups, which is fun to look at.
  5. All, being new to this site, I have leaned a lot of new information in the last couple days. The biggest and most important bit of information being how weight affects players in this game. I always knew, intuitively, that Fleury, Gilmour, ect.. were very hard to knock off the puck. But, being that those are very small guys in real life, I never really knew why. now.. I know. After reading a ton of comments in a few different threads about what people generally think makes a player valuable (big shoutout to AJs lineup guides), and then playing a bunch of games last night, paying
  6. If you look at the ratings, there actually is a very clear worst player. Jay Caufield, F - PIT Weight - 14 agl - 1 spd - 2 Oaware - 0 DAware - 1 ShP - 1 ShA - 0 pass - 1 That is tremendously horrible. Stu Grimson - ANA Stu Grimson - CHI Chris Simon - QUE Tony Twist - QUE all have similar ratings to Caufield, but Caufield's massive fatty 14 weight puts him over the top. (or under the bottom, shall we say)
  7. hey, is there a post around here, or somewhere on the interwebs that I might be able to download all rosters and players ratings into an excel spreadsheet? thanks in advance.
  8. yep, I just found this, thanks to the road map you sent me in the other thread. That weight bug is so counter-intuitive, I probably never would have figured that out. HA! Thanks!
  9. Thanks! these looks like some good threads to start with...
  10. I've seen it referenced quite a few times around here. Some people even saying that some teams are better because they have better CB checkers.. what is it?
  11. I'm new here, and may be missing something. It looks like you guys are using different ratings than the standard Sega ratings, and I don't know what a CB check is.. (I don't play online... ) but, my thoughts.. All these players and no one is mentioning Wendell Clark. decent enough skater.. but that 95 shot power is just vicious. hit him up for a one-timer and he's just money in the bank. speaking of not playing online.. is there a good thread here where people talk about the standard rosters?