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  1. Thanks guys for the references and your template, coach! So it will definitely be a combination of stats and reputation. I will take notes on how I made it I'll update this post eventually. If anyone has ideas, comments or more info please jump in!
  2. Hi guys! Been reading the forums in the last few days trying to learn everything I need to create my own ROM. I've learned a lot, thanks to your input and very interesting discussion! You guys are beasts. So I had this idea of creating a new ROM with, for example, the following teams (please add any suggestions!): - All-time* best [country] born (federov with ovechkin, for example) - All-time best [franchise] players (have crosby w/ lemieux, gretzky/mcdavid, laine/selanne, etc.) - Rookie team (Rookie Lemieux, Selanne, Crosby, Bossy, Nieuwendyk, Larmer...) - Undrafted / lat
  3. Hi guys! New member. Lurked around in the last few days reading about editing the game as I have this project of creating a rom based on all-time best rookies, Americans, Swedes, speedsters, Montreal Canadiens, etc. I never tried playing in a league, maybe I would try playing exhibitions with some of you, if any are looking for partners for a game, let me know. I'm from Montreal. Cheers !