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  1. And as you can see form my picture, I want to do a "NHL 94" version of my Print and Play copy of the board game, while I wait for my real copy (that should arrive in the first quarter of 2020). I've almost done the gameboard, but the players will give me some trouble… so that's why I would really like to find "sprite sheets" of all the teams' players' skating animation instead of having to play games on my DOSBox and screen capturing like a madman!
  2. It's only a Print and Play version for now, and the rules are still in the beta phase, but so far it's fun. Maybe that's a sign that's a great game, because it's easy to learn and difficult to master. It has a feeling of Nintendo's Ice Hockey, with the players being of different sizes and the style of the pictures (maybe that's what the game's creators wanted to capture, after all). I don't know if it's possible to grab a late pledge from Kickstarter, but the pledge manager phase (where the backers confirm their purchases) is underway right now.
  3. No, not something THAT complicated! I just want the static sprite sheets (well, sort of…) of the players' skating animation, like something I would use to create a frame-by-frame animated GIF like we can see on this website. The truth is, it's to create players standees for my Print and Play version of Trick Shot, a hockey board game I backed on Kickstarter. I've already created some standees (Montreal Canadians and Québec Nordiques) using a picture I found on Google, but I would like to use the characters seen in the PC version of NHL 95. They were more detailed (in a pixelate
  4. Actually, now I’m more looking for graphic files (.png, .jpg, whatever) of the various players’ animations so I can edit them for a personal project of mine. I’m making no sense of all the files within the DOS folder and since I have no access to a PC (I’m on a Mac), most programs that could help me tweak those files are not easily available to me.
  5. I… just don't understand what to do or how to do it! Besides, I have a Mac, so I cannot use the .exe without some workarounds (like Parallels). Is there any way to simply replace some files in the DOS files of the game?
  6. I've (re)discovered NHL Hockey (DOS) and it's sooooooo much better than the SNES/Genesis version! I used to play a lot on my brother's PC when it was released and I was so thrilled to find out that I can play it again, on my Mac, using Boxer! Yay! However, I'd like to know if someone, somewhere, was able to update the rosters with the 2018-2019 teams (along with the new teams, even if it means I'll lose the Québec Nordiques…)? Also, has anyone been able to "datamine" the player sprites for all teams? I got a personal project of mine and I would like to use graphics from the gam