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  1. Ok guys, whats the deal??? This is game is not the same as on the console. Someone needs to spill the beans. Was the game tweeked??? All I have come across are guys who put bure, fluery, selanne,,,,,,,,, at center and play for a break. And it is impossible to check. Come on, someone come clean, whats with this game!!!
  2. this was an IM sent to me this evening, can anyone make any sense of this?? sciaticattack (1:24:40 AM): hey mother fucker sciaticattack (1:25:01 AM): oops sorry wrong guy sciaticattack (1:26:10 AM): ;o; your a f**king veterean i was told bastards tocchet22 (1:27:34 AM): ???? sciaticattack (1:26:45 AM): i got ur ip so sciaticattack (1:27:25 AM): your a vet fucker tocchet22 (1:28:44 AM): what are you talkin about sciaticattack (1:28:29 AM): lol I am going to post veteran IPs tonight tocchet22 (1:29:42 AM): dude, who are you sciaticattack (1:29:23 AM): someone who isnt suupposed to know sciaticattack (1:29:55 AM): league helpers sciaticattack (1:30:18 AM): everytime you guys post its put up tocchet22 (1:31:27 AM): are you drunk?? sciaticattack (1:31:15 AM): you only get 1 entry into league sciaticattack (1:31:20 AM): sorry
  3. AIM tocchet22 - I would like Que or Win
  4. wow, you lie..... I stomped you, pretty sad stuff wags
  5. AIM tocchet22, look forward to playing. I just tried a few online games, a bit of a delay, need to get used to it. but I held my own. I will take on all comers. late
  6. I am looking to play anytime, anywhere, my aim is tocchet22. Big Pens fan, and I am the closest thing to mario lemieux on NHL 94..
  7. I just found a slice of heaven. You have just encountered the number one ranked player from State College, Pa, circa 94- 97. I am looking forward to any and all competition that I can find. Thanks to whoever created the site!!!!! One question, how do I set up an AIM????? I want to play someone ASAP!!!! Late, Kev
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