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  1. I recently purchased a modded PS1, with over 300 PS1 games, and over 800 Sega Games. I purchased it from a local guy in Jacksonville, FL. The Sega games were downloaded from Arcadepunks and Coolroms, but I didn't see a modded updated NHL 94? Interestingly enough, I also purchased a modded SNES separately, and Ken Griffey Jr, had a classic game and an updated roster game. I just need the same thing for NHL 94' with updated rosters and modifications. Is this possible? Keep in mind also that I have a MAC, so I don't know if I'll be able to modify anything and may need to send the system bac
  2. Hey Guys! 80's kid here who doesn't like to run into a lot of problems with technology. I have a Windows 8 set up. Has anyone run into difficulty getting started playing with your computer? This would be great to play in a league, SNES, or Genesis, I loved both in the 94' formats. Things got weird in the 95' formats, Genesis was better, but it seemed SNES just got worse, and I don't know why. Anyways, hi to everyone!