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  1. Excellent work. I tested it and it plays wonderfully! Lillehammer, when Olympic hockey was for the amateurs. It was the last Winter Olympics before the "NHL / pro players" experiment in the Olympics started. Lillehammer is an anomaly in that it is the only Olympics to occur only 2 years after the previous Olympics and was the first Olympics to not be in the same year as the Summer Olympics. Between 1924 and 1992, the Summer and Winter Olympics were always held in the same year and which was referred to as the "Olympiad". That changed with Lillehammer in '94. Lillehammer '94 has a special place in my heart as I was very into the Olympics back then. There was a Sega Genesis game called Lillehammer '94 which got a lot of play, but of course that great game didn't have a hockey mode. So we can consider this the spiritual add-on to Lillehammer '94 for Genesis! That is great that you included the pre-qualification teams Great Britain, Japan, Latvia and Poland. I see how the tournament works. If you select any of the pre-qualification in the first game of the tournament, it becomes a 16-team tournament, but if you select two Olympic teams in the first game of the tournament, then there are only 12 teams with 4 teams getting byes. This will be fun. Thank you very much! By the way, what "more ambitious projects" are you working on? I've been meaning to apply the Medium Goal (a variation of the smaller goal mod) to some roms to make it harder to score and more skillful. This would be a great rom to make adjustments to and reduce the size of the goal.
  2. Joe Montana Sports Talk football was my GAME at as a kid. Oh man so many memories, the funniest was when you did a FG attempt on a 1st down in your own territory or something and the commentator's like "they line up for the field goal on the first down and I CAN'T BELIEVE IT" LMAO still cracks me up to this day. See this video @ 1:36 LOL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nnvs5B_8ISo Also we can't forget College Football's National Championship on Genesis! Both were awesome, and as much fun as the old Maddens on Genesis were, I have to say Joe Montana Sports Talk and CFNC were my favs!
  3. Who could forget the Nerf Screamer LOL. As far as best football games, NCAA on PS2 was boss, also NFL Street and Madden on PS2 were great. Football games peaked on PS2 and Original Xbox!
  4. I am so glad to see the Green shirt guy finally reunited with his long lost leg. But now he's the only fan without a mirrored twin on the right side of the scoreboard! What happened to his reflection - every other fan looks in the mirror and sees themselves, but the green shirt guy looks in the mirror and all he sees an empty seat. And another thing - the Green shirt guy only has 1 leg, while the guy in the orange shirt sitting next to him has what looks like 3 legs!! Why does the orange shirt guy get to hog all the legs. Who needs 3 legs anyway, surely the orange shirt guy could spare a leg and give one of his 3 legs to the Green shirt guy!
  5. I'm sort of the opposite Bob, in that I think the logo is pretty cool looking but I find the name to not be good at all. It's one of the weirdest names of a sports team I've ever heard. And the fact that no ones ever heard of it, that it's a mythical creature. I think they tried to be bold with this name and do something cool but unfortunately I think it may backfire. The name itself is very easy to make memes about and I don't think this is a good thing. The other problem I have with it is that the name appears to have been taken from a Hollywood film Clash of the Titans and the producer of it is one of the co-owners of the franchise. So it just doesn't come off as organic or something about the city. Not only that, but the creature is said to be from the Atlantic Ocean not from the Pacific so that doesn't make sense for Seattle. I would have liked them to be named something real like Sea Lions or if that's too cheesy something else but based on something that's actually a thing in Seattle. At the end of the day, Seattle going the imaginative route like they did with a mythical creature may have worked if the actual name sounded better.
  6. Thank you very much for creating your wonderful collegiate hockey roms. I really like what you did with lowering the speed of the puck, passes being slower makes it a very different and unique NHL 94 experience. And also I noticed that you lowered the speed of C-button defensive speed bursts. So when you do a C-button speed burst you don't cover as much ground as normal. This makes the rink feel bigger and this makes it feel like you really have to sprint a lot to get to loose pucks. Also the speed at which skaters turn also seems to be slightly slower which feels very cool as well. I'm guessing you lowered some ratings to achieve this. Excellent work, when I get a chance it will be fun to really get into some long matches in your gameplay!
