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  1. Hey I'm actually selling a slim PS2, it's used, but in perfect condition. It'll also come with 2 controllers and some games. The reason I'm selling it is because I got a PS3. My AIM is brownmagic1919 if interested.
  2. I am very disappointed that this has happened. I come online, take a look at the league, and bam it's no more. This is apparently due to people not being dedicated and not seeming to care about the league. Out of nowhere we had about 5 people just drop out on us. I'm pretty upset that it had to close down, we had a good thing going...Thank you to all who stuck through it the whole way and helped out, hopefully we can get more leagues like this going.
  3. I'm still here and willing to take monkey juice's place!!
  4. Well angryjay talked to me earlier about possibly taking over the Capitals, and so I'm here and ready to take part whenever!
  5. Yup, it's all about having fun, win or LOSE! I'm 2-16-1, and I don't mind! haha Oh, and matthurray, I gave you a team in the league, you're Edmonton. It would be nice to be able to contact you on AIM. My aim is brownmagic1919, so please try and add me when you can.
  6. New planet discovered that resembles Earth and may contain liquid water which is necessary to support life?
  7. Yeah, here's the league's join link to make things real easy. http://leaguedaddy.com/leagues/join/?lid=2075 Password= nikzherdev That's all ya gotta do. (unless you haven't signed up on leaguedaddy)
  8. You can manually edit your roster. On the tabs on the top you go to: More> Rosters. If you need any help, then just contact a commish. (brownmagic1919 or JacketsZherdev). Or you can post in the league message board on leaguedaddy.
  9. Nice man, you pulled off the leaguedaddy! How did you ever do it!? haha, i joined. Oh, P.S., you can just import in a schedule if you want a 30 game one. That'll save you a load. If you need help, you can make me commish. You know I'm down with leaguedaddy. haha
  10. whaaaaaaaat, flip goals!? that was sweeet!! haha yes i'm a noob and didn't know you could do that.
  11. It will be up on the league site which will be up once everything is finished.
  12. Remember guys, you gotta sign up and join through leaguenow.com. Take a look at one of my posts, it contains the information you need.
  13. And stan, I take it you're stanley right? Just checking.
  14. I guess we'll have to see how things go. It'll probably be temporary until things get going here, unless you guys will remain active and will be willing to play still.
  15. Ok once you guys have registered on leaguenow, then go here http://www.leaguenow.com/join_leagues.asp, click "enter league password", go to the very bottom, our league is 94/07NHL, id-1165. Password is "yzerman19" without the quotations.
  16. Oh ok, cool thanks. (and sorry for the double topic, no idea how that happened) haha
  17. I am very interested in joining the draft league whenever there are openings. I'm a committed player and a great sport. I always play for fun! (win or LOSE)
  18. Yeah, you have to sign up on www.leaguenow.com first. Here's the link to our league, http://www.leaguenow.com/leagues/?lid=1165. Just post in here your aim and what team you want and we will do it on a first come first serve basis. So make sure to sign up and once you have we'll assign your team. Thanks.
  19. I'll take any team if there are available ones.
  20. Hey...I found it on the main leaguedaddy forum.
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