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  1. looks like the plate is worth more than the car's gonna be like a tattoo "now that I have the plate I'm gonna do up the whole car". ..official nhl94 mobile..I'm gonna have to bless it with some magi smoke! much are plates now a days ....I havnt been behind the wheel in 6 f**kin years

  2. halifax is the nhl94 nostradamus he predicted my victory in original kof94!

    halifax is guaranteed a seat in senate  when kgman takes over Canada as his magical abilities will help me fend off any threats from other nations or aliens....also we will discover if the earth is round or flat!

    ps got my new Angryjay hoodie!


  3. great work mitch and coach.......did anyone see the gold medal final.....that was bullshit high sticking penalty germany got robbed ....I bet 20 to win 200 oh well also bet 100 germany +2.5 I knew it Russians wouldn't blow them out .....gusev is amazing player