  7. For the shooting accuracy rating : ('94 on Genesis) Does the shooting accuracy rating affect only the shooting accuracy of CPU shots? What about user-controlled shots when manually directing a shot by holding down a d-pad direction? I don't think I've really tested whether shots will go off target more when manually aiming a shot with a player with a lower rated shooting accuracy like a defenseman. And also does the shooting accuracy rating have an noticeable affect on the accuracy of one-timer shots?
  8. Yes that's what I was referring to. The disabling one-timers code for '94 was a great find. Good on you for asking about it and props to smozoma for finding it. I was using that code until I created the smaller goal mod. Playing NHL '94 with one-timers disabled was really fun as I liked lower scoring games but many had asked about a way to make one-timers less accurate so I was happy to deliver the smaller goal mod to the community to accomplish that feat. Of course the article was written before these solutions to one-timers in NHL '94 were discovered, but even before these solutions were found, I still can't believe he would seriously argue that NHLPA '93 was a better game lol.
  9. Great article especially the Swingers part about righting a historical wrong but in no way shape or form can you use that to put NHLPA '93 ahead of NHL '94. Yes NHLPA '93 had fighting. Yes NHLPA '93 had some things better like being able to bring up the line changes without automatically clearing the puck but it was also way more limited and basic than NHL '94. From a Gameplay standpoint, NHL '94 is on a different level than NHLPA '93. It's a much deeper engine but it was an interesting point about the ratings system being so different with NHL '94's rating system being like an “everyone gets a trophy just for trying” mentality. I do think that NHL '94's ratings didn't exactly take advantage of the full range of possible ratings. So I think he has a point there that NHLPA '93 may have a more robust rating system, with more variety of ratings between players. But with NHL '94 a little bit of work adjusting the ratings goes a long way to make the gameplay have more variety. Maybe not as much variety as NHLPA '93 but you have to remember NHL '94 is a far superior engine and it's more fine tuned. Even with a less varied ratings system, the ratings differences that are there do make a noticeable difference and in some ways it becomes easier to edit the ratings in '94 than in NHLPA '93. I have developed a solution to the one-timer problem in NHL '94 by making the goal smaller so one-timers are less accurate. And there is also a code that turns off one-timers in NHL '94 as another solution to the problem. In NHLPA '93 you have exploits and a lot more glitches and cheap ways to score. At least one-timers are skillful and as the article pointed out is a staple to the series. Yes one-timers can lead to a lot of high scoring games in NHL '94 but the article also pointed out that the one-timer problem got worse in NHL '95 “with its weird Pacman-on-ice skating system”. But that just goes to show that NHL '94 had the physics down pat. No other game in the series can touch NHL '94 from a gameplay standpoint. It is a finely tuned hockey engine with the greatest fun factor of any hockey game ever. Lets face it, at its core one-timers are just flat out fun. That didn't stop me from finding a way to make them less accurate but the gameplay mechanic itself is legendary. It is unclear what version he is comparing the Genesis versions or the SNES versions however the one-timer video he linked is of the SNES version. I don't want to offend any SNES fans but honestly we all know that the Genesis version of '94 reigns supreme. I think it's important to specify which version he is comparing because the SNES versions of NHLPA '93 and NHL '94 maybe be closer than the Genesis versions as the SNES version of '94 has issues that the Genesis version does not. For example, the SNES version of '94 doesn't look as good graphically or run as good as '94 on Genesis, and the minor issues in the Genesis version of NHL '94 that the SNES version doesn't have aren't as big as the problems in the SNES version of '94. As great and as fun to read as the article is, it has to be said that the verdict of choosing NHLPA '93 based on Swingers or fighting or whatever is mind-bogglingly ridiculous. NHL '94 flat out destroys NHLPA '93. Yes NHLPA '93 is a great game in its own right but there is no way that it can be argued to be a better game than NHL '94.
  10. Big Bird was a natural on the ice. You don't want to end up along the boards with Big Bird. Bert running some major interference setting up the one-timer, in True NHL 94 fashion the refs didn't call it.
