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  1. The game came out in 2001. How would you expect online to still work?
  2. The question is: How can I do it? I tried using a hex editor, but that wouldn't work, as I couldn't find the roster data. And NOSE only works for the Genesis versions of the game. Is there a tool I could use to edit the Game Gear version of the game?
  3. In NOSE, I changed the players on St. Louis to Sonic the Hedgehog characters, changed the Blues' uniforms to Leafs colours, and changed the ice colour to white. In TM, I tried to change St. Louis' in game banner. I haven't changed any logos yet.
  4. At which offset is: the banner for St. Louis The ice logo for St Louis And the team selection logo for St. Louis? The screenshots don't tell me that.
  5. How good are you with TM?

    1. Jlsegafan2001


      Oh, okay.

      Here's what I'd like forwarded to someone who knows how to use it:

      I'd like to see the Anaheim Mighty Ducks logo get replaced with the Sega logo, and I'd like to see the "Anaheim" banner read "Sega" instead.

      Once again, I'd like this request forwarded to someone who knows how to use it.

      And here's the rom in question.

      Team Sega 94 (1).bin

    2. smozoma


      You'll have to just post the request. I can't really go and contact everyone who might volunteer to do the work.

      Reach out to me on Discord some night and I'll see if we can do screen sharing to try to figure out what the problem with TM you're having is.

    3. Jlsegafan2001
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  6. I found the missing file. It was outside the src folder.
  7. It went well... until this happened.
  8. This is an example of the error that I got.
  9. Wine throws up a serious error the moment I launch the application.
  10. ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'msvcrt'
  11. I don't know how to navigate to the src folder using the terminal- I only know how to get there with the Finder.
  12. Doesn't look like I can do that. Also, the error gives no information
  13. The info for Python 3 shows up when I type in "python3" in the Terminal.
  14. I tried to give as much info as possible.