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  1. I hate to chime in guys, and disagree with some of this, but i have tested 2 on 2 netplay with 2 LOCAL players, on one pc. It does not work using Retroarch. You cannot have 2 players on 1 pc , then link to 2 others on another netplay pc. REtroarch does not understand the 2 local players on netplay. I have tried and asked on certain forums. The only way you could do this is with 1 pc per player. Now with that said, i was able to play 2 local players on ZSNES vs one player on netplay. But in his situation, ZSNES isn’t an option. If all the people are in 1 room, your best bet is to mirror the monitor with a pi4 using two displays because it has 2 Micro hdmi display ports, and everyone BT their controllers inot the one pi 4. So again, in short, you cannot start netplay with 2 local players in Retroarch, it kicks player 2 out. If anyone has evidence otherwise, I’d like to know.
  2. I’ll take the midget Marchand. Wait , height challenged to be politically correct.
  3. I think of you demo you should actually do an online game with someone not at the tourney. Have someone from the discord group be waiting to demo online live. Maybe you could even leave a station open for online gaming where players could practice vs someone online when they are not playing their matches.
  4. New to this forum. Can anyone tell me how the online leagues work or how the online play is done. I would like to play against others online. Thank you The Rexer Show.