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  1. No, no...assuming equal players. Not unfeasible that Chi or Mtl can beat East.
  2. You could probably beat the East with Chi or Mtl, no?
  3. I always had the theory that offensive awareness affected being able to receive passes (esp. from behind)
  4. That's what I thought. West is the better team by far.
  5. So general consensus is that West is the better team, and that given these two line-ups, West should usually win: W: Coffee, Housley, Roenick, Yzerman, Bure E: Bourque, Zalapski, Oates, Lemieux, Mogilny
  6. That and my buddy plays a very one dimensional game.
  7. The things that win it for me as the East; Lemieux one-timers and slappers go in 95% of the time. Oates gets some of the weirdest goals to go in. A-mo does it on break aways. Roy seems to come up with saves that Belfour doesn't. You can't ever expect to stay up if you're hit, so you're always passing with East. You have to hold and hook a lot on defense. I feel like East doesn't f**k up as many one-timers or miss passes.
  8. Interesting that you play A-Mo, LaF and Gart. I play Oates, Lemieux and A-Mo The Defence I switch up almost everygame, often during mid game.
  9. That said; are there better D further down the depth chart who are lighter?
  10. I play with the East. I think Roy does have an edge, he seems to stop some of the one-timers that go in on Eddie. You're right about the weight-bug, West can pinball their way to the net, the only way to stop them is crafty manual goalie, whereas the only way East scores is good passing and avoiding checks.
  11. I've been playing endless GEN '94 series with my buddy, always East vs. West. I'd like to know if people lean one way or the other on who's the better team. Looking at 'best player' threads, Roenick, Yzerman, Bure and Lemieux are usually up there, and since West can put J-Ro, Pavel and Stevie Wonder out on a single line, I figured that's the greatest combo ever. But, as with everything, there's probably more to it than that so I wanted to check with everyone.
  12. generator no playoffs.
  13. kega has no netplay options.
  14. Only Kega. Tried the others and you can't do a playoff run. no memory support.
  15. The flip from the half boards: skate to about as deep as the dot on your back hand and tap C, aiming for top left corner. A player with a weaker shot will 'lob' the puck and the goalie generally fucks it up. Hard to master but oh so satisfying.