  11. This is a cool idea, a rom to better hone your skills with training. I'm particularly interested playing with the no skater team, because I recently discovered a camera mod that has the camera fixed on the bottom part of the rink (the goalie) throughout the entire game instead of following the puck. With the camera fixed on the bottom 1/3rd of the rink it makes practicing manual goalie a lot better. This would be great practice with less or no teammates so I am just constantly defending shots from the opposition the entire time while manually controlling the goalie. One thing though that I'd like to learn how to do is to hack the "switch player" logic so you can be in control of the goalie the entire game.
  12. @Minni_North_Star Hey! We share the same twisted dream of playing against a capable computer. That's been one of my goals all along and a direct way to address that is to make the goal smaller. This lowers the accuracy of shots in general and particularly one-timers. You'll experience a more capable CPU opponent if you play against teams with highly rated player ratings particularly shot accuracy. I see that you're preferred system is SNES but if you give my version 1.1 rom a try maybe this mod will convert you to the Genesis version haha. Yes the smaller goals are on both sides of the rink. Getting the smaller goal on the top goal required some tricks as you cannot edit the middle part of the top goal through the normal top goal artwork tiles but I found a way around it through another method. I also managed to adjust the puck collision with the posts of the top goal (and side / back netting) making that more accurate by bringing the whole of the top goal down by 3 pixels then re-editing the artwork. It was a painstaking task to achieve but it's really worth it as now when pucks do bounce off the posts, you'll notice that in my rom, they hit right off the post instead of being a couple of pixels off of where the posts appear to be. You'll notice in my rom that shots will miss high and will go over the net more and will go wide of the side posts more. So getting shots on target requires more precision and timing than ever before. Most one-timers for example will miss wide unless you time it right or you manually place the one-timer shot with the d-pad. As far as applying the smaller goal to only the CPU that's not possible as the code that makes the goal dimensions smaller affects the barriers of both goals equally as well as the barriers between the puck and the boards which create a slightly longer and wider rink. So there's more room to maneuver behind each goal for example. To your point though I can report that I have managed to hack the goalie A.I. to an extent for my version 1.2 which is still in the alpha phase. And you'd be happy to know that this hack does affect the home and visitor goal differently. So anotherwords the hack makes it easier to score on the visitor goalie than the home goalie. So if you want more of a challenge vs the CPU all you'd need to do is play as the Visitor team on this version 1.2. If you're interested in this new version 1.2 let me know : basically the reason why I haven't released it yet is because it features this hacked goalie A.I. that makes the Visitor Goalie leave the net open too often leading to cheap goals. However if you play as the Visitor Goalie you can always take manual control of the goalie in these instances. This version 1.2 is still a WIP with this hacked goalie A.I. but it definitely provides a great challenge vs a CPU opponent if you are playing as the Visitor team vs a CPU Home team if what you seek is a challenge vs the CPU this is definitely it : it just may not be the exact kind of challenge you had in mind lol. Basically what the goalie A.I. hack does is that it causes goalies to not stray as far left or right of the goal, because as you'll see if you test the version 1.1 rom, with a goal so small the goalies are programmed to skate beyond the side posts as if they are guarding the post of a bigger goal. With the smaller goal width this pre-programmed left / right limit puts them beyond the smaller goal's side posts. Still it's very playable even with this quirk but I wanted to get them to stop at the smaller goal's posts. I wasn't quite able to get them to stop exactly at the side posts but what I was able ot do is get them to skate towards the center of the goal when they reach the side posts now. So with this hack the goalies are programmed to turn and skate towards the center of the goal when they go too far left or right instead of stopping there. This works well with the smaller goal only it's not perfect as oddly the home goalie seems to perform this new motion more intelligently than the visitor goalie does as the home goalie ends up leaving less open space to score on when he turns and skates towards the center of the goal. And it's not an easy thing to adjust, control or balance since this hack was found purely by trial and error. If you're interested in this new hacked goalie A.I. this version 1.2 that, I'm working let me know, but in the meantime check out the version 1.1 so you experience all this for yourself and so you can observe what I'm talking about with how the goalies are programmed to go beyond the smaller goal's side posts. It's not a major problem or anything but it was enough of an issue for me to get into hacking the goalie A.I. so they don't overshoot the smaller goal's side posts as they are programmed to do since they are programmed to defend the wider side posts of a larger goal. With this new hacked goalie A.I. that I'm working on, goalies now will turn and dart to the center of the goal and will leave the net open which the CPU A.I. is quick to take advantage, which the Visitor goalie in particular has a tendency to do often. What's cool about it though is that the Home goalie doesn't really have this problem of leaving the net open when he turns and darts to the center of the goal, basically he he'll stay closer to the goal line when he does this so he can still react to a quick shot near the post whereas the Visitor goalie often won't, so as a result scoring on the home goalie is quite difficult indeed with this new hacked goalie A.I. And to be clear this issue has nothing to do with whether the home goalie is playing on the top goal or the bottom goal in a particular period. None of what I'm talking about here is an issue in version 1.1 which just has the normal goalie A.I. you are used to. And they still defend the smaller goal pretty well all things considered.
