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  1. don't worry about u r ducking bracket I'm the king of Canada I luv u brother
  2. mo sa hah lalalalalala $100 on egypt vs greece
  3. Jesus predicted the szechuan sauce craze before rick and morty!
  4. looks like the plate is worth more than the car ..it's gonna be like a tattoo "now that I have the plate I'm gonna do up the whole car". ..official nhl94 mobile..I'm gonna have to bless it with some magi smoke! ......how much are plates now a days ....I havnt been behind the wheel in 6 f**kin years
  5. don't eat breakfast near hotel be like trump only eat mcdonalds!
  6. the best setup I had was was win xp with crt TV ....old commodore64 ...and cable Internet before the advent of smart box tvs
  7. the king approves this message great article bud! ......should be a new record turn out for this one
  8. ya I feel ya kingraph ..... I remember after losing my controller in the taxi at kof94 I felt so uncomfortable playing that snes champion....felt like I was playing with un sharpend skate lol
  9. the only entertainment I need is Brutus bingo ball draft lottery but no this was not to be ......you owe us another damn video!
  10. halifax is the nhl94 nostradamus he predicted my victory in original kof94! halifax is guaranteed a seat in senate when kgman takes over Canada as his magical abilities will help me fend off any threats from other nations or aliens....also we will discover if the earth is round or flat! ps got my new Angryjay hoodie!
  11. kingraph put a hit on AJ!!! poison pill lol I could just picture AJ in the bathroom in tears saying ....why why why like nancy keerigan!......all jokes aside it was pretty impressive u made it through that s**t.....but only the strong survive if I can't make it to vancouver I'm sure u boys will make it memorable trilogy Ala ALI vs Fraser
  12. I love u guys f**k this Internet s**t I'm the real king and I hope u all have a great day
  13. ya my passport situation is not good at the moment so I think I might be able to jump on a train worst case I get ticket which I won't pay for lol ps I didn't realize lyrics included we paid our fare with hobo song!!! my new favorite lyrics ever
  14. nice! ...nobody will get shot at literally ....gotta love canada..... kgb man tv is that a joke .....did borat make the announcement?
  15. u should have made it work only after 1am to make more realistic ... .did u use oar or russia lol
  16. would be a lot more than 96000000$ if u take into account the forks of bitcoin cash and bitcoin gold .......and if sic lives in canada he would have made extra 30% on the exchange rate so 150$ million canadian
  17. great work mitch and coach.......did anyone see the gold medal final.....that was bullshit high sticking penalty germany got robbed ....I bet 20 to win 200 oh well also bet 100 germany +2.5 I knew it Russians wouldn't blow them out .....gusev is amazing player
  18. wow great finals!! memorable game 3 .....thanks for upload chaos looked like a great event
  19. if you live in toronto place called ac games that sells slapshots version of nhl94 for 59.99$ .......if you accuse them of copyright infringement u night get $10 off
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