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  1. It won't matter, find them in TM, and they be the same offset in TLP. When you find them you'll release they have shared tiles (assuming you aren't actually talking about the rink logos) at which point you'll release you probably should be using the 30 team hack with unshared tiles to make life easier.
  2. Attached is what I've found to date. x & y refer to the tile position (in Hex) on screen remembering each tile is 8x8 pixels, there 32x28 tiles is a 256x224 sized screen (used in-game). l = length in tiles, h = height in tiles. I tried looking for similar data that would flip the other scores shown during intermission etc. Sadly, it controlled in another manor which I've yet to find, though I did find the data to move one of the window instances (during the penalty box animation). I've also looked for the co-ordinates for the energy bar/line change screen's and other stuff etc, but again no success. Most annoying part is I haven't worked out how to move the game timer, PWRPLAY text and associated time... the rom isn't storing the data as per what has been found sadly. PS. Evan, the forum/post automatically trims multiple/grouped spaces which stuffs formatted spacing up (even in Courier New). Is this a forum control that can be disabled? pos_xy.txt
  3. http://www.nhl94.com/html/multimedia/downloads.asp contains the iso, orignal rom, and edited roms with effectively breach copyright. Go figure. If EA cared (and I'm sure they probably are aware of this site), I'd like to think Evan would of already been notified. Infact IIRC, I've been the only one to be bothered to IPS patch my hacks and do it the semi-legal way.
  4. yes, the name of the genesis emulator for xbox escapes me at the moment, but it will play the edited BINs (and even the NHL94 Sega CD ISO if you get your hands on it).
  5. to avoid confusion, please attach highlighted examples of ALL the scores your are talking about. I know what exists, but in playoff mode etc. is their definate proof that the Home team is at the bottom in those screens etc.... to justify the change.... if you know what I mean.
  6. Well *apparently* I've been able to hack a season mode in which you'll find more interesting! Why? Well, because on every 28 day cycle within the season you'll be skating around while bleeding all over the rink you biatch!
  7. wtf, how imperial of them! anyway in short, take any hacked 94 rom and change as follows: 0x00012C8E = 1A to 18 0x00012CA0 = 18 to 1A I've done a nice little pic and some notes that will explain it all in more detail, but you have to wait a few days or so (or weeks or month or years etc... you know me..) to finish it properly and I'll post the goodies then.
  8. It's possible! I haven't made notes (so I'll have to work it out again) but below is a screen shot that shows that you can move the x y position of the items, and even make the boxes smaller. The example doesn't have the home/away team initials swapped, but I ensure you it can be done. I was going to use the smaller scoreboard sized box in the 30 team rom but left it out. I've even sampled having the timer on the same time as the scoreboard etc. Where are you wanting to use this? In your own hack, or are you wanting others to implement it in their hacks? If that is the Euro way, what is the US/Can way. Same as currently in the NHL 94?
  9. you've only got yourself to blame... nice to know I achieved the desired result.
  10. Not so much "you" as in I, more so "mack" wants me too. Wouldn't be doing it for the disrespectful likes of 77 etc, thats for sure! slowly, but I had a break thru the other night learning how to perminantly disable fighting. I don't believe in fighting. EA Hockey & 94 (with the Hyperspeed hack) a honourable alternative.
  11. Each tile is 8x8 pixels. As an example if you take the EA Sports screen it is 40 x 28 tiles, meaning its is 40x8 = 320 x 28x8 = 224 pixels. When you import a graphic file into TM, make sure you import a image that matches the pixel dimensions (e.g 320x224 as calculated in the example above). Failing to do so can mean when you insert a bigger graphic than expected it can overwrite other required/import bytes that may result in game crashes or odd looking graphics. This means you will have to resize down (and possible crop) the image you sourced from the internet down to the appropriate size using your favorite graphics editing program, save it as a BMP of PNG (I don't recommend JPG as it can add unwanted artifacts), and then insert it into TM.
