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  1. Hey All, Been racking my brain over the last few days after getting an SNES Classic and loading up a standard NHL 94 rom on it from another site. Grew up playing the game on both Genesis and SNES, and seem to remember that you’d get highlights from the out of town games between periods in standard single player games, H2H games, and playoff games. Admittedly it’s been several years since I’ve played ‘94 on the actual Genesis or SNES consoles, but I’m noticing I only get highlights on the current rom if I’m playing “Playoff Mode”. Is my memory just incorrect and this is where the highlights always played, or do I have a bad rom that doesn’t include these in single player non playoff games? Have played close to 15 random single player games and have yet to get a highlight- so thinking there may be an issue here. Or were highlights on SNES just relegated to Playoffs as I could have sworn my buddies and I got them in a H2H matchup last time we played on Genesis a few years back. Figured this site was my best hope for an answer here. If it is a faulty rom- can anyone point me to where a solid one lives that doesn’t have this issue? Thanks all.
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    Between Period Highlights/SNES Classic Mod Question

    Is this 100% confirmed? SNES only or was this also the case on Genesis? I seriously remember them during random games. Must be mid remembering?
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    Between Period Highlights/SNES Classic Mod Question

    @chaos @Blake So grabbed the ROM off the site and still no luck in traditional games, only between periods in playoffs. Not sure if I just am having bad luck and not pulling games worthy of highlights, or if they simply don’t play there. Tried not scrolling between periods on the menu, letting the scores cycle multiple times, etc. Puzzled. Been trying to crack the logic of what causes highlights to play (games within a certain score range, specific players scoring goals, time left in the game, highlight teams relation to my team), and can’t seem to find a pattern.
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    Between Period Highlights/SNES Classic Mod Question

    @Blake also- you get them in H2H and just vs the CPU right?
  5. Yzerman19

    Between Period Highlights/SNES Classic Mod Question

    Thanks. Any recommendation on where to grab just a classic snes 94 rom?