  13. I made some discoveries thanks to this topic that add on to the codes that wboy found, which I showcased in my smallest goal rom. The codes that wboy found were fantastic, and I used those to search around for more codes and managed to find two additional codes that allowed me to make important changes to the score and timer overlays. Here there are : Timer Related ============= x y -- -- 0x00012AEF = BF01 1920; Pwr Play Text 0x00012AF8 = BF01 1A20; Power Play Clock So these additional codes allow for more customization of the position of both the score and the timer overlays as you can see in the smallest goal rom. With these 2 additions to what wboy found, now you can pretty much move around everything . . . EXCEPT for one thing : the Game Clock. The code to edit the position of Game Clock has been elusive. I searched and searched but was unable to find a code to move the game clock. I tried moving the score overlay and team/score text to the top right hand corner of the screen but unless you put it at the top edge of the screen, it turns out that the bottom edge will be erased every time there's a face-off due to the face-off windows that pop up when there is a face-off. However if we can find the Game Clock code, the game clock could be put below the score and probably wouldn't get cut-off by the face-off windows since it's a running clock and thus stays on the screen no matter what. So the needle in the haystick here is the code that moves the game clock. If anyone finds that they'd be a real hero. But at least now we have a list of everything else, including the Power Play Clock an the "PWR Play" text which were big discoveries for me.
  14. Version 1.1 of the Smallest Goal Rom has been released. This fixes an issue in version 1.0 in which all Players were Lefties in-game regardless of their handedness rating. This was due to a rom code that improves Goalie Diving Save Angles. In this new version, the rom code has been reverted to its original default value, which returns player handedness to normal, and disables the code that improves Goalie Diving Saves. In the ROM there are instructions on how to still get the improved goalie diving saves in the new version without it causing all players to be Lefties, which involves running 2 RAM codes in-game. In addition to fixing that issue from version 1.0, I have also increased the weight of all goalies by 4 ratings points in an effort to lower the amount of cheap goals. I also made some graphical improvements including adjusting the color of the player indicator.
  15. Thank you jumbo90 for your comment. You've been a great help thus far. The one area that is still a work in progress is the goalies. To those who have tried the rom, I lowered the goalie ratings a good amount so that it won't be impossible to score goals when you first try it. I thought with the first version it was important that you are able to score goals, however if you start increasing the Goalie ratings to what they normally are, it will become harder and harder to score. So what I'm trying to find is a balance. My goal is to eliminate most of the cheap goals without making it too hard to score goals. This is a balancing act from a goalie ratings perspective as some of you may prefer playing on shorter periods, but if you are finding it too easy to score with the goalie ratings as they are, then I will start increasing some of the goalie ratings to eliminate some of the cheap goals whilst trying to not make it too hard to score. Like in the version 1 rom, I turned goalies agility down and settled with goalie's agility at 1. (I had it at 0 but it was too easy to score) I lowered this to slow down the movement of goalies since they have a smaller target to defend, but goalie agility may still be a little too low. This is what I'm hoping to get your feedback on. What would help is if I can find a way to keep the goalies closer to the goal so that they don't drift as far left or right beyond the side posts. But I also think there's a lot of testing that needs to be done on the goalie ratings, maybe increasing goalie weight or agility. I hope you guys are having fun with the rom thus far, but it's still very much a work in progress. The v1 rom is just a starting point for the goalies, I'm hoping that through testing and getting feedback, we can fine tune the goalie ratings and maybe find some goalie codes that eliminate most of the cheap goals without making it impossible to score lol.
