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  1. HELLOU!!! Because site is down , can anybody tell me where I can get editor for NHL95 PC game. I did have about 12 years pause off playing nhl95 and now I'm ( OLD man ) the back.....sweet this game RULES!!! (and damn I'm still good) I would be very grateful if somebody can help or tell me some tips!?.
  2. Hello everybody!!! And first of all SPECIAL thanks to EVAN and WBOY with you guys I got my NHL95 work. But there is still few things wich I would be very happy if anybody can help me. 1. Game is littlebit clumsy --> what can do make it run better? 2. This one is maybe the more important. Is there any possibility to make joystick or some gamepad work? If it is, what do I need to do. 3. And last thing for now. I have some editfiles on my computer, how can I register those into my game? ( example nhl95adds, nhl95jersey and nhl95rink ) Is it just that simple that I zip those files with