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  1. Best players in order: 1. Roenick 2. Selanne 3. Mogilny 4. Bure Roenick, as others have said, is in a class by himself. Best goalie: 1. Patrick Roy I remain, blueapricot416
  2. This is aqualizard! (I am also blueapricot416, my dedicated NHL94 MSN name). I am ready to take over. Can we set a time for a test match? Thanks, aqualizard
  3. 1. Roenick 2. Selanne 3. Mogilny 4. Bure I remain, blueapricot416
  4. Hey Verbeek, I have switched from aqualizard to blueapricot416, but it is still me! (I am now playing online and that is my online name.) Yeah, we are still playing, and getting together is possible, although I am starting a new job this week, and one of the 3 guys I play with is out of town. I will shoot you and email at dadbath. So what settings do you use? We use: Period Length: 5 min Line Changes: Off Goalies: Manual Penalties: On Offsides: Off See ya, blueapricot416
  5. Wanna play GENS online against me? Add blueapricot416 at to your MSN and contact me! I am ready to go 24/7. Other people can add their contact info to this thread and we can have a list of available players! Thanks, blueapricot416