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  1. Celislanders

    2018 Olympic Rom?

    Somebody talking about it here
  2. Thanks for links. Not bothered about exact colours so kits change just like banners then ??
  3. Downloaded Nose but played about with it and didn't get colours i wanted completely different colours ?? Any tips please ?? Just want to change some strip colours.
  4. Is there an easy way for a newbie to change strip colours for teams please ??
  5. Celislanders

    Master List of GENS '94 ROMS

    Thanks thats great.
  6. Celislanders

    Newbie question

    Thanks for the info and your great program it really has opened up another world to nhlpa 93 and nhl94 amazing.
  7. Celislanders

    Newbie question

    Thanks what about goalkeepers easy to delete or create??
  8. Celislanders

    smozoma hack ideas / suggestions

    Any 2006 NHL rom anywhere ??
  9. Celislanders

    70s,80s,90s,00s roms

    Amazing work just a quick question is the 87 rom say the 86-87 season or 87-88 ??
  10. Celislanders

    Updated Rosters

    Thanks for the info which rom would i use please for each ?? I'm a lover of both games but 93 is the game i played most as a kid. So when i had done this can i play it on everdrive ?? Also are the old teams easy to change say team name and players ?? Sorry for all the questions.
  11. Celislanders

    Newbie question

    Can i use a 30 team rom with this programme and just change player names and nothing else was thinking of adding classic players to teams just to start with ?? Also how many players can you have on a roster please ??
  12. Celislanders

    Master List of GENS '94 ROMS

    Just want to say fantastic work on all the roms keeping the game alive is great so many memories. Are there any greatest teams/players of all time roms at all ??
  13. Celislanders

    Updated Rosters

    Any updated rosters for NHLPA 93 i've recently got the megadrive back out and love both games but the roms seem to be NHL94 ??