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  1. 1: Minneapolis is a fantastic city and I'm not opposed to it at all but I would obviously always prefer a wee bit closer to ole indiana. Totally selfish reasons for that. 

    2: My chances would go up because if I had to, I could make it a day trip. 

    3: I'm not big on sunday tournaments. I like to party a little during these things and that wouldn't go over too well with my employer Monday morning. 

    4: I don't play as much snes so my attendance is not based on snes at all. Whatever "extra" tourney you add on, I'll probably jump on and play. 

    5: Chicago would be great but again this is for very selfish reasons. People from out of town will have trouble finding more affordable lodging and what not, but there is a lot to do in chicago if you do have to stay. 

    6: Once you rollover into March I'm basically not going to make it to any tourney until june because of high school baseball season so february is ideal for me.

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