  16. That's a very interesting observation @FightFan that in NHLPA93 when playing as the Visitor team the CPU as the home team puts in its checking line as they should but when you are playing as the Home team the CPU Visitor team the CPU isn't putting in the checking line if I have that right. I wonder if this is an issue in NHL 94 as well. I normally don't pay too much attention to which lines the CPU team is subbing in but now I will pay more attention to it.
  17. Version 1 of the Smallest Goal rom has been released! See the first post. The rom features the smallest goal all set up plus a ton of other mods and features that I have put into it. I have been working on the goalie ratings and I have settled on ratings that produce a lot of rebounds. As I said before, the "Reverse Angle" of Instant Replay isn't complete, when you go to it, the puck / post collision is good but you will observe some goal alignment issues and incomplete graphics on the top goal. But on the Regular Angle both goals are aligned with the boundaries and it produces a fun low scoring experience. There are still a lot about the goalies that I am researching, but this should give you a good basis for you to experience for yourself what playing with smaller goals is like. Have fun! It would be great to hear your feedback on this : what you like, what you don't like, what kind of adjustment this is for you.
  18. I did a lot of testing of goalie ratings and I'm still unsure of what Stick Left / Right does to the goalies, my best guess is that lowering it might allow the occasional puck to get through stick save attempts or diving save attempts and become goals but even with those at 0 or 1 (and with Glove Left / Right at 0) goalies still seem to stop most save attempts. Stick Left and Stick Right might affect the angles that pucks bounce off the stick or something minor, but it doesn't seem to have a noticeable affect on their ability to make stick saves. Still I will leave Stick Left and Stick Right as normal, and will continue to test goalies of different Stick Left and Right ratings to try to understand what that does to Goalies. What I have seen a difference in is with lowering Goalies Agility. With the smaller goals I have reduced Goalies Agility. Lowering Goalies Agility to 0 makes them noticeably slower but I found that it becomes too easy to score so I bumped Agility back up to 1 for all goalies. There are the Goalie Ratings in the rom: All Goalies : 1 Agility, 0 Speed, & 0 Glove Left / Right. Normal Stick Left / Right, and Normal everything else besides Puck Control. Puck Control : All Goalies 0. Goalies still catch shots with Puck Control at 1, but generally shots with more power bounce on them, while slower shots they catch. Puck Control at 0 make them catch even less of the lower powered shots, but they still catch a lot of them. You will occasionally have a goalie mishandle the puck with Puck Control at 0 which doesn't seem to happen as often on 1. I put this as low as possible to create more rebounds off the goalie. With the rom, some things are not complete, like the Reverse Angle of Instant Replay has glitches, you'll see, but on the normal Angle everything has been cleaned up as best I can. The point of me releasing this rom is to get your feedback. This isn't the kind of mod that I just want to release and be done with it. I have packed into this rom a lot of new features and some of them don't work perfectly, and will need to be investigated further. You'll see what I mean, but when you start playing matches I really want to know how your games are going particularly vs CPU controlled teams, and if your games are low scoring or not. I think that the best way for you to score goals might be to get rebounds from hard shot deflections off the goalie, that's one of the best ways to score goals. With Goalie ratings too high, you simply won't be able to score goals so by lowering some of these ratings I will have made it a little easier to score goals though it will still be a big adjustment from what you are used to. I can tell you that goals have never been so satisfying for me than they are with the smallest goal and I want you to experience this for yourself. A new skill that you will learn is when you get a rebound and have an open net, you now have a much smaller target to get the shot on goal and you will have to really learn to place your shot to make sure you can get the shot on goal. You've never really had to aim shots like this before and with the smallest goal it requires a lot of hand eye coordination and timing to place your shot even when you have an open net. That's where I think having more rebounds makes the smallest goal more fun, even if you get to a loose puck and open net, it's no guarantee you will score, but you will probably learn how to score goals this way, and if you master this technique the next step is to increase Goalies Puck Control and / or Agility to make it harder to score from rebounds. With Agility lowered you have a little bit more time to get the shot off before the Goalie recovers from a rebound, but learning how to master this technique is a lot of fun and I think it should be like that in the first version. With Goalie Agility at 1, it'll still be plenty hard and a big adjustment compared to what you're used to with bigger goals. But if you really want a challenge, if you find scoring goals to easy with Goalie Agility that low, you can always increase Goalies Agility or Puck Control to make it harder to score. When playing on the smallest goal, you will become much more aware of what the goalie ratings do, and I hope this will lead to a more in depth discussion about Goalie Ratings!