  12. wboy

    Goalies In NOSE

    The 4 combo boxes in the Goalies window's toolbar (labelled Goalie Bytes) allow to define the amount of goalies a team has. Working from left to right, set the each to a value greater than 0 to determine the amount of goalies. e.g. 1000 = 1, 1100 = 2, 1110=3, 1111=4 goalies. The value set must work as some sort of rating itself (still unidentified - may be consistency, meaning less of a chance of a bad night in goals?) as better goalies appear to have a higher value allocated. NHL 95 and before support upto 4 goalies, NHL 96 and after only support 3 (they'll crash if you have more). To add a goalie without destroying your lines, add a player. Move them to the top of the player list, and then increase your team goalie count by 1.
  13. I considered just doing exactly that (the TM reference xml containg all relevant bookmarks), but then thought would then get lazy and not bother to learn how to use TM's shortcut features. That and the fact its pretty easy for one to bookmark the offsets and palettes themselves.
  14. noticed a few issues/differences: - recent posts page on nhl94.com is defunct. - post editor doesn't support attachments - existing attachments require logon/membership for downloading. - quick edit doesn't work when you click the complete edit button... goes to top of page... well, at least in Firefox (haven't test 2.0+ or IE).
  15. The linked zip file below contains a collection of screen shot references that should be more than enough to educate yourself on loading and editing the graphics and palettes within the NHL 94 - 30 Team ROM: http://hexaddicts.com/nose/tmr30v1.0.zip EDIT: link dead, here is the file -smozoma tmr30v1.0.zip EDIT: Here is a link to all the images on imgur.com so you don't need to download them: http://imgur.com/a/RqZf3 A few samples have been attached to this post to give you an idea of how they appear and how to work with them. Changing the Genesis palettes within TM can be a bit dicky and inaccurate especially if you are attempting to change an entire palette of 16 etc. Personally, I prefer to enter my palettes directly with a hex editor after determining my palette by using NOSE's color sniper utility, or building it manually with the color gradient square. More advanced stuff (like the optimized importing of title screen backgrounds etc.) may follow in the hopefully not-to-distant future. Happy gfx hax0ring, wboy.
  16. Use gens kmod. 0.6 just got released days ago, but 0,5 will also do what you are after. From within the graphic menu, enable "screen shot each frame". As its a bit slow in doing such a task, best to work off replay footage to capture the animations.
  17. Don't take this as a criticism, (or an insult for that matter) but you should make your subject and message more accurate in relation to what you are actually asking for. offset is too generic. While i could work out you are wanting to list the decimal offsets of the palettes that are referenced by the graphics within the 30 team rom, I don't know how many others would, or would know to use the offsets supplied within TM. Also, regarding the rink logo offsets, they won't be valid if someone alters the roster and shift free bytes around. Thats why its best to get that value from NOSE whenever you get to that stage of your project. While I haven't decided to do full tutorial vids, I'm not too far off completing screen snaps that will show all the details required to bring up a graphic by offset (using Go To Offset), set the canvas size etc and also load the palette from the rom. Attached is an example. Rest will follow soon, but I won't say when as I don't want to harassed again by 4 post veterans on this forum who question my efforts and ability to meet deadlines. During this time, I suggest all interested have a good read the player card tutorials on my site which covers using go-to's etc which is all relevant when editing most of the other graphics in-game except you use a different color codec.
  18. Have you: a.) Read the player card tutorial on my site (which mind you is not a bad document for all to learn how to use some of the the features of Tile Molester... that is I mean for those who still don't mind reading as a learning medium), b.) Read the advertised "Main Features" of the 30 Team ROM hack on my site, or c.) none the above. <rant>withheld... or was it discretely included within point a.) I ask you?</rant>
  19. That method works well for finding graphics, but obviously doesn't allow you to alter the palette in the loaded rom. Refer to this post for the method if finding the palette in game. Refer to the player card tutorial found on my site for some info on loading the palette from within the loaded rom. Only difference here is you load 16 colors as opposed to 8 (note you can also use 64, then use the big left/right arrows next to the palette colors to cycle the 4 x 16 color palettes). Also note the import by offset in TM must be the decimal equivalent as it doesn't support hex.
