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  1. @The Sauce you are a machine, man. Thanks for putting in the work!
  2. Great job, @The Sauce! I'm a huge Pens fan, so I noticed you had an error in your roster for them. Daniel Sprong is #41 and a Right handed shot and Matt Cullen is #7 and a lefty. It seams you switched them. You had it correct in the earlier release. Thanks for taking the time to release this. I'm a big fan of what you've done!
  3. Great job, guys! Thanks for the hard work.
  4. @skip Thanks for making a 2018 version of RBI! Looking forward to giving it a go! @peixemacaco Welcome to the site! I really hope to see your finished World Cup hack. I've been hoping someone would make one, but I have yet to find a complete one.
  5. @skip You can find a bunch of them at tecmobowl.org in the downloads section. Here's a direct link. Unfortunately, it appears that there isn't one yet for this season.
  6. Firstly, thanks to everyone who creates the great hacks on this site. I absolutely love playing all the variations available of NHL '94 (and others) that you all have created. Out of curiosity, though, does anyone here create hacks of other classic sports titles? I also visit tecmobowl.org and they have a forum section where users can post other projects. Of note, members there have released updated rosters for Ken Griffey presents Major League Baseball, RBI baseball, and an updated Madden '93. Does anyone here have additional hacks they'd like or be willing to share? In lieu of that, does anyone know of communities similar to this one and tecmobowl.org worth checking out?
  7. Finally got a chance to play some games yesterday. As always, great work @naples39! Thanks for everything you do.
  8. Thank you for all the hard work!
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