  19. This should be doable, though with the smallest and medium goal sizes you need to edit a single-byte address in two locations in addition to editing goal tiles, since area inside of the top goal is not editable through the normal top goal tiles. To apply the smaller goals to any rom you would need to copy and paste all the goal tile artwork, then hex edit 2 single byte-addresses to get narrower top goal side posts, then apply the correct barriers code. I will release the smallest goal first in a custom made rom packed with other mods for your convenience, and you can then freely go copy and paste my smaller goal art so you can use this artwork in other roms. And I'll help you if you have any issues finding the codes needed to get the narrower top goal side posts.
  20. Haha Oh I've made NHL 94 Super Realistic in ways that don't necessarily translate to current NHL trends. Wait till you try out this Rom, then see if you still say "That's not going to happen". When I release this rom and you start playing it, i predict it will be a very eye opening experience for you. As far as getting more rebounds I mean I know I'm getting more rebounds than before and I don't think I've really touched the Puck Control rating too much. Though there may be a big difference between a Puck Control Rating of 1 vs 2, with Puck Control at 1 possibly sometimes pucks bouncing off the goalie's body then going through the goalie becoming goals vs Puck Control at 2 that not happening. I think I'll be releasing the smallest goal Rom with all goalies Glove Left and Glove Right at 0 because again I suspect that having those higher causes pucks to magnetically attract to Goalie's gloves on shots that are too far away from the goalie's gloves to be doing that. I don't want any pucks warping to Goalie's gloves unrealistically and becoming saves that should be goals. Whether there's a sweet spot with Glove Left and Glove Right I'm not sure but I don't want any "cheap saves" if I can avoid it since it's hard enough to score on the smallest goal as is. Turning those to 0 seems to do that, and we can investigate this further perhaps after I release the rom. Here's the thing guys, after I release this rom, I mean if there's interest, if people are really playing games and testing it, I'm hoping we can start to make more conclusions about what these goalie ratings like Glove Left and Glove Right really do. Another thing is turning Defensive Awareness down a notch so that Def awareness is no longer equal to offensive awareness for Goalies. I'm hoping that lowering their Def Awareness makes Goalies more human-like, less robotic, and that combined with lowering agility 2 notches, well all these changes should work well since they are defending a much smaller goal. They don't need to move laterally as much or as fast, and frankly another issue I have is how goalies constantly take the wrong angle when a puck is dumped behind the net and they end up not even getting to the puck. (you know, they move left or right to try to intercept a dumped puck instead of actually going behind the goal, and they end up attempting to retrieve a dumped puck too late with that kind of an angle so what's the point of them even trying to get to a dumped puck with taking that angle instead of going behind the goal to wait for the puck) I wish there was a way to stop goalies from moving out of their goal to react to pucks being dumped behind the goal. But lowering agility would certainly slow them down and perhaps lowering def awareness may even stop them from trying to get to dumped pucks as much since we apparently can't adjust the angle they take, or control when they move out of their goal to try and get a dumped puck. A lot of what I'm talking about here is hard for you guys to really get because you're playing on bigger goals right? When you start playing this rom it will change the way you think about these goalie ratings, because all the scenarios involving goalies are totally different. The great part about this is that we can lower a lot of these goalie ratings, to make Goalie's play more realistically without it causing them to give up a lot of goals because the goals are so much smaller. I mean there's a lot of problems with goalies in this game, like them being too "fast" in general (isn't that why you turned down all Goalie's speed to 0)? Then you have goalies being too strong : you bump into them right, your player always falls down, Goalies never fall down when a player runs into them, right? So one thing I've done is turned off the "Interference" penalty, because the way Interference is called in NHL 94, it's not realistic to what Interference looks like in a real NHL game, so given how overpowered goalies are and how they never fall down or get knocked out of position from impact, imho Interference might as well be off, so you can crash into goalie's all you want without turning off the other penalties. (Thanks NOSE for that feature of allowing only some penalties to be turned OFF, while keeping others ON) Interference as a penalty imho serves no purpose really in