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  1. TecSpectre

    Game Stats online

    Thanks guys. I'll keep those things in mind for sure. And also take them with a grain of salt in case 96 happens to be different.
  2. TecSpectre

    Game Stats online

    Does the Home/Away advantage factor into the regular game function, as opposed to season play?
  3. TecSpectre

    NFTGL - Hockey in April 2018

    This post has been updated. Due to NFL playoff scheduling (placing the Eagles game right in the middle of our scheduled day) most of our guys will be watching Football. So we're pushing this out to April. More info later.
  4. TecSpectre

    Game Stats online

    Ok... So, any two players with a 5 in a stat, even though in the game it may show a different number, have the actual same rating?
  5. TecSpectre

    Game Stats online

    Looking this over, it shows the player stats ranging from 0-6... This isn't what they are in the game? Are these errors or representative of stat levels or something, like effectiveness of the actual stat number? Either way, thanks for the help.
  6. TecSpectre

    Game Stats online

    Anyone know anywhere online, or have themselves, a breakdown of team and player stats for the Genesis version of NHL 96? Figured I'd ask before diving into typing it up myself.
  7. TecSpectre

    NFTGL - Hockey in April 2018

    Will do. We'll also be posting on facebook and twitter and active in the stream chat.
  8. TecSpectre

    NFTGL - Hockey in April 2018

    The NFTGL has been a live played Tecmo Super Bowl III (snes) league since 2006. In April, 2018 we will be running our first live played (live-streamed) NHL 96 event. We'll be live streaming at www.twitch.tv/nftgl and after the weekend we'll be posting videos to our youtube channel as well. Most of us played a bunch of NHL back in the day, but haven't started playing it again until recently. So if that kind of thing interests you, follow us on facebook, youtube and twitch for updates.