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  1. hey, now that halloween is over, i thought i'd add a little update. first off, i'm glad everyone enjoyed my costume, i know i did. i'll get to the reactions from strangers in a moment. mack asked earlier how it was made, and the process was pretty simple, if a little labour intensive. actually, i have to give my roommate props, because he did pretty much all the work. basically, it involved scanning the original nhl 94 cover art (genesis, of course) at as high a resolution as possible, blowing it up in photoshop, and printing it out on a buch of 8.5 by 11 sheets. we then just taped them all to a big box which was assembled before hand and cut out the head hole. voila! there was some debate over the addition of arm holes, but we decided against it. the original 94 box didn't have arm holes, so neither do does the costume. the downside of this is hours of drinking through a straw, and the inability to fend off rowdies (but i'm not programmed to fight, so i guess that makes sense). okay, so i hit the street with the thing on saturday night. my first observation was that it was incredibly warm. classic video game boxes are the new winter coats. within seconds i was getting stares and comments from strangers, some of which were pretty funny (stuff like "it's in the game", and "i wasted my childhood playing you"). we headed to a pretty big halloween party and the positive feedback was consistent throughout the night. it was good to see how many people still have love for the great 94. i am also proud to report that the costume held up through a night of partying pretty darn well. despite bumping around a crowded party all night in a super-cumbersome box, the thing is none the worse for wear. this means i can still suit up anytime i want! now for the bad news, what's the deal with people who think that 93, or even 92, are better than 94? i had a running discussion all night with 3 or 4 dudes who swore by the earlier incaranations. i tried to show them all the great new features on my back cover, but they kept going on about my lack of fighting. maybe these people haven't played the games in a while, and they just remember being dissapointed by the removal of fighting when they were kids, but i don't understand how a rational person could prefer anything over 94. so that put a bit of a damper on the festivities, but otherwise i was happy with everything. i guess that's about it, if anyone else is interested in making their own nhl 94 costume, let me know. i could offer more instruction, or even email you the high res scan of the cover, assuming my roommate still has it. later.
  2. Feast your eyes on my dream come true: I'm obviously getting all the candy in this beauty... Thoughts?
  3. hey, blueapricot. i just emailed you back. we play by almost the exact same rules, but with penalties off, so that should make for some good games. if there is anyone else in toronto interested in meeting up for some games this week, let us know.
  4. THAT'S AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! way to go swos! i'm glad you've had the privilege of experiencing the slide show! how was it? did you get the music? the skater in the crowd? any other amazing surprises? about how long was it? as far as a video, yes, i would be very interested in seeing it. you have to make that happen. how many times have you seen the slide show? does anyone else have any slide show stories?
  5. hey, aqua. i too am an old school genesis nhl '94 player who lives in toronto. i also have not gotten into online play yet, partially because i prefer the purity of actually using a console and old controller as you said. my fellow nhl '94 fanatic, who posts on this board as klima85, is going to be in town next week and i know he would love to meet up with some 94'ers for some games. if the offer still stands, let me know on this board or email me - dadbath@hotmail.com.
  6. this also falls under the category of bugs, but my favourite nhl '94 moment is something referred to as "the slide show". my buddy ben (klima85) can back me up on this one since i was playing him when the magic moment happened. okay, a couple of years ago, we're playing on my genesis when we are interrupted by the familiar freeze and error message. sensing something more was about to happen, ben told me to wait a moment before i reset the system. sure enough, after a moment, the screen began flashing random still images from the game while playing arena organ music! these weren't just ordiary screenshots either, there was garbled text at times, goal! messages, random graphic bugs, at one point one of the images was of a player skating in the crowd! each image would last a few seconds as the music played continuously and we sat there, stunned and in awe of what we were witnessing. after about a minute of this miraculous gift, the climactic moment came in the form of a player on the ice holding the stanley cup aloft in triumph. seconds later the show was over and the screen was frozen once again. we waited several minutes, in hope that we would be blessed with another slide show, but it was not meant to be. i know that conventinal wisdom would suggest that what we saw was simply a malfunction, but since we were playing on the cartridge i have had since the game came out, we like to think that the slide show was a reward for years of loyalty to nhl '94 and that the images we were seeing were the alltime highlites for my cartridge. perhaps it commemorated the one millionth game played, or something along those lines. since then we have always wondered if nhl '94 will ever reward and honour us with another slide show. awhile back ben did see a much shorter one (i believe it was missing the music as well), but the possibility of moments like this is a big part of what keeps us playing the game. i would love to know if anyone else has ever seen anything like the slide show.
