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    Other versions?

    afaik, only 3 games are getting love: - the 16-bit games are here on this forum. whilst the mega drive games (especially 94) is the main focus, you can see the other games and also the snes counterparts but not with same rate as nhl 94 - nhl 04 is on the nhl04rebuilt forum which has mods up to the wazoo, including what i could call the rebuilding of the 16-bit games using nhl 04, the current season and even more ancient seasons of hockey and also european not-up-to-date stuff - 09 has three forums, not really english-friendly. you have rhl-mod team, foused on the khl, wasserlasser, focused on the mainly german-side of hockey and splinterice, the somewhat mix of both. the tbh/thebreakaway nhl 09 community is on both of the latter forums, but beware, if russian or german is not your forte, you might be in a pickle, but surely the forums have english-language folk who can help you.