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  1. This is really cool! I did a roster update for the should-have-been Sweet 16 in 2020 with NHL 94. Any way to update the rosters for 2020-21?
  2. Thanks. I was trying out a bunch of the college ones started, but yours was by far the best. Lost track. I should have retraced my steps. It really is great!
  3. Seriously, I am really sorry for not giving the proper credit on this. After it was altered several times by me, I lost track of track of where it originally came from. It was a masterpiece done by Beavers33, and he deserves the biggest thank you on this.
  4. Sorry. I was not exactly sure who to give the credit to. I will rectify that situation.
  5. This is my version of the teams that would have qualified for the NCAA Tournament in 2020 if the end would have been able to be played out. It was made possible only from Beavers33 2014 version. A very big thank you to him on this! I also have all the WCHA teams completed. Thanks to Jeff Kline for all the help! Some of the other teams in the Big 10 and NCHC have not been updated for the 2019-2020 season due to time. If someone would like to work on it - there is a glitch that won't let someone play passed the second round in either tournament on the game. Also, if someone could figure out how to pull the goalie if a team is down by one, two, or three goals with under 2 minutes left, that would be awesome. Enjoy! 1 - NCAA West 2019-2020 - GoldTM.bin
  6. I won't be anytime really soon as I'm hanging out with my kids and parents for the next few days. If others know those teams better, it would be cool if they wanted to throw ideas out there as stats don't always tell the whole story. Thanks again for all your help on this. It looks great!
  7. Hi All, Thanks to JKline3, I've started an NCAA West 2019-2020 game for NHL '94. He did the graphics and pretty much helped me arrange things the way they needed to be. I've set up the entire WCHA, and I would like some help with the NCHC, Big 10, and Arizona State. I've set the teams pretty high in ability, like the NHL teams would have been for the game. Please feel free to edit as you can, and let me know if you wish to try to do anything with it. The teams have their up to date rosters, and I created the jerseys for Minnesota State home and away as well as the Bowling Green road jerseys (orange). Right now, the NCHC and Big 10 (without Notre Dame) is based on the Beaver33 work from 2014, and Notre Dame and Arizona State are just remains from the NHL teams next in line. Also, I can never start the third round of the playoffs as it always says there is an error before it can be played. If someone has a way to fix this, that would be awesome. Thanks, and enjoy! NCAA West 2019-2020.bin
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