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  1. ok this makes sense, would all these player movements and decisions including the formulas be incorporated into state machines then? or else, it would be seem to be like a ton of conditional statements trying to explain every scenario
  2. I know there has been discussion in the player ratings forum about how various parts of the player ratings were broken down and weighted. My question in these older EA sports games, were the player attribute ratings implemented via a lookup table structure. So, if there is a breakaway in the third period or any period and I am Jeremy Roenick or Wayne Gretzky , the statistical probability is called upon a lookup table ( to look at the all player attribute info and the goalie info) to pull the probability value of scoring vs the goalie they are facing into the main algorithm. I heard many of these games implemented a pre-computed lookup table, thus eliminating processing time and tons of conditional case and/or if statements. Could anyone shed more light on this? Thanks! DK
  3. I’d love to see nhl 94 on the Switch!!! And be able to play people online. I have never tried via the PC but I would love to play against online opponents!!! Nintendo , Sega and EA make it happen. Also, Madden 92/93, Live 95, Sports Talk Baseball would be fantastic.
  4. Thanks a bunch! This really helped me out and also learned quite a bit. Very much appreciated and the new images work when re-sizing them to 64 x 80.
  5. Hello: I appreciate the quick reply. I attached the ROM to this message if you could please take a look at the hex and TM, I would greatly appreciate it. I can easily change text and player attributes, but I need to be able to update the small black and images next to the player information. I am having trouble on how to do this. Things I have found out: By going through TM - hex offsets from 0012F600 to 0014BE00 produce items that I think are the images but it is not in the correct palette. I have the codec displayed at 4bpp linear. I am not sure if the images are compressed? Additionally, tried to test if those offsets that I see in TM are the same offsets in the hex and indeed there are, when I tried to change all the hex to zero, the images when running the game in Kega Fusion, disappeared completely. I have also figured out the hex code to correspond to each image: For example: Sampras = hex values 13 06 at offset 00028719 Stich = hex values 13 10 at offset 000287B7 Edberg = hex values 13 1A at offset 00028855 So if I change 13 10 to 13 06 , then Stich would be assigned Sampras' image. I am guessing if I can display images somehow correctly in TM, then I could mimic the image editing process that NHL 94 has and I update the images similarly. But I have not been able to display the images correctly, nor I am sure of what size the actual player images are. AtpTourChampionship.bin
  6. Hello, So I know this is not a hockey question but I know there are people here who have vast experience of ROM editing for the Genesis and have produced very enjoyable NHL rom hacks. I am trying to do update ATP Championship Tennis for the Genesis. I have located where the images sit on the ROM, but I do not know how to extract the palette information (offset for the palette via the hex editor) from the black and white image. I know EA used a similar concept for the NHL series and was looking for help. I know how to edit the text and player abilities but I would like to change some of the images. I would appreciate any assistance.