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  1. Just curious to know how hard is it to make CUSTOM rosters aka just change the names on a team instead of waiting for an update to be posted.
  2. Bought a Megedrive & I was worth it. I’m not computer savvy but downloading is EXTREMELY simple.
  3. I’m gonna get this system which is handheld. I’m a truck driver so gives me something to do while I’m waiting for loads.
  4. WELL DONE explaining it to me. What SD card do you recommend & what Megadrive do you recommend?
  5. I’m just trying to get NHL 94 with update teams & rosters onto a mega drive cartridge so I can play it on my actual system & not on the computer.
  6. So basically I buy the mega drive & they upload the game on it for me?
  7. Anyone know where I can buy cartridge with updated rosters?
  8. So I don’t have a computer to play the rom BUT I know there use to be someone who use to make NES cartridges of NHL 94 with updated rosters. I’m diehard Blackhawks fan & would LOVE to play NHL 94 with Toews, Kane & Hossa. I would like to purchase a cartridge whether it’s new or old if someone is willing to sell there’s. I’ll pay $50 or higher reasonable price for it. PLEASE HELP ME OUT
  9. Wondering if you’re still cartridges of NHL 94 for Sega with updated rosters. Would like to buy one ASAP