NHL 94 because even if you bump into a Goalie, you can't cause the Goalie to fall down, he's just gonna cause you to fall down, so why are you penalized for that? If Goalies were able to be knocked down or out of position by players bumping into them, then yeah Interference should be a penalty, but that's not the case in NHL 94 with how overpowered the Goalies are. And in situations where a player blocks a Goalie from getting into position, an Interference penalty isn't even called. So that's just an example of why I'm lowering Goalie's ratings like this, it's needed to make playing with a smaller goal realistic. And I say realistic, just in the framework of making the game more playable and closer to what Goalies really play like in a real NHL game. And in fairness, you can't really lower goalies ratings too much while playing on regular sized NHL 94 goals. The Goals are too big, you need Goalies to be super fast laterally (which still happens even with Goalie's speed at 0) because you have such a huge target to score on. That's why when playing on these smaller goals, you really need to lower Goalie Agility which really seems to lower their actual speed at moving left / right and around the crease. With a smaller target to defend they don't need to move much at all to make saves. (Though they can't just stand still in the center of the goal and save everything, my smallest goal isn't that small) Lowering Defensive Awareness I'm hoping lowers their ability to track players moving left and right with the puck or on one-timers but I don't want to lower Def awareness too much that's why I only lowered it by 1 for all goalies. By the way the lower accuracy of one-timers with the smallest goal and the new post / goal barriers is one of the first things that you'll notice, you pretty much need to aim most one-timers to have a shot at getting it on goal. It depends on a lot of factors, you can get one-timers on goal without aiming the one-timer but only if things align perfectly. (it'll be a very new and fun experience for you) This will be real interesting when I share this mod and you guys get to experience all this stuff I'm talking about, and hopefully once you play this rom with the smaller goals we can really start going into more depth as to what all these goalie ratings really do since some of the goalie ratings are still somewhat of a mystery. Playing on smaller goals will cause you to notice things about goalies that you may not have noticed before, and this is why I'm so excited about releasing this rom. This Smallest Goal Rom is the real deal, I put a ton of mods and effort into this, and the reason why I haven't released it yet is because I just want to test it thoroughly before releasing it. When this gets released, probably by this weekend, you will get an incredibly eye opening NHL 94 experience full of long stretches of play without goals. It will be a big adjustment, you will learn how to be patient and be creative at finding new ways to score goals. And I just want to make sure the Goalies don't give up cheap goals while lowering goalie ratings which is way so much testing on these lower goalie ratings is required before release.
  21. I have been trying it out with lowered Goalie's Glove Left and Glove Right. And see my other comment above about why I lowered Goalie's Glove Left and Glove Right to begin with. I was trying to solve the problem of goalies saving shots that should have been goals. You know, shots that are headed towards an open net with the Goalie out of position but then the puck magically being pulled away from being a goal at the last second by some kind of a force field attracting the puck to their Gloves despite the glove being nowhere near the puck. I may have solved this by lowering every goalie's Glove Left and Glove Right to 0, the problem is it's a hard thing to reproduce in-game. Basically, with smaller goals I don't want the Goalies to be saving shots that they shouldn't be when you do have a shot on an open net. I haven't really seen this happen since I've lowered goalie's Glove Left and Glove Right to 0 but again it's not something that happens very often, but when it does it's annoying and it looks ridiculous, because again scoring chances become very rare on the smaller goals, especially the smallest goal that I will be releasing, and I don't want Goalies to be able to unrealistically save shots that should be goals by pucks being stopped from an invisible barrier like a magnet changing direction mid-flight right into their Glove when the Glove was not close enough to the puck to where it should have been saved. So that's why I've been lowering Glove Left and Glove Right to 0, to try to prevent those instances from happening. (the invisible forcefield Glove saves, as if the Goalie's glove is a magnet pulling the puck to it even though the Glove isn't close enough to the puck to be saved) Do you think it's possible that lowering Glove Left and Glove Right to 0 stops this phenomena of pucks headed towards open nets being pulled by an invisible magnetic force field to a Goalie's Glove?
