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  1. Thanks Kiba. goodbyeccha sent me all the directories that I need to change up. Didn't realize there were so many logos.
  2. Looks like I have found success! Now is there a different spot for the starting line up logo?
  3. This version of NHLINFO is sooo much better. A lot easier than to run it through dosbox. Got it working Kiba! thanks again.
  4. hmm that is strange. Mine doesn't show that. I will take a screen shot when I get home today after work and post it so you can see what I'm dealing with. I am using a copy of NHL95 that is set up to quick load through dosbox.. wonder if that's the issue, but I've been able to edit the team names, lines and jerseys still as it has all the files available within the folders.
  5. Hi Kiba, That is helpful but my issue is that I'm not getting this file listing in the first place to find the SRLOGO.QFS file. I'm wondering what I'm doing wrong.
  6. Changing the team names is the easy part.. the logo changing part is going to be a process it seems.
  7. Hi Kiba, I'm in nhlinfo and this is not coming up for me... I have the nhlinfo program in with all the other files and I'm not sure where I can go to from here. There's not a list of logos that are in black and white like your tutorial says. I have my logo ready to put over the old one and I can't seem to access any list within that SRLOGO.QFS file... Help please.
  8. Here are updated rosters and jerseys petrmaly13... I'm in this topic to learn how to change the team names. Hopefully I'll have that done soon. ATT.DB AWAYPALS.BIN CRESTS4.PPV HOMEPALS.BIN KEY.DB TEAMS.DB
  9. Use these. They're pretty close. Just drag and drop them into your hockey folder and overwrite what you have in there already. AWAYPALS.BIN CRESTS4.PPV HOMEPALS.BIN
  10. That's the plan. Just working on the rosters at the moment. I have the jerseys all switched. It doesn't find another opponent on the calendar and if you switch to the playoff screen.. it just closes down.
  11. hmmm.. I tried multiple times and it wouldn't start the 2nd round. I was chatting with Goodbyeccha and he did say the switching of the teams messed up the Playoff mode as he couldn't figure it out either. I'm currently working on a new 2018 "mod" and should have that shared with everyone in the next couple weeks. Using Goodbyeccha's jerseys and just updating the rosters/logos. Thanks for looking into it Kiba!
  12. Was chatting with Goodbyeccha about this and he thinks it has something to do with the fact that he adjusted the .exe file so it was happening to him as well. There doesn't appear to be a fix for it.
  13. This topic should be tagged as NHL95PC so people are aware of that awesome file download.
  14. These are the rosters I am using. Files are attached. KEY.DB ATT.DB TEAMS.DB
  15. I'm using updated rosters within that conversion. My original question was asking if anyone had an issue with the season or playoff mode within that conversion as the playoffs don't calibrate or assign teams except for your original match up so you can't continue to the finals. Wondering if I have deleted something or if there's a fix.
  16. Every time I play the last game of the season and merge to update it to get to the playoffs, things are all messed up after I advance past the first round. Same thing happens when I try to play a playoff series from scratch as well. If you can help me out with this, that would be amazing! PITTS.LP.rar
  17. Cool. I'll look into that. Onto another topic.. has anyone tried doing a playoffs or has entered the playoffs during season mode? It does not continue when I proceed past the first round. I want to know if I have fudged a file up somewhere along the way or if this is happening to everyone else. Any help is appreciated. @
  18. Just came across this post. Very cool! I was looking around for the quickest way to change the penguins jerseys in your NHL2015 mod you did and this might be it as their newer jerseys are basically like the ones you have in this file. Thank you!
  19. Updated with Shea Weber right handed shot. Dylan Larkin added to Detroit roster and the trade that happened today with defensemen Kempny going from Chicago to Washington. I'll post an updated roster after the trade deadline. Cheers! TEAMS.DB ATT.DB KEY.DB
  20. Hi DSgamby, I didn't do the initial conversion I'm not sure how to change the Maple Leafs name as I have also noticed that error and it has been bugging me, LOL. I'll switch around Shea Weber's handedness and add Dylan Larkin... not sure how I missed him. Thanks!
  21. Hey Tru, sorry I haven't been able to help you with this project yet. I apologize for that. Currently meddling with NHL95 for PC updates at the moment. I do intend to help with this. Is there anyone that has a file we can start with? Have you started anything yet?
  22. Thanks Kiba. Here's an update on the rosters as of today. The lines are not finished but the players are on the correct teams within this conversion. Use these files and override the ones you currently have if you're using this conversion. Cheers! ATT.DB KEY.DB TEAMS.DB
  23. There's the central registry option in the game but if you're looking to change the whole roster including the players already in there, check out the NHL95 forum on this site and you'll find what you're looking for.
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