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  1. this is a complete joke and even justin trudeau campaign manager is involved so from this moment on iam the King of Canada.....i swear this on my life! .. .please now refer to me as your majesty! smoz your chief of technology it is time to initiate project KG:))
  2. snes is still banned........only the council of kgs can vote on its acceptance!
  3. aqua is stuck in 2015 Toronto king of 94! so I am I so am I
  4. stranger things 2! .......emulation is a b***h for newcomers so this will help ps I cant believe I watched that garbage .......season 2 was s**t
  5. I think it would fundamentally change 94 playing on bigger ice surface not sure if it would be possible .......also the injury ration per game would live to see that increased and penalties off so Plabax won't b***h! ......I'm on point tonight .....I need to start up a go fund me so the movie footage will help mikey :))
  6. maybe kg should be more open to snes!
  7. I think it may time for another state of 94 speech! .......take your 4 button propaganda and fake news to the bulin wall.
  8. from the best there is the best there was and ever will be! KGMAN every 5 seconds like this video!
  9. soon there will be premium AI programmed by Plabax that will beat u down and talk s**t to u forever without him being there .....real sports!
  10. I was at the retro gaming store and I see slapshots 2016-94 cart sell in for 50$ plus tax ......I hope whoever makes this rom can put a stop to this bootlegging! maybe f**k u ac games in the beginning of the game haha
  11. wow great post! kingraph is the best ambassador for the game we have! .....hope you all stand for the anthem
  12. my account is fucked so ï had to make another 1 lol......ï had a dream ï was drunk playing 94 in the hotel with you guys too bad ï woke up