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  1. I think the only other european leagues are managaed by the russians.
  2. "No hassle" should be OK for the start. Seems all to start getting real. Nice JMJ.
  3. Ah, too bad but one of them is out and i just couldn`t get contact with the other one yet. What about russians, czechs and so? I was checking NHL94 in their language with a translator but didn´t find much. But i think there could be a lot of potential players over there.
  4. Well i would join anyway and like JMJ already said i may have 2 other potential players. And yeah, short pings are nice nice but more important for euro gamers could be the not existing big time differences..............
  5. Yippee ....i finally found out how the genesis 3-button controller works with the Mayflash adapter! Mayflash themselves said "go into PC Game Controller Panel, then press buttons “START+A” for 3 seconds. Then you can change between D-PAD & left analogue stick mode". After that you can callibrate all buttons. Still thanks for all trying to help....
  6. I still cant connect to any player using my good old pad. And i cant reach the player "eddisnbr". On this page he said he used to use the controller too and it seemed to function. Can someone contact him?
  7. Can some please help me?! I have major connection problem and cant solve it since weeks. I use an original MD1 contoller with this adapter on a win7-64bit. I downloaded/installed the emulator from the homepage. But the diagonal steering will only work when i use the gens+netplaysave.exe from this page. But then i cant connect to other players anymore because of ....i think it said some what like "different versions" and sometimes i think other "connection problems". On this page a guy player called addisnbr used to use the controller too and it seemed to function well. Does any1 know the solvement for this issue? Please help! We wanna play nhl94.....................
  8. hi kingraph, i got AIM. I think it functioned right and my screenname is "IceCow". It seems to show so anyway. Can we check if it works?
  9. Can anyone help and tell us trying to connect for a game? We never did that before but i installed the game and it works.
  10. Hi, i am not an old friend but i just signed in today. We loved playing NHL94 ...about 20 years ago. We would play an friendly-game any time. We are sitting here in Germany. I would like to know too how to find people to play. Also 2vs2 would be great!