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  1. I already installed Python 3, and I followed the steps given to me in the link... and I still got an invalid syntax error.
  2. Are you still around on this site?

  3. I grew up with the SNES version...
  4. When I'm using Python 3, I see a script instead of an application. You claim that I can run it on my OS instead of Wine.
  5. I tried running smozrom in Wine for Mac, but it felt like it was taking an eternity for it to open. In short, the application wouldn't open.
  6. I'm sorry, but the steps you gave me weren't clear enough for me to understand.
  7. TM only loads a green screen when I try to view the logos, even in the original bin file.
  8. Is there any way I can change player photos in the PC version of NHL 95? If so, how?
  9. Oh, okay... then what software should I use?
  10. Oof There go my hopes of replacing the Mighty Ducks logo with the Sega logo... down the damn drain.
  11. I tried viewing the logos using the steps above, but all I got was a plain green tile.
  12. I've heard about this DOS game named "Solid Ice", which is said to have unlimited customization. I tried downloading it from the Internet Archive, only to find out that the disk image might have been emptied out. Is there another place I can download the game? If so, can you please link me the site?
  13. ..for someone to make a version of NOSE for Mac? I tried using Wine to run NOSE, but the application won't load due to a missing step- the extraction of the nose.exe.manifest file.
  14. This is the error message I got when I tried to open NOSE.