  22. And just as an FYI the reason why I zeroed out Glove Left and Glove Right to begin with was to try to avoid those instances of shots on open nets with the Goalie out of position ending up being "saved" by Goalies due to an invisible barrier forcefield that causes the puck to magnetically attract to the goalie despite the goalie's player model being several pixels away from the puck. Anotherwords shots that should have been goals ended up being saved by this invisible glove force field and stopped from going into the goal, then being attracted to the Goalie's glove like a magnet. Any idea how to prevent that from happening? (I thought zeroing Glove Left and Glove Right would solve this but it's a hard thing to reproduce in game)
  23. So can you speak to how turning every goalie in the game to Glove Left and Glove Right equal to 0 would affect them? Would zeroing those out cause the goalies to stop catching left or right, or would it cause them to still attempt to catch left or right but instead of catching it, it bouncing off their gloves? And for Stick Left and Stick Right, would zeroing those out cause Goalies to stop attempting stick saves or would it just cause stick save attempts to become less successful? Would it cause stick saves to hit the stick but then go through the stick more into the goal or something? I'm really not too concerned with how lowering Goalie ratings affects the Goalie Overall ratings, because I'm making these changes across the board to all goalies in the game evenly. Lowering the size of the goal as I have makes it that much harder to score just by that alone, so I am perfectly OK with Goalie's Overall ratings lowering quite a bit since it will still be quite difficult to score goals on lower rated Goalies with the smaller goal.
  24. Will do, I will be releasing the smallest goal rom first. Then I'll see what I can do with the bigger size goals. The smallest goal rom is pretty much ready to go, I'm just editing goalie ratings at this point trying to see how lowering certain goalie attributes affects them as it relates to the smaller goal. With the smaller goal you can really lower a lot of the goalie attributes and it's still hard to score due to the size of the goal. One thing I'm trying to get is a lot more deflections and rebounds, instead of the goalies just catching shots. I've heard that lowering "Puck Control" creates more rebounds, but it appears that lowering Glove Left and Glove Right may also create more rebounds as well. And I'm still not quite sure what Stick Left and Stick Right does. So I've lowered every goalie's Glove Left and Glove Right to 0, and I'm reducing Goalie's Agility and Defensive Awareness ratings. Off and Def Awareness are usually equal but I kept Offensive Awareness of goalie's as is, as I'm guessing that relates to the CPU accuracy of goalies passing the puck out to teammates when they have the puck. So I've lowered Def Awareness by 1, lowered Agility by 2, I think these lower goalie ratings should work better with the smaller goal, as they have less area to defend so they don't need to be as agile or as Aware to still be effective at keeping pucks out of the net. But I don't want to lower them too far so they let easy goals in. That's why I hesitate to lower Puck Control too much because I heard that lowering that too low I heard may cause them to make errors and possibly let routine shots get past them. I am hoping to release this rom after Thanksgiving like by Saturday or Sunday. I just want to get these goalie ratings all set before release.
  25. I've been doing a lot of goalie ratings adjustments to make this rom more playable with the smallest goal, like turning down goalie's Glove Left and Glove Right ratings to 0. It seems that there's a big difference between setting both Glove Left and Glove Right to 0 vs setting only one of them to 0 and the other to 1. With both Glove Left and Glove Right at 0, a lot about the game changes : Goalies will not be able to able to catch too many pucks, occasionally they will but not shots with power on them, even some passes deflect off the goalie. This adds an important gameplay element to NHL 94 that I really had never experienced up until now. With both Glove Left and Glove Right set to 0 it appears to affect the entire team not just the goalie, as this causes there to be a lot more deflections on passes and just in general even when the goalie isn't involved. I am considering setting all the goalies in the game to 0 for Glove Left and Glove Right as it works well with the smaller mod as it's still hard to score even with the goalie deflections when the goal is this small. I don't want to make it too easy to score but I must say that playing against a goalie rated 0 for Glove Left and Glove Right is really fun especially with the small goals. With bigger goals turning these to 0 would make it too easy to score but with smaller goals it gives you more opportunities for deflections and opportunities sometimes to aim at open goals when the goalie is out of position after a deflection. I have found that even when I free up space from a deflection to get a shot on an open net I will miss the open net since with the smaller barriers the shot accuracy has been reduced. So I find myself in battles with just trying to aim the puck into the goal, it's a very cool experience that I think you will like when i release this rom.
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