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  1. Agreed. Nice work! I remember as a kid waiting for that ESPN hockey game to come out and was pretty disappointed with the end product after renting it from the local corner store. What could have been....
  2. I'm still interested in doing an updated version with the teams that are in the game.. @game-winning mullet I don't think anyone has figured out how to add more teams like the sega rom. I haven't had the time to go head first into this project but if other people are willing to try and start, we should at least try. If you want to try and contact Tru, go for it.
  3. Nice work! Looks good! and I agree with @Jkline3 in that it does add something spicy.
  4. I definitely can't lead the project as it's all foreign to me but am willing to help out. Sucks that Tru is gone as he seemed like he wanted to do it but it never really got this project off the ground. I don't know if he was waiting for me to start but like I've said before in this thread, I can do data entry stuff... I don't mind throwing on some tunes and going to work on that stuff. It's the graphics that intimidates me so that part doesn't interest me. I looked into that hex editor and it was all way over my head.... made no sense. If there is a team of people that want to work on it. Let's do it!
  5. Wow! Nice work on the NHL95PC music files! How did you go about changing them around? Sounds so awesome with actual music files in there instead of the midi files that are originally in the game. Can you share your secrets with us?
  6. I had this set growing up! They were slick with a good plastic coating on them. Not sure what happened to them though.
  7. very cool @Kiba Never heard of that file extension before.
  8. @jer_33 did you ever solve this? Would be very helpful.
  9. Awesome @Kiba ! If the blue ice is in here somewhere, I'll have a look and find it. If you find it first, feel free to post it. I just spent an hour on here looking for the file and didn't come across it. Thanks!
  10. Does anyone have a rink file that is the blue ice like in the PC hockey version before NHL95? or... a 180 from my previous question... is there a rink file out there that has the trapezoid behind the net on the ice? I'd be happy with either. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  11. booo Flyers! LOL still fun to see how this plays out though.
  12. Can someone post the original EASNDESK.QFS file? I was trying to edit it and I screwed up and didn't save the original file. Many thanks in advance!
  13. Here are the 2018 Jersey files with the most recent update including the orange Edmonton Oilers jerseys (courtesy of goodbyeccha) and rosters (courtesy of myself). East All-Stars are the Vegas Golden Knights and the West All-Stars are the Nashville Predators. Winnipeg Jets are.....wait for it... the Winnipeg Jets! Hope you enjoy. AWAYPALS.BIN CRESTS4.PPV HOMEPALS.BIN ATT.DB KEY.DB TEAMS.DB
  14. You are awesome! thanks goodbyeccha!
  15. Nice game though.. whatever it's called.
  16. What do you mean? Use this link if you don't know how to do it:
  17. Whenever you get around to looking at rosters/lineups etc.. I found this site to be very useful with up-to-date lineups. They have line combinations at the top of the page for every team and it appears to be updated regularly. Hope this helps: https://www.dailyfaceoff.com/teams
  18. No idea actually. You can try. They might be the same files. I'm sure someone more qualified will know the answer around here.
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