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  1. Hi. Here's the correct nhl94 rom to be used in fightcade 2. Fightcade uses the FBA emulator and like with MAME all roms have to be the same varsion as the emulator. Current version is Place the rom in the fightcade2 roms folder and you should be good to go. FC2 has an emulator folder where you can test your roms with the FBA. I just a played a game against the cpu with xbox360 controller and it ran well. But... When i start the FC2, go to nhl94 room and try to test the game it doesn't run. A popup window appear that says the directory is not supported. I saw someone talking about sega problems in their discord channel and that developers are looking into it. I'll test if other games work and then ask about this in their discord. (edit) The problem with sega games in fc2 is actually desync. Mame used to have a resync button to deal with that, but fba doesn't have a way to fix a desync. Hopefully the developers can get it worked out, a lot of players are asking about it in their discord. The reason to the problem i have with games not loading didn't suprise me at all. It's a linux problem. Just have to reinstall averything, and if still won't work, reinstall again
  2. Yeah gonna try to find someone to play a couple of test games. I'm just curious of how the netplay between linux and windows works.
  3. I've been reading about kega on this forum and was just wondering that is it used at all in oline games? Just downloaded the linux version and it looks like it supports netplay which linux version of gens doesn't. It would be great if i could play online games without using wine.
  4. I've used regular and netplaysave, but they both have that same .srm thing. The best working gens for linux is actually the one i found from a topic here. I'll add a link to that topic below. I mainly use that one, it works great if i just delete the .srm file. The .srm file and a black screen is actually mentioned on that topics last reply too.
  5. Ok, so it was propably something else. I just thought it might have caused the problem 'cos it actually does effect online game crash on linux. I have no idea why, but i have tested it. With the .srm file in gens folder the emulator crashes, and works well again after deleting the file. Could it have something to do with different operating systems on both ends?
  6. I'm using gens with wine on linux mint, and i have noticed that the .SRM file causes troubles when i try to play online games. If i have the file on my gens folder when connecting the emulator screen just stays black for a while and then crashes. Deleting the .SRM file helps and everything works fine. Now, i played few online games the other night and all worked when i was hosting. But when we decided to switch to him hosting, we weren't able to connect anymore. I couldn't host now either. I was just thinking that could it be the .SRM file on the other end that caused the troubles? I always check that i don't have it on my folder, but should both players always delete the file before connecting?
  7. I haven't played any nhl game against a human player since the 90's, and no that i have been able to do that online i've noticed that i suck Especially on the defence. I can manage to make a goal every once in a while, but it's not good if the opponent does that on almost every attack. So, any good tips? The best way isn't propably to just try to run over anything that moves.
  8. I've been playing on retropie alot, and i think it's a great little machine. With it i can play megadrive, master system, nes, snes, neogeo, ms-dos and classic arcades all on my livingroom tv with usb controller. It supports online playing too, but i've never tested that.
  9. Finally somekind of progress. I found an older topic about netplay on linux and did everything just like they'd done. Had a couple of test games and actually got the online play working. It still is pretty laggy, but that's because i'm still on wireless. So the next stop is trying to find a good deal on wired. Also found out that for some reason the .srm file causes gens to crash when starting a netplay. Everytime i close the rom the .srm file is created and if i don't delete it before next online game i'll get a black screen with nothing happening. But the opponent does see the game, and if i press a button on my controller it actually does something on the game, i just can't see it. Without the .srm file all works. Here's the topic i found.
  10. Have you played online on linux. I've been trying for couple of weeks now with no success. Just problem after another, get one fixed and run into a new one.
  11. Been messing around with virtualbox for couple of days. Wasn't easy to it get working, and still having some troubles. I installed both 32- and 64- bit versions of windows 7 in it, and they appear to work pretty well. Except gens. It starts allright, but when i run nhl94.bin i can hear the theme song play but don't get any video at all. I don't know how to fix that. Dual-boot might do the trick as well, but all this hacking around is just starting to feel like a pain in the ass. Just realized that i've only been trying to get the gens version working. Would be a good idea to test the snes version as well.
  12. Finally, i got hamachi to direct connection! Just needed that opengate stuff, some port forwarding and thats it. Hamachi is on green. But... Tested it with icecow several times and only once i was able to see the rom starting. Maybe it's because i'm on linux and using gens on wine. But i've understood that it has been played like that before. Maybe the virtualbox does the trick, have to check that out.
  13. Fastest for my kids and wife They don't play nhl'94 at all. I've told them their weird 'cos they don't, but they can't hear me, they just stare at that youtube and netflix... I'll have to check all my other options for internet after i get this relayed stuff turned into direct first.
  14. Yes, i'm on wireless 4g. That's the fastest internet option here where i live, just cheked that out today. This opengate stuff is a bummer. If i've understood it right, my operator doesn't allow me to make a direct connection. And opening ports from the router just wont work. All connections from/to my computer has to go through a third spot and therefore netplaying just won't work like it should. So i need to pay them a little extra to let me make that direct connection. I'm not sure is it the same with all the operators, but i think it is. Probably it's like this because esports are getting bigger and bigger and the operators want their piece of that. Maybe there is a way to hack past this, but i'm not the right dude to make it. I'll just have to wait 'till next week to see does this work. I wouldn't be supprised if there's still somekind of weird setting up still on my way, but i'm getting there.
  15. Ok, now i feel stupid. The problem is actually on my internet contract. It seems that i need an opengate service fom my internet operator for 2€/month... Just ordered that, takes a few days to start working. Been busting my brain off with this, opening gates and learning how to do changes to the hamachi config file and all it should take is 2€/month... Althought i'm affraid it still doesn't work afterall. Well, we'll see how this goes.