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  1. Darrin

    Nintendo Switch - SNES NHL 94 Online Play

    I’d love to see nhl 94 on the Switch!!! And be able to play people online. I have never tried via the PC but I would love to play against online opponents!!! Nintendo , Sega and EA make it happen. Also, Madden 92/93, Live 95, Sports Talk Baseball would be fantastic.
  2. Darrin

    editing player images - player cards

    Thanks a bunch! This really helped me out and also learned quite a bit. Very much appreciated and the new images work when re-sizing them to 64 x 80.
  3. Darrin

    editing player images - player cards

    Hello: I appreciate the quick reply. I attached the ROM to this message if you could please take a look at the hex and TM, I would greatly appreciate it. I can easily change text and player attributes, but I need to be able to update the small black and images next to the player information. I am having trouble on how to do this. Things I have found out: By going through TM - hex offsets from 0012F600 to 0014BE00 produce items that I think are the images but it is not in the correct palette. I have the codec displayed at 4bpp linear. I am not sure if the images are compressed? Additionally, tried to test if those offsets that I see in TM are the same offsets in the hex and indeed there are, when I tried to change all the hex to zero, the images when running the game in Kega Fusion, disappeared completely. I have also figured out the hex code to correspond to each image: For example: Sampras = hex values 13 06 at offset 00028719 Stich = hex values 13 10 at offset 000287B7 Edberg = hex values 13 1A at offset 00028855 So if I change 13 10 to 13 06 , then Stich would be assigned Sampras' image. I am guessing if I can display images somehow correctly in TM, then I could mimic the image editing process that NHL 94 has and I update the images similarly. But I have not been able to display the images correctly, nor I am sure of what size the actual player images are. AtpTourChampionship.bin
  4. Hello, So I know this is not a hockey question but I know there are people here who have vast experience of ROM editing for the Genesis and have produced very enjoyable NHL rom hacks. I am trying to do update ATP Championship Tennis for the Genesis. I have located where the images sit on the ROM, but I do not know how to extract the palette information (offset for the palette via the hex editor) from the black and white image. I know EA used a similar concept for the NHL series and was looking for help. I know how to edit the text and player abilities but I would like to change some of the images. I would appreciate any assistance.