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  1. Thanks for the reply. maybe an international league is in order? Barring that, I'd do my best to accomodate people with the time difference. One benefit of being in Korea is the internet service is the fastest in the world.
  2. Hello everyone. I just signed up. I played 94 when I was a teenager on Sega Genesis and recently played the game 20+ years later on a simulator. While it took some getting used to using a computer keyboard, I'm almost as good as I can remember. I'm at the point where I'm using bench warmers in the 30 rating range on the worst teams in the game to keep it competitive. I need real competition and would love to play someone on line. I live in Korea now, so the time difference could be a problem. (13 hours right now). Also, I see that people are modifying the games. Is there any modification to make computer goalies more intelligent? That's all. I hope to hear back. Thanks.
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