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  1. Wow. Just wow! What a collaboration between the coach and slap shot!
  2. @Matt55thanks for sharing!! I'll check it out this weekend!
  3. WOO HOO!!!! Best news I've heard all day @slapshot67!!!
  4. @slapshot67 wow!! Awesome and thanks for sharing! Will give a download and look tomorrow!
  5. Hey guys! The rom I am speaking of is this one: Looks like I misinterpreted what it was (it's the best TOUGH GUYS from each team all-time as opposed to BEST PLAYERS) hence why Gordie Howe and Yzerman aren't on my Wings, although Gordie was pretty dang tough too! Anyhow, same concept as that, but with the best players from each team all-time. Parameters would have to be that the player who spent the most time with one team in their career would go to that team (so like Brett Hull would go to the Blues instead of my Wings as he spent far more time there). As for how many or what teams, I think the more the merrier, but heck I'd be happy with just an original 6 all-timers team for starters!! I'm kind of shocked this hasn't been done yet really. I'm also way into the tecmobowl.org site and roms and there are all-time great team roms there a plenty! @Lupz27 I think my wings would give your Oilers a run for their money--Howe, Yzerman, Federov, Lidstrom, Abel, Sawchuk, Lindsay, Delvecchio, Konstantinov, Datsuk, Zetterberg, Chelios, Shannahan, Osgood, Holmstrom, Redmond, Probert, Kocer, Larionov, Kozlov, McCarty, Draper, etc. @Matt55 care to share your "NHL Dream" rom with us?? Sounds super challenging!!
  6. Just curious as to if there is a rom that exists for all time greatest players for each team. By this I mean the top players that ever played for any given team for the history of that team. I found one on this site, but it's missing Gordie Howe (arguably the greatest player in NHL history) on my Red Wings and a few other players are missing plus bunch of the ratings are screwy for a bunch of other teams and players. Anyhow just hoping there is a good one out there or if not, maybe it inspires someone to make one! thanks!!
  7. Already snagged that bad boy last night!! Played USA vs. Russia. Thanks Coach!
  8. Thanks Coach and Matt55! Between the 70's, 80's and the original 6 roms, I think all bases are now covered! Appreciate the effort and work, these are so awesome!!!
  9. This site is a new discovery for me!! I download all the Tecmo superbowl updates as well! I grabbed the coach's 80's greatest with the link above but does anyone have his 50's, 60's 70's NHL genesis version greatest teams??? Looks like he no longer has them himself. Pretty Pleeeeeassse?
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