  7. can we get an upadate on this "ultimate challenge match"? did it go down? what was the result? for his sake, i hope kgman won, because it would be very humiliating to lose after that much trash talk.
  8. he was already mentioned by dipchit, but i want to co-sign on terry yake. get cassels out of the starting lineup, move my boy verbeek over to centre, throw in yake at left wing and you're good to go. yake may not blow you away at first, but his durability, consistency and wiley scoring touch are remakable. he doesn't have great range on his slap shot, but if you get in the slot, his accuracy is lights out. i've had some incredible games with him (and hartford in general) where he gets in incredible shooting zones and seemingly can't miss. plus he is one of the players in the genesis version who is on two teams. you gotta love that!
  9. i've seen this one a couple of times before as well. there's nothing more exciting than scoring with 0:00 left on the clock. i don't think i've seen it done at the end of the third or ot, so i can't confirm the skipping of the celebration and three stars, but i guess that's something to look forward to. that's what makes nhl '94 so good; the more you play, the more you are rewarded with little surprises like this. and just when you think you've seen everything, the game goes and tops itself.
  10. i'm glad that this was posted already. i found out about this contest when it was midway through the first round and i became very invested in it. i'm sure that nhl '94 would have won no matter what, but i did everything i could to help out. i too am glad that its official and nhl '94 has taken its rightful place atop the sports game throne!
  11. i've said it before and i'll say it again: i wan't to be buried to the genesis nhl '94 theme song. i really mean this, without a hint of sarcasm.
  12. while i agree that people's opinions in this debate seem to reflect which version they played first, i feel that objectively speaking, the genesis version is undoubtedly the superior game. there may be fine points which snes supporters prefer (overall speed, one touch goalie control), but there is one key factor which outweighs any advantage snes may have: user records. the ability to save stats, records, even crowd crowd levels, gives the genesis version an epic feel and addds even more replay value. think of it this way: would you rather set a record on a superior version (though i'm certainly not saying that the snes version is superior) and have that record unrecorded and relegated to hearsay, or set a record on an inferior version and have it preserved for all time (or at least until your battery fails). for me the choice is an obvious one. i have even known snes users who have resorted to keeping handwritten notes to document their head to head record in an effort to mimic a standard feature on genesis. but even then, they were missing out on the satisfaction of having goal records for every team and player in the game! if that doesn't confirm the superiority of genesis nhl '94, i don't know what does.
  13. as my name suggests, i am a huge advocate of pat verbeek. the cornerstone of a plucky, over-achieving hartford squad, his shot accuracy is invaluable at centre and he always seems to step up in crunch time. his speed and agility are adequate, he is very durable and i find he is one of one of the best finishers of one timers. he may not be in the absolute upper echelon of players, but i feel he is easily one of the most under rated and slept on. does anyone else love this man as much as i do?
  14. WOW!!! this is the site i've been looking for for the past 11 years. i just wanted to introduce myself, my name is matt and i'm a certified nhl '94-a-holic. i've been playing consistently since the game came out and am still on my original cartridge and genesis (though tragically, my original users records were inexplicably erased a couple of years ago). i feel the unparalleled depth and replay value of nhl '94 make it indisputably the greatest sports video game of all time and it is nice to find a community of like minded individuals. once again, fantastic site, i look forward to celebrating nhl '94 with all of you.
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