  20. yes its possible, infact, the now 6 month old 30 team rom supported/advertised using all teams in the playoffs. <Rant>If people took a small fraction of time from their lives to read the documentation I have already provided (readme.txt's within distributions etc), I may be more encouraged/inspired to write more.</Rant> Take the original 94 rom. Refer to the last three offsets posted above and increase their value by 2 (1A > 1C, and 19 > 1B). Add a few instances of ASE and ASW to the playoff data and your effectively done. No team is linked to a particular conference, nor is there any data that reflects this from what I've seen...
  21. Details below outline the changes made to permit 30 teams selectable from the menu screens of NHL94. Use this info to limit the selectable team to even less teams where required for your hack. Original NHL94 has 28 teams or 0x1C. 0x1E = 30 Offset 0xF7922 Bytes control the Team 1 & 2 return to 1st team (Anaheim) when ASW is exceeded. Changed 001C001C to 001E001E Offset 0xF7934 Bytes control the Team 1 & 2 return to 1st team (Anaheim) when ASW is exceeded (when game is started with 4 player multitap) Changed 001C001C to 001E001E Offset 0xF79E4 Bytes change the selected team back to expected range if you just changed from Regular Season to Playoff Mode Changed 781A to 781E (where 0x1A = 26, original 94 limit forced to exclude All Star teams). Offset 0x17D36 Bytes control the Team 1 return to 1st team (Anaheim) in the Playoff Team selection mode. Changed 0019 to 001D (yes, 0x19 = 25 not 26, but remember 0 thru 25 is 26 available values) Offset 0x17D3C Bytes control the Team 2 return to 1st team (Anaheim) in the Playoff Team selection mode. Changed 7419 to 741D Playoff Data: Ensure only the teams you are permitting selection to be available in Playoff Mode/Data or expect possible freezes/bugs. Use NOSE to alter playoff data. Known issues/unfound data: If you limit the rom to say 16 teams, the Regular Session game results seen between periods can still use teams after the 16 you apparently permit. Live with it.
  22. Well congratulations to you. I knew someone would probably take offense or misinterpret what was just an attempt semi-distasteful Paris humor to try and give a laugh. Guess I should have added 14 more , lol's, rofl's and j/k's to end better highlight my intent. Why don't to go to the other thread and actually see I complimented slapshot67 for his efforts... Don't get high horse and tell me how to prioritize my free time when you don't even now my situation. I owe no-one nothing here... no one held my hand to give me all the answers... I've spent ridiculous amounts my free time working it out myself (which nearly cost me my relationship at the time), not giving up and then implementing a editor and hack that makes life considerably easier for the benefit of the community... and even then I find many here give up on their hacking projects too easy when they meet their first hurdle (namely graphics, because roster editing is no longer an issue funnily enough), which the 30 team rom with no shared tiles for commonly edited in-game graphics addresses. It’s that kind of attitude that have made me consider giving it up myself because sometimes I seriously wonder why I'm bothering... and why I've lost motivation to prioritize my free time do more documentation/tutorials and hacks. As I seem to postpone everything (for no apparent benefit) looks like I’ll have to do the same for my TM videos.
  23. wow... make a few videos and show them online and you get instant appreciation... impressive... hey slapshot67, maybe you should change your name to ParisHilton69.... well done stevemac... in no time you'll know a few more tricks in TM and you'll have that rom looking polished no doubt! re: all the page translations on your site... you actually know that many languages...? impressive if so!
  24. Yeah well humping high and coming down with a thud did really impress all within the family room! When we got bored and wanted to set some serious times, we'd drop to the floor just behind the mat and use our hands as feet. God damn you could set some serious records doing it this way.
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