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  1. I'm only gettings 30 FPS and can't play Fullscreen... Help?
  2. Anyone else going to the game on December 29th? Can't wait!
  3. Alright, so here's an interesting idea I have. I believe we can have an annual nationwide tourney, similar to King of 94', but with a larger pool of players. We might be able to attract more fans to the site and the game too! 4 Regions: East Coast Central Midwest West Coast Each region would have a 64 Player Bracket spanning a few weeks, with each match-up being the knockout format. Once it slims down to the final 4 in each tourney, that's when things begin to shake up. At that point, players would be seeded on 1-16 in the "Final 16" bracket, this could be done with a randomly generated bracket OR we can keep track of certain statistics (GF, GA, Margin) to decide seed placement. I'm thinking that players can pick another player to match up against OR we can do it the traditional way (1 v. 16, 2 v. 15, 3 v. 14, etc.). After that's all set-up, then comes the actual tourney: Round 1 is a 5 game, Round 2 is a 3 game, Round 3 is single knockout, and Round 4 is once again 3 games. What are your guys thoughts on it? I wouldn't be able to run it though (I'm not old enough yet lol), but I can do logos and graphics. EDIT: Before anyone comments, this event would be held at a certain location in each region, and since #1 Seed gets top advantage, the "Final 16" can be held in their hometown IF possible. Or we can do a neutral site for the Final 16.
  4. I'm wondering, because one day (not now) I might sell it. I'm lucky enough to live a few minutes from his family, so I got it at a yard sale 2 years ago for maybe $70-100 (combined!).
  5. I don't even bother playing online anymore. Sucks, but nothing I can do.
  6. If only I had FiOS, now my family switched to Spectrum and my internet drops every few minutes. I want them to get wired connections, but they won't.
  7. I do mean Human players. As in 8 player online matchups where each player can control their players (5v5,4v4,3v3,2v2,1v1). I know it's possible to change the numbers of CPU players and teammates on ice though.
  8. The only thing I really use is NOSE because player photos and other stuff seem complicated. I will try if I find a way though.
  9. I think it'd be a really cool idea, especially if we can up tournaments with new ideas. EXAMPLE: 4v4 (8 players) 3v3 (6 players) 2v2 (4 players) Obviously we can use NOSE to edit the number of players per game if this becomes an actual thing.
  10. I like using the cross-crease goal (it's okay go ahead and kill me now )
  11. I'm thinking about rolling out weekly updates every Sunday for this ROM for everyone.
  12. Thank you! Best ROM on NHL94.com!
  13. Buffalo. It's gotten much better down here and I think it'd be worth it to get a shot.
  14. My phone doesn't support bluetooth controllers, but I have used an emulator before.
  15. At our school, we're not allowed to download it to our desktop. I wonder if I can run NHL 94 on Gens completely inside a USB.
  16. Basically, it's like GM Connected from NHL 14, however, the entire league is simmed to certain points. For example, it'll be simmed from the fantasy draft, then like a week later for preparations, to the mid season mark, then to the playoffs, and finally, the off-season, and the cycle repeats. So it sims quite fast. And yes, teams get to change line ups during the season, I would send rosters out to GM after the fantasy draft. Sadly, there are no open teams as of now, as all 31 teams have been taken.
  17. Alright, I started a NHL 18 sim league today. If you want to join, you must follow @nhl_18_sim_league, my Instagram account. Then, message me whatever team you like. Once all 31 teams are filled up, there's a fantasy draft, where you draft the first round only AND you can pick from 50 top players, which I will put on the spreadsheet. From there, the rest of the fantasy draft is completed by the CPU and I will message you your roster with the overalls.
  18. The final game of the sim, who is the champion? You should know if you've watched the previous videos.
  19. It's always exciting to hear what progress has been made on this game. Best game after NHL 94'.
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