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  1. Here's a few thoughts from a relative noob to the scene... Venue I thought the venue was perfect for the event. The CRTs, comfy chairs, projection screen to watch streamed games and the streaming setup were all top notch. For people looking for stuff to do, I would suggest staying in downtown Toronto and "Ubering" to the venue. That worked out perfect for Big E and I. It was approx a 30 minute ride and cost approx 35$ Canadian each way(which is basically free ). Food and Alcohol The lack of food options and alcohol kind of sucked although I think this could be an easy fix. I thought I heard some talk that Ewaves is looking into a liquor license. Not sure if that will happen. As far as food, I'd be willing to pay more for the event if the event were catered. Just a thought. Food trucks are kind of a big thing in the states right now, not so sure about Canada. But a local food truck could be a catering option too. Choice of weekend My only other mini-suggestion would be to try and plan the event for a weekend when there is a little more going on in Toronto. We looked into Bluejays (they were away) and Mapleleafs (preseason) but ultimately ended up an Argo's game. Argos were awesome but It would be cool to catch one of the major professional sports teams if the event continues in Toronto. Final thoughts I had a blast. Best weekend I've had in a while for sure. Halifax and Smoz did an unbelievable job setting up this event. Awesome to see all of you guys, KingRaph, AJ, Tex, EA, Aqua and the rest of you. I've only met Coach once but I was definitely looking forward to seeing him. I hope to see Coach and the rest of you at the next event.
  2. I had a great time for my first tourney! I was very impressed with how smoothly things ran. A couple a pieces of feedback from a newb: I'm not sure that having penalties on adds anything on the genesis side. I believe I read somewhere (probably on this forum), that penalties are "randomly generated". If this is the case, I don't think having penalties on serves the intended purpose of mitigating excessive holding and poke checking. I would have loved a 2 v 2 tourney. It's been twenty years since I've played 2 v 2, but some of my favorite NHL memories were played with four guys all sitting on coach, drinking beers and smashing each other into virtual hockey boards. I would keep the prize pool even if you have to drop the amount of the pool significantly... and have a trophy too! In terms of building the community, it might be worth having someone demo the forum and website. I don't think newcomers understand the amount of work that has gone into maintaining and building a legitimate forum. The NHL94online website is also awesome. If I had not talked to coachmac I would not have known the website keeps stats and stuff like that. Lastly, it might also be worth having two experienced community member demo an online game from setup to completion. I've read the information online which is great, but sometimes